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Need To Add Data Card For Accessing Wireless Networks?

My dad bought an IPAD in states. I am planning to use that in India. Is it possible for me to use 3g feature using India carriers, or Do I need to add any data card for accessing wireless networks?

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Accessing AT&Ts WiFi Networks Via 3G With No Service?
is it possible to access the ATT WiFi Network (airports/hotels etc) when your iPad 3G is not currently on an active 3G plan? I have an iPhone 4 AT&T model (switched to Verizon), that currently has no service on it that my family has been using as a "touch" that is currently able to access the AT&T WiFi network in airports/hotels. Do any of you have an iPad 1 3G model that is not on an active data plan, and are able to access AT&Ts WiFi network? I will most likely tether my iPad2, however the benefit of the AT&T WiFi network and the GPS unit will likely push me towards a 3G model.

Posted: Mar 9, 2011

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Can't Connect To Some Wireless Networks
I am an IT Support Technician for a string of doctors offices in North Carolina. I have a personal iPad as well as an iPad for the doctors to use. We are still testing this out with great results however, at one location, the iPad cannot join the wireless network. I can join at home, any of the other offices I have tried but this one location has no luck. I can connect with an iPod touch and browse the web fine. The doctor using this iPad also has an iPod touch and can browse as well. Can anyone give me some help on why I cannot connect? The SSID is similar and the network key is the same for multiple offices. Below is the technical information on the iPads.

iPad Wifi only
IOS 4.2.1
Can connect to very similar network

iOS 4

Posted: Dec 8, 2010

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Difference Between Wireless N And G Networks
Hey everyone, just wondering if you could help me out on a network question. I've currently got a 8022.11g network with 10Mb cable internet connection running at home which handles a couple of Macbooks, a PS3, Wiii, iPod Touch and, of course, my shiny new iPad. I'm about to add a Mac Mini which will basically be a 24/7 server mainly for streaming video via Air Video and doing USB syncing for all the iDevices.

What I'm currently considering is sticking in an Airport Extreme at the same time. Wireless time machine would be very handy and the ability to seperate out my friends wireless access from the main network when they come round is good for peace of mind. My big question though is whether or not I'll see / feel any performance increase on the devices connected to the network, specificaly the iPad. Obviously when the Mac Mini goes in there's going to be a fair amount of traffic which isn't going to help matters but if I'm going to sell it to the wife ideally she needs to actually feel the benefits in daily use.

Anyone out there used their iPad's on both g and n networks? And if so did was there any performance difference whatsoever?

Posted: Jun 3, 2010, 04:14 AM

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Could Not Scan For Wireless Networks
my ipad says could not scan for wireless networks

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: May 13, 2012

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Range Of Two Wireless Networks ?
I just moved to minnesota into a house that already has a wifi network, its a three story house, and i'm in the basement....their wireless network would cut in and out a lot when i got all my stuff hooked up (ps3, ipad, iphone, mac book and i hadn't even gotten my xbox hooked up yet, but i would keep getting kicked off the internet and so on) so i went out today and got a router have it hooked up in the now when i leave and carry my ipad with me or iphone and then come back it reconnects to the wireless network that cuts in and wireless network isn't as strong upstairs so when i'm up i'd prefer to use theirs but when i come to my room i would prefer the devices to switch to my network. i know on the mac book there is a way to set up an order for it to connect, which i set up, but what about the ipad and iphone? anything to do besides forgetting the network upstairs?

Posted: Jun 9, 2011

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Connect To Wireless Networks - Multitasking
I brought my new iPad wireless (not 3G) with me to Italy last week and I experienced that I could not connect to any wireless networks at any of the hotels, where you had to pay for the use. I think that the reason is that the iPad not will allow multitasking by having two active windows in Safari at the same time.Usually a popup with a counter needs to remain open to let me use the wireless services on my lab top. But that does not seem to be possible for the iPad.Is anybody aware of a solution for this? I thought that there may be an application for the iPad which could allow you to register and pay for a wireless network connection and then start using the service without closing the connection window.

Posted: May 29, 2010

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App For Fast Switching Between Wireless Networks?
When I am at work, I frequently switch between my work's wireless network and my tethered MyWi connection depending on what I'm doing with my iPad.

