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Keypad Does Not Have A Colon

For my user name I need a colon but the ipad keyboard available for this does not include a :

Any suggestions or is this a known fault?

17'applemac/ipad 3g

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Colon And Semi Colon On-screen Keyboard
Is there a way to type a colon or semi colon using the iPad Onscreen Keyboard? If not this seems like a pretty serious oversight.

Posted: Apr 6, 2010

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How To Type A Colon And Semicolon
how to type a colon and semicolon?

Posted: 07-04-2011

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Colon Symbol On Virtual Keyboard
In order that I can receive the same emails on my iMac as well as my iPhone and iPad, I need to add a colon to my User name.For example I have colons on the keyboards of the first two but I cannot find one on the iPad. I have tried the three keyboards 123, ABC and #+= but cannot find it. Am I doing something wrong? Information : iPad Mac OS X (10.6.5)

Posted: Nov 13, 2010

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Keypad User Friendly
I didn't get much time with it, but the keyboard does take some getting used to. It's a lot easier if you type in portrait, but maybe thats just me.

Posted: Mar 27, 2010, 09:34 AM

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Can't Get Keypad To Pop Up To Write My Email
What am I not doing? The keyboard popped up so I could put the address and the subject in but when I went to write the email I could not get the keyboard to come up.

Posted: Apr 8, 2010

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Keypad Not Wireless Doc Connector
Along with my ipad i got a keypad, not wireless. i did so to be able to charge the ipad on my desk , while using my pc to make some uploads. THe problem is that it does nothing of this at all, as i plug it in , on the right top hand corner a writing appears saying "not charging", and as i connect it to itoons i go on ipad but it dosent open any options.

Posted: Jun 5, 2010

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Regular Keypad Useless
While I myself am not finding an immediate need for an iPad - I can't deny that there are some that will actually benefit from having one beyond it being a luxury item.I am speaking of those who have medical conditions which would render a regular keypad useless.The size and touch ability of the iPad makes it perfect for stroke victims who have lost their speech to communicate. Anyone with limited mobility in their hands/fingers as well

Posted: Feb 2, 2010, 07:27 PM

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PS3 Bluetooth Keypad Works?
this is really useless - I mean literally useless - but you CAN connect a PS3 bluetooth wireless keypad if you have one laying around to the apple iPad.

The typing speed brings back memories of the palm pre and slightly bigger feel than the TMobile DASH (made by HTC). I can actually type faster using my onscreen keypad than this piece of crap but hey, it works!

Just passing info case some of you are curious.

video on how to sync it:

1) Turn on your iPad bluetooth

2) HOLD DOWN BLUE DOT (UPPER LEFT CORNER) of ps3 bluetooth keypad, then power on by flipping the on/off switch to ON position; HOLD the blue corner after powering on until lights flash

3) tap the connected device in the iPad bluetooth settings

4) enter in the code written on the dialog box and that's it.

Posted: Apr 25, 2010, 04:22 AM

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Ipad 2 Keypad Missing?
I just got my Ipad2. All is good, but from time to time, I find myself unable to type into a field because the keyboard won't pop up. It just happened in a program on the Internet, but about 4 times earlier today I've noticed it when I've returned to the iPad after being away for a few minutes. The sign in screen has a tiny lock in upper right corner, a large field to enter my password in, but no keyboard.

Posted: 07-01-2011

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Get Percentage Sign On Keypad?
How do you get the percentage sign on the key pad?

Posted: 05-10-2011

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IPad 2 :: No Delete Key On The Keypad?
Why, oh why, is there no delete key on the keypad?

Posted: 02-13-2012

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Why Does IPad 3 Not Have A Dictation Key On It's Keypad
Why does my iPad 3 not have a dictation key on it's keypad? I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada; not exactly a third world country at least as regards computer technology.

iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, iOS 5.1

Posted: Apr 28, 2012

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Can't Type In Passcode On The Keypad
I try to type in my passcode on my iPad 2 and will, at times, randomly put in letters I did NOT choose. And when I try to backspace, it acts up and disables.

iPad 2

Posted: May 2, 2012

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IPad 2 :: My Keypad Wont Come Up
All of a sudden my keypad wont comeup. Have been using a bluetooth Logitech for a while, but even when disconnected my keypad on the screen wont come up.

Posted: 10-21-2011

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Change Keypad Orientation?
How can I change the keypad orientation? Now it is in the middle of the screen instead of at the bottom

Info:iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1

Posted: Mar 22, 2012

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Working With Both A Bluetooth Keyboard And Keypad
Is there a limitation on how many keyboard devices can be used at once? I have a third party bluetooth keyboard and keypad set. Each of them was recognized and paired with the iPad okay. However it only connects to one device or the other. Never both at the same time. Is this a limitation of the iPad software? (also of note: the keypad works okay with the exception of the enter key. It worked okay for the purpose of typing in the code to pair the device with the iPad, but not when in general use.

Posted: May 29, 2010

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Keypad Option - Email Function
I am a iPhone user who frequently use Korean font as email function.On iPad, Korean language option was not available to keypad as iPhone does.

Posted: Jun 28, 2010

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Keypad Has Split In Two And Cannot Seem To Get It Back To Normal
I have iPad 2 version 5.1.1 I have attached a pic of screen, my key pad has spilt in two and cannot seem to get it back to normal any ideas ?

Posted: 08-02-2012

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Its Keypad Not Working On Some Forums / Websites
I just noticed recently that some forums and websites the keypad does not pop up when hitting the screen in the message "block". I am writing this question on my laptop. Quite ironic that I have to use my laptop to ask a question about my ipad on an ipad forum?

Posted: 02-13-2011

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Keypad Just Keeps Disappearing From The Bottom Of The Screen?
I turn the iPad on, work with it for an hour and then the keypad disappears from the screen. I have to turn the power off to get it working again.

Posted: 05-13-2011

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IPad 2 Keypad Orientation In Middle Of Screen
My iPad 2 has decided to orientate the onscreen keypad in the middle of the screen. How to get it back to the bottom of the screen?

Posted: 04-15-2012

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All Icons And Keypad Appearing Small In Size After 4.2.1 Upgrade
That is what's happening with my iPad, all icon shrunk, key pad is iPod size, icons all spaced out, dock restricted to 4 icons. This happened after upgraded to 4.2.1 and jb with Greenpois0n. This happened after re-booting and installed with some iphone apps from cydia. I removed all installed iphone apps from Cydia and and it went back to normal. It happened one more time, I reset activator to default and resprung and it became normal again. I am wondering if iphone apps from cydia is compatible with 4.2.1?

Posted: 02-08-2011

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