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Ipad 2 Is Disabled - Reboot It And Start From Factory Settings

My ipad2 is disabled how can i reboot it, and start from factory settings

Info:iPad 2

View 1 Replies (Posted: Jul 4, 2012)

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Restore Factory Settings
How do I restore this I-Pad to original factory settings so that my I-Tunes (I have I-Tunes already set up as I have an I-Pod) will recognize it as a new device and I can then set it up to sync however I want?

Posted: Jul 19, 2010

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Get Back To Factory Settings?
How can I reset my Ipad back to factory settings?

Posted: Apr 17, 2010

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Reset To Factory Settings
I just bought a ipad on ebay and I want to reset the ipad to factory settings just like you just opened from the brand new box. Can I delete the whole thing and reload the OS?

Posted: Aug 20, 2010, 12:00 PM

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How To Reset IPad 3 To Factory Settings?
How can I reset iPad3 to factory settings? What is the procedure for doing it?

Posted: 29-09-2012

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How To Reset IPad To Factory Settings
How to reset iPad to factory settings?

iPad 2, iOS 5

Posted: Jun 4, 2012

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Reset Back To Factory Settings?
How can I reset my iPad back to factory settings and start over like it is new?

iPad 2

Posted: Apr 30, 2012

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Restore Ipad 2 To Factory Settings?
After restoring my i-pad to factory settings, how do I reset it using i-tunes?  I keep getting a picture of a connection cable with arrow pointine to i-tunes symbol.connecting to i-tunes using my computer does not sync my i-pad

Info:iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G

Posted: May 6, 2012

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Restoring IPad 2 To Factory Settings?
i am having the new iPad delivered tomorrow and would like some advice on restoring my iPad 2 to factory settings as im passing it on to a relative.

I will back up the ipad2 to my iTunes so I can sync my new one in iTunes but would it be best if I connected the iPad2 to a PC which has iTunes on it and do the factory restore on there. 

Posted: Mar 15, 2012

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Restored To Factory Settings And Now Have No Camera
Just recently purchased an ipad 2 and I restored it so that the other persons info and everything was off of there, but after I had restored it, I no longer have the camera , photobooth, or facetime apps. I have tried searching for the apps on itunes and cannot fine the same ones. I have also download some other photo apps and when I go to click on the take a photo button it exits and puts me back at the home screen. I really don't know what else to do. I am able to take screen shots, but cannot find anywhere to take a photo with the cameras.

iPad 2

Posted: Apr 7, 2012

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Reboot And Re-install OS With All Original Default Settings
Tryied to look for this one, but couldn'T find the answer on the board.Bought a used Ipad yesterday and I tryied to reset it using the reset & erase all programs option (probably not the most brillant move) and since then it dosn't work anymore.Right now all I have is the apple logon on screen and my Computer dosn'T recognize it.The Ipad was never sync with my computer.I was wondering if you had any advice on what I could do to have it reboot and reinstall OS with all original default settings

Posted: 06-24-2011

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Restore To Factory Settings Lose The Apps?
If I need to restore to the factory settings, will I lose the apps I have purchased? I can reload music and pics, but don't want to pay again for the few apps I got.If I can back up, how do I do that?

Posted: Jun 21, 2010

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Forgot Passcode - How To Restore To Factory Settings
I forgot my passcode for my ipad and I had just reimage my pc. How can I reset to factory settings. Since I deleted the my backup restore. I tried remembering and now my ipad says its disable to connect to itunes. But when I do that it ask to enter passcode first before it can sync. It has the lastest firmware update.

iPad, iOS 5.1

Posted: May 9, 2012

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Reset Passcode Without Having To Restore The Factory Settings?
My little brother has locked himself out of his ipad. Although I am aware we can restore the factory settings he would very much like to save his photos.

The ipad has never been synced or backed up.


