Freezes While Updating From ITunes?

Aug 18, 2010

Just purchased an iPad and updating thro iTunes, while it was preparing to update the unit, it failed. No update, nothing. I have tried shut it down and tried hold down the sleep and home buttons, when it back on it just tried to connect to iTunes. iTunes however did not see the iPad. Follow Apple's instructions to deleted iTunes, QuickTimes, Application Softwares etc, re-install iTunes, it doesn't work. Now no matter what I do, the iPad turn on with the screen says plug into iTunes. The iPas is screwed. Anyidea to bring it back to life.

Mac OS X (10.6)

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Unable To Updating To 4.2 / Freezes

Nov 27, 2010

iOS 4.2 for iPad came out the other day. I decided to restore and update mine. I clicked the restore button and, when asked, clicked "update and restore." iTunes downloaded iOS 4.2, and went to restore the iPad. Everything looked fine until the last maybe 2% of the progress bar (both in iTunes and on my iPad), where it just hung up. It sat there for about 5 hours, and I just unplugged it and turned it off. I tried another time, same problem. I tried once more, this time using iPad iOS 4.2 firmware that I downloaded from the internet, and I still had the same problem.

Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know how I can get the iPad to update (+ restore) without it hanging up?

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Process Freezes When Tried Updating To 4.2.1

Jan 18, 2011

I finally decided to say screw untethered jailbreak and go for redsnow on 4.2.1. When I started updating in iTunes I noticed the installation bar on my iPad go to like 60% and freeze. I tried a few times, then let it stay for 10 hours and it still didn't move. Then tried a few more times, in DFU mode and also by regular resets - Nothing. it keeps freezing up. Also, why can't I choose to restore from a backup? (Which is still 3 months old cause I couldn't find out how to make a new backup).

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IPad 3 :: Slow After Updating IOS 8 - Safari Freezes / Games Lag Between Play

Dec 6, 2014

MMany things changed with ios8. A lot of them frustrating. But the worst is how everything is slower. Safari freezes, games lag between play. Email is slow. Just some strange things happen since this update.

iPad, iOS 8.1

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Freezes When Connected With ITunes?

Apr 3, 2010

I bought iPad and connected with iTunes.after everything done, i disconnected it, and then i noticed that home button is not working.i checked other buttons and touch panels. actually they worked.if i opened one app, there is no way back to the main screen, but turn this off.

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Itunes Freezes When Sycing

Sep 27, 2010

My first sync went fine and was fast. I then noticed a few hours later that when I connected my iPad it took about 5 minutes before it began to sync with iTunes. iTunes completely freezes (spinning ball), then the iPad will begin to sync, then it appears the iPad is still syncing but the progress bar is also frozen. I have to leave the iPad alone for almost a half hour for it to do a full sync. I even restored it to factory settings and still have the same problem. Any ideas? iTunes, OS X is all up to date.

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Freezes Itunes During Setup

May 30, 2010

itunes keeps freezing during setup and now my ipad is frozen,how do I reset my ipad?
Information: Dell XPS730

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App Informant HD From ITunes Sometimes Freezes

Jul 23, 2010

I recently bought the informant HD app. from iTunes (a great organizational app, probably the best out there for iPad), however, it sometimes freezes when using it. I find that when this happens, simply switching the iPad off and then back on, fixes the problem - until the next freeze. I suspect that it might do this because of other apps I've installed, but this is the first app I have bought that is having this problem.

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ITunes Freezes When Switch On

Aug 30, 2010

I am overseas on holiday in Oslo with my iPad. I was trying to connect to the WiFi network but it freezes. So I switched off my iPad and switched it on again.
Now I can`t get to my desktop page to access my applications. It shows the iTunes icon with the connection cable. As I am overseas, I cannot connect to the iTunes in my PC. How can I get out of this so that I can access my iPad applications e.g. Mail and Safari?

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Jul 21, 2010

All of a sudden after I updated my apps on Ipad, Itunes froze upon connecting any devices. After spending hours and hours of unistalling / reinstalling, cleaning puter etc. No matter what FREEZE when connecting, also not recognizing the ipad/ipod. The answer is: APPLE MOBILE DEVICE USB DRIVER You have to go to: devmgmt.msc under portable devices update etc I called APPLE SUPPORT after 10 minuetes I was up and running again, so it is in the drivers,

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Won't Connect / Itunes Freezes

Sep 27, 2010

When I try and connect my iPad to iTunes it freezes hard fro about 5 min and now will not show the iPad at all. Any change to the device connection causes it to hang for another 5 min.

This all started when I tried to connect a few days ago and go the error "iTunes was unable to load dataclass information from Syn Services" And then it would hang on Sync. So I followed a lot of instructions from Apple to un-install and re-install (in the specific order) and now iTunes comes up but it doesn't see the iPad. Also when I go into Edit > Preferences and click on the Devices tab it will hang for another 5 min before I can do anything.

Windows 7

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ITunes Freezes While Syncing

Sep 16, 2010

I think. I have tried twice now to sync my ipad and both times iTunes freezes and I have close it out and re open it. And It doesn't say "syncing in progress" on my iPad, like it normally does. Is my iPad sick?

