Rotating Doesn't Change Screen Direction?

Nov 15, 2010

When I rotate my iPad, the screen icons do not change position as it did in the beginning. Did I change a setting?

IMac Intel Core 2Duo
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

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Screen Is Not Rotating At All

Jul 30, 2010

Over the course of the last day, my iPad has stopped rotating when moved from upright to landscape.

The screen lock is not on and I have tried turning the lock on/off, restarting, and also resetting.

I also tried resetting the iPad settings but without success.

I seem to be getting the "undo typing" message more often as well (and especially when I turn it right/left to try and get the screen to cooperate).

This is bumming me out and I can't find any other settings for it or apps to test whether it's a hardware or software issue.

iPhone OS 3.1.2

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Screen Is Not Rotating

May 30, 2012

All of a sudden my screen is not rotating. Did I accidentally hit something I shouldn't have?

Info:iPad 2

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Screen Stopped Rotating?

Jul 31, 2010

New ipad - screen stopped rotating any ideas.

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Ipad 3 - Screen Not Rotating

Jul 5, 2012

The screen on my Ipad 3 has quit rotating when you rotate the ipad. Is this a setting or a problem?

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IPad 2 - Screen Not Rotating ?

Mar 24, 2011

Occasionally, the screen refuses to rotate for no good reason; I have verified screen rotation is not locked through the software or switch, and the only fix is to reboot the iPad. Is there a fix for this, or is it a known issue that will possibly be resolved in iOS 4.3.1?

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Screen Has Stopped Rotating

Jan 10, 2012

I have an I-Pad 2 and somehow the screen has stopped rotating .

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Stop The Screen Rotating?

Apr 24, 2012

Is it possible to stop the screen rotating


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Landscape View / Screen Not Rotating?

Apr 13, 2010

We're not able to get the iPad to flip the screen orientation from portrait to landscape when we turn it. Is this supposed to happen automatically, or do we have to change a setting somewhere?

IPad 16GB

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IPad 2 Not Rotating Its Screen Even After A Reboot

Oct 15, 2012

It is not possible to rotate the screen of my iPad 2 for the past few weeks. I have rebooted my iPad to correct this issue. Still, it remains in the same situation. In what way can I restore this feature on my iPad?

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Screen Rotating Function Stopped?

Jan 6, 2012

Why the screen rotating function has stopped for my iPad?

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IPad 3 Screen Has Stopped Rotating?

May 12, 2012

My ipad 3 screen has stopped rotating. Is there anything in setting that I might have changed?

iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 5.1.1

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IPad 2 Screen Not Rotating In Mail App

Apr 22, 2012

The screen for my iPad rotates for all apps except for mail.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iOS 5.1

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Screen Stopped Rotating As I Moved The Ipad Around

Jun 22, 2012

When my keyboard pops up it is covers the middle part of the screen instead of the bottom and when the page gets down to that part it doesn't scroll up, it just keeps going behind the keyboard. My screen also recently stopped rotating as I moved the Ipad around.

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IPad 2 :: Screen Not Rotating From Horizontal To Vertical

Aug 31, 2011

All of a sudden my screen won't adjust from horizontal to vertical when I rotate the iPad.

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After Updated To IOS 5.1 - IPad 2 Screen Not Rotating Anymore

Mar 11, 2012

I updated to iOS 5.1. the other day, and my iPad 2 won't rotate anymore even if the screen is not locked. I went to service center, and after testing the iPad's accelerometer playing some game, the guy at the service center thought that it is not a hardware problem, but more on the 5.1 update. Weird thing is, I enabled the "assistive touch" feature's "rotate screen" function, and the screen rotates, although with prompting. That is, it will rotate only after I choose or unchoose to either "rotate screen" to portrait or left or right.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1

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Screen Quit Rotating To Landscape When Viewing Mail

Dec 5, 2010

I recently updated my os to the latest versin and my screen no longer rotates to landscape when viewing mail. I THINK it did for the first few days but now am not sure. I KNOW it did before the update. do i need to reset the Ipad? will i lose anything? sorry for the questions but I am new to Ipad. Information :ipad 64gb
iOS 4.