Posted: May 15, 2012

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Reset It To Factory Settings Without Knowing Passcode?
We laid off an employee but don't have his passcode to reset the ipad to it's factory settings.Is there anyway I can do this?  I tried following the directions I found:

If you dont know the passcode to go into the ipad and reset it, you simply need to connect the iPad to iTunes.

Connect your iPad to the USB port on your computer, open iTunes and on the left side of the panel will appear a category for Devices... select the iPad. The summary window will have the information on the iPad and below that the choice for Restore. Select Restore, and you will have to do some confirming usually, and the system will go to work restoring the iPad to the factory settings.

Posted: May 3, 2012

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ITunes Is Telling To Restore To Factory Settings?
I just updated iTunes today. I tried syncing my iPad2 (32GB) and I was told that iTunes does not recognize my iPad and that it needs to be restored to factory settings. I've tried plugging it in with the cable and syncing it wirelessly and it's not working. I've turned it on and off again and restarted it and tried different USB ports and nothings working. It does sync with my iPhone, but no luck with the iPad. I would hate to lose everything on my iPad. When I tried plugging in my iPad to my computer, the camera roll did show up on autoplay (windows vista) so it does recognize my iPad. .

iPad 2, Windows Vista

Posted: Mar 14, 2012

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Reset IPad 1 Back To Factory Settings?
I never use my iPad and have decided to sell it. I was wondering what is the best way to reset it to the factory settings? Thru iTunes or just straight from the iPad itself?

Info:iPad 3G, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: May 26, 2012

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Network Reset Not Resetting To Factory Settings
I had to reset my wireless router and I know all the settings are correct including the password. My iPad recognizes this router but will not accept the password.

So I went to Settings>General>Network and touched the command to reset the network back to factory specs. I tried this twice but the network will not go away so that I can reenter the network

Info:iPad, iOS 5.1

Posted: Apr 14, 2012

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How To Recover Purchased Apps After Restore Factory Settings?
I'm a low level IT guy here at my office. My boss bought an iPad and never synced it with iTunes for regular backups.

Apparently one of his kids locked the iPad out to where it required him to authenticate with iTunes. He gave it to me and after several attempts I just gave up and nuked the iPad back to factory settings in Recovery Mode.

What is the most efficient way to get the applications purchased from the iPad back onto the iPad? ITunes seems to be downloading and restoring the iTunes purchased content but not the iPad purchased content.

iPhone OS 3.1.2

Posted: Sep 22, 2010

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Can I Recover Files After An IPad Has Been Restored To Factory Settings?
Yesterday I restored my iPad to Factory Settings but I forgot to backup the data on my iPad and hence lost some important data. Is it possible by any possible means to recover files after an iPad has been restored to factory settings.

Posted: 16-09-2012

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Reset It Back To The Factory Settings To Sync It With My Itunes
I'm buying a used one and just wanted to make sure that I will need to reset it back to the factory settings to sync it with my itunes like an ipod. Which means that I won't be able to use any apps that are on it from the past user, correct? He also said that I could use the rest of the month of 3G that he had. Can I do that without his password and will I be able to prepay using that sim card on my own account in the future?

Posted: 03-08-2011

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Restored Factory Settings - ITunes Will Not Read IPad 2 Now
I bought Ipad 2 (16 GB), downloaded latest version of itunes and connected the ipad to my laptop a week ago. It worked fine, itunes detected it, I registered at app store (but didn't register the ipad yet). Today, I restored factory settings on Ipad 2 and tried to connect it to a different laptop (don't have access to the first laptop anymore). I again downloaded the new version of itunes and then connected it. Nothing is happening.

The ipad turns on for a second so I can see the image of white usb chord and itunes symbol. but itunes on my laptop doesn't read it. Since I restored factory settings, the Ipad now gives only that screen of white usb chord to be plugged in the itunes symbol whether it is connected to the laptop or not. I even gave the current laptop authorization from itunes ("authorize this computer"). I'm using Windows 7

Posted: 08-04-2011

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Lost Rented Film When It Restored To Factory Settings
I rented a film from the store and download it on to my laptop, I then moved it all ok to my ipad the following day my ipad restored to factory settings and I lost the rented film, how to get it back to either my laptop or ipad.