If I'm checking Facebook, Twitter, or accessing the iTunes or App store, I have to use the MyWi connection as these sites are blocked thru my works network. If I am updating my RSS feeds, checking non-blocked sites, etc, I prefer to use my work's wireless connection which is of course much faster then the tethered MyWi.

Is there an app or an SB Setting that will allow me to quickly switch between these connections? As opposed to having to tap settings, tap wi-fi, wait for it to load, then tap the new connection, then press home to exit out?

Posted: May 13, 2010, 08:07 AM

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Unable To Connect With Wireless Networks?
I have a 16GB Wifi iPad, which for the past 3/4 weeks won't pick up any wireless networks.

We have an 'Orange Livebox 1.2' ( ). I've also tried to connect to a BT HomeHub 1.0 ( ) and I have the same result. I'm not sure how I can resolve this problem.. any ideas?

15" Macbook Pro, 2MB Mac Mini
Mac OS X (10.5.5)
Running Logic Pro 8

Posted: Aug 17, 2010

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IPad 3 Could Not Scan For Wireless Networks
The iPad3 is not able to scan for presence of nearby wireless networks. How can I resolve this problem?

Posted: 22-09-2012

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App For Scanning Local Wireless Networks
I'm new to the iPad, but was wondering if there is an App for scanning local wireless networks? I only ask because I don't like the network scanner built in the iPad. It doesn't even display things like what channel each network is using, and only displays a couple of detected networks for a very short time. My notebook immediately displays at least 9 detected networks in the same location.

Posted: 03-30-2011

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Cannot Connect To Wireless Networks With IPad 2
My ipad used to connect to the wireless net at home and in public areas. Now all by the sudden it can't "see"the network.
Message: "Could not connect to wireless network".
I have tried "everything" also on different networks, except resetting the modem. My iPhone works, as do all my other computers. Modem is Zyxel P2812

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jul 5, 2012

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Adding Multiple Wireless Networks During Setup
In my environment I've got multiple wireless networks for specific purposes and during iPad setup I'm not within range of all of them. From what I can see I can only set up wireless in the iPad if it's able to connect to it at the time of setup. Is there a way to add all my wireless networks at one time even though I'm not within range of them or am I going to have to go to each one and add it within range of the iPad?



Posted: Dec 8, 2010

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Multiple Wireless Networks And Static IP Addressing?
If I connect my Ipad to a network that requires it to use a static IP address will it still be able to connect to other wireless networks that do not without removing the static IP settings or does it remember the settings base on SSID?

Posted: 10-27-2011

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It Froze When Accessing Email - Restoring Without Losing Data?
My ipad froze when accessing an email, and I chose the option to restore without losing data. I am now in a loop that gets as far as showing the link to itunes which will come up with setup incomplete but when I choose continue nothing happens and my only option is to start again. I have tried starting again several times but only get to the same point each time. The sync process seems to work as it shows the icon on both the computer and the ipad during the sync but it always indicates incomplete at the end.

Posted: 06-29-2012

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Accessing The Data On A Time Capsul WiFi Hard Drive
So I just got an iPad and the guy at the apple store said that i would be able to get an app that would allow me to access my hard drive on my time capsule wifi hard drive from the ipad. I'm looking mostly to access pictures, listen to music, access PDFs, and play movies. Is there any way to the this without an Internet connection? What apps do you guys recommend getting to make this happen.

Posted: Sep 9, 2010, 07:45 PM

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Wi-Fi Networks And Connections - Get Error Message - Unable To Scan For Networks.
Running the most recent iOS. Have attempted to connect to several differnet networks including hot spots. Have restored my iPad to factury settings and set it up as a new iPad and was able to establish a connection very briefly. Have had no success after that in getting the iPad to even post a list of wifi networks avialable. When trying to enter the network's info I get the error message that the iPad is not able to scan for networks.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: May 25, 2012

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Eye-Fi Wireless Mem Card Available?
This is an awesome idea! Eye-Fi Connect X2: the memory card that does all the work for you. Automatically transfers to your computer & organizes photos and videos for you. Uploads to your favorite sharing site. Can automatically make space once everything has been safely transferred. And that's just the beginning.

