VPN Won't Connect To Cisco ASA

Nov 9, 2010

I have set up an IPSEC VPN on the iPad and can't get it to connect. When I turn on the VPN, my user id and password prompt comes up, I enter my password, then click OK. It looks like it is trying to connect and then it just turns off. There is no error message that comes up.

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Cisco VPN Not Connect

Sep 24, 2010

I am creating a Cisco VPN(IPSEC) connection in ipad. I fill all fields that required. but VPN not connect?

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Using My Laptop To Connect Using Cisco VPN Client?

Jul 14, 2011

I am having trouble connecting my iPad to my company's VPN. I have setup all settings correctly using IPSec (the reason I know this is because when a co worker uses his credentials to login using my iPad it works perfectly when I use my credentials the credentials box keeps on popping up and so doesn't accept these.)When using my laptop to connect using cisco VPN client I can connect fine.Does it possibly have to do with the my user profile settings/access on the company's active directory?

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Can't Set It Up To Connect With Cisco Network Magic WiFi

Jun 9, 2012

I just bought an Ipad 3 WiFi, and cannot connect to my Cisco Network Magic Router. How can I set up my Ipad?

Info:iPhone 3GS

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Wont Connect To Cisco Wireless Network For My School

May 21, 2010

it finds the wireless fine but i connect and it makes me log in using my school info so i enter that and touch connect and then it wont log in but my iPhone works fine to do this so why the crap cant my ipad do this if i would of known this i would of bought me a 3G version. im considering taking back my iPad now.

MacBook Unibody 2.4 GHz
Mac OS X (10.6.3)
IPhone 3GS, iPad 32GB

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Does Not Like Cisco

Apr 8, 2010

I have an iPad. The wifi has no issues anywhere even connects to my N router at home with no problems and starbucks with no problem. I come to school and connect to the G Cisco network and the screen pops up to autheticate with the cisco network. If I type in the wrong info I get the cisco screen showing I entered the wrong login info, if I type in he correct info it will lock up and not log in.

I have tried resetting the network settings or hard reset usig the home button and the top button and still the same issue where the login screen locks up. I click the submit button and nothing happens it locks up but if I tap the submi button again, it won't even flash showing that I tapped it. I don't know what else to say here so ask ur questions and I'll do my best to reply. I am also working with my school's IT guy and I am CCNA and even this baffles me but also I don't have access to the cisco network to see the settings and such.

iPhone OS 3.1.3

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802.1x And Cisco LEAP

Jun 8, 2010

I am prototyping the iPad for possible use at my company by executives and managers. All Windows-based laptops use 802.1x and Cisco LEAP for wireless (Wi-Fi) connections inside each facility. I'm not too worried about the iPad user having to manually enter his/her LDAP username and password but, I really need to know about Cisco LEAP support before we go too far with this project.

Other OS

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Cisco WiFi Login

Nov 19, 2010

I am trying to use my ipad at work with the guest WLAN they provide to customers. I have the correct username and password to use when the web authentication screem comes up. When i type it in and hit submit, the page just freezes and nothing happens. What is going on?

32 GB
Windows 7

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Cisco Tablet? Should Apple Be Worried?

Jul 6, 2010


I know it's targeted to a another segment but boy did they took care of what apple didn't just want to know what you guys think.

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Weak Signal With Cisco M10 WiFi Router

Jul 7, 2010

My iPad seems to have trouble maintaining a strong connection to my Cisco Valet M10 wifi. I'll be standing right next to it and only receive 1 bar of signal strength on my iPad.

I have restarted all devices multiple times but the best that happens is the ipad shows full signal strength for a stort time before reducing to a single bar.

I have seen the "official" suggestion by apple (narrowing the band to one type: N, make sure the firmware is up to date, etc). None of that seems to be an issue.