Posted: Jun 23, 2012

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IPad 2 :: Full System Restore To Factory Settings?
I want to prepare my ipad 2 to sell so I can upgrade to a 64gb model.

How do I do a full system restore to factory settings?

Posted: 09-17-2011

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Reset Wi Fi To Factory Settings - Unable To Connect To Via Wifi
After being unable to connect to via wi fi fora few hours here and there i eventually reset to factory settings as advised in troubleshooting. now of course I dont know the settings to put in.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1

Posted: May 27, 2012

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Does Resetting Ipad To Factory Settings Result In Lost Of All Data?
if I reset my ipad to factory settings, do I loose all my data and photos? my ipad is saying "not charging" when I plug it in and I have no idea what is wrong

Posted: 10-22-2011

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IPad 2 :: Unlocking - Forgot My Password - Restore To Factory Settings
I recently forgot my password on my ipad, and so i went on youtube to find out how to restore my ipad to factory settings. i clicked on the restore button, it downloaded, but then said that this IPHONE had a error with the softwere. Everytime i now plug in my IPAD it says its a IPHONE.

Posted: 04-24-2012

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Wifi Stopped Working - Downloaded Latest Operating System - Reset To Factory Settings And Restored All To No Avail
My wi-fi stopped working about three weeks ago. I have downloaded the latest operating system, reset to factory settings and restored all to no avail.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: May 21, 2012

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IPad 2 Won't Reboot
I tried to reboot my iPad 2 and after I slid the power off slider, the little revolving circle just keeps circling. After about 10 minutes I connected it to my PC and I got an error "iTunes could not connect to this iPhone due to an unknown error (0xE8000065)." I've tried holding the Home and power buttons in different combinations, but nothing works.

Posted: 05-24-2011

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VPN Settings - How To Reopen The Settings Page In Order To Amend The Error
I live in the middle east and as a result use a VPN connection in order to access uk only content (everyone does it,so sue me!) anyway, I added the VPN information,but as it won't connect to my VPN,I must have made an error when entering the information. I can't figure out how to reopen the settings page in order to amend the error. Tapping on the VPN just tries to connect it and doesn't open the initial page I was on to input the details.

Posted: 02-09-2012

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Settings:Mail Crashes When Open From Settings To Setup Email
I am trying to set up mail on a replacement generation one iPad, but the settings crash when I click on Mail, Contacts, Calendar.  It won't even let me get into that screen from Settings. Neither rebooting nor resyncing with my Mac helps. 

iPad 3G

Posted: Jun 19, 2012

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Reboot Itself After Plugged Into Charger.
Has anyone else had this happen. My iPad for the first time since launch dropped to 10% battery, I plugged it in to charge it, before i went to bed. I place it on the stand and noticed it was rebooting. I waited. My wallpapers were the same but the front page icons were default with the message on how to move em, while the rest of the icons were all over the next 6 or 7 pages. I had to spend some time reorganizing, but I never seen this happen before. I was charging and went to open the ABC app to watch something before I went to be. What is also odd, is the device seems a little snappier now. I have turned it off and rebooted it 4 or 5 times before. What causes this?

Posted: May 14, 2010, 09:10 AM

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No Sync Camera - MBP Reboot
Last night I changed my Lock Screen image to a drawing I had made.As I had downloaded new apps and had also imported new photos on my MBP, I decided to sync this morning.When I connected, both iTunes and iPhoto started up - iPhoto wanted to import one item, and that item was the jog I had chosen for the lock screen!ITunes "sees" the iPad but doesn't sync or backup.I tried it on our iMac also - same results.I shutdown both the MBP and the iPad and rebooted. Same behavior.I changed the lock screen photo. Same results, still seeing my drawing for import.