YouTube - Connect X2 intro

YouTube - Connect X2 intro

Posted: 03-25-2010, 01:07 PM

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IPad 3 :: Ask To Join Networks - Connect Automatically To Known Networks
I've seen many places say that turning this feature off saves battery power, because it won't always be looking for a network. But won't it always be looking for one if wifi is enabled. On or off it says it will connect automatically to known networks. On it says it will ask you to join in known net work. Off it's says you will have to do it manually. But If it's off isn't it always searching to see if there is a known network?

Posted: 03-23-2012

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Using Usb Air Card For Wireless Connection?
This may have been answered somewhere, but all of the searching I have done can't find much.I have an AT&T usb air card for use with my MacBook Pro. I am trying to find a way to use this setup to connect my iPad for use away from standard networks.I have seen that there are routers for use with this, but I am a little time restrained (just found out that I need it for tomorrow,so don't want to rush to purchase something if possible).

Posted: Apr 19, 2012

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"could Not Scan For Wireless Networks"
My ability to access WIFI has ceased to work. I've rebooted the router, restored the Ipad, followed all directions in the manual and still no WIFI. I've tried joining my network with the appropriate address and password. I'm getting the message "could not scan for wireless networks".

iPad, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: May 28, 2012

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SD Card Like A Drive? /wireless Keyboards
I see there's no SD card slot, but there is that adapter. When using that adapter, does the SD card mount like a drive? That is, if I had a 16GB card, could I keep files on there, that I access using the adapter, but without actually downloading to the iPad's internal memory. On wireless keyboards -- I see on Apple's site lots of pics of the apple wireless keyboard with the ipad in a doc, but I'd like to use the keyboard while the iPad is just lying down on the table or something. Would the standard apple wireless keyboard work with an ipad just lying on a table (of course, properly synched with the bluetooth

Posted: May 3, 2010, 01:44 PM

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Use Nintendo DS Without Wireless Through Airport Card
This may be a daft question... but hopefully someone can help me out.

I use my Nintendo DS wirelessly through my Macbook's airport card. It works perfectly - I have a wired cable internet connection and basically use the Macbook's airport as a wifi hub.

Will I be able to do this with an iPad? I know it hasn't been released yet - but if I can do this then it would be great.

My reasoning is - I wouldn't need the 3G one and can just hook up to wifi spots when I'm out and use the Mac's airport when in the flat.

Posted: Feb 20, 2010, 03:51 PM

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Send Mails Via Sim Card Or Wireless Without Changing The Server?
I have a pop account. Using 3 sim card teh mails send and receive fine. When on wireless I am receiving fin but wont sent via

I have tried to add as an additional SMTP server but just sits on VERIFYING and lock up iPad. Cannot even remove keyboard, have to turn off.

All I want is to send mails via sim card or wireless without having to change teh server each time.


Posted: Jun 8, 2010

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Using Data Card SIM In 3g ?
so i have an ATT data card that i hardly ever use, does anyone know if i cut up the sim card to fit into the ipad, if it will just work with unlimited service that is on my Data card???

Posted: May 17, 2010, 09:46 AM

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3G Service - Data Card
I made a run from central Delaware - thru downtown Wilmington and Philadelphia - up the PA Turnpike for about 100 miles. My Navigon GPS was acting up, so I had my wife turn on Maps.what a pain! Here I was going thru the center of some of the most dense humanity on the Eastcoast and I was either getting No Service or Frickin' E ..the well name EDGE. "The edge always the farthest from you.But it could be the car?! Does your iPad work in a car?

Posted: Jun 18, 2010

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SIM Card - All Data Keeps Asa Personal
Can someone explain to me what the SIM Card in my iPad is and what it's used for From what I gather it stores information. Does it store all data or just personal data?

Posted: Jul 25, 2010

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How To Get Data Stored On Old SIM Card?
My Ipad just quit on me... after 97 days! I took back to Best Buy and they replace it. Of course I lost LOTS of data that was saved to the device itself. QUESTIONS: 1) How do I change over the service. I did NOT take the old SIM card. Should I go back to Best Buy and take it? Will this just make the new device automatically log on with the old ATT account? what else is on that card? Does it include data saved on the Ipad? Contacts, movies, etc? 2) Or do I just log onto the new device, sign up for the plan, and then cancell the old plan... if so, how do I do that? My email from ATT says to use the old Ipad to cancel, but I of course cannot do that!

