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Yahoo Password Keep Changing

My yahoo password continually reverts to an unknown password. I have to go in and change the password in settings constantly. I have deleted and added the account.

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Yahoo Email Accounts Not Working After Changing Password On IPad 2
I have two Yahoo accounts and both were working fine till recently. I changed the password for both the Yahoo accounts and since then one is not working. It gives me the error message "the user name or password for is incorrect". Please note the password is same for both Yahoo accounts and hence there should not be an issue with password have non-alphanumeric characters. Obviously, I am entering the user name and email address correctly.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 15, 2012

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Changing Appropriate Password?
My daughter has used our iPad for her Apple account and now I can't use the App store because her username automatically shows up in the Apple ID window. How do I change that so I can put our Apple ID in with the appropriate Password?

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2

Posted: Jun 6, 2012

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Yahoo Mail Not Accepting The Password ?
Yahoo mail not accepting the password even tough it's correct?(iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1,)

Posted: Jun 27, 2012

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Changing Modem Password
how to change my modem password? I have the new iPod and have a Thomson TG585v8 modem which was set-up by the installer and I need to change my password. I have downloaded the manual to get the information to do this but cannot get to grips with it. This might be a long complicated procedure but it seems the first thing I need to do is 'browse to the Thomson Gateway GUI'

Posted: 06-14-2012

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What Needs To Be Done For Changing The Apple ID Password In IPad?
I would like to change the Apple ID password in my iPad. Can anyone tell me what needs to be done?

Posted: 23-04-2012

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It Is Not Recieving E-mails Even After Changing Its Password
I am not receiving any e-mails. The icon still shows checking for new e-mails. I went into "SETTINGS" and may have changed my I-pad e-mail password.

Posted: 08-17-2011

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Changing Password For Internet Access?
When we first entered the password for our internet connection, we entered the wrong password. It might be something we had used once before on the system, though I'm not sure how. Anyway it actually accepted the incorrect password (it didn't accept a bunch of other tries) and I can access my email, but I can't get online in any other way.

I do not know if I would have been able to access my email before we connected to our connection at all. It was using or trying to use someone else's unlocked internet account.

What I need to do is to have it ask me again what the password is for my internet connection. It thinks it knows the right password and it no longer asks for it. It "connects" automatically. But it isn't successful in getting me online. If I wanted to connect to another locked internet connection, it would ask me for the password. But I can't get it to ask me for the password for our connection because it is quite sure that it already knows it.

Posted: 07-16-2011

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Recovering A Forgotten Password From Yahoo! Mail In IPad?
Please let me know what to do for recovering a forgotten password of Yahoo! Mail from my iPad device.

Posted: 30-06-2012

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Changing Game Center Password On IPad 2
I am using the same password for Game Center on my iPad 2 for past one year. Now, I want to reset it so that I can protect my authenticity. How can I make it possible?

Posted: 13-06-2012

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FaceTime Not Working After Changing Apple ID Password
Using an iPad 2, FaceTime and Messages was working fine. Since changing my Apple ID password, FaceTime and Messages are no longer working. When I enter the the new password within FaceTime it states the password is not correct. I'm able to update Apps on the iPad using the new Apple ID password. Any idea how to get Facetime and Messages working again on my iPad?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 4, 2012

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Changing Root Password If Mobile Terminal Not Working?
I ran Spirit today on my newborn iPad. Easiest, fastest jailbreak yet!

I installed openSSH and it works great, but my question is how do I change the root password if mobile terminal isn't yet working on the iPad? Can you use the command line within WINSCP to make this change?

Posted: May 4, 2010, 02:53 PM

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Cannot Sign Into ITunes After Changing Apple Email / Password
I cannot sign into Itunes after changing my Apple email and password.


Posted: Jun 9, 2012

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Website Will Not Let Me Access Online Banking Even After Changing Password
My website will not let me access my online banking even after changing my password


Posted: Mar 14, 2012

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IPad 2 :: Yahoo News Pages Linked To Yahoo Stories Are No Longer Displaying Correctly
Yahoo News pages linked to Yahoo stories are no longer displaying correctly. The top of the screen looks like the page did not render correctly. I can scroll down the page and get text though. Has anyone else noticed the change?