Posted: May 10, 2010

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Lockup With Passcode - Reboot
My IPAD worked for a while, until I reboot it. After I reboot it, it wanted to connect to itune. I connected to itune, then it complained that your ipad is locked with passcode, you have to unlock it!I am in the chicken-and-egg issue,

Posted: Sep 2, 2010

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Will Hiding Icons In Sbs Cause A Reboot
Trying to figure out what not to do while untethered.

Posted: 12-09-2010, 10:29 AM

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Always Have To Reboot - Restart To Connect
Whenever it's left on for a while and I want to go to Safari or weather or anything needing Internet, it won't connect. I have a good signal strength, but have shut it off and restart to connect.

Posted: 07-09-2010, 01:57 PM

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Soft Reboot To Use Wifi
I've had no issues with my iPad until last week or so, when it started doing something odd; whenever it goes to sleep, it loses wifi connection. It'll still show a full set of bars, and the system settings show that it's connected, but I can't use Safari, Mail, or any web-connected apps. If I reboot, everything works perfectly

Posted: Jun 30, 2010

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Reboot - 4 Digit Password
Excuse me for my bad English, but i have a problem with my 1 month old iPad 3G 16GB.Yesterday night, i simply reboot my iPad in case of an game-app (monopoly) which says "Please reboot your ipad to save your gameaccount, because the iPad RAM is overloaded".But after the Reboot, the iPad show me the symbol for connecting to iTunes.Okay, no problem.I started my pc an connected the iPad to the PC and iTunes says to me: "Please type in your 4 digit password to unlock the iPad" but there is no possibility to type in my 4 digit password.After that i reed some helping threads on the Internet. I tried the "Recovery Mode" to restore my iPad but now the Error 23 appear.

Posted: Dec 3, 2010

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A Reboot Cleared A Lot Of Memory
Downloaded one of the memory apps for the iPad and saw that my memory usage was high even considering I didn't have any apps open other than the mem app. No safari pages open either. Now clearing my safari cache freed up some memory. But after a reboot I doubled the amount. I'm wondering if some of these apps whether created for the iPad without the developers having a real one to test or the iPhone apps are not 100 percent compatible and are causing memory leaks.

Posted: Apr 7, 2010, 07:15 AM

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Reboot Loop While Sync?
I have a really strange issue. Here is my system info:iPad 3G + Wifi 16GB. Windows 7 Professional x64 iTunes (Latest version) Windows XP Professional x86 iTunes (Latest version)
The problem I'm having, is if I plug my iPad into either of the above systems, it shows up in iTunes fine, and I can sync to it easily enough, but about 60 seconds after plugging it in, it reboots and gets into a reboot loop which can only be broken with a hard reset. Same thing if it starts up after a reset plugged in. Fine for 60 seconds, then restarts continuously.

Oddly, if I start it up unplugged, or if I connect it to a powerpoint, it's fine and runs with no problem. This started seemingly randomly yesterday evening.

Posted: 05-29-2010, 06:47 AM

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Unable To Reboot After 4.2.1 Upgrade
Upgraded to 4.2.1 and when rebooting the iPad the progress bar freezes at about 85%. iTunes also not functional when connected to iPad and must Force Quit. Solution?

PowerBook G4
Mac OS X (10.4.2)

Posted: Nov 25, 2010

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Unable To Run Application Until Reboot
I'm having a problem with running apps on my iPad. Apps that have run before and when I try to run them again, they open and then close immediately without seeing the app start at all. I mean that the screen disappears and then I'm back at the desktop. The only way to 'fix' it is to shut down and start it up again.

I have a 16g. I'm also having the wi-fi issue and am now wondering if they might be related symptoms of something wrong with it. A ghost in the machine? Anyone else having this issue. I did a quick scan of the threads and couldn't come up with anything. I am liking the landscape keyboard a lot more than I thought that I would. I just wish there were direction keys on it.

