WiFi Internet Connection Unable To Connect

Jul 31, 2010

Suppenly I am unable to get to the internet. My iPad shows I have a Wi-Fi connection but wont connect me th the internet. Any suggestions on what the problem is? 1- Should I reset my Wi-Fi or iPad? If so, how is that done? 2- Can Wi-Fi and Cellular conflict? Can they both be on at the same time?

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IPad 4 :: Connect To Internet Without Using Any WiFi Connection

Jan 13, 2013

Most of the time I use it for surfing net. But the problem is WI-FI is not always available every where. I do travel a lot. So is there any other way to get connect to internet with out WIFI.

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Will There Be A Connection Error When The IPad Tries To Connect To The Wifi While Already Using Internet Using The Mobile Network?

Mar 31, 2012

Can the iPad support 2 internet connections at a time? Will the wifi of an iPad connect to the router while the device is already using internet via the sim card?

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Unable To Connect To Internet / Wont Show Any Connection

Nov 30, 2010

I am trying to update my I pad but when I try all I get is that my internet is not connected....probably simple but I am stumped.. I am using a 3g connection.

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Wifi Setting Vs. Wifi Iphone Settings: Unable To Connect To Internet

Jun 9, 2010

I have been trying to connect to the internet via wifi at work to no avail.
My Iphone on wifi works fine there. I entered the identical info from my wifi settings in the iphone to my wifi settings in the Ipad.. I show a strong signal but when the page starts to load I get
""Problem Communicating with web proxy server http." Can anyone offer me any help?

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Unable To Connect Wifi Connection/Looses Secure Wifi Network Credentials Periodically?

Nov 15, 2010

iPad 64 3G/Wifi Looses secure wifi network credentials periodically. I retype in the 26 character key and I get back on. This is very unnerving and sometimes leaves my family stranded without a connection. Is this going to be a permanent flaw of the iPad?

iPad 64gb 3G
Other OS
Version 3.2.2

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Unable To Connect Wifi Internet

Nov 6, 2010

I have been having problems regarding the wifi connecting with my ipad. it connects to the network but doesnt open any website. i was having the same problem with my windows vista sony laptop but that was sorted after realizing that it was a ip conflict, but however i cannot do the same for my ipad and iphone aswell.

Windows Vista

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Unable To Connect To Internet / Wifi Signal Is Full

Nov 2, 2010

I just bought an IPAD. I have also an iphone.

I connected to a wifi network successfully for both (both show good wifi signal icon).

I can browse internet with my iphone but on my ipad it says I am not connected to Internet !

Is my Ipad broken or did I miss something.

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Wifi Internet Connection Using Camera Connection Kit + 3G USB Modem

Aug 9, 2010

I have a jailbroken iPad wifi (non 3G) and I've recently bought the camera connection kit which has a USB port (which supposedly detects/connects to even non-camera devices like USB keyboards, USB flash drives, etc).

I was wondering if it would be possible to attach a 3G USB modem/data card and make the Internet work without wifi? The 3G data card otherwise requires a bare-minimum wvdial from a normal Linux terminal.

1. Can I get/install the wvdial .deb package on my jail broken iPad?

2. If I can get the package, will this work (wvdial detecting and using the USB modem and connecting through it?), or is it too far out?

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No Internet Connection Despite Having A Strong Wifi Connection For IPad 2

May 11, 2012

My wife's iPad 2 just stopped being able to surf the internet or use apps which require an internet connection. It connects to our home wifi network just fine and shows strong signal strength, but when she goes to use something requiring a connection to the internet, it tells her that she has no connection to the internet.

iPad 2

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Connect Internet Data Card To Ipad 2 WiFi To Use Internet?

May 20, 2012

how can i connect my internet data card to ipad2 WiFi to use internet?

iPad 2

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Unable To Share Internet Connection - Waiting For Connection?

May 7, 2010

I have a mobile broadband connection (Verizon) on my notebook. I am running Windows 7 Premium (32bit). I would like to connect to the internet using the broadband card and then use the wifi connection in the notebook to create a hotspot so I can connect with my iPad and share the broadband connection.

I have set up the adhoc connection and I can get the iPad to see the connection. (having some problems with the password) but on the Windows side, it just says waiting for connection.I know this can be done. It must be some security setting some place.Any ideas greatly appreciated

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How To Connect To The Internet Via 3G Connection In IPad 2?

May 15, 2012

Apple ipad has the feature in it to get connected to the internet through the network provider of 3G, I know that but do not know how get it connected and work on it using internet, provide me the information for the same?

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Connect IPhone Via Bluetooth For Wireless Internet Connection

Apr 7, 2010

Is it possible to connect the iphone to ipad via bluetooth for wireless internet connectivity, or will I need to use the other routes such as pdanet or mywi? I was hoping that there was an easy way, but I cannot get the two devices to see each other when bluetooth is turned on.

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Connect To Adhoc Network/Shared Internet Connection

Apr 4, 2010

Really enjoying the new iPad. I've been successful tethering it to my iPhone 3G and using the internet with 3G speed. Although 3G speed is decent for many applications, I'd rather use a LAN network when available.I'd like to form an Adhoc wireless network where I work (no wireless available) and use the internet from a network cable plugged into my Windows laptop. Do you think I stand a chance? Anyone try this yet?

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Get A Wired Internet Connection In Hotel To Connect To IPad 3?

Jun 4, 2012

I am going to South Korea. The hotel says they have a wired connection for internet service.I'd like to leave my laptop at home and use my wi-fi for email etc.is there a gadjet or something will will allow me to access the internet in my room?

Info:iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi

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Wifi Indicator Blinks More Often And Showing That It Is Connecting To Internet But Unable To Use The Internet.

Aug 17, 2010

I have a wifi only version of the ipad and have been having very reliable wifi service ever since i got this second one (first one was returned). Only issue I have had is an occasional blinking wifi indicator that would blink off then back on every couple of minutes or so but then didnt last to long but now comes along this update which I do yesterday and today now the ipad says "connecting" but dont connect to the internet. The wifi icon is completly gone now and when I go to setting-network to look for my router-network its no where to be found actually it finds no networks in range in which it used to find a few from around my neighborhood. In the settings menu wifi is turned "on" and "ask to join networks" is also on. Now before you get discouraged about updating if u havent done so I was able to get my wifi back by pressing and holding the small power button on the side powering it off and then restarting it and bam there it was wifi icon at full bars again and getting 12.2 mbps down and 2.90 up! Point is I never had to do that before and just did that restart as I am typing this thread so I hope that I don't have to do this repeatedly. If anyone else has had this problem please let me know, I allways advocate doing any and all updates provided by a manufacture but the update is supposed to alleviate problems not create them.

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IPad Mini :: Lost Internet Connection And Says Cannot Connect To Server

Jun 30, 2014

why have I lost internet connection to the server on my mini iPad 7.1(11D167)? My Notepad is connected and so is the main computer.

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New Wifi Isn't Working - Internet Connection

Sep 10, 2010

Just bought a iPad during my lunch break and it is not finding the wifi at work. My iMac finds it right away but the iPad finds nothing. I bought the 3G model but I really don't want to use my 3G service at work when we have a 50mbit fiber internet connection that I should be able to make use of via wifi.Should I be concerned that maybe the wifi isn't working on this unit? A co worker has a Droid X and he has no problem getting wifi.

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Wifi Internet Connection Failed?

Jun 24, 2010

I combed through the forum to see if anyone else has reported this issue. WOW, I was surprised at the wide range of general Wifi problems. Although many, many wifi issues are listed, I did not find a post already listing one.

My Wifi seems to work great on first glance, but when using the iPad for more than 5 minutes the issue becomes noticeable. This occurs while doing pretty much anything. I notice it the most when web surfing and reading books in iBooks. The wifi signal indicator in the status bar drops off to nothing, usually just for 10 seconds or so, then it reconnects. Sometimes it takes longer and at which time a little blue dialog box appears that says "Connecting..." Then it connects and life goes on. Rince and repeat 5-10 minutes later.

Now, I have a feeling it might be something with my Airport Base Station Extreme (ABSE) and here is why: My wife also has an iPad, and the same thing happens to her. It's not an extremely old ABSE, as it is "Extreme" running 7.4.2. I have tried several different settings on the ABSE including reverting to default settings and simply setting it up again with the most basic settings.

So, I am unsure if this problem is caused by the iPad or the ABSE, but either way, it is annoying. Was just wondering if others had experienced this and how they may have solved it. Judging by the wide range of serious wifