Need To Recover Corrupted Backup

Nov 27, 2010

I need help recovering a corrupted ipad backup. I was unable to restore my ipad from the backup when upgrading to ios 4.2. Does anyone know of a program that will allow me to decrypt the data from this backup

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Restore A Corrupted Encrypted Backup?

Mar 27, 2012

I have a problem restoring backups. My mom wanted me to upgrade her iPad 1 from iOS 4.2 to iOS 5. I'm running Windows 7 with the latest iTunes. So I plugged her iPad in and clicked update. iTunes promted me to update and I clicked it. Then it told me that it would backup the iPad and then wipe it and update it. So I accepted the prompt and it upgraded successfully to iOS 5. Now I wanted it to restore the backup so I selected the backup file, entered the password, and the restore completes half way then tells me that iTunes cannot restore the backup because the backup is corrupt or not compatible with the device.

I understand that there are apps to read from the backup file and extract stuff from it but they don't support encrypted files. I tried one program and it told me that the backup is complete and intact except for the fact that it is encrypted.

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Power Failed To My PC And Corrupted IPad 2 Backup Files

Jul 10, 2012

The power failed to my PC and corrupted the iPad2 backup files and now I get instructed to delete the files and try again, but I don't know where the backup files are located or which ones to delete.

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Recover Using Backup File?

Apr 9, 2011

At the moment my Ipad2 is fully synced with my PC and a backup recovery file is saved on the PC.My wife having seen my Ipad has bought herself a new one from the Apple store. If I connect her untouched Ipad to my PC and click Restore in the Summary tab, will Itunes download my backup file to her machine so I end up with two identical Ipads? The same question applies if I were to upgrade my Ipad with a 3G model, is this the way to duplicate all my settings, movies, files etc onto the new 3g ?If I simply sync the new machine with my PC, will this achieve the same effect or will Itunes back up a new machine with nothing on it to as my Itunes back up file?.I don't want to end up in a situation where I lose any data from my Itunes back up file.

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Recover App Data From ITunes Backup?

Apr 5, 2012

When I upgraded from iPad 2 to the new iPad a few weeks back, I did a full backup of my iPad 2, then restored that backup to the new iPad. Recently however I noticed that an app, Daily Notes, is missing from the new iPad. It's also nowhere to be found in my ~/Documents/iTunes/Mobile Applications folder. Now, I know for a fact that Daily Notes was downloaded onto my iPad 2 using my GF's account, and the computer I used for backup is authorized with her iTunes account. So, I can't think of any reason why it shouldn't be on the new iPad.But now Daily Notes, and all its data, is gone. I can find no files on my hard disk named "Daily Notes" and no folder with the data. Inside the iTunes backup directory, all the files appear to have encrypted filenames. How do I get back all my data from that app? Even if I never use that app again, I still need to get the text files that were in it. There are some very important documents for my job that I had stored inside of Daily Notes.

RANT:This incident highlights the reason why I am very frustrated with the app-centric document model that Apple has forced upon us in iOS. My saved documents should always be kept protected and separate from any sort of DRM. The app-centric document storage model applies the same DRM that is intended to prevent apps from being pirated to documents that the user themselves has created (and thus should have every right to). I would never have lost this data if the system used files and folders that were separate from the app itself.

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How To Recover Information Without Making Backup

Jun 1, 2012

There is any app that works as a folder that stores deleted files ?

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IPad 2 Recover The Note - Pasted Over? - Backup?

Jul 1, 2012

Last night I accidentally selected all, then pasted while in Notes. It pasted some long javascript bologna - not sure why that was in the clipboard, but it's irrelevant. I tried several arrow shaped buttons hoping for undo, but went back and forth to other docs. I googled undo and found it on the second keyboard page, however it didn't undo my paste, probably because of going into other docs I guess. My iPad is backed up to my Windows 7 PC and to iCloud (I think), however my notes are not synced between my iPhone and iPad for some reason.

Here is the question: How do I recover the note I pasted over? So I have a backup, what good is it? Can I get just that note back?

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2

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Unable To Recover Lost Data - Restore To Previous Backup

Sep 27, 2010

I have been syncing my iPad to my home PC for many months. I have loaded about 30 apps onto the device, with content, books and documents that I use often.Over the weekend, in order to charge it, I plugged it into my work laptop without thinking.

When I got back to my iPad many of the apps and their data had been deleted.I tried to Restore from a backup, but this only returned it to the state after the applications had been deleted.

It now appears that all my apps had been removed with their datasets. So I have lost all of the documents in GoodReader, Books, and the Office Applications. Even though I ask for it to be backed up at each sync.Once I got back to my home PC, I also tried to restore from a previous backup, but again that did not restore from a backup either.