Posted: 07-18-2011

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IPad 3 :: Password With Yahoo Mail On IPad 3
I very often get messages on my iPad that says the yahoo mail password is incorrect - and when I go to Settings sure enough that's correct - but I can reset it and go right back to settings and it is changed again - I have never had a password problem using yahoo mail in a browser. I contacted Apple - they had me do a reset, but that has not fixed the problem.

Posted: 06-25-2012

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Unable To Verify Exchange Account Password/how To Break The Password Prompt Cycle?
I'm unable to successfully create a Microsoft Exchange account on my iPad. The steps I'm following:

1. I enter all data except the domain and save to create the account

2. Turn on the wifi (I was getting a continuous string of "Unable to Verify Exchange Account" cues when I tried to create the account with the wifi on)

3. Once the wifi's on, I receive an "Unable to Verify Certificate" cue, which I accept

4. I'm then asked again to enter my Exchange account password, which I enter and am prompted again for my Exchange account password, which I enter, and so on and infinity.

I've verified all the entered fields (including the password) with my IT folks, including that mobile access to my account is enabled. I know the settings (including the password) should work, because they're the same ones I'm using for Entourage on my MacBook Pro.

Any ideas on how to break the password prompt cycle or alternative account generation methods I could try?

iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad
Mac OS X (10.6.3)

Posted: May 28, 2010

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Facetime And Imessage Not Accepting AppleID Password But Password Works In App Store?
I Have just bought a new Ipad 3 on wi-fi and I have just tried to log onto facetime and imessage and it says "you were signed out of imessage because your AppleID or password changed" I have put in the correct password and AppleID and it wont let me in. I know the ID and password are correct because I used them to buy something in itunes and I just used it to login here!!! I did have to change the password at first because I couldn't remember it but it is the new password that works here and in itunes... Can anybody help please!!!! What am I doing wrong????

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi

Posted: May 19, 2012

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How To Change ICloud Password Matching Updated Apple Id Password?
While I am updating Apple Id password, I also want to change iCloud password matching it so that it is easy to remember. Can I change them together?

Posted: 13-05-2012

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Won't Work With Password Protection / Can't Find Settings For Password
I read a comment on another site. What about user accounts. If I were to leave my iPad unattended someone like my wife or son could pick up my iPad and read my private emails.

I hope Apple adds user accounts or some sort of password protection.

Posted: 02-25-2010, 11:36 PM

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App Store Is Unable To Remember Password - Asks For Password
Each time I try to download new apps , it will ask me enter pass word, may I know any way to avoid this ?
Like this forum I tick remember me I don't need to enter pass work.

Posted: May 25, 2010

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ITunes Asking For Back Up Password But I Haven't Set Any Password Ever? What Should I Do Now?
iTunes took over and done a backup / upgrade and restore, however to restore from my backup image it's prompting me for a password. I'm certain I've never set this password. Currently apps synced from iTunes however all my photos are in the backup image file.

Posted: 06-05-2012

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Changed My Exchange Password And It Won't Recognize New Password
Am unable to access anything on iPad because it tells me my exchange password is incorrect


Posted: Apr 20, 2012

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Can't Get On To
As of yesterday, I can no longer log on to

In the address window, it seems to redirect or change to some long address starting with proxyb. Then I get a cannot find server error.

Is this some sort of virus on my iPad?

Posted: 09-16-2010, 06:48 PM

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Reset Password After Forgetting Password?
How to reset passwod after forgetting password

iPad 2, Windows 7

Posted: Mar 24, 2012

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Cannot Get Mail Via Yahoo?
I use Yahoo mail on my iPad and since yesterday I keep getting this error message: "Cannot Get Mail. No password provided for (my account). Please go to Mail Account Settings and enter a password." I have entered the password. It shows up on the Mail Account settings as saved. I re-enter the password to no effect. I've deleted the mail account and created it again, still does not work. I only have the one mail account on the iPad. I am able to surf using Safari. When I try to send e-mail, I get this message: "Cannot Send Mail. The user name or password for (my account) is incorrect." Can anybody help please?

