Move Cursor Using Virtual Keyboard?

Jun 5, 2012

Since there are no arrow keys on a virtual keyboard...

is there a way to move your cursor through your text without effecting your text using your virtual keys like you can with a physical keyboard's arrow keys

Or is the only way... to use your finger in the magnifying glass to drag/reposition your cursor which I'm getting better at but still find clunky, imprecise and slow requiring extra concentration, much more than using arrow keys.

Mac Pro 3.0 GHz Quad-Core, iPad WiFi/3G, iPhone4, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 30" HP Display, 22" Cinema Display

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Left And Right Cursor Key On Virtual Keyboard?

Jun 15, 2012

I agree the virtual keyboard used idea, but I am not use to keyboard without left/right cursor, Especially point words with my bigger finger.

iPad, iOS 5.1.1

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Virtual Keyboard Covers/hides Data Entry Fields After Upgrade To 5.1.1 - How To Move The Vkb

May 13, 2012

I can't even type this help message properly or do cut and paste

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

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Move Cursor Using "keyboard"?

Apr 28, 2011

Is there any way to move the cursor using the "keyboard"? Sometimes when using my finger I put the cursor in the wrong place. My solution is to make the screen larger and try again but I was wondering if there was a way to move the cursor using keystrokes (without deleting).

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Move Cursor Over Something?

Jan 5, 2012

As you all know in windows you can move the mouse cursor over something to get information bubble or yellow square telling you more about that thing.I wanna know how can I do this in ipad using safari?

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Move Cursor Within Text?

Apr 11, 2012

Is it possible to move the cursor character by character within text, i. e. to correct a single character in a Google search?

I do not mean deleting characters with the back key, I mean moving the cursor within text without deleting.

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IPad 2 :: Tap In The Middle Of The Word To Move Cursor?

Jul 4, 2012

On android, u can tap in the middle if any word and the cursor would move just there for u to edit or whatsoever, how to make the possible on iPhone/iPad without having to press and hold for the magnifier to appear?

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IPad 2 :: To Move The Cursor Right Or Left Without Deleting Anything?

Jun 17, 2012

The x arrow key in upper right corner of the keypad is like a backspace, deleting letters to the left. I would like to be able to move the cursor right or left without deleting anything. Is there a way to do this VIA THE KEYPAD?

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Move Cursor Back To Correct Mistakes Other Than Deleting Everything?

Sep 16, 2011

How can I move cursor back to correct mistakes other than deleting everything? Can't find a 'back' button

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Keys For Delete-forward, Move Cursor, Copy, Paste?

Jun 27, 2011

Is there a way to simulate the delete-forward key on the ipad keyboard? Same question for moving cursor forwards, backwards, to the beginning of the line, to the end of the line, for copying (ctrl-C), for pasting (ctrl-P), for undoing (ctrl-Z).

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Virtual Keyboard Is Easier Than Tactile Keyboard

Aug 18, 2010

I hear people complain a lot about iPad's virtual keyboard or I hear them say that the keyboard dock is necessary for typing longer documents. I actually find iPad's virtual keyboard easier to type on than a tactile keyboard, and I was wondering if I'm the only one.I often see people typing in landscape mode on their iPad with only one finger. Why not just type the correct way as you would on a tactile keyboard? That's the way I type and my typing is faster on the virtual keyboard. I think it's easier and faster because 1) I don't have to press down on each key, just lightly and quickly tap my fingers on the screen, and 2) iOS corrects and auto-capitalizes so many words that I save time by not needing to hold down shift keys or enter periods or apostrophes all the time.

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Forcing Virtual Keyboard To Come Up Instead Of Physical Keyboard

Apr 10, 2010

I have a bluetooth keyboard working with my iPad (in fact, I'm typing up this message with it now). But I took my iPad to another room, and when I went to a text area to type, it still thought I was connected to my bluetooth keyboard. Needless to say, I couldn't type, and so I had to turn off my Bluetooth in order to bring the virtual keyboard back up again.

Is there a way to tell the iPad to bring up the virtual keyboard, even if the bluetooth one is currently connected?


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Virtual Keyboard Does Not Always Appear

May 8, 2012

I downloaded 5.0.1. Now virtual keyboard does not always appear

Info:iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1

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The Cursor Is Not Show Up And No Keyboard Is Pop Up ?

Jan 17, 2011

Looking for a little insight...when I try to enter text in a web based application, SOMETIMES the cursor will not show up and no keyboard will pop up (also tried bluetooth keyboard). Also submit and browse buttons remain greyed out. In not knowing exactley how ipad interacts I am at a loss.

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Built In Virtual Keyboard Not Pop Up?

Nov 29, 2010

At times, when I reply to the article in discussion forum, the built-in virtual keyboard did not pop up as usual.

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Virtual Keyboard With Numbers

Oct 17, 2010

Is there a way to change the virtual keyboard layout, with slightly smaller keys but with a fifth row for the numbers?

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Virtual Keyboard Messing Up

Dec 5, 2010

I've had my iPad about a week and this morning the virtual keyboard started messing up. It types without me touching the screen. simply my hand passing over the keys will cause the key to type. does the same thing when launching an app. just pass over it and the app launches. Information : iPad iOS 4.

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Use Virtual Keyboard On The IMac

Jun 1, 2010

is there anyway to use iPad's virtual keyboard on the imac for typing? Perhaps via Bluetooth?

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Numbers Row On The Virtual Keyboard?

Nov 3, 2010

I have sent feedback to Apple, and have heard nothing. I have called Apple and was told to leave "feedback".
Is it just me, or does it seem silly to have to type twice as many characters just to enter a password because Apple didn't include numbers on the keyboard.

An eight digit password now takes 12 keystrokes as one must keep turning on and off the numbers row.
Am I missing something?

iOS 4
mac when needed

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Virtual Keyboard Missing

Aug 10, 2012

Having periodic problems with virtual iPad keyboard not appearing at times (e.g. Composing email).
By totally shutting down and restarting it then appears normal. This is a tedious fix. What is going on? Can it be permanently fixed?

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Virtual Keyboard Slow To Appear?

Jun 13, 2012

Have an ipad2 and the virtual keyboard takes 15 seconds to appear after I touch the search bar.

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