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Not Sync Applications Downloaded And Purchased From Store

i purchased and downloaded applications from store but when i synch on my IPAD, it says 'completed' while nothing had happened.while on the apps screen i can see this application stated as 'installed' now on the IPAD

View 2 Replies (Posted: May 12, 2010)

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Applications Purchased From App Store
I have made new apple ID and that didn't work! I reset my iPad but apps are saying your account has been disabled.

iPad 2

Posted: Jun 16, 2012

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Applications Purchased From The App Store - Do Not Appear At All
The last screen is gray when looking at my purchased apps on my IMac. It shows apps that I purchased but it looks different than the other screens. These apps do not appear at all on my IPad. However, they once did. How do I fix this problem.


Posted: Jun 14, 2012

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Applications Purchased From The App Store?
I. Have just made a app purchase, without reading the reviews, the app is obviously fake , when you try to open app game appears on screen , when you try to reject game it takes you back to your desktop page.

Posted: Jun 12, 2012

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IOS: Troubleshooting Applications Purchased From The App Store?
what do I need to do about an app (ITELEPORT- VNC) not launching on iPad?Haven't tried my iPhone with this app yet, and doesnt look like i will be installing iteleport unless there is some change or correction made about this issue 1st.

Posted: Jun 19, 2012

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Applications Purchased From App Store Not Downloading
After full reformat of device i can't download HBO go app.

iPad, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 7, 2012

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IOS Troubleshooting Applications Purchased From App Store
I have ePub documents that won't open using iBooks, how can i get them formatted so that I can use them

Posted: Jun 15, 2012

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Applications Purchased From App Store Is Not Working
I cannot play my Facebook games on my ipad 3 and some games i purchased from Appstore.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular

Posted: Jun 10, 2012

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Error On Applications Purchased From App Store
How do I resolve error 5011; "Attention: unable to retrieve shared information" on Time Magazine app?

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1

Posted: Jul 1, 2012

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Troubleshooting Applications Purchased From The App Store?
I am getting the above error message

iPhoto '08, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Jun 3, 2012

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IOS: Applications Purchased From The App Store Don't Have Re-download Option?
I have free apps as well as paid apps that have disappeared from my iPad. When I look them up in the app store they all say installed except for one. None of them have a redownload button. The one that does not say installed has the price in the bar but it is lighter than normal. When I push it nothing happens. It is like they are all in limbo. I contacted customer service and they are refunding my 2 paid apps but I wanted to rebuy them but can't.

Posted: May 18, 2012

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IOS: Troubleshooting Applications Purchased From The App Store - No Volume ?
I downloaded an app from the app store last week and the volume of two of my apps are gone, I deleted the apps and downloaded it again and there ison those apps. Does anyone know what I should do?

iPad 2

Posted: Jun 5, 2012

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Applications Purchased From The App Store Stop Working?
I bought this game against my better judgement , and live to regret it. It has crashed every time I try it! It cost 4.99 and is a lot to pay for a game. But big fish games usually are good. So I'm asking all you I pad users let's not pay so much for games. Then big fish will have to keep the min price of 2.99.

iPad, iOS 5.1, Don't buy this game from big fish

Posted: Apr 25, 2012

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IPad 2:: Can't Open The Purchased Or Free Apps Downloaded From App Store After Syncing With PC?
I'm using iPad 2 and I can't open the purchased or free apps downloaded from App Store after syncing with PC. I have tried shutting down iPad and restart again, and same thing, apps refuse to start. What's the solution?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 27, 2012

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IOS: Troubleshooting Applications Purchased From The App Store - Says Loading But Never Finishes Loading
When trying to load new app,it comes on screen and says loading, but never finishes the loading.