Posted: Apr 8, 2010, 09:30 AM

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Unable To Reboot / Goes Black And Does Nothing
When I try and reboot the iPad like the iPhone holding home+power it just goes black. I can press or hold the power button and it does nothing.

About 2 minutes later the apple logo will finally pop up.

Should I go get a replacement?

Posted: Aug 18, 2010, 03:41 AM

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Won't Power Off And Tends To Spontaneously Reboot
When I try to power off my iPad (pressing the sleep button then sliding the "slide to power off" slider), it displays the wait progress indicator, goes black just briefly, then the silver Apple boot up logo appears as the device reboots which results in the device remaining on.Worse yet, the device tends to frequently spontaneously reboot, often when the home screen is displayed and not performing any user operation.I really don't want to restore the iPad as this results in metadata loss for thousands of audio files (Apple really needs to address this inadequacy and provide a Time Machine back up option for us users who choose to manually manage files on iOS). Is a device restore my only recourse?

Posted: Sep 16, 2010

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Looping Reboot After Jailbreak?
So I have a jailbroken ipad 64GB.

Today it stopped charging or connecting to iTunes. I did a "reset and delete all settting and data" straight from the iPad, and now it just keeps restarting.

I see the apple logo, then the jailbreak "pixels" show up, and then it reboots again.

HOW DO I FIX THIS? it doenst boot at all now. I can't restore in iTunes because it won't connect. I'm sending it back to apple. Hopefully I can discharge the battery enough to where they can't even power on to see that it was jailbroken.

Posted: 09-23-2010, 09:13 PM

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Unable To Reboot / Can't Restore
So i was streaming an audio feed through Safari and downloading some wallpaper pics via the "backgrounds" app, when suddenly everything stopped working. I was able to shutoff the iPad, but when I rebooted all I got (and continue to get) is the flashing apple.

I tried putting the iPad in DFU / recovery mode (using the iphone instructions) but to no avail.

When connected to my PC, iTunes did recognize it and I was able to run a restore, but still nothing but the blinking apple when I attempt to boot.

Other OS

Posted: Apr 11, 2010

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What To Do If My IPad Got Stuck? How To Reboot It Once Again?
My iPad got stuck yesterday and am not able to do anything now, I was just using it for 4-5 hrs and when I tried to switch it off it just got stuck in the red swipe screen when I touch and swipe to switch off it does nothing. What to do now? How to fix this problem?

Posted: 15-07-2012

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Reboot My Locked Up IPad3?
I had just turned off Use Cellular Data in the Settings app, when the System Settings app froze.  The normal method (press & hold the power button) simply returns the iPad to the main screen and does not pull up the power-down slider window.

Now, I'm unable to power down my iPad 3 (AT&T Wifi) or use the Settings app at all.

Posted: Jul 1, 2012

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IPad 1 64 GB 3G Activation After Every Reboot
Iīve got a big problem with my iPad and couldnīt find anyone else who has this problem in other forums on the internet: Since a couple of weeks I`ve got problems with my WiFi connection, it drops completely while Iīm using it. After this I have to reboot the device and there it was again. This happend in the beginning, no big problem.Since iOS 5.1 my iPad doesnīt have the ability to connect to the 3G network anymore, only EDGE is working and after a reboot I have to reactivate the device!!! Does anybody know why this happens? Iīve updated to 5.1.1, with no change. The other strange thing is that I donīt have any WiFi at all after a reboot. The settings app just tells me "no-Wifi". I canīt activate it at all. After a couple of reboots it's back again and I can activate over WiFi. Is it possible that my WiFi chip is broken? But why do I have to reactivate the iPad because of that?

iPad, iOS 5.1, 3G 64 GB

Posted: May 7, 2012

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IPad 3 :: Reboot To Fix Networking?
Have had to reboot my device when switching WAP's. anyone else have this issue?

Posted: 03-30-2012

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