The removed applications did get returned. But as mentioned, Pages, Keynote, Numbers have lost all of my documents, all of my games have been returned to their original state, and my business applications like iPass have been restored to factory settings.How do I restore my iPad to a backup where all of these things will be fixed?

iPad 16GB WiFi
Other OS
OS 3.2.2 on Windows Vista, iTunes 9

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Can I Recover IPad Video, Photo, Contacts And Emails From ITunes Backup Data?

Jul 25, 2012

I am planning to jailbreak my iPad. Before that I want to take a backup of my iPad videos, photos, mails etc on iTunes. What I want to know is whether It is possible to restore the data from iTunes. Please provide a detailed solution for restoring the data from iTunes.

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Unable To Recover Cantacts/any Way I Can Recover My Contacts?

Jun 22, 2010

Somehow when syncing my ipad with my imac or when syncing via mobileme I dumped my contacts/address book. Time machine does not have a copy. Is there any way i can recover my contacts?

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Corrupted Pictures On It From Mac

Aug 27, 2011

Thousands of pictures over from the old PC and they look fine on the computer. When i sync to the iPad, though, many of the pictures come out corrupted, where you'll see half, a third or whatever, of the picture, and the rest is just white.

I've tried deleting the iPod photo cache and re-syncing, but the problem remains. Interestingly, when i told it to do just a very small set of pictures, that set was fine. But when i did a larger group that included that smaller group, many of the pictures were corrupted including some of the small group that looked fine when they were the only pictures synced.

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How To Restore Corrupted OS In New Vista?

Nov 3, 2010

By error my vista OS corrupted, and I have all files of itunes, how restore in my new vista? Or is better download again programs from itunes store? I know programs from ipad...

Windows Vista

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Apps Continuously Getting Corrupted?

May 20, 2012

My ipad was working great , but two days ago , after syncing some apps , the synced apps wouldn't work ,the other apps that were installed before worked fine , after a couple tries all my apps were wiped , but the problem was gone , the next day , the same thing happened again , apps are not working , only the synced apps from itunes and other programs don't work , if i install the apps from the App store or Installous they all work out fine . Any fix?
Thanks a lot.

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Transfer To Computer - Harddrive Corrupted

Oct 4, 2010

My harddrive corrupted and my Pad backups are gone. Is there a software that could transfer everything ( Music, Photo, Playlist, PDF, iBook, Notes ... etc ) from iPad back to PC? There are software such as Cucusoft, 3herosoft, EmicSoft which only transfers Music, photo and playlist. I am looking for a complete transfer.

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Corrupted File Download From Ibooks

Jun 5, 2010

Am reading a series of novels. Very exciting. Got to volume 4 and discovered that there are only 23 unformatted pages of a supposed novel. Is this usual?


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Economist Application On IPad Seems Corrupted

Jul 31, 2012

I have Economist app installed on my device. App seems to be not working now. What might be the possible reason? The downloading and installation were successful.

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Purchased Books Got Corrupted In IPad 2

Aug 31, 2012

One of my purchased books got corrupted in my iPad2. Can we retrieve the right book now?

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What Should I Do If My IPad Displays It Is Corrupted Notification?

May 3, 2012

I am currently using iPad 1 and is not Jail Broken at all but still it displays a message : It is corrupted and a green screen appeared .I tried to fix it by restoring it through normal way and also via DFU mode but still the problem persists so please help me to solve this issue as this green screen is quite annoying for me and I don't want to see this screen anymore.

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What Caused New IPad To Have Corrupted Javascript

Mar 17, 2012

Is it possible for the new iPad to have corrupted Javascript? Or is there another app that will mess up the Javascript? My Safari runs fine when the Javascript is turned off, but when it's on it feels like I'm browsing over 56k again. Pages take forever to fully load and my debug console lights up with errors and notes. Is there a way to fix this issue? I'd really appreciate any help. I'm a new iPad owner and I love this device, except for this problem.

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IPad RAM Failure - Corrupted RAM Module

Aug 19, 2011

For the past month or so, my iPad 1 has been lagging and running unbearably slowly, even after a clean restore. Then, yesterday, this happened: I'm thinking it's a corrupted RAM module. I never dropped it, exposed it to heat/liquids/moisture, etc. It's out of warranty by a long shot. What should I do? I don't know if I can hold on until early 2012 for the iPad 3.

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IPad :: 7.1.1 - Software Corrupted And Won't Restore

Jun 19, 2014

I updated my software to 7.1.1 on my iPad and it told me to plug it into my computer. It now says that "The software for iPad was corrupted during the download"....

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