Posted: Jun 2, 2012

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Error - You've Already Purchased This But It Hasn't Been Downloaded
I have attempted to download "pages" to my ipad many times using both my husband's and my own itunes account. Each time it says it was unable to complete the download and yet I have paid for it twice. This is the process I've taken: In app store I click on "pages" app INSTALL. It tries to install and then tells me to go to itunes in downloads to complete installation. When I go to itunes there is nothing in "downloads." I go back to app store and click on Install again. I get the message " You've already purchased this but it hasn't been downloaded. If you're having trouble downloading it, select check for available downloads from itunes on your computer , then sync ...." then it pops up another message "Unable to download application. Pages will be available for download when you log in to the itunes store on your computer.

Posted: 06-07-2011

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IPad 2 :: Downloaded / Purchased Can Be Saved Somewhere?
I downloaded and purchased the "The King's Speech". After viewing, I do not want delete it. There seems to be no way I can it save elsewhere - including Cloud. It takes up a lot of memory and needs transferred to a recoverable area. Is this possible?

Posted: 01-26-2012

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Unable To Find Itunes Store And Applications Store
How do you find your wishlist in the Itunes store and the Apps store?


Posted: Aug 2, 2010

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How Can I Download The Purchased Applications?
Any suggestions?

Posted: 11-22-2010, 03:25 AM

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Purchased Magazines From Within Applications
I was wondering if some one could help me with this question regarding purchased magazines from within applications. If I buy a magazine such as say "Time", where are the copies stored and backed up within iTunes and if some time in the future I want to say move them to a new iPad how would I do so?

Posted: Sep 18, 2010

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Playing Downloaded Movies Purchased Via ITunes
Earlier today, I downloaded a movie that I purchased via iTunes. I've just tried to play it at my home where I don't have Wifi but I can't play the movie because I cannot connect to the iTunes store.

Posted: Sep 21, 2010

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Downloaded Tv Show Freezes - Any Way To Download Purchased Video Again ?
I downloaded the entire first season of Damages... and after watching 10 minutes of the 10th episode, the video freezes. iPad is fine and I can jump out and do other things -- including watch other videos. It seems like it's just a corrupted file. Is there a way to download a purchased video again? I've looked at the other discussions about frozen videos, and I seem to have a unique problem.

Other OS

Posted: Jul 11, 2010

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Charging - Applications Downloaded
When I download an app that costs say $3.99; is that a monthly charge to my account or just a one-time charge?

Posted: Jul 27, 2010

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Disappear New Downloaded Applications
I have downloaded some new apps but they dont show up on the ipad. I can search for them and launch them from the search page but even after syncing they remain invisible - Whats gives? are there only so many pages on the ipad for icons?? Information : iMac 27" Mac OS X (10.6.4)./

Posted: Jul 19, 2010

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Downloaded Applications Are Not Visible When Synchronized With Pc
After downloading an App from iTunes, I synchronized my iPad with my computer, like what everyone does. But the problem is that my downloaded App did not appear in my iPad. The Apple Support did not state this type of trouble.

Acer Aspire 4736Z
Windows Vista

Posted: Oct 30, 2010

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Can't Access Apps Tab In ITunes - Downloaded Few Applications
I'm trying to set up my iPad, and I'm connected to iTunes. I can see my iPad, and when I click on, I see a whole bunch of tabs: summary, info, apps, music, movies, etc. I can click on all those tabs EXCEPT apps. When I click on it, nothing happens. I've downloaded a few applications from the iTunes store. My iPad is set to sync applications. I tell it to sync applications, and it looks like it installing them on the iPad, and then... the apps aren't there. Windows 7

Posted: Jun 16, 2010

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Unable To Move Downloaded Applications From ITunes
I have purchased or downloaded apps that are on my itunes but not on the ipad. I can't seem to move them to the ipad. They will not sync. What did I do wrong? Information : iMac Mac OS X (10.6.3).

Posted: Jun 8, 2010

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Reinstalling The Purchased Application From App Store
I have recently purchased a game application from App store for my iPad 2. I am unable to open that application, even though it played right after installation. How can reinstall it from App store?