Windows 7

Posted: Nov 1, 2010

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Cannot Email To Myself On Yahoo?
I have been trying to e-mail myself things, but apparently Yahoo! will not allow it! Anybody had this problem before and found a solution? Getting a MobileMe account at this time is not an option, so am I stuck with writing and using apps on the iPad but not being able to transfer them to my MacBook Pro?

Posted: May 12, 2010, 04:21 AM

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Yahoo Hatchet Job

I guess any publicity is better than nothing.

Posted: Mar 12, 2010, 01:17 PM

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Sync To Yahoo
I am looking for a way to sync the calendar and contacts with a yahoo account from the ipad 2 to yahoo. I have managed to sync the other way (ie yahoo to ipad 2) but can't seem to find anyhting to do it the way I want. I plan to use the ipad 2 for work as well as fun, so if I add an item in calendar or contacts on the ipad 2 at work will want to sync it back to yahoo as a back up. In the past I have used a Palm TX and it sync automatically.

Posted: 06-20-2011

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Can't Set Up Gmail Or Yahoo
I just got my iPad2 and am setting it up. I am having problems setting up my Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts using my home wireless network. I followed all of the instructions in the user manual but nothing works. It looks like the iPad recognizes the wireless network, but when I try to set up Gmail, for example, it just hangs up - "verifying". After a while I get a message asking me whether I want to try without using "SSL" (whatever that means). Then there is a message that mentions an IMAP server (have no clue as to what that is).


Posted: 05-13-2011

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Cannot Log In To Yahoo Through Safari
I am unable to login my yahoo account, The sign in page comes up, I put in my username and password. The verification screen comes up. I put in the code. Yahoo comes back telling me to sign in again.

Posted: 06-16-2012

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Set Up Mail On It And Yahoo?
what is the mail server and smtp server for yahoo.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 9, 2012

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Can't Set Up Yahoo Mail Account
I have a account and keep getting an error when trying to set it up using the Yahoo! Mail setup on the mail app. It keeps saying the username or password for "".I tried setting it up manually using POP, but while it can at least receive emails, it can't send! Does anyone have a way of fixing either of these problems?

Posted: Nov 11, 2010

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Push Yahoo Email In It?
My iPhone will allow me to set Yahoo mail to "push". However on the iPad the Push option isn't there. Its only fetch and manual. Can you only push to one device at a time with Yahoo??? My mobile me account and my work email (microsoft exchange) let me set push on both devices without a problem.

Posted: Apr 5, 2010

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Yahoo Mails Not Sending
I've configured my iPad mail client to use yahoo mail, and when I send mails, it seems to send them (swooshing sound, etc), but they are not sent, and don't show up in sent items or outbox. I can send using an exchange account just fine. And yahoo can receive mails. Using my iPhone, yahoo is working fine.

Posted: May 9, 2010

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Unable To Pop Yahoo Biz Mails
I can pop my yahoo biz mails on iPhone but same on iPad is not working. The server is and port is 995. I have set up ssl and port information but it's not working.

Posted: Apr 9, 2010

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Use Of Yahoo Mail In Safari?
Does anyone use Yahoo Mail in Safari? I'm unable to type messages b/c the keyboard doesn't pop up when I click in the proper field. This has forced me to use the mobile version which works fine.

Another glitch in the both normal and classic versions of Yahoo Mail is I'm unable to scroll through the list of messages in my inbox. This same thing occurs in a spreadsheet in Google Docs...unable to scroll down.

Posted: Apr 4, 2010, 11:14 PM

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Yahoo Mail Push Not Available?
I just realized after playing with my iPad for the past few days that there is no way to configure my Yahoo account to use server Push. If I go under the Mail Settings, click Fetch New Data, then click Advanced, I don't see an option to select Push under the mail account setting... it only allows Fetch and Manual under Select Schedule. On the previous menu, I have Push turned On.