Ipod Touch 64
Windows Vista

Posted: Oct 30, 2010

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Ipad 3G Data Sim Card In USA?
I am travelling to USA at the end of this month , and having with me my iPad 2 3G unlocked. I need to buy a prepaid data card for it, is it easy although i don't have an american credit card.

Posted: Mar 30, 2012

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SIM Card To Manage Data From It?
When I bought the New iPad, I went to an AT&T store to get a data plan that could be rolled up with my existing ATT wireless bill. They said no problem, and they swapped out the SIM card with a different one. After not using much 4g data last month, I decided to cancel it and reactivate it when I know there will be a month where I'm traveling for work/won't be around wifi as much as usual.

In hindsight, I think I would have preferred being able to activate/reactivate through the iPad. Now that I canceled the data service, the SIM card AT&T gave me is no longer valid. I can't do anything with it, and I'd like to be able to do what I would've been able to do had I not switched out the SIM. How does one acquire another SIM card with that functionality?

Info:iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, iOS 5.1T gave me is no longer valid. I can

Posted: May 19, 2012

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How To Copy Sim Card Data On A MicroSim?
Anyone know of a way to copy my iPhone Sim Card data onto a MicroSim? Is this possible?

iMac (20")
Mac OS X (10.4.9)

Posted: Jun 15, 2010

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Use My Att's Pda Connect Data Sim Card On Ipad 2?
Considering getting an ipad2. I currently have a att sim card with pda connect unlimited data plan. I just wonder whether I could use it on ipad2.

Posted: Mar 9, 2011

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Transferring Data Transfer Of Sim Card Over Its Package?
I have an unlimited data package, from my first generation iPad. When I purchased my iPad 2 all I did was transfer my sim card over to the new iPad, data package transferred, simple solution. However with the new iPad it requires a 4G/LTE sim card (to tell if you have a 4G/LTE sim the 9th digit is a "2" and 10th digit is a "5" on the card if they are not it is a regular 3G card and may cause you some reception problems in the 3rd Gen. iPad).

You can transfer your existing iPad service to your new device simply by logging in below." Well problem solved (I sure felt like an idiot the AT&T reps should feel even more so) my data package is now transferred to my new 4G/LTE sim card. Someone might have the same question and never realized this screen before so I figured I would pass it along.

FYI: Don't go out and buy a new 4G/LTE sim the new iPad should come preloaded with one. Just simply sign into your account and it will transfer everything it needs. This works for AT&T, I am not sure how Verizon's data managment works, so I cannot offer any advise.

Posted: Mar 10, 2012

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Get T-Mobile Unlimited Data Plan Sim Card And Use In It?
Can I get a T-Mobile unlimited Data plan sim card and use in my Ipad?

Posted: 02-08-2011

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Using 3g Witout Sim Card - Cellular Data Is Greyed Out In Settings
I have just purchased a 3g ipad and wasn't going to add a sim card as yet. I'm trying to set it up on itunes but I can't continue with the set up because I haven't got a sim card and on the ipad the cellular data is greyed out in settings so I can't do anything.

Posted: Jul 25, 2010

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Verizon Data Signup Says Card Expiration Is Invalid
Is there a workaround to signing up for the data service aside from the iPad portal? My credit card expires in 2020, but when I enter all the information to sign up, it says that the expiration date is invalid.

Info:iPad, iOS 5.1

Posted: Mar 18, 2012

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Unlimited Data Plan - Just Change The Credit Card Information
Correct me if I am wrong. If you have the Unlimited Data plan and sold your ipad with it. All you have to do is change the credit card info to the new owner right? Since you can't get the same plan after June 7th, people would pay more for the iPad.

Posted: Jun 2, 2010, 04:07 PM

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Which Network Is Used When Both Cellular Data And Wireless Are On And Connected
When both Cellular Data (3G in my case) and Wireless are enabled and connected with full bars and full wifi strength, which interface does the device use to send/receive data? Is there a way (App) to tell which is being used and/or does it depend on the type of data (streaming netflix vs sending an email for example)?

Edit:The routing table shows 2 default routes which is what got me wondering in the first place:


- destination: default
* gateway:
* netif: en0
* flags: UGSc


First is my home network, second is my Cell Data.

Posted: May 27, 2012

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App For Automating Change Of Connections Wireless Router Vs Data Plan
May I assume that when in range of wireless routers at home and office that online access will default to the router? Is there an app to quickly see the status settings for connectivity?