Posted: 08-06-2012

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Delete Application Purchased From App Store
Is there a way to remove a buggy app permanently? I want to remove all traces of it i have deleted this app multiple times from my iPad, but it won't go away.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1

Posted: May 21, 2012

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Purchased Apps From App Store Not Being Charged
Recently I bought two games from the App Store that cost me a total of $13. But for some strange reason I can't find them in my purchases history. I looked there and it wasn't there, and I looked in the Purchased tab in the App Store app on my iPad and it wasn't there either. What's even stranger is that I don't see the money I paid for those apps being deducted from my bank account.

Am I supposed to get an invoice at the end of the month or something? And how do I get the apps to show up on my purchase history?

Posted: 06-19-2011

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Nothing Shows Up In App Store Purchased Section?
When I go to the Apple Store App and select the Purchased tab nothing shows. If I do a search for a particular app it finds it. I have rebooted and restarted the app. Any solution to this problem? I am seeing the same thing on my wife's iPad (but not on the iPhones Sent from my iPad 3 using iPF

Posted: 08-02-2012

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Apps Purchased From The App Store Not Installing?
Whenever I try to download or update an App it just says "waiting" and never installs. I've update software, restarted and reinstalled. Any suggestions?

iPad, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: May 17, 2012

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Data After Formatting Hard Disk - Downloaded Applications
I'm currently have a iphone and ipad... and is running my iTunes on Windows OS. My question is, what happens to the data in apple products after I format my harddisk and reinstall iTunes. Will the data get lost after I connect my apple products to the newly installed iTunes?Data of concern:Downloaded Applications --> Do I have to download them again in iTunes?Music --> Will the music be overwritten and removed during Sync? (I suppose the same applies to Photos and Videos)?
Contacts --> Will my contacts be removed?

Posted: Sep 20, 2010

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Cannot Connect To Itunes Store - Cannot Use Newly Purchased
Bought myself an ipad today and haven't been able to use it as I could not connect to the itunes store. I am assuming that is the first thing I need to do in order to activate the ipad through itunes?I then ran the diagnostic tool in itunes and received the following messages:indows Firewall is on.

Posted: Sep 26, 2010

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Book Purchased From ITunes Store Went Blank
I have purchased a book from iTunes and transferred to my iPad 2. It was fine by the time I purchased it. Now, the content is looking blank even though there is index page. What is wrong with the book and how can I restore back the content?

Posted: 07-06-2012

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Viewing Purchased Apps From Store In IPad 3
Is it possible to view a purchased apps list from store in my iPad3? Please share with me the possibilities of the same.

Posted: 30-08-2012

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Transfer Purchased Movie From ITunes Store To IPad 2?
I purchased a movie in the ITunes store and it won't upload onto my iPad2.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jul 5, 2012

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Downloaded Go To My PC App From The App Store ?
I downloaded Go to my PC on my MacBook Pro, then downloaded the Go to My PC app from the app store into my Ipad. It works very well. You have to have your MBP on and connected to the internet. When you log on with your Ipad, you get your MBP screen with a small precision mouse with a small pointer. You have a range of clicks with the minimouse. It works very well. I logged onto my Chrome browser on my MBP that has about 15 tabs and using the small mouse cursor arrow, I can open any of them. Once open, like a webpage you can use a 2 finger scroll on the screen of the Ipad to scroll. You can try it for a 30 day free trial, then it is a monthly charge.

Posted: Mar 20, 2012

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Previously Downloaded From The App Store
I can't seem to find itnformation:Ipad Windows XP

Posted: Apr 4, 2010

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App Store Said 'downloaded' And Is Greyed Out
I recently did some housework on my iPad 1. At the end I noticed that one of the apps I had bought had disappeared. I went to the app store and the particular app had 'install' beside it. When I pressed install I was taken to the iPad and it started loading but halfway across, the whole thing disappeared. I went back to the app store and it said 'downloaded' and is greyed out. The app isn't on my Ipad so does anyone know how to get it back?