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Won't Synch / Itunes Freezes

Nov 27, 2010

Just got an iPAD. During synch, iTUNES freezes and I get the following message
" Itunes has stopped working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available". I'm using a Dell M1330 laptop w/64bit Win7. I synch with my iPHONE4 with no difficulty.
Tried to synch the iPAD with my desktop and it worked flawlessly.
I really need to get it working with my laptop though.

Anyone have any ideas? (I've tried disabling antivirus; removing then re-installing iTUNES etc to no avail)

Dell M1330
Windows 7
Home Premium 64-bit

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ITunes 9.2 Sync Freezes - IBooks

Jul 14, 2010

As soon as I download a book with iBooks the sync freezes at the same point. iTunes syncs email, makes a backup and then it looks for new items/products on the iPad. At that point the striped status bar stops any movement (I let it run for 2 hours but no change). As soon as I delete the ebook from iBooks the sync works fine again. I tried different ebooks, but all cause the same error.:
iPad 64GB 3GiTunes on Windows XPiBooks 1.1 (from German store)Information :PCWindows XP

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ITunes Freezes And Becomes Greyed Out During Sync

May 14, 2010

I was syncing the iPad and hoping to also sync around 200 photos, along with everything else. In the middle of the backup, iTunes froze and became greyed out. None of the buttons worked. The iPad still said "sync in progress." After about 20 minutes it restarted the backup and everything was fine.My question is this: In the event that it hadn't magically (so to speak)fixed itself, what should I have done? I know you are not supposed to disconnect it while it is supposedly syncing, but what else can be done?

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ITunes Freezes When Trying To Sync Apps

May 12, 2010

I just got my iPad 64 Gig Wi-Fi + 3G and I'm having trouble with iTunes with it. I try to click on the checkmark box to sync apps to the iPad and iTunes freezes. I waited 15 mins once just to check that it wasn't me being impatient. I've restarted the computer, quit all other programs and services and only opened iTunes. Still freezes.Photos, videos, music all sync fine. The iPad can download and open apps by itself okay. I'm up to date on iTunes and Windows 7. I've reloaded iTunes and still have the same problem. I've restored the iPad to factory settings and still it won't sync apps. I have to close iTunes using task manager because it never becomes responsive again after clicking on the box to have it sync apps.

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Won't Sync Apps / Itunes Freezes Up

Apr 8, 2010

When I check "sync apps" iTunes freezes up and then will not sync my existing iphone apps to my new iPad. Any thoughts? I have restored as well as reinstalled the latest iTunes.When syncing to everything else syncs fine.

Windows 7

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ITunes Freezes When Plug My Ipad

Oct 12, 2011

I just updated to iTunes 10.5, now every time I plug my iPad it freezes. If I unplug it it goes back to normal. Is this happening to anybody else?

I tried reinstalling it and it didn't work. I wonder if every time I plug the ipad it tries to tap into the Apple server to check for updates.

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My Itunes Store Freezes Up When I Access It

Jun 12, 2012

Can't purchase movies cause I Tunes Store freezes up on me?

Info:iPad 2

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Trying To Sync IPhone Apps - ITunes Freezes Up

Apr 18, 2010

When I first connected I my iPad to my Win7 (32-bit) machine, I checked off the Apps box. It started syncing apps, but would get through about six and then freeze up--progress bar stopped, and task manager listed iTunes as Not Responding. Have since hard reset the iPad and reinstalled iTunes and successfully synced photos, contacts, etc. However, when I click on the Apps tab, it pulls up the list and then iTunes freezes, even before I can start selecting specific apps.

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ITunes Wouldn't Recognize The Device And Freezes?

Jul 30, 2010

Yesterday I was trying to connect my Ipad to iTunes but iTunes wouldn't recognize the device. I tried resetting the iPad incase the problem was with it and not my computer. Since yesterday my iPad has been stuck on the Apple reboot screen not doing anything, what do I do?

iOS 4

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IPad :: Freezes In Settings - Can't Open ITunes

Jul 1, 2014

I'm having trouble downloading new apps from the app store. I was attempting to go into settings to see if there was something I should alter in there, but I can't open the itunes & app store function in settings on my ipad. It freezes and I have to close settings.

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IPad 2 - Connect - Begin To Sync ITunes Just Freezes ?

Mar 26, 2011

Just got myself an iPad 2 yesterday at launch, it works flawlessly, can't complain about it whatsoever. My main gripe is with iTunes.

Whenever I connect my iPad and begin to sync iTunes just freezes, there is no response from it and I eventually have to go to Task manager and Kill the process.

Now I've tried re installing iTunes. Repair Installing iTunes. I've done a System restore to the 24th March to see if that solves any issues but it still freezes. It works absolutely fine when my devices are not connected, I can play music through iTunes, Download Apps through the App store until my iPad 2/iPhone 4 is connected. It just locks up.

Also after a crash and ending iTunes when I go to re open it, it seems OK, can play music, browse the app store but Windows won't pick up my devices. I've tried two separate cables (One brand new out of the box) and different USB ports on my computer so I doubt that they are the problem?

Screenshot of the problems:



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Creating/validating New Zealand ITunes Account/Apple ID On It In UK And It Actually Freezes?

May 14, 2012

We live in the UK. We are giving an old iPad 1 to my wife's father, who is over from New Zealand. We wiped the iPad and reset it to factory settings, and created a new Apple ID/iTunes accounts for him.

On the iPad, going to the app store does send us to the NZ iTunes store, but when I try to buy anything, it says this account has not been used in the store yet and must be verified. At this point, the iPad actually freezes on a black screen, after asking me to log in with the new account details.

If I try to do this in iTunes itself on either a Mac or PC, by signing out, switching to the NZ store, then signing in with the new ID, it says: "Your request could not be completed. Make sure your computer's date is set correctly and that it accepts cookies from the iTunes Store. For detailed solutions to resolve this issue, click More Info."

Clicking More Info just takes me to the Apple Support front page.

I assume this error is because we're not in NZ, we're in the UK, and it won't allow the account to be verified. The user is from NZ, with a NZ credit card and NZ address, so we're not trying to circumvent store T&C, we're just trying to get the account set-up and running.

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Music And Video Apps Are Empty - Corrupt Data Plus ITunes Freezes?

Oct 2, 2011

I have an iPad 2 and a MacBook running OS 10.5.8 The iPod app and Videos app on my iPad are completely blank. The iPod app doesn't even show "Music" "Podcasts" "Playlists" etc in the left side bar, and the volume bar is there but the volume slider is missing. The play/skip buttons are there but they can't be pressed. The videos app is just grey and white spaces. When I go "About" in the settings, the photos videos and music stat says "Loading" indefinitely. But photos are working.When I connect my iPad to my MacBook to sync, iTunes freezes immediately. The iPad doesn't show up in iTunes, iTunes simply freezes and shows the loading balloon, until you unplug the iPad. The iPad is still usable when connected to the computer.

All this started after a sync went wrong the other day. I left my iPad to sync and when I came back three error messages were piled onto top of each other. "Sync could not completed because the iPad could not be detected." "Sync could not be started because another sync session is in progress." etc. It was a complete mess. Everything crashed and froze so I unplugged everything. But it appears as though some syncing did happen, because my newer apps now appear in iTunes.And finally, my iPad won't turn off anymore. The spinning wheel goes on forever.I tried turning everything off and on again. I reinstalled iTunes. I reset the settings on my iPad. I synced my iPod classic (that had a problem at first but I fixed it) and I synced my wife's iPad on the separate user account on my MacBook. Corrupted music and video? What are your recommendations? I was going to factory restore my iPad but I thought I'd come and get advice here first.

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ITunes 10.1 - Not 10.0 - Keep Updating

Dec 5, 2010

So, my wife now wants me to update her iPad. There's an app she'd like that won't load because it needs 4.2. I will post a blow by blow account of how it goes during and after the update, in the interests of scienceShe has a Wi-Fi 64 gig model, no 3G. Presently has 50.5 Gb available. plugged in and clicked "Update" at 0820. Whoops... it needs iTunes 10.1, not 10.0

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ITunes Frozen While Updating To 3.22

Aug 24, 2010

I connected my iPad to iTunes today and it said their was an update to 3.22 I think it said so I said OK and it started the process. It's been over 3 hours and it's stuck at about 90% on backing up and has not budged in the last half hour or so. Runing Windows 7 on a PC here. The strange thing is that I cannot minimize the window or stop the process by clicking on a cancel button. There is no cancel option. When I click anywhere in the window, I just get a bell sound ding and I can't do anything. I think it's frozen although the rest of my computer is working fine. What should I do? Ctrl Alt Delete? What will happen if I do that?

Windows 7

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Restore Without Updating To ITunes 9.2 ?

Jul 13, 2010

Can't get location services working on iPad WIFI (randomly quit working yesterday.) tried everything online to fix it and nothing worked. so I want to restore and rejailbreak but it forces me to start downloading iTunes 9.2 after I hit restore.I have read 9.2 does not work with Spirit.How do I restore iPad from 9.1.1 without updating to iTunes 9.2 so I can easily rejailbreak with spirit?

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It Stuck After Updating ITunes

May 16, 2012

I update iTunes on my iPad with the 5.1.1 IOS. After download, the iPad showed Connect to iTunes screen and the device wasn't showing in my iTunes so i unplugged the USB. Now the iPad is stuck on the Connect to iTunes screen. I have tried doing the system restore, and that looks like it works when the Apple logo shows up, but right after that it goes back to the Connect to iTunes screen. I tried plugging it back into my computer and connecting it to iTunes but neither iTunes nor my computer recognizes the device. The iPad not going to any other screen and not even power off.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular (VZ), iOS 5.1.1

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Updating From Beta 4.2 - Downgrade To ITunes

Dec 1, 2010

A developer installed iTunes 10 on my Win 7 laptop and beta 4.2 on my iPad. How do update to the latest OS? Do I need to downgrade to iTunes 9 first?Information:

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