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IPad 2 Screen Not Rotating And Stuck On Portrait Mode

Jul 15, 2012

I am not able to rotate the screen of my newly bought iPad 2. Apart from that, the device is stuck on the portrait mode since two weeks. I have tried side switch and found that it has stopped working on my iPad. Is there any way by which we can activate the screen rotation as before?

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IPad 2 Screen Stopped Rotating Otherwise Works Fine

Jun 22, 2012

How can I restore screen rotation. It stopped suddenly everything else seems to work fine.

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1

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Orientation Doesn't Change

Jul 19, 2010

the orientation of my iPad doesn't change when I turn or twist the iPad, how do I fix it?

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IPad 2's Battery Doesn't Change From 70%

May 7, 2012

I buy a iPad 2 today and I connected it to the charger, and it is in charger a couple of hours and all the time it shows me that it have 70% and that not change!

Info:iPad 2, iOS 5.1, Doesnt charge...

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Twitter Username Change Doesn't Show

Feb 1, 2012

Any Twitter users here? I'm just getting organized for Twitter and successfully changed my username on the desktop PC and then the profile pic but neither change appears in the iPad app. Strangely the new website URL updated automatically and a few tweets show that I did from the desktop. I go to Profile, Edit Profile, change the name but still no update. I tried changing the photo to the exact same one I used on the PC and that didn't take.

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Deleted Movies, But Available Storage Doesn't Change?

Jun 24, 2012

I tried to rent a movie from iTunes, but got a message that I didn't have enough memory. I went to settings/general/usage it showed i had 1.8gb remaining. So I deleted a 3.6gb movie, but it still showed only 1.8gb available. What gives?mi deleted another 5gb worth of video, and still only 1.8gb available. 

I have tried soft resets and even a reset all settings, still 1.8gb remaining. 

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular (VZ), iOS 5.1.1

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Won't Switch Direction?

Nov 4, 2010

My - well actuallt my works' - iPad won't switch direction when I turn it. I.e. it stays in landscape mode when I hold the pad in portrait, landscape and all other directions.

It appears to be stuck/ frozen, but it's only in its' direction. The pad can be used reading papers, scrolling og surfing on the net.

It may be possible to reset the iPad to remedy the situation, but as the iPad isn't mine I'm asking you bright people here to help me with a solution that won't reset the iPad to the state it was in when it was brand new ...loosing everything in it already in the proccess.

As the iPad isn't mine I don't have a back-up or have it enabled in my iTunes.

iPad (64GB, with 3G and WiFi)

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Syncs Apps In Only One Direction?

Jan 19, 2012

After a full Erase all Contents and Restore as new device (not from backup), as well as erasing all iTunes backups of this iPad and iCloud backups as well.

I've synced to Mac and to iCloud, synced not Wifi and with Wifi. I've repaired permissions as well. I can sync anything by using iTunes to install. It always works in that direction. However, if I delete any app from the iPad or add any app from the iPad - a sync will simply wipe out the apps added.

Apps added or deleted from iTunes on Mac sync fine, apps added or deleted from iPad home screens / App store, etc - do not sync.

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Maps App Screws App Direction

Dec 5, 2011

The inbuilt maps seems to get the wrong direction all the time, I guess it's a compass issue.Where is the compass to begin with and how do I calibrate it?

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IPad 2 Not Changing Direction?

Mar 26, 2012

My iPad won't change direction when I move it

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1

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Showing Rental Movie After Expiration ? - Sync Doesn't Change Anything

Sep 15, 2010

iPad still showing rental movie after expiration and using memory, the sync doesn't change anything.

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Pointing The Right Direction By Throughing An Advice

May 10, 2010

i have acquired today a 3 mifi without a sim, i want to unlock it using a mac ( for free)
can anyone point me in the right direction and shed any advice on the best deals out there on a data plan of some sort for it PAYG preferable

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Reverse Direction Of Delete Button?

Nov 16, 2011

Is there a way to reverse the direction of the delete button? i.e.: to delete what is in front of the cursor, not behind?

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