IPad 2 :: My Notes Keep Disappearing

Dec 23, 2011

My notes that I enter into notes on my ipad2 keep disappearing( deleting); and I don't do anything to cause it. Anyone have same problem and how to cure it? or is it the iOS system quirk that apple may be working on?

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IPad 3 :: Photos Disappearing From Albums And Notes Not Saving

Jan 24, 2014

I've always used macs, but rather new to ipad, so I've got an ipad. 3 which ive been really pleased with. Ive been taking photos and putting them into albums on the ipad.

Just before Christmas i met up with some friends to show them some photos. The albums were there and named but the photos had gone from both the albums and the camera roll. not all had gone, some albums- i think the most recent were still there.

They were not saved to the cloud either. On top of that, notes i had taken at meetings also did not save and when the ipad was switched off the notes disappeared. I think the iPad is a 30gb.

I've looked in settings and its says there are 516 photos, but, in the camera roll it says 211.

Is it possible to retrieve the photos?
Is it possible to retrieve the notes?

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Notes Do Not Match With The Notes On Macbook/tried Options Replaced Notes Numerous Times

Sep 25, 2010

The notes on my iPad do not match the Notes that I have on my MacBook. I have disabled sync through MobileMe because I have an iPhone running iOS 4 and the iPad will not support sync over the air. I have used the replace notes on iPad function in iTunes numerous times, results are the same. Some notes that were modified on my Mac are not modified on the iPad. The Note count does not match and deleted notes from the Mac reappear on the iPad.

iPad 3G 32GB
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

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Working Of Notes App On IPad, How To View Chapters In The Notes?

Jun 21, 2012

I have Notes app on my iPad and I have saved some notes in this. Now I want to view chapters and their notes, how can I view it chapter-wise?

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IPad 2 :: Disappearing App Icon?

Oct 12, 2011

I just updated the new Facebook App on my iPad2, and the app disappeared ...

iTunes still says I have the app, the settings buttons are still available in Settings, but no Facebook to be seen.

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Disappearing Emails On IPad 2?

May 27, 2012

When I move my emails to a folder and then I want to reopen it, it disappears. I have lost some I needed to keep. I have struggled with my emails since day one on my iPad.

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Disappearing Email With IPad 2

May 23, 2012

Have several of our company's officers with iPad 2 (Version 5.1.1 on all). The iPads sync up with an Exchange 2010 sp1 server for email. What the users see is the email comes in and after a few moments, the emails that have come in will dissappear. They then can no longer be found on either the iPad or in Outlook (v2010) in any folder or deleted items.

On the iPads, the "Mail Days to Sync" are set to No Limit. The Outlook client is using an OST file instead of PST, and going through the settings it's not set up to take emails off the server. I know it's not a deleting issue since we have the Exchange server itself limiting the user from "true" deletions. I have found 1 of the 3 users that is experiencing this problem also have an iPhone 4 (also version 5.1.1). However when he has his iPad with him, email for the Exchange account is turned off.

This does not happen every time but quite randomly and without any rhyme or reason that I can determine. I have actually witnessed the emails come in and then *poof*, are gone. Exchange accounts do not have rules set up and archive is set to only archive items older than 6 months. I have contacted Apple support and they were "less" than knowlegeable and even stated that "this is not a known issue" despite several posts and hence would not help unless we paid for support (obviously).

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1,

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IPad 2 Icons Are Disappearing

Apr 27, 2012

I recently got a replacement iPad for a broken one. I did a restore from iTunes and got emails working, pictures, etc. but no apps.

Now that I am in the AppStore loading my apps manually the icons are disappearing right after the download begins. I click install and the icon shows up and then 'poof' gone.

Info:iPad 2, iOS 5.1

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IOS 6 Safari Bookmarks Keep Disappearing In IPad 2

Sep 29, 2012

I am facing an issue like the iOS 6 safari bookmarks keeps on disappearing in my iPad2. Why is it so?

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IPad 3 - Apps Randomly Disappearing?

Mar 17, 2012

I just received yesterday a 3rd gen iPad and set it up by restoring settings from a 4th gen iPod Touch saved in iCloud.Everything was fine at first, I installed a bunch of apps from the store etc.This morning, I used the device for a couple of hours; everything was fine.I left it for maybe an hour, and when I came back to it a number of my apps had suddenly disappeared, without me doing anything.The apps were Camera and a couple of other pre-installed apps.Spotlight search wasn't giving any results.I searched the Internet for similar problems, but the only reports I found were about devices on which Microsoft exchange accounts were set (= not my case) and problems with restrictions.I went to the settings screen and checked: I had no restrictions set, all the apps were supposed to be on.Just in case, I tried turning off the Camera app through the restrictions menu, and then immediately turning it back on again: the Camera app magically re-appeared, along with the other missing ones.

A few minutes later, I tried downloading a bunch of games I had previously purchased, namely Batman Arkham City and Modern Combat 3, and at the same time, my daugther asked me to download some kid's app of hers.When I got back to the Home screen, only my daughter's app was appearing, but the download progress bar wasn't moving.I supposed this was because the device was actually downloading the other two apps (Batman and Modern Combat), which are big downloads. But their icons were nowhere to be seen on the device. And again, spotlight search was giving me no results.