Posted: 11-01-2011

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Have No Sound When Using Any APPs Downloaded From The APP Store
Just recently I have no sound when using any APPs downloaded from the APP store. I only have sound from my Ipod on my Ipad or if I use an external speaker plugged into my iPad. All the volume indicators are turned on, even in the settings. I restored my iPad twice but still nothing.

Posted: Feb 10, 2011

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Download All Purchased Apps - Takes Forever And All Apps That Downloaded Are Not Working
I have ipad2 and just got iPad 3 so I try to download all purchased apps to my new iPad but it takes forever and all apps that downloaded are not working, I already restore my old iPad to give it my little girl. Anybody knows what is going on and how cani fix this to have all of my apps to my new iPad.

iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1

Posted: Apr 10, 2012

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Purchased From The App Store - No Longer Update Apps - Tried Restarting And Reloading, Deleting And Repurchasing
I've heard that if you have an American account you can buy apps from the us but have to log in back and forth to use them. But I only have one account and it's Canadian. Everything worked fine until recently I can no longer update apps I've been using since I bought my iPad. It always kicks me back and forth between us and Canadian stores but doesn't update anything. I've tried restarting and reloading, deleting and repurchasing. I haven't seen anybody else with this one!

iPad, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 23, 2012

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Downloading Past Purchases From The App Store - Purchased Icon At The Bottom Still Doesn't Show Up
I have the latest 4.35 iOS for my iPad1 and 10.4.1 iTunes. On my iPad, the Purchased icon at the bottom still doesn't show up. Any ideas how to get this to work? Have no problem on the iPhone, just my iPad is the problem.

Posted: 09-09-2011

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Applications Store Not Working?
I'm from Scotland, and just two days ago I got an iPad, obviously hoping to download apps a main selling feature. USA is the best place to buy any electronics because it's cheaper and when I go back home I can show off that I have an iPad nearly a month before everyone else. Now, i am a heavy Mac user, I have used iPhones and itouch, and Macbooks in my time. But now my problem, the app store is not working, for me anyway., because My iTunes registration is for the uk. So I get an error message saying the app store in not available in this country. Even though

Posted: Apr 8, 2010

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What Needs To Be Done To Remove An IPad Application That Has Been Downloaded From The App Store?
Please let me know how to delete or remove an iPad application permanently. Explain in detail.

Posted: 17-05-2012

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Downloaded Free Game From App Store But Charged For It?
i just dowloaded game from app store - crazy penguin catapult lite - announced price was for free. But my card was charged for 1 usd. Also in the icon on desktop there is written free. So i can not understand why my card was chaeged

Posted: 02-03-2011

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Uninstall Apps Downloaded From App Store Off Of My IPad 2?
How I uninstall apps downloaded from the app store off of my iPad

Info:iPad 2

Posted: May 2, 2012

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Applications Store Unable To Work?
I just got the Ipad, updated to itunes 9.1, added all my stuff to the ipad, ok, now I am ready to start playing.Suddenly the App store button has a little 6 on it as if to say that there are 6 updates. Ok, so I click on the APP STORE button, but the appstore cannot open. Instead I get the message:Your Request could not be completed. The item you've requested is not currently available in the US store.So I figured this may be because of all the apps from the Iphone that are not compatible or whatever, so i got on to itunes, then deleted from the ipad all the application.

Posted: Apr 8, 2010

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Update Icons - Store Applications
Apple snuck in the Apple Genius icon into my App Store on my iPad overnight (they snuck it in as a push via the App Store...sneaky). Check it out, if you're in the US, you should have it too...right beside your Updates icon in the iPads' App Store.Anyway, I don't use Genius, so I'd rather not see the icon. I've looked through Settings and there's no way to get rid of it. Has anybody else figured out how to get rid of it?

Posted: 08-06-2010, 05:41 PM

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