Unable To Bookmark Pages - Bookmark Bar Not Showing

May 9, 2010

I can't get my bookmark bar to show. Even after turning on the Always Show Bar option. I turned off the iPad and tried it again, but still no bar when I open Safari. How do I access bookmarks?

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The Bookmark Tab Turns Red When I Try To Bookmark And To Find Bookmarks Made In PDF Files?

Oct 22, 2011

I cannot find a way to view bookmarks I've made in PDF files using Ibooks. In books, I figured out by going to the contents page, they are listed there but where do I find them when reading pdf ( magazine files )?

The bookmark tab turns red when I try to bookmark but I can't find where they are.

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Erase A Bookmark In The Bookmark Bar?

Apr 6, 2010

In Safari on iPad...

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Unable To Use Bookmark

Jul 15, 2010

Missing something here. I add sites to my bookmarks, but that listing also accumulates visited sites I did not bookmark. Erasing history seems to erase my bookmarks as well. But I've only had the iPad a couple days so am still low on the learning curve.

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Unable To Hide The Bookmark Bar

Apr 5, 2010

I like having the bookmark bar while browsing in Safari, but it would be nice to be able to hide it temporarily to reclaim the screen space for browsing.

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Bookmark - Bookmark Bar

May 31, 2010

What's the differance between the bookmark and bookmark bar option?I don't get it. Why would I use one or the other? Information:Sony Viao Windows XP

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How To View Bookmark Bar?

Apr 7, 2010

How do you view Bookmark Bar? I see it occasionally but not sure exactly how to get it when I want it.

Is there a setting to stop it from disappearing?


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Does Safari Have Bookmark Bar?

Feb 17, 2010

I was just watching the video walkthrough that 9to5Mac has posted and it shows that iPad Safari does have a bookmark bar just like Mac Safari. I didn't know that it was going to have that. Has anyone who has the SDK played with this feature. The video showed it popping up somehow. Is it possible to have it appear all the time? Also, the video showed that Safari is set up to be identified as desktop Safari NOT mobile Safari. I really can't wait to get my hands on an iPad. Whoever the person was that kept saying the Safari is mobile Safari needs to go and watch this video.

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How To Delete Bookmark ?

Apr 26, 2010

Does anybody know how to delete or remove a bookmark on the iPad Bookmark bar ?

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Finding Bookmark App?

Jul 16, 2010

Is there a way to take frequently visited sites, bookmarked, and make them into an app so there is a shortcut on the app page, thereby avoiding going through safari again?

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Is It Possible To Add A Bookmark On IPad?

Apr 1, 2012

How to add up bookmarks to the iPad? How many bookmarks can be added at one go?

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Delete BOOKMARK On It?

Feb 6, 2011

How do I delete a BOOKMARK on the iPas?

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Remove Bookmark Bar Across Top?

Jan 24, 2011

How do I remove this?

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How To Remove Bookmark On It

Jan 8, 2012

Have several a sites in the bookmark/toolbar area that I cannot remove. They are not in the actual book mark listings but show up next to them How do I remove.

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Bookmark Website Using Safari?

Dec 2, 2010

I cannot find the way to bookmark a website using Safari on my iPad.

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Bookmark Sync To Mobile Me?

Apr 4, 2010

I set up my new iPad and it synced my bookmarks from mobile me with no issues. I've since spent some time reorganizing them on the iPad and now want to sync the changes back UP to MobileMe and to my other devices.
How do I make that happen? I though it would happen automatically, but now my iPhone only has one bookmark and when I try to sync my Mac, it tries to sync that one same bookmark.I want everything to have the same bookmarks that I've got set up currently on the iPad.

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IBooks--no Bookmark Feature

Mar 31, 2010

There really isn't a bookmark feature (yet), is there? I didn't see one on the recently-posted video.

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Add Page As Bookmark In Safari

Nov 23, 2010

AirPrint, while a welcome feature, seems to have been implemented not by Apple, but by any other company...In Safari, what used to be an icon to add a page as a bookmark, or to add it to the home screen, now also accomodates printing.In Mail, if I wish to print, I need to tap the "reply" icon.In Pages, Numbers and keynote it's under the "settings" icon.Would it not have made more sense to use the existing "print" icon and put it on a toolbar?I've left the feedback here:http://www.apple.com/feedback/ipad.html Information : iOS 4.

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Turning On Bookmark Bar To Show?

Jun 5, 2010

I can't get my bookmark bar to show. Even after turning on the Always Show Bar option. I turned off the iPad and tried it again, but still no bar when I open Safari. How do I access bookmarks?

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How To Bookmark A Song In IPad 3?

Oct 1, 2012

I would like to bookmark a song in iPad3. Is that possible? How can I do that?

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Missing Add Bookmark Button

Jan 11, 2011

My iPad Safari is missing the "+" for adding bookmarks. Does anyone know how to add it to the menu bar?

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