One-handed Keyboard Layout

Apr 12, 2010

Simple question: does anyone know if it is possible to add a one-handed Dvorak keyboard layout to the iPad? This would make using the iPad a lot more enjoyable for some people?qwerty isn't the best one-handed layout.

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Odd Keyboard Layout - DVORAK Keyboard

Jul 1, 2010

My daughter is using an iPad today. She is panicked, because the keyboard layout has changed from the standard QWERTY.Somehow, she has transposed these key pairs:
Q and A W and ZM and ?A is where Q normally is on a QWERTY, and vice-versa.So, she is looking at a AWERTY keyboard!So, it's not a DVORAK keyboard, it's a QWERTY keyboard with three pairs of keys transposed! I am assuming I will need to reset the iPad when I get home.

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Use Of Keyboard Layout?

Apr 7, 2010

Is this keyboard layout anything like we've seen before? I'm starting to get better at it, one thing is just pretending the arrow is a regular shift key and holding it while I keystroke the cap I want. Other than that, the only other issue I have is getting to the apostrophe. I use it more than the exclamation mark, so I think it would be better there and move the ! To the other set of keys.

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On Screen Keyboard Layout?

Oct 13, 2010

How hard would it be for Apple to program more usable on screen keyboard layouts? For example, I would like the option to have a full featured keyboard, albeit with smaller keys. Give me the digits on the first page, so I won't have to switch back and forth a million times. And no, I don't want to buy a wireless keyboard. I'm not cheap, but I bought the iPad so I can type in my couch. If I wanted to type on a keyboard while the iPad sits in a stand, I have a desktop and a laptop that do the trick. I can see how the on screen keyboard takes half the size of iPhone's screen, and there's nothing we can do about that. But why not have similar shaped keys on the iPad, they would take much less room and still be usable.

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Korean Keyboard Layout

Aug 5, 2010

is this normal, that my old iphone 2g and ipod touch1g have almost like all languages for input and interface, while new ipad haven't ? this is so pathetic, like lack of calculator.according to google, ipad have files with other languages layouts, but for some reason they are turned off. WHY? is this some kind of plot for making money on "" ? Information:macbook air 1.1, macbook 466, ipad 3g 64gbOther OS

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Keyboard Layout Won't Change?

Apr 13, 2012

I added an international keyboard to the already existing English, and it works fine. But as I was experiment with the keyboard layout(there are 3 option) one has stuck and it won't change.

I tried changing it from the Keyboard settings and from the international settings.

i keep switching the Hardware Keyboard Layout so the Software keyboard Layout would change. But it doesn't.

I deleted the whole keyboard (Edit-> delete) and switched it on again , no use.

i restarted the iPad many times too. Its stuck to 1 layout. What to do?

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IPad 2 :: Keyboard Layout Is Different

Sep 7, 2014

My ipads keyboard layout is different how can i get the normal keyboard back?

iPad 2, iOS 7.1.2

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Bulgarian Phonetic Keyboard Layout

Jul 19, 2010

The iPad is great. I love it - so do more are more people from Bulgaria.I was very disappointed to see that it lacks Bulgarian Phonetic Keyboard Layout.When can we expect to have Bulgarian Phonetic Keyboard Layout available for iPad?A keyboard layout which is already available in iPod Touch 1g, 2g, 3g, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs and ( I hope) in iPhone 4 as well.It doesn't seem like something very difficult to include Bulgarian Phonetic Keyboard Layout in iPad as well.When can we expect to have Bulgarian Phonetic Keyboard Layout available for iPad?

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ABC Alphabetical Order Keyboard Layout?

Mar 9, 2011

I have been searching for days for a way to replace the QWERTY keyboard in iOS with an ABC alphabetical order keyboard without success. This option is not available in iOS and strangely enough no app exists to my knowledge in the app store (or Cydia).My reason for the ABC keyboard is for utilization in an ACC text to speech app for a disabled friend. He currently uses a DynaVox that is ready to die and I believe an iPad loaded with an app such as Proloquo2go, TouchChat or Assistive Chat will be a better alternative for him. Problem is, these apps use the iPad's built in keyboard which is QWERTY. After 20 years of using his DynaVox configured with the ABC layout, he will be frustrated and non willing to learn the new letter positions on the QWERTY.

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Won't Work With Wireless Keyboard Layout / Not Recognizing

Oct 11, 2010

I bought an Apple Wireless Keyboard to use with my iPad. It connects fine but the layout is not recognised. The wireless keyboard is Azerty but in the iPad when I type I get qwerty. The touchscreen keyboard of my iPad is also azerty so I did not expect this to happen. Cannot find where to change any setting to get this fixed.

iOS 4

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How To Choose A Software Keyboard Layout In IPad?

Jun 13, 2012

Is there any way for choosing a software keyboard layout in iPad? How to choose it?

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IPad 2 :: Keyboard Layout Different - How To Get Back To Normal

Sep 7, 2014

My ipads keyboard layout is different how can i get the normal keyboard back?

iPad 2, iOS 7.1.2

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How To Select A Hardware Or Software Keyboard Layout In IPad 2?

Sep 29, 2012

I would like to know how to select a hardware or software keyboard layout in iPad2. Please explain.

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Left Handed Note Taking App?

Apr 4, 2011

Does anyone know which handwriting note taking app has support for a lefty? When I use Upad my wrist constantly closes my note while I'm writing.

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Change Email Layout To "classic Layout"?

Jul 1, 2012

How do we change the email layout on an iPad to the "classic layout" like you can on a new Mac Pro?

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular (VZ)

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App Store Layout

Apr 3, 2010

I was using an iPad earlier today and went to the Categories section in app store - I couldn't find an option to view top paid or top free apps in the specific category. (For example, viewing the top free games.) Anyone found out how?

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How To Use Dvorak Layout In It

Jun 21, 2011

Is there any way to change keyboard layout? It is faster to type in Dvorak layout.

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New Music Layout In ITunes

Sep 6, 2010

I'm really liking the new layout for music in iTunes that SJ introduced last week. Not so much the album art, but being able to sort your songs by album is really nice. You see the album and all the songs in the album in a nice list that easy to skim. I hope they include this in the iOS 4.2 update because I'm missing it now on my iPad (hehe, yup I guess I should add it to the list, but still, this is the most recent wish list item).

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Word Attachment Layout

Jun 7, 2010

Dont know if this is the correct forum or not...trying to open a word document(attachment in email) on my Ipad. This document was created using a timeline template in MS word 2003. When it opens on the Ipad, the layout is incorrect and unreadable. Any ideas on how to overocome or fix this?

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Bento To Show The Same Layout

Jun 24, 2010

Does anyone know how to get Bento to show the same layout on iPad as on the mac? I have set up a nice customer relationship database but when I synch with the iPad the order goes out of whack and it doesn't make any sense. If this can't be done then where do I provide Bento iPad feedback?Information:Air Mac OS X (10.6.4)

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How To Change Calendar Layout

Apr 8, 2012

I can not change the layout of the calendar on the I pad.

iPad, iOS 5.1

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