App To Remove Noise From Pictures?

Mar 24, 2011

I'm wondering what app for the ipad is best/easiest to remove noise from pictures?

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Rattling Noise Is Coming - Anyone Having This Noise ?

May 1, 2010

I received my shiny new 16GB iPad 3G yesterday and finally had the time to open it this afternoon. The first thing I noticed when taking it out of the box is that if you jostle or move it around at all it makes a noticeable rattling noise.

At first I thought perhaps it was the SIM card tray not being seated correctly so I totally removed the tray and SIM card. The rattle is still there! It was my understanding that accelerometers present on all iDevices were electronic and will make no physical noise. Can anyone else verify this information? Does anyone else have this rattling noise? If so please list your mode i.e. WiFi or WiFi + 3G. If not, it sounds like I will be calling AppleCare or visiting the nearest store to swap this bad boy out!

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Remove Pictures On It?

Dec 30, 2011

How can you remove pictures on the iPad. I am thinking they were taken on my iPhone and appear on the iPad.

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How Do You Remove Pictures Stored?

May 27, 2010

How do you remove pictures stored onn the iPad

How do you look at the emails thar are in folders Personal or Trash


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Remove Double Pictures In IPad 2?

Jun 11, 2011

I need to find out how to remove permanently double photos in my ipad 2?

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IPad 1 :: How To Delete Or Remove Pictures

Aug 24, 2014

How do I delete pictures from my 1st generation iPad?

iPad, iOS 4.3.2, deleting information from iPad

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Noise Coming From It?

Jun 5, 2012

Every Now and then I hear this weird noise coming from my iPad. It's a lady's voice saying something odd. It even happens when my iPad is off and the volume is off. I cannot figure out what is going on. Has anyone else had a similar problem and can help me fix it? I'm afraid it's a virus except I have heard that iPads don't really get viruses is that true?

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1

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Popping Noise When Using Headphone

Apr 14, 2010

I have been noticing popping sound from wearing the headphone. It usually occurs when the keypad pops into view. It's rather subtle and I can't say I am annoyed by it, but I just want to see if other people has the similar experience.

Mac Mini PPC G4 1.5GHz
Mac OS X (10.4.5)

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Need More Volume - External Noise

May 6, 2010

My first use on an airplane today. I have headphones that cover the ears, but the volume needed to be more to overcome the surrounding external noise.

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Pushing An Alert Noise To It?

Jun 16, 2012

I suffer daily due to medically diagnosed short-term memory failures. I have IR transponders in my wallet on my car keys, etc..make an iOS device beep indefinitely until located? The iCloud findmyiphone sound push feature is useless to me. I haven't probed the matter too deeply on google but there must be a way. I looked through cydia and the app store on my phone with no luck.

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Apple To Address - Lots Of Noise

Oct 18, 2010

My ipad is taking an average of 2 days to backup. Sounds like the only way to get apple to address an issue is to make lots of noise in this support forum. Sorry to waste anyone's time.

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Humming Noise Coming- Something Wrong With It ?

Aug 2, 2010

My 64g+3G sometimes makes a humming/buzzing noise. Is something wrong with it? I haven't found anyone else who has mentioned this. It's kind of annoying.

iOS 4

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IPad 2 Makes Whooshing Noise

Jun 30, 2012

My iPad 2 makes a whooshing noise every 15 minutes. It only works when I am connected to my WiFi, but it is very annoying and even makes this noise when the iPad is locked.

Info:iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1, WiFi

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Different Noise Coming From Back Panel?

Aug 10, 2012

So I recently purchased a new iPad, however a strange noise just started coming from the back of the iPad whenever I put gentle to moderate pressure on it. The noise that comes from it sounds like something is un-sticking itself. Everything else functions fine, it's just this annoying noise.

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IPad 2 Gives Hissing Noise When Connected To AUX

Mar 23, 2011

Never experienced any noise with iPad original or any of the iPhones. But, iPad 2. I bought two iPad 2's - one is 16GB WiFi and the other AT&T 64GB. I noticed that when I connect to AUX in the car, there is a lot of hissing noise. Both the iPad 2's are like that. Never experienced this in the original iPad. Tried all sorts of options ... low volume, mute etc.

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It Is Making A Creaking Noise At The Back

Jul 6, 2012

My new iPad is only 4 weeks old but in the past couple of days I have noticed a intermittent creaking/popping noise coming from the rear of the device near the logo.

I happens whilst holding the ipad as your fingers rest on the backplate.When you release your hand it pops/cracks.

Although its not affecting durability etc. its really annoying if anything and sounds as if something is loose behind. Not only that but it does it with just the slightest pressure and gets louder in use.

I noticed on teardown photos there's strips of glue or something holding the battery to the rear case. Could it be that? Would apple see this as a returnable/repair problem or me being OTT??

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi

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IPad :: Keeps Making A Beeping Noise

Jun 21, 2014

I Have checked sounds and can find no reason for the beeping. There is no rhyme or reason. Suddenly it will beep if I open an app or do something. Doesn't always happen.

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Loud Click Noise From Home Button

Jul 13, 2010

Has anyone else noticed that the Home button has a loud click noise when you press on it? My iPhone makes no click noise at all when you press on it, but my new iPad 3G sounds really loud. Am I the only that has this problem, or is it just the normal click sound of the iPad? To me it sounds annoying, especially when you are using it at night when it is quiet.

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IPad 2 Crackling Noise While Recording Video

Mar 23, 2011

I bought iPad 2 64 gig 3G AT&T on the first day and during this weekend tried recording video, while replaying my clip I get this crackling noise in my video, I tried over and over with restarts but the noise doesn't go away.

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IPad 3 :: Grainy Video With Lots Of Noise

Mar 25, 2012

I never intended to use my iPad as my primary recording device but I figured it is a nice option to have 1080p handy. Well just now my kids were doing something cute and I had my iPad in my lap so I put it on video and began shooting. Immediately I noticed how grainy the video was. I thought maybe it was a fluke and actual playback would be clearer. But when I played the video back it was just as grainy - lots of noise. Anyone else experience this? I'm kind of shocked since this doesn't seem like the high quality output I would expect from a 1080p recorder. I wonder if there are some setting adjustments that can maximize the camera?

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IPad Home Button Ticking Noise?

Mar 20, 2012

There is a noise coming from my iPad 3 home button. When i touch the home button but not press it it makes a tick noise. I am only touching it not pressing it. The tick is anoin. What can I do.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1

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