My assumption is its my assumption that it is a specific issue between my iPad and M10 comes from:
- All other wireless devices connected to my M10 pick up full signal and connectivity
- My iPad picks up a full strength signal/fast connection from many other hotspots

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Cisco Clean Access Java Applet Web Client Could NOT Be Launched

Jun 29, 2010

I am unable to get onto my University's wi-fi which works perfectly well with my iPhone. It says the "Cisco Clean Access Java Applet web client could NOT be launched."

iMac Core 2 Duo
Mac OS X (10.5.4)
G4 Mac Mini, QuickSilver G4, 3G iPod

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IPad 3 Refuses To Connect And Displays Message Cannot Connect To ITunes Store

May 5, 2012

Whenever I try to access iTunes store on my iPad 3 it just refuses to connect and displays message cannot connect to iTunes store. Even though Internet is working fine and I am able to access Internet through safari and apps store.

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Unable To Connect Wifi Address To Connect To Home Router

Dec 6, 2010

i got the 64gb 3g ipad from the US however when trying to enter the wifi address on the ipad into my router, it doesnt accept it. is there anyway i can find a wifi address that will work as i havent got money to purchase a 3g card yet.

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IPad 2 :: Deactivated Informs To Connect To ITunes But Does Not Connect

Sep 6, 2014

my daughter forgot her password, ipad is deactivated, need to connect to iTunes.

when connecting itunes does not sync with the ipad, on the ipad task bar at the top icon for summary it not in the list therefore cannot see the ipad.

iPad 2

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Connect Wi-Fi Show Message Unable To Connect

Oct 18, 2010

Recently bought an iPad wi-fi only, connect to all wi-fi's fine other then my office one. In the settings it shows its connected by the name off the wi-fi then keeps flashing not connected. I have reset the router and the network settings in the iPad.

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Unable To Connect /can Connect To My Guest Network?

Aug 15, 2010

I have a Time Capsule set up with a Guest Network. Two of my visiting siblings both have iPads (one with v3.2 and one with v3.2.1) and neither of them can connect to my Guest Network.

I tried changing the security type for the Guest Network and even turning it off altogether, so no password would be required, but neither iPad would connect. The Guest Network itself appears to work fine, as my wife's MacBook connected to it no problem.

As a temporary solution, I added my sister's iPad's MAC address to my access control list and let her join my primary network, but I'd really like to figure out why the iPads are being excluded from the Guest Network

Mac Mini 1.83 GHz 2 GB SuperDrive
Mac OS X (10.6.4)
iPad 64GB 3G, iPod Touch 32GB 2nd Gen, 2TB Time Capsule

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Won't Connect To Pc / Displing As Camera And Can't Connect To Itunes

Jul 19, 2010

When i plug my ipad into the computer via the sync lead that came with the ipad, an auto popup display comes up saying that the ipad is a camera and when i go into itunes it says that i cant connect it to itunes store.

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Unable To Connect/cannot Connect An AppleComposite AV Cable To My TV?

Apr 13, 2010

I have ABC's app that allows me to watch their shows.It works fine on the iPad, but when I connect an Apple Composite AV cable to my TV all I get is sound. No video.I have my iPad set to video NTSC but I don't get it on my TV. Any ideas out there?

Mac OS X (10.6.3)

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Unable To Connect Without Wifi/possible To Connect?

May 28, 2010

Is it possible to connect to the internet without a wi-fi connection, for example can you use an iPhone or connect a modem device in order to connect to the internet?

Mac OS X (10.5)

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Won't Connect To Itunes / But Can Connect To Photos

Apr 15, 2010

I have an older iMac. I just upgraded the RAM and the operating system. When I connect the iPad my photos opens but iTunes does not see the iPad. Anyone have any similar problems or any ideas on how to fix the problem? Also is there a way to run the iPad on FireWire?

Mac OS X (10.6.3)

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MSN Unable To Connect/cannot Connect To Pc Server

Jun 6, 2010

Ok I've never used iPhone so this may seem basic question. I downloaded MSN on iPad. Now do I use my normal pc id or do I need to set up new one? When i use my old one it says cannot connect to pc server????

iPad 64G

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