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IPad 2 Very Slow Internet Browsing

Why is my iPad2 surfing the internet at an extremely pace? Sometimes it will not even open the page?? Connected to wifi.

View 9 Replies (Posted: 02-15-2012)

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Internet Super Slow - Web Browsing Impossible?
This started today, I'm on wifi, the same wifi I've always used. Nothing wrong with laptops. Web browsing impossible, everything times out before loading. My games that I play that need Internet connection won't load half the time.

Posted: 03-06-2011

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Very Slow Speed For Browsing The Net
Had my 3G iPad for a few days now, and overall I am pleased.One of the drawbacks I have been encountering is the very slow speeds for browsing the internet, particularly while on 3G connection.My friend just got an HTC Incredible running Android, and his browsing speeds on Verizon are even faster than my iPod while on Wi-Fi. Compared to the iPad on 3G, the difference in speed is embarrassing.

Posted: May 15, 2010

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After Upgrade To 4.2.1 Became Very Slow On Web Browsing?
Since i upgraded to 4.2.1 on my ipad its gone very slow on web browsing,in the url pane it just freezes.
I spoke to an apple genius and he said to close everything in mutitasking bar which sound daft to me but when i did try,it made no difference anyway!

iPad mac iPhone
iOS 4

Posted: Dec 10, 2010

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Slow Browsing Using Safari?
After getting my ipad and being very excited with it, I am now wondering just what I want to do with it. Browsing the internet is like sitting down at with a legacy device and trying to visit modern web pages. My windows Atom net-book can run circles around it, and it's over a year old . . .

This is very disappointing. I can only hope Apple takes notice and has a patch solution.

But if I have to hope every web site has to make and app version of their site (e.g., Facebook app), and then have to purchase and install -- no way!

I hope all that is needed is some cleaner iOS. That or apple just should consider putting a intel dual into this device . . .

I've tried looking at some of the other post, and there are some similar issues. Anyway, I'm looking for input and want to know if I got this right . . . that it is indeed slow and there is no fix at this moment?

Let me know and thanks for reading!

PS, this was NOT sent from my ipad . . .

McBook with lots of fries . . . and hold the mayo
Mac OS X (10.6.4)
Favorate Mac OS sound . . . the "Wild Eep"

Posted: Nov 26, 2010

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Unable To Set Right Slow YouTube App - Browsing Work Fine?
My wi-fi appears to be working correctly with full signal strength and fast web browsing, but as soon as I try to stream any tv shows, movies or trailers, there is a considerable lag and the quality of the picture is not great. Are my expectations just too high? I've been steaming HD content thru my xbox 360 with perfect results and I have the fastest download speed available thru my ATT service at home. Anyone else have this problem or a solution?

Posted: Jun 16, 2010

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Internet In Hands - Old Way Of Browsing
Holding the Internet in your hands is a must-have experience. iPad gives me that experience in a way no other device ever has, and since I got mine, I find the old way of browsing to be unsatisfying at some level. On my laptop, for example, the content.especially site navigation -- seems distant now.I keep wanting to touch the screen, or....interact with it somehow, only I can't.And the screen size and quality on iPad really make things pop. Now, the screen on other computers seems too far away or something.

Posted: Apr 16, 2010, 08:57 PM

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Browsing Internet Like MacBook Pro Or IPhone?
In therms of speed of loading pages etc. Will it be the speed of my macbook pro or more like the iphone which is a bit slower even when connected to the same wifi network.

Posted: Jan 29, 2010, 12:49 PM

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Backlight Very Weird - Browsing The Internet
I was browsing the internet, and my iPad screen turned very weird.(See But if I turn the brightness all the way up, it's back to normal(see And for some reason, when I wanted to take a picture of it on lower brightness, it would let me change it(I turned off auto-brightness) I had to hold my finger over the ambient light sensor for it to go down. If I need to, I'll try restoring. If that doesn't work, I guess I'll have to go to an Apple Store.

Posted: Jul 30, 2010

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How To Use Apps While Browsing On The Internet Using Safari?
I need your help friends on How to use I Pad apps while browsing on the internet using Safari

Posted: 07-25-2010, 01:40 PM

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Email / Browsing Internet (Exchange And Proxy)
The MD of the company that I work for have a 64gb ipad. If we link it up to our wireless and don't specify proxy he can receive email and can't browse the net. If we add proxy details to the wireless he can browse the net but cant receive email. How I can get both to work if on wireless?

Posted: 07-23-2010

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Saving Photos Displayed On Internet While Browsing Websites
I want to save photos on internet to my iPad 2 while browsing websites through it. How can I make it possible?

Posted: 05-07-2012

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Internet Is Slow On It
I pad 16 gb wifi. Att dsl wired to cp, lynksys wireless router sending signal to 3 i phones, mac book air, and a dell laptop. It screams on everything but my ipad. I get the "server could not be found" or " server stopped responding" alert, hit the refresh button and the page loads right up the second time. Problem is every time i change pages it does this. Gets annoying.

Posted: 01-13-2011

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Slow Internet Speed On 3G?
I got an iPad (32gb 3g) and I have noticed that the internet is really slow.I have an app on my iPhone and iPad that shows you Internet speeds. The iPhone showed as having good I know that the wifi isn't slow.

Posted: Jun 16, 2010, 09:07 PM

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WiFi / Internet Is Slow After IOS 4.2 Upgrade
My wifi is incredibly slow after I upgraded two of the three iPads in my home to iOS 4.2. The other iPad that has not been upgraded works fine. In a side by side test loading the same web page, the iOS 4.2 iPad takes 5x as long.

iOS 4

Posted: Dec 12, 2010

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IPad 2 :: WiFi Internet Is Slow
I love my ipad but the internet is so slow. I am on 5.0.1 ipad 2. I have a cisco passport router updated with the most current FW. There are times it's fast, but most of the time I go to my computer because it is so slow. I do have a good signal. I am using WPA on my router.

Posted: 12-27-2011

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Slow Internet/Safari Limitations/pdf Hangs
Ipad is supposed to be your internet gateway in the house and is a perfect format for that but I am getting very frustrated with Safari's limitations (iPad version). Many sites that work fine on my macbook are not working on the iPad, pages with scroll down windows / lists is one for example. Pdf's that open only on what's visible on the screen and getting stuck on that with nothing else coming and no access to even the bottom of the first page. Lastly i find the internet connection to be much slower on the iPad that on the other computers in the house.

Posted: Jul 13, 2010

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Slow Internet Surfing / Unable To Laod
Got my pad today love most everything about it except the net. It's like 20 times slower than dial up for me. I really wish it weren't because this could be a deal breaker for me. I am using the built in wifi in my Mac mini with a dsl connection. Had some wifi strength problems at first but they seem to have chilled a bit. Is this normal pages taking a very long time to load?

Posted: 04-15-2010, 01:55 AM

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Slow Internet On Tmobile Phone Sim Card
i have put tmobile UK sim card where i use internet on it. and I make a calls and text over an ipad. however speed is not even an EDGE. I used to use it before on different network in different country and all phone sim cards I have had this logo tmobile letter "E" meaning Edge. this new card has a weird logo..its just a circle, have a look at this in my vid ? whats that mean ?

Posted: Jul 10, 2011

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Connected To WiFi But Slow Internet On IPad 2
Slow connection on IPAD 2, Wifi Connected. What settings should be?

Posted: 05-05-2012

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Internet Slow And Difficult To Connect On IPad 2
Problem with internet. Very slow or difficulty to connect, receive message that can't conect

iPad 2, iOS 5.1

Posted: Apr 11, 2012

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Relatively Slow - Takes 4-5 Seconds To Open IBooks And The Internet
Currently I have a first generation iPad WiFi+3G with 64GB. I also have an iPhone 4S with 64GB. (both with iOS 5.0.1) Unfortunately my iPad is relatively slow. For example it takes 4-5 seconds to open iBooks and the internet seems to be much slower than on my iPhone. It also crashes quite often, because it runs out of memory. Do you think I should wait for the third generation iPad or should I buy an iPad 2?

Posted: Dec 28, 2011

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Using "ESC" When Browsing Internet?
How can I escape a page that is taking too long to load when browsing with my IPAD ?
In other word is there something similar to the "Esc" key on a PC that I could use to stop a web page loading on my Ipad ?

Posted: 11-05-2011

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Facetime Kills My Internet Connection - Black Screen - Says It Failed And My Internet Dies
So trying to FaceTime my brother's iPhone4, and everytime it connects, I just see a black screen, and then it says it failed, and my internet dies. Not just on my iPad, but my desktop (which is hooked up via ethernet) and my iPhone wifi die as well. If I DON'T do FaceTime, internet runs fine!

Posted: Mar 11, 2011

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Wifi Indicator Blinks More Often And Showing That It Is Connecting To Internet But Unable To Use The Internet.
I have a wifi only version of the ipad and have been having very reliable wifi service ever since i got this second one (first one was returned). Only issue I have had is an occasional blinking wifi indicator that would blink off then back on every couple of minutes or so but then didnt last to long but now comes along this update which I do yesterday and today now the ipad says "connecting" but dont connect to the internet. The wifi icon is completly gone now and when I go to setting-network to look for my router-network its no where to be found actually it finds no networks in range in which it used to find a few from around my neighborhood. In the settings menu wifi is turned "on" and "ask to join networks" is also on. Now before you get discouraged about updating if u havent done so I was able to get my wifi back by pressing and holding the small power button on the side powering it off and then restarting it and bam there it was wifi icon at full bars again and getting 12.2 mbps down and 2.90 up! Point is I never had to do that before and just did that restart as I am typing this thread so I hope that I don't have to do this repeatedly. If anyone else has had this problem please let me know, I allways advocate doing any and all updates provided by a manufacture but the update is supposed to alleviate problems not create them.

Posted: Aug 17, 2010

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Connect Internet Data Card To Ipad 2 WiFi To Use Internet?
how can i connect my internet data card to ipad2 WiFi to use internet?

iPad 2

Posted: May 20, 2012

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Internet Tethering To Link IPad 3 To Internet Of IPhone 3GS?
Can I use internet tethering to link my iPad3 WIFI to the internet through. How can i do this?

Posted: Jun 27, 2012

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Wireless Internet - Connecting My Ipad 2 - Says 'not Connected To Internet'
I have wireless internet at my house and am having trouble connecting my ipad. i have entered the password and all signs say it is connected, there is a small tick next to the name and the little bars are showing. but when i try and use the internet it says, 'not connected to internet'. my modem is a thompson TG585 v8.

iPad 2

Posted: Mar 31, 2012

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Found On Internet Be Saved And Retrieved When Internet Not Available?
can content (ie: rail system map in Ireland) found on internet be saved on ipad and retrieved when internet not available?

imac, Mac OS X (10.7.2), mac book pro (core duo)

Posted: Jun 25, 2012

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Overall Browsing Experience In It?
I love my iPad but I have noticed a 'few' websites don't quite load properly "missing scroll bars in java based windows, or not being able to run webforms" as they do in Safari on OSX. I'm not talking about flash based sites but sites they use java and or php. The sites I'm referring to are work related so I can't share them but I'm wondering if others have experienced this in a similar fashion. Do you think we'll see the browsing experience improve?

Posted: Jul 9, 2010, 02:41 PM

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Instead Of Mac -web Browsing - Solitaire
A 77 year old friend of mine is looking at getting a computer. She uses one at work but doesn't like them much, and pecks slowly at the keys.I wonder if her getting an iPad is better than buying a Mac or PC.The computer will almost exclusively be used for1) email2) photos3) web browsing4) solitaireI'll probably eventually encourage calendar, and weather apps.I could set her up on my computer I guess and sync down to the iPad - but if in 2 years time I'm not around and her grandson plugs in his computer to help her update - she'll lose everything if she syncs to him. Right? An OS update is easy, I'm worried about the content syncing. On an iPhone if you move to another machine (even after 2 years with no PC in between) you pretty well lose any iPhone stuff you sync, replaced by the other machines stuff.

Posted: Jan 28, 2010, 06:21 PM

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Have Stopped Using For Web Browsing
It drives me nuts and wastes my time when Safari reloads as I switch among open "tabs" or back to Safari from other applications. When Steve first introduced iPad and called it the best web browsing experience, iPhone OS 3.1.3

Posted: Nov 26, 2010

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Web Browsing Is Better On A Laptop?
After a half day with the iPad, is there still anyone who would rather browse the web on a laptop?

Posted: Apr 3, 2010, 05:35 PM

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Flash Web Browsing?
Although I loved my iPad, I found that I used it more for web browsing than anything else, and there's just too many sites I visit that have completely blank or mostly blank windows because of the Flash situation. If I have to keep going back to my MacBook just to view websites, what's the point?

MacBook Pro 17" 2.5GHz
Mac OS X (10.6.3)
6GB RAM, 500GB disk, Hi-Res anti-glare display

Posted: May 27, 2010

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Is The 's CPU Adaquate For Web Browsing?
The iphone 3G CPU is not fast enough for a pleasant web browsing experience. It takes a relatively long time to load a page, even though my internet connection is 20mbit.Can the iPad load webpages as fast as a macbook (or other ordinary computer)?Do you feel a delay of any kind compared to your normal web browsing experience?

Posted: May 24, 2010, 02:09 PM

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Use Other Then Browsing And Email.
I finally went out and got myself a 64GIG Wifi+3G and 32GIG Wifi iPad. I currently have an iPhone(JB) and been thoroughly happy with all the apps that are at my fingertips.Upon being impressed at the iPad. when I took it home and tried adapting the apps that I had on my iPhone, I realized that there are iPhone Apps and there are iPad Apps. This was really no surprise to me and I knew this to be the case but I guess I didn't take into consideration that although the iPhone apps will work on the iPad, in reality, you won't really get the true experience on the iPad because it was made smaller on the iPhone.
Now the final question, what do you guys use the iPad for other than browsing/email.

Posted: May 11, 2010, 09:39 AM

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Browsing Through App Store?
When I browse through apps in the app store on my iPad, if i hit the back button following reading about any particular app, it returns me to the first screen of apps rather than to where i was. So for example, if you are looking though the featured apps by release date, there are over 9788 to see. These are arranged in pages of 12 apps each, so if you wanted to see app number 4500 (roughly half way through, so worst-case scenario), that means you would have to flick through 816 pages of apps to get three, and after veiwing the extra information about one of the apps you're interested in, you hit the back button, it will return you to page 1 so that to get back where you were you would have to page through all 816 pages of apps again to continue browsing from where you left off. This gets annoying afer only about 10 pages in, so surely there must be a better way to browse through the apps than this?

iPhone OS 3.1.3

Posted: Jul 14, 2010

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Best Flash App For Browsing?
So this inability to utilize flash is a real problem. More websites use it than do not, rendering my time somewhat useless trying to do stuff on sites using flash, when I am on my iPad. Anyone have any idea if/when anything will happen to move forward in this area?


Posted: Oct 23, 2010

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How Much Does The 512MB Help With Web Browsing
I really don't know where to begin. Bought a new ipad3 and since all my tunes are on my iPhone, let full the iPad up with photos. What should have been a simple process, as my title suggests has turned into a 5 day ordeal. My issue revolves around two things that make it very hard for me to believe that this product marketed as the new magical must have device, could be beset with such fundamental problems. True it can do a thousand other things flawlessly however like many of my peers here in this forum, I purchased mine specifically for photo storage and viewing and of course this is exactly where the iPad breaks down.

What's even more frustrating is how ignorant Apple Staff (Who ever is answering the phone at their customer support number: 800-275-2273) is to these issues and that the customer has to hunt and search the Internet for solutions that make sense! It's just a shame! Trouble shooting with their experts was nothing more than a waste of time. As I have spent days researching these forums and discovering how many people have major issues with this product, I was simply blown away! The only thing I blame myself for is not reading these forums first. I doubt very seriously, let me stop playing, **** no, there is no way I would have ever brought this new iPad if I know of all these issues. . After paying almost $1,000.00 dollars for one (well iPad plus accessories) for it to have these substantial flaws is unacceptable.

Ok here's Number One. Syncing photos is simply hit or miss. There is no rhyme or reason for why some sync are successful and why others crash. It seems that the best why to make each sync successful is to limit the number of pictures and folders to as few as your patience lets you. If a sync failed if I reduced the number of pictures and folders it would complete successfully. What's the big deal you might say, when you have over 100K images that you want to sync to your iPad, its a problem a big one, a major one, so frustrating that you want to take a golf club to it just like Daniel Tosh did on his show TOSH.0. When I spoke with tech support all they seemed to focus on was the amount of photos and adjusting dimensions and resolutions, etc. I will not share here what a said on the phone, but I think most of you know. I am suppose to readjust the size, resolution, and dimensions of 100K plus images to get them on. Absolutely not! I found that answer unacceptable! I have noticed in my reading that some members of this forum have chosen to do that, God bless them.
Some of the syncs fail right away others will only fail after waiting forever with you finger crossed, hoping to move a few more images to the iPad. Sometimes I have to power down/reboot the IPad, iTunes, etc for the next sync to be successful. How much time wasted trying to move my collection to this iPad. I am in the middle of a reboot now. So far after 5 days I have move 18,064 photos to the IPad. Wow you might say but let me tell you at great cost! During this process I completely rest.restored my IPad numerous times, not to mention how many times I rebooted my windows PC. Note worthy, one member of this forum actually wipe his PC's hard drive reinstalled his operating system and iTunes! I don't even want to consider what he might have done next!Again this is unacceptable that Apple would have a product with these issues and basically leave their customers at their mercy! Hoping that the next release of iTunes may/may not fix the problem. I waiting a while before I wrote this just to make sure that I am not speaking out of anger, merely stating the facts.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, Windows XP, Syncing photos from external drive

Posted: 06-29-2012

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Stylus For Browsing ?
I prefer to use a stylus since I have an external keyboard hooked up to it, and I wanted to ask what everyone thinks is a good stylus option for just daily use. No note taking or drawing, so the importance of a stylus that specializes in those functions is minimal. I ended up buying a couple of these cheap ones off of amazon, and they just seem really breakable. [url]. Anyone have good experience with using a stylus in this fashion? This is my first venture into the touch screen industry so Im quite new to the whole thing.

Posted: Mar 18, 2012

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Get Rid Of Tab Browsing On The IPad 2?
How do I get rid of tab browsing on the iPad? I liked the pages interface better!

iPad 2, iOS 5.1

Posted: Apr 6, 2012

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Flash To Slowdown Browsing
I know everyone wants Flash on the iPad. And yeah, I would have to agree with them on that one. HOWEVER, Adobe need to rebuild the Flash player completely for it. Flash slows down websites even on some old computers. How can you expect it to run flawless on a iPad that has almost the same specs as a computer from 4 years ago. And if I'm not mistaking, about 40% on the videos that you would run into daily, are on YouTube, which you can play on the iPad no problem.

Posted: Jan 29, 2010, 08:49 PM

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Safari Web Browsing Option?
Is there a way to view a website site in it's entirety ,as opposed to mobile site? When I visit certain website,all I get is the mobile site version, but I would like to see the website as I get on my MacBook .

Maybe there is or maybe not.....appreciate any suggestions.

Posted: Nov 24, 2010

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Secure Photo Browsing In It?
As a full time photographer, I like to take my iMac round to the clients house, to do the viewing prevention on. To do this I use Aperture along with the handheld remote. The screens about the size of a A3+ sheet of paper and I sell a fair amount of prints doing it this way. Life is good... However, everyone eventually tires from trying to decide which ones they want and what size they want them in. Enter the iPad. What I'd like to do, place the images on a slideshow or folder and leave the iPad at client's homes for a couple of days, without the worry of them being able to copy or email the photographs. Other than setting up a web page (which is something I'm trying to move away from doing) I have no idea how this may be done or if it can be done. This product would show the photographs off in a way no other device could do. Any help or useful advice would be great appreciated as I've been seeking an answer since the pad was released in the states, months ago and I feel I've been banging my head against a brick wall ever since.

Posted: Jun 9, 2010

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Web Browsing Drains More Battery?
So decided to run a battery test comparing web browsing vs movie watching.The settings were push, fetch, location services all turned to off. Brightness about 40% and wifi always on.In my previous safari only test I got roughly 10 1/2 hours of safari only usage. Yesterday decided to load up a blu-Ray digital copy of dark knight. I had the battery at 52% and I let the movie play 2x in a row. That's 5 hours straight of movie playing (cut out a few minutes of credits to get even 5 hours). At the end of this the battery was at 13%.So within the 5 hours it drained 39%. That's 19.5% every 2 1/2 hours of movie. Which in turns out to be roughly 13-13 1/2 hours of continuous movie playing.So it turns out web browsing and just simply playing around on the ipad drains it faster.

Posted: Jun 21, 2010, 10:52 AM

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Memory Sufficient - Web Browsing
The current iPad is configured with only 256mb of memory. I'm confused why this is enough memory to browse the web, while in reading the Mac Mini forums anything less than 2gb memory for the Mini is considered a performance degradation. Could they be talking about heavier duty Mac OS X apps in needing 2gb rather than for web browsing?

Posted: Jul 19, 2010, 12:51 PM

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4.2.1 Spinning Wheel When Browsing
Even since I updated to 4.2.1,I notice often when I am browsing, the loading wheel, seems to just spin and spin. Never did that with 3.2.

Posted: Nov 30, 2010, 09:37 PM

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Change Text In Web Browsing
I am thinking of getting an iPad for my mom, who does a lot of facebook. But it would be great if she could easily change the size of the text. I have heard that it is not easy/possible to change text size in the iPad, but can't really believe it could be true. It is one of the more basic advantages of computers

Posted: Apr 17, 2010

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Safari Web Browsing Controls
I'm using my 3G and love it. I just wish that the safari web browsing controls were on the bottom instead of the top. I feel it would be better on this device while jolting it in portrait mode.

Posted: 05-02-2010, 10:26 AM

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Can Use Gestures On An Screen - While Doing Browsing The Net
Does anyone know of a way that you can use gestures on an iPad screen whine doing such things as browsing the internet like you can on apples trackpads?Its the one thing that can be frustrating with web browsing on the device!!

Posted: Nov 15, 2010, 04:17 PM

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