Posted: May 14, 2012

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"Invalid SIM Card" On Verizon Wireless IPad 3 After Trying To Sign Up
So I got my new Verizon iPad at Best Buy, only store in the area that carries it, refused the stupid hotspot offer, didn't let them unwrap it and walked out of the store with it. Came home, set it up, noticed "Verizon" at the top with 4 bars of 3G before I even made it to the data setup. I forgot about it for a while and just now tried to sign up, picked my plan, filled everything out, went to process the order and got back:

"Invalid SIM Card - Sorry, we cannot activate your device because the SIM card you are using has already been associated to another account or is no longer supported. Please visit a Verizon Wireless store or call 1-800-256-4646 for a new SIM card. (73015832)"

Am I the only one with this issue? I tried searching to no avail. What's the deal here? Is there a possibility that this was a re-sealed iPad or something, or just a total fluke? Is there anything I can do to kick it out of this short of going to the store tomorrow at some point?

Posted: Mar 20, 2012

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Connect Internet Data Card To Ipad 2 WiFi To Use Internet?
how can i connect my internet data card to ipad2 WiFi to use internet?

iPad 2

Posted: May 20, 2012

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IPad 2 Displays Sim Card Failure Notification On Inserting Sim Card?
When i insert sim card in my iPad 2, it displays "Sim Card Failure" but the same sim card works fine with other mobiles so please help me to solve this issue. Is there any problem with my iPad?

Posted: 29-05-2012

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Use ITunes Gift Card Or Credit Card For Subscription To A Magazine?
So I want to subscribe to a magazine (national geographic) or buy a one time issue. Do I get to pay with my iTunes gift card or I have to have a credit card to pay for the subscription?

Posted: Jul 11, 2012

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Modding Mini Sim Card To Micro Sim Card
Looking at the included picture, it seems one could carefully use an exacto knife to trim down their iPhone's sim card to the iPad's micro sim size. You would save the cut piece for joining the two again to put in the tray and back into the iPhone. The actual chip is in the correct place.Original sim cards were the size of credit cards. The one in an iPhone is a "mini sim". The one in the iPad is a "micro sim".

Of course this doesn't mean it will work - but it's worth a try by a brave soul. Apple may have written the software to prevent this and ATT may have a way for their network to reject it. But I fully expect the dev team to tackle that in the jailbreak version.

Posted: Jan 30, 2010, 12:43 AM

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Is There ANY Wireless Mouse That Will Work With The IPad 2 And Apple's Wireless Keyboard
I have the iPad 2 and Apple's Wireless Keyboard and would like to purchase a wireless mouse that will accommodate my Apple products. I do understand that Apple's Magic Mouse is not compatible with the iPad 2, but would like to hear if there is any possibility that i could use a wireless mouse with my iPad.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5

Posted: Apr 11, 2012

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Print Documents On Wireless Device Using Wireless Network?
One thing I wish we could do with the iPhone is to print documents to a wireless device on a wireless network.

Is there any word that printing be possible on an iPad?

Posted: 03-15-2010, 11:11 PM

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No More Credit Card - Sound Card
Imagine using your iPhone/iPad instead of a credit card the next time you go shopping, or out to dinner. That is what a patent filled by Apple is suggesting. You go into an app, and it communicates with the store/restaurant, you hit a few buttons and everything is done. Sound like it has potential, but it would take a long time to be wide spread.

Posted: 05-12-2010, 05:02 PM

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O2 SIM Card Number - Packaging Of The SIM Card ?
I have an O2 3G iPad and to connect to BT openzone I need the number of the SIM card.Is there a way to get this from the iPad? I now realise I should have made a note of this from the packaging of the SIM card!

Posted: Aug 13, 2010

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Sim Card Not Working - No Sim Card Installed
I've inserted SIM card in my iPad, but it was working for few minutes and than I got message: "No SIM card installed". Two days later I can't even start to use. System don't recognize SIM at all. SIM card is working normaly in my phone or PC.


Posted: Dec 7, 2010

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Card Reader With SD Card Is Not Working
I used the card reader with a SD card and it worked great. Then i try to use the same card again and it stops working.

iPad 2

Posted: Jun 3, 2012

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