Searched the internet: again, "restrictions" came up as a potential culprit.So I went to restrictions.And again: all apps were marked as "allowed".I thought the problem might be the same as with Camera, so I gave a shot at the same solution : applying restrictions to all apps but 4+, and immediately re-allowing everything back.Went back to the Home screen, and... Everything was magically there!

PS: by the way, I checked for potential settings inconsistencies between the iPod touch and the iPad: everything was fine. Both are running iOS 5.1, and the restrictions settings were perfectly identical.

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IPad 3 :: Email Have Been Disappearing From Inbox

Jul 3, 2013

I have sky and yahoo accounts and until yesterday had a google account.....

Today emails have been disappearing from my inbox.....

The reason I deleted the google account was that I changed the password whilst setting up a new android phone on my laptop. Then the iPad asked for the we password but it does not recognise it....

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Apps Icons Unexpectedly Disappearing In IPad 2

Aug 21, 2012

Apps icons are unexpectedly disappearing in my iPad2 at times. Then I have to do the restore layout to temporarily fix the issue. Is there any permanent solution?

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IPad Mini :: Pages Docs Keep Disappearing

Sep 2, 2014

Ever since I tried icloud my pages docs keep disappearing from my ipad. (an looking at the forums, I am not the only one with this problem. Nor is it a new one). How do I turn off icloud and keep my docs on my device and able to be worked on when off line (the reason i chose an ipad over an andriod device in the first place).

iPad mini Wi-Fi

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IPad Mini :: Google App Keeps Disappearing After Installing

Sep 1, 2014

I have 4 devices in the family (3x iPad Mini and an iPhone). All have previously had the Google app which is my preferred way of accessing the web. For some reason the Google app has disappeared from the screen of one of the iPads. It still shows on all others. When connected to my iTunes library it still shows as being there. When I go to try and re-install, it shows as waiting and then initializing, but as soon as the process finishes the app disappears and I cannot access it. Exactly the same is happening with Shazam too. Guide me through a recovery. Have tried a restore but no different.

iPad mini Wi-Fi, iOS 7.1.2

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IPad 2 :: Contacts Keep Disappearing / How To Import From Main Computer

Dec 5, 2011

My contacts (addresses) keep wiping out of the contacts book, disappearing. Also how do you import or transfer all of them from main comp. to ipad2 contacts? 3 times it has happened.

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IPad Mini :: Emails Saved To ICloud Are Disappearing

Jun 3, 2014

ever since the new os my emails that i saved to icloud just disappear as if being deleted, I can't find them anywhere-any thoughts on this??

iPad mini Wi-Fi, iOS 7.1.1

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Won't Add Notes / Can't Add Notes Underneath Actual Slide

Jun 3, 2010

Is it possible to add "notes" underneath the actual slide, as you can do in powerpoint?

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The Way Notes Integrate File-wise With My Mac Notes?

Jul 12, 2010

I'm having difficulty with Notes .. It may be I don't understand it's overall file architecture.

I create notes on all of my devices .. iPad, Mac, iPhone. On my Mac, I use mail.app to create them using my imap account. These show up in my Notes folder there.

But it seems that when I create notes on my iPad using the Notes app, the notes do not synch correctly .. Sort of like they use their own storage, rather than my imap account.

Could someone outline the way Notes on iPad and iPhone integrate file-wise with my Mac Notes, which appear to be mail based?

Macbook Pro Intel
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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Synchronize Its Notes To Mountain Lion Notes?

Jul 28, 2012

I updated my mac this morning to Mountain Lion from Lion. My iPad software is up to date with version 5.1.1. Last Sunday, I typed into notes (at that point is was in the mail account) on my Mac approximately 10 new notes. I have 250 notes on my iPad including the new ones from last Sunday, all of which appear in the account "On My iPad". However, when I compare some of the notes, they were not updated in Mountain Lion versus what appears on my iPad. How do I synch my iPad Notes to Notes on my mac?

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The Notes App Have Modes And BUGS In The NOTES Of The Iphone 4s Ios 5?

May 28, 2012

There are two things that confuse me about the Notes App:

1) sometimes when I select, there are no handles and the only option is copy

2) sometimes when I tap to insert, it pretends it is read only. I need to tap all over. Holding my finger down does not help.

This leads me to suspect that there are modes in Notes. Or it is just buggy. I called Apple Care since my iPad is still pretty new. The person who answered it said my question was not in the script and then advised me to restart the iPad. I asked her enough questions that she said she would get a senior adviser. After 16 minutes, the call terminated. Case number 317643035.

There was a similar discussion about the iPhone in January "DOES anyone else have problems with BUGS in the NOTES of the iphone 4s ios 5???"

iphone 4s ios 5 NOTES app. It is hard for me to believe that the Notes App is buggy. Does anyone have insight into whether Notes is buggy or whether it has modes?

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@me Account Still Necessary For Notes - Sync My Notes With ICloud

Sep 3, 2012

I want to sync my iPad notes with iCloud which I use for all my other syncing, but when I try to sync IPad notes with mail notes on my iMac it prompts me to create an @me.com email account. I thought that was long ago discontinued. After searching forums for advice and answers, most of what I read is outdated. So, what is the current situation with that? Do I need to create that to sync iMac mail notes with iPad notes? Using Lion on an iMac and iPad iOS 5.1

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