My iPhone is set up correctly and has the option to select Push under the Select Schedule menu. Is the fact that the iPad is Wi-Fi only preventing it from being able to do Push?

iPad 32GB

Posted: Jul 23, 2010

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Yahoo Mails Not Opening?
My ipad is no longer keeping copies of the yahoo emails I leave in my Inbox. It's only downloading New emails and once those have been opened they are no longer accessible. The other mail accounts that I have set up on IPad still work find?

Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Jun 28, 2010

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Any Way To Wirelessly Sync With Yahoo?
Is there a way to sync to my Yahoo account to get contacts and calendar events wirelessly?

It'd be silly if i had to connect to my PC to do this - what good would that do me?

Posted: Jun 5, 2010

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Yahoo Folders Missing?
I apologize if this has been discussed already but when I read through some of the discussions, well frankly, I became more confused.

I have a MBP, an iPhone and the iPad. My iPhone displays all the same Yahoo mail folders which appear on my MBP Yahoo account. However the same is not true on the iPad. Is this even possible? I'm not as computer savvy as most so the terms POP and iMap confuse me. I expected the Yahoo mail to look the same on the iPad as it does on the iPhone, which looks like the Yahoo mail on the laptop!

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.6.2)
iPhone 3G, iPad 3G

Posted: Jun 14, 2010

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Cannot Send Mail With Yahoo?
I found trouble sending mail with my yahoo. I have 2 mail account yahoo and gmail. Gmail runs ok no error occured. My yahoo still can received but cannot send mail. This trouble happened since last 1week ago. Before that it runs ok. I tried sending mail direct from yahoo with my safari browser, yes it can send! But when i try again using my iOS mail cannot send. I have try to delete and re adding my account but still cannot help solve it. I already check the outgoing server wnd it surely nothing change, it still on default settings that comes from the device. So what is the problem?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 9, 2012

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Yahoo E-mail Cannot Be Connected
my e-mail box cannot be connected since yeterday and I deleted the account and tried to set the account again, however, the account cannot be set up now. The message is : does not respond, please check you internet connecction. The saferi now works well.

Posted: Jul 4, 2012

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Keeps Redirecting Me To AT&T GUI Instead Of Yahoo Homepage?
Keeps redirecting me to at&t GUI instead of yahoo homepage. How can I prevent this?


Posted: Jun 25, 2012

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Cannot Send Mail From Yahoo On It
The outgoing mail on my iPad for my yahoo account has suddenly stopped working. Incoming mail still works. The message comes up. 'Cannot send mail'. The connection to the outgoing server failed. Additional outgoing mail servers can be configured in settings mail, contacts, calendar.


Posted: Jun 10, 2012

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Email Contacts From Yahoo
How do I get my contacts from my computer yahoo mail to my iPad yahoo mail?

Posted: 02-23-2012

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Yahoo Instant Messenging ?
If you turn webcam on how do you type?

Posted: 06-22-2012

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Yahoo Emails Disappearing ?
Recently 4 days of emails disappeared from my Yahoo account on my LAPTOP. Interestingly, they still appeared on my iPad. A Yahoo tech helped me restore them on my laptop by clicking on 'unread messages' (no matter that they were, in fact, already read). That 'fix' lasted two days and then the emails disappeared from both my laptop and iPad.

I've contacted Yahoo and their response is: "According to our records, it appears an IMAP client may have deleted your messages..... Once a message has been deleted by an IMAP client, it's removed from your Yahoo! Mail account. Messages deleted by a mobile device are not recoverable." Any thoughts? This is disconcerting to understate my concerns.

Posted: 02-20-2012

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Unable To Get Att Yahoo Mail
I have been unable to get my yahoo mail for about a week and half. It was working and then one day it just hung up when I went to retrieve my mail. Everything I looked at seems to be OK, any help?

Posted: 04-03-2012

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Can't Get Yahoo Email On IPad 2
My no longer recognizes my yahoo email account, even after I deleted and recreated it.

Posted: Jul 4, 2012

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