Won't Open Links

Aug 24, 2010

On some sites my iPad will not open the links. Firefox use to do the same thing and I had to open with IE on my pc. Are there any browsers avail that will work and open all links?

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How To Open Mms Links In Safari?

May 20, 2012

I have an iPad 3 and I'm trying to figure out how to get Safari to open an mms:// link. It's basically for an online radio streaming site that in Windows will open up Windows Media Player to stream the audio. I know iPad obviously doesn't have WMP, but does this mean there is no equivalent of WMP on iPad 3 that can play the stream? At the moment, when I try to open the streaming link (mms://......) in Safari, it tells me that it "Cannot Open Page - Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid".

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Can't Open YouTube Links

May 7, 2011

having a problem opening links to YouTube in wabpages. All it does is open up a new identical webpage with the same link. I could do it any number of times but doesn't make a difference. Whether it goes to the iPad YouTube app or stays in the webpage mode to play is secondary but I just can't get any luck at all to view these videos.

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Why Does Safari Only Open Links In Foreground?

Jun 14, 2010

Safari in a search engine is nearly worthless. Links open in new windows that come into the foreground. An option to open new window in background would be good; even better: tabs in iPad Safari.

iPhone OS 3.1.3

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Its Screen Became Unresponsive And Open Links By Itself

May 30, 2012

My iPad open links by itself, it writes e-mail texts, it opens applications while I do not even touch the screen. I thought it was because of WiFi but I see that even when I turn off the wifi it is the same. It can be because if the touch, during this ipad "performance" it is unresponsive, I try to touch and close the app or link but it does not work.

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IPad 2 Safari Links Don't Open

Oct 16, 2011

I have an iPad 2 , and I just updated to IOS 5. Now when I try to open a link on safari, I just get a white screen, the page does not open. The same thing with links for you tube videos.I never had this problem when I was runinig 4.3.5.

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General :: Can't Open Links Through Email

Aug 10, 2014

I've cleared my history and cookies and still unable to open any we page or links through email. I have to copy and paste onto a new page or open up the page itself.

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Safari Can't Queue Links Or Open Them In Background

Apr 11, 2010

Has anyone found a workaround for Safari's lack of an "Open in Background" option? I assume Apple left that feature off since the iPad is a little light on RAM (presumably for cost and power consumption considerations), and can't preload too many pages simultaneously.

But a way to queue up links would be useful. As is, if I want to finish browsing a page before going to other linked pages, I need to:

1 Tap-and-hold a link
2 Choose "Open in New Page"
3 Wait a second for the new page to start loading
4 Tap the window manager
5 Tap the original page
6 If the original page has a lot of content, wait for it to reload
7 Repeat steps 1-6 for each link

Step 6 is the most inconvenient: large pages with lots of images take a while to load and almost always need to reload even if only one other window has been opened.

I'm surprised there isn't an "Add to Queue" option in Safari's tap-and-hold context menu (with the "Queued" folder available through the bookmarks button).

iPad 16GB wifi

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IPad 2 :: Email Doesnt Open Links

Jul 5, 2012

I cannot open any external links in my email app for some reason. it seems that the email adds the letter "o" at the beginning of every URL, making it invalid.

I really don't know why it does that. here's a screenshot: http:(url)notice the letter "o" at the beginning of the URL. this happens with any link I try to open.

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IPad 2 :: Cannot Open Email Attachments Or Links

Sep 5, 2014

i can no longer open email attachments or links on my iPad.  I can still do so on my phone.

iPad 2

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IPad :: Stop Links From Safari To Open On YouTube App?

Aug 24, 2014

Is there a way to stop Youtube links from safari from opening on the youtube app?

iPad, iOS 7.1.2

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Features Links/skortcut Links For Several Commands?

Aug 28, 2010

Is there a thread here for cool features/tricks/functionalities people have discovered with their ipads?

For instance, I just found that if you press and hold the dash key on the keyboard, you get the option for an em dash or a bullet for making bullet lists. If you press and hold the "e" you can add French accents.

iPad 3G / Asus / HP DV7
iPhone OS 3.1.2

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Windows Links In Safari Tabs - Page Has Links To Windows And Hotmail Embedded In The Top

Nov 1, 2011

I'm a fairly new iPad2 owner and I'm really enjoying getting to grips with the device. I have successfully updated to ios5 and everything has been functioning well with no issues.

Something strange started happening yesterday, when I open a new tab in safari the new page has links to windows and hotmail embedded in the top. I'm not sure how it has happened, it doesn't seem to have any effect on browsing but I'm a bit concerned as it doesn't seem right.

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Keynote In RS Links

Jan 31, 2010

i'm looking for apple recent keynote (iPad keynote) in Rapidshare. is there RS links? or can anybody upload it for me?

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Can't Get To Links On Web Pages ?

May 21, 2012

I can't get to links on web pages, shrink or enlarge the web page or show the other web pages that are open? The back arrow does work

iPad 2

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Can't View Links In Emails

Jul 8, 2010

We just started using our I pad. when receiving emails with links other than you tube, we cannot open the link. What do we need to do to make this work? Download something?

I pad

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Links Not Opening In Atomic

Sep 25, 2010

Sometimes links don't open in atomic when I tap them. Macrumors forum spy is a good example. The first few taps work but after that the page needs to be reloaded. Anyone else?

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No Executable Links In 'Contacts'?

Aug 31, 2010

When I did the initial sync with my PC, the stock iPad Contacts app downloaded the info from Outlook and at first glance all was well; however I had a large number of links in notes beneath some contact entries that were executable in Outlook, and these links are not executable on the iPad. They do not appear in the usual blue underlined text.

It's a total PITA to have to fiddle around with that stupid magnifying glass gizmo and the blue 'copy' box to select/copy the text of the link, close Contacts, open Safari, paste the text into the Safari address box and then finally execute, instead of just being able to execute straight from Contacts with a single click.

Just as annoying, in Outlook all these links were embedded in text to save clutter, and now the full hyperlink appears, resulting in mess of text which is nothing like as clear to navigate.

Any ideas/solutions?

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Returning To E-mail From Web Links

Aug 3, 2010

Is there a way to directly return to the e-mail app after viewing a web link contained in an e-mail? Once the browser is opened it seems like you have to re-open the e-mail app, unless I'm missing something obvious (which I hope I am!).

Other OS

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Wi-fi Router Links To MAC Book

Jun 2, 2010

I can only get the airport symbol up if the Cellular Data is turned off, and even then I can't access the internet even though the wifi is showing as connected and 2 bars - I am within 4 feet of the router. When I turn the carrier on again, although the wifi is apparently connected (settings), the airport symbol disappears. What can I try now? Without the 3g I would have no internet access at all. Macbook links to router no problems.

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Sharing Links Between Mac And Ipad

Apr 15, 2011

If i'm looking at something in firefox on my mac, is there an easy way to send that link to my ipad to carry on looking at that page? I was thinking of using dropbox but don't think that supports sending links.

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Links Not Opening In Safari IOS 5 GM?

Oct 8, 2011

Im running iOS 5 GM and clicking on links inside of posts opens a new tab but nothing comes on the screen. Oddly clicking on posts in any board works fine, just clicking on a link inside a post, like a link to an article or a YouTube video. Copying the link and pasting it into the address bar takes me to the site as expected.

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Share Links From It To IPhone?

Jan 9, 2011

Is there an app that will let me share links between my iPad and iPhone? Maybe even one that will let me share between my iMac and iPad and iPhone? Sometimes when I'm on my iPhone I want to send a link to my iPad, but other then e-mailing myself I don't know of a way.


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Delete Links On Facebook?

Feb 26, 2012

How to delete inappropriate or annoying links on my Facebook wall?

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Dropped Links On Internet

Aug 31, 2011

I am experiencing situatuions where I click a link, such as on USA Today or app store download and IPAD blacks off for a second then shows desktop screen.

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Excel File With Links To PDF Docs

Oct 15, 2010

I was wondering if there is any app that will allow me to export to an ipad an excel file which contains links to a number of PDF files, keeping the html functionality

If this is not possible, I could convert the excel file to a PDF with links. Would a be able to use the links then?

Windows 7
iphone upgraded to 4.1, ipad

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YouTube Links In Email Won't Play

Dec 8, 2010

My wife took her brand new iPad on a trip this week. While she was away I emailed her links to some YouTube videos of the kids I had uploaded. The videos play with no problem when we click the link in her email on a "regular" computer, but clicking the link through the iPad's Mail program results in a "YouTube Not Available" message.

Mac OS X (10.6.4)

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Safari - Any Way To Disable Underlining Of Links?

May 11, 2010

Taking this forum as an example, Safari underlines all the thread titles and it's a bit of an eyesore tbh. Is there any way to disable this behaviour, have I just missed a really obvious setting somewhere?

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Youtube Embedded Links In Emails

Aug 8, 2010

I am having trouble with embedded links in emails that should fire up a youtube video. Works fine on computers (windows) does not work at all on iphone 4 or iPad. Starts up Safari but page just stays black. No error message or anything. The youtube app works fine and I can actually search and find the video on the app but can't get there from the embedded link. Is this just a problem of the embedded link being a flash version of the video or is something else going on?

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How To Copy & Paste Links To Pictures

Jul 10, 2010

I'm a member of a few car forums. Many times I post pictures in the thread. I go to my Photobucket page and copy the link and then go to the forum thread and paste the link for the picture to post. That's how I do it on my dest top computer. I don't know how to do that on the iPad. Is there any way to copy a link and then be able to paste?

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