How To Shut Down The IPod App?

Nov 6, 2010

I'm embarrassed to ask, but I have a new iPad, I synched it with my iTunes, I hit the iPod app button and picked a song to play, but I cannot figure out how to shut down the iPod app so the music just keeps playing.

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How To Actually Shut Down An App

Dec 21, 2010

With the advent of multitasking, Apps no longer actually shut down when you press the Home button. Before long there are lots of Apps on the task bar.I regularly go to the task bar and shut everything down. Is there a simple way to close Apps completely when you are finished with them? By the way, do Apps on the task bar consume power even while the iPad is in sleep mode? Recently I was surprised to hear the sound that indicates new mail while the iPad was in sleep mode.

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It Won't Shut Off

May 6, 2012

My iPad has locked up, how do I unlock it? I've tried turning it off and it won't shut off.


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It Won't Shut Down

Apr 5, 2011

This morning I was having trouble with mail (getting only a white screen while everything else on the ipad worked great. I read a message suggesting I shut down and restart the ipad. I pressed the on/off button, moved the red slide on the top of the screen per instructions and saw the rotating wheel come up in the center of the screen. My understanding as that it would last about 10 seconds; go away and I would be able to restart the machine. It's been turning for almost 15 minutes. The Ipad is unresponsive to anything I touch at this point.

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How To Shut Off Music?

Jul 29, 2010

New to Ipad, started playing music with the Ipod app and I want to know how to shut the music off. The only thing I seem to be able to do is to pause. Can it be shut off without pausing?

Windows XP

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Some Apps Don't Shut Down

Sep 26, 2010

I've noticed that occasionally an app (Sudoku in the most recent case) don't power down after a period of time. Same with my iPhone. I just returned to my iPad to find that Sudoko had been on for the past 2 hours running down the battery. Is this an iPad issue or an app issue. I have Auto-Lock set for 2 minutes. Is there a way to prevent this short of shutting down open apps every time I'm through?

Mac OS X (10.4.10)

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It Just Shut-down While Loading An App?

Jun 21, 2012

My ipad just shut-down while loading an app. and it won't respond even on the charger

iPad, iOS 5.1.1

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Can't Sync Or Shut Down It

Apr 17, 2011

My iPad 2 spontaneously has stopped responding to my MacBook Air. Despite multiple rebooting of both devices, and replacement of USB cable, when i plug in iPad, it launches iTunes, but then i get the spinning beachball. Once this occurs, i can also no longer successfully power down the iPad, the spinning widget spins and spins and forces me to do a reboot of the iPad to recover.

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It Shut Down After Opening App

Jun 4, 2011

IPad shuts down on it's own. I open an app and it immediately shuts down.

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Cannot Get My IPad 2 To Shut Down

Jun 13, 2012

I cannot get my iPad to shut down

Info:iPad 2

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Unable To Shut It Down

Jun 11, 2012

My Ipad is not shutting down..


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IPad 1 Won't Shut Off

Mar 25, 2012

My iPad 1 won't shut off. I've held the sleep button down for up to a minute but the shut off slider never pops up.

Info:iPad, iOS 5.1

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IPad 2 :: Always Shut On Its Own While Doing Something

Jun 5, 2014

My ipad shut on its own every time i'm doing something , why?

iPad 2, iOS 7.1.1

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Doesn't Shut Off Automatically

Apr 6, 2010

I've noticed that the iPad doesn't shut off automatically after I use it. I've left it for over 5 minutes and it remains on when I return. I have to manually push the power button to shut it off.

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Powering Up Their Unit After It's Been Shut Down?

May 6, 2010

New user here. Anyone else having problems powering up their unit after it's been shut down? Mine does power up but often I get the round circle going for a while then it's shuts down. On a second try I get the Apple logo and it goes on properly from there. Using a new 32GB with 3G.

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IPad 2 3G Shut Down Itself While Browsing?

Mar 15, 2012

My iPad 2 3G when I'm browsing web by safari it shut down itself and couldn't restart for a set time, it could be open after it shut down but just until the apple logo came out and it shut again. I just get my sim for my iPad did it the problem of my sim because it will no happen before I get my sim for it...

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Hung In A Shut Down Loop?

Mar 23, 2011

I use the Daily News app and noticed that it didn't seem to be connecting for a download so I stopped it and tried to shut down the iPad thinking that a new start up might clear the problem.

iPad is now hung in a shut down loop?

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IPad 2 :: Won't Shut Down Properly?

Oct 9, 2011

I shut my ipad 2 down ths afternoon to save some battery life like you do, but when i did it, it didnt shut down prperly. ts stuck on the little round curcle that you get when something is loading. I cant turn it off and i cant turn it back on. Its just frozen wth this little annoying curcle constantly going round. Ive tried to connect to itunes to do a master reset but it comes up with there is an error on your ipad connot connect. Ive also tried holding the power button for upto 30sec at a time to see if that would work, but it failed.

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Is There Any Way To Shut Down An App That Hangs Without Shutting Off It

May 21, 2012

Is there any way to shut down an app that hangs without shutting off ipad?(iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G)

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IPad 3 :: Will Only Charge When Shut Off

May 3, 2014

I have never had any problems charging my iPad,but now it will only charge when shut off. When I turn it on,it either says "not charging" or when I unplug it then plug it in again while it's on,the power bar is green,but the % slowly decreases as I use it. I have rebooted it numerous times with no change. I saw another post about charging problems,but I don't know if his still charged while shut off as mine does,or not at all. I'm glad I can,at least charge it when not in use,but the battery runs out and it's frustrating. I have the original Apple charger but have switched out the cord a few times with no change.

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IPad 4 :: Unable To Shut Down

Jan 9, 2013

I can't able to shut down my iPad. I recently notice this problem. At first I was thinking that it may be a problem of shutdown key. So to make that sure I drain my battery completely and it turned off. Than I try to open it and amazingly it start up. But then I can't able to shut it down again. So I am into a middle of dilemma, am I doing something wrong or the button broke. But I don't understand If the button is broke than why I am able to start it up. I still have warranty but if the button is not broke and I am doing something wrong.

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