Charger Gets Hot More Than Other Chargers

Jul 28, 2010

Had my iPad for only 3 days.

First time I charged it no issues.

After using it a lot for a day and a half battery down to 40% so though i better charge it up over night.

This morning when I went to unplug it I noticed the charger was pretty hot. Not too hot to touch, but far hotter that my iPhone charger ever gets. (as warm as a warmed plate in a restaurant.).

Is this normal or is my charger stuffed?

(yes, I made sure it was my iPad not my iPhone charger I used.)

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Which Charger Would Be Able To Charge My IPad 2, If Original Charger Is Damaged And Is Not Available In My City?

May 20, 2012

I have purchased iPad 2 from delhi but i am a civilian of Jharkhand. The iPad was working fine but unfortunately, my charger was damaged and now I am unable to charge it.I tried to search the official iPad 2 charger in my city but it is not available in my What should I do? Which charger other than Apple's official charger would be able to charge my iPad..

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Original IPhone Charger/Will This Charger Charge The IPad?

Jul 25, 2010

If you remember the original iPhone came with a mini brick, same style as iPad charger. Will this charger charge the iPad. Also, as long as the iPad says it charging, it is charging, but how do you know if it is go at a full charge speed.

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How To Tell The Difference Between Chargers?

Jun 4, 2010

My wife threw both my iPod and iPad chargers in a desk drawer. How can I tell the difference between the two?

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Difference Between Chargers?

Jun 9, 2010

I have a 32 GB Ipod Touch and, 64 GB IPad. Both of the chargers look the same to me, and now I can't seem to tell the difference between the two of them. I usually charge my ipod via computer and my iPad via wall charger. I know that one gives of more power than the other. How can I tell the difference between the two chargers?

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Can The Chargers Used To Charge In Car

May 22, 2010

I have several chargers for my iPhone (and iPods) that plug into the cars' cigarette lighter receptacle. Can these chargers also be used to charge the iPad in the car?

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Wall And Car Chargers?

Apr 25, 2010

Are there any reputable after market chargers for the iPad? Want a wall and car charger. Don't want cheap import crap. My iPod charger doesn't charge my iPad. I have the little white cube wall charger for my iPod touch. I haven't tried my car charger, don't want to fry my iPad.

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Won't Work With The Chargers

Aug 14, 2010

Will the iPhone chargers (AC and car chargers) work with the iPad?

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IPad 1 & 3 Chargers Are Same?

Mar 17, 2012

Can I still use the 1 charger on 3? I am keeping 1 and don't want to use the new charger if they both are the same.

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Any Difference Between Chargers?

Mar 18, 2012

As everyone is stating the new iPad is taking a fair amount of time to charge but I want to know if there is a difference between using the iPhone wall plug or the larger iPad wall plug? For my iPad 1 I have always used the smaller iPhone plug and never noticed a problem but obviously this may have been due to not such a large battery?

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Which Is Best Car/Battery Pack Chargers?

Jul 23, 2010

I asked a similar question the other day but I'm still searching for the right product..i'd like to get something which will charge my...iPod Classic/Touch iPhone 4 iPad 64GB + 3G I would like to get something which will charge in the car all three devices and also something which will charge when I don't have an electrical outlet or usb port handy... I've seen various battery packs which state they charge the devices from the battery pack itself but I'm wondering what has worked for others and if there is something anyone can recommend to me...So far I've been looking at the Griffin line of PowerJolt products... I'd like something universal also so I won't need to switch cables for each device.

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Chargers With Different Voltages Compatible?

Dec 12, 2010

this might be a very premitive question since I'm not that smart with gadgets:

I'm living in the US and am planning to buy an iPad 2 here when it comes out.I need to travel to Korea with it in the summer, and I noticed that they have different voltage...

So I'm thinking to buy an iPad charger from the official Korean Apple Store. Here is the link (even if you don't understand Korean, you will get what I'm saying):

So, would this be valid/compatible for my US version iPad?or will it harm the device somehow because of different voltage?

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Cords And Chargers Interchangeable?

Jun 27, 2010

Currently, I have a USB charge cord for a 1st gen iPod touch, 2nd gen iPod nano, and 1st gen iPad. I have a wall charger that i purchased to use with my touch and nano, and a wall charger that came with the iPad.

Are all these cords and chargers interchangeable? If not, what is the problem? Does the iPad wall charger have too much power output that will fry the touch and nano? Will the wall charger for the touch and nano provide enough power to charge the iPad without hurting the battery?

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List Of Car Chargers That Actually Work?

Jun 6, 2010

So has anyone come across or happen to know which car chargers actually work for the iPad? Also what specs does the car charger need in order to actually charge the iPad?

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Its And IPhone Chargers Interchangeable?

Jul 7, 2010

Are the iPad and iPhone chargers interchangeable? Will it cause damage to either? and what about car chargers - are they safe and will they charge both devices?

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IPad1 And IPad2 Chargers Are Same?

Mar 30, 2011

I'd assumed the chargers supplied with iPad 2 was identical to the original iPad. Can anyone confirm this? I sent my new charger down to my friend with my original iPad as they were neatly wrapped up, and my old charger was plugged in & too lazy to unplug. Charging does seem slower, but not sure if it's iPad difference or charger difference.

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Generic Wall Chargers ?

Mar 17, 2012

Are generic wall chargers such as Rocket Fish and or Belkin OK to use with ipones and ipads. They advertise more power than the Apple products. Need to get 2 extra chargers for 2 work places, not sure if these will eventually harm the battery after a period of time.

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IPad 2 Won't Charge - Tried 3 Different Chargers And USB

May 4, 2011

Just came home today and the iPad won't charge! I've tried 3 different chargers and USB. I live about an hour away from the nearest Apple store by train, and as you can imagine I'd rather not go all that way, especially if they don't have replacement stock.

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My Chargers Are Getting Hot When I Charge My IPad 1

May 26, 2012

My chargers are getting hot when I charge my iPad 1, is that normal?

Info:iPad, iOS 5.1.1

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MacBook Long Charger Cord With Charger

May 13, 2010

Does anyone know if it's okay to use the extension cord that comes with MacBook pros on the iPad? If you're not familiar with what im talking about, if you look at the charger the plug pulls out. You can replace that with a longer cord. On the MBP it came with an extension. I'd like to use that with the iPad if it's not a problem.

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Charging From Iphone Charger Or Original Charger?

Nov 28, 2010

I have an iPhone 3g and just purchased an iPad, when travelling. I would prefer to carry only one charger to charge both units. My question is it better to charge the iPhone from the iPad charger, or, charge the iPad from the iPhone charger with out doing damage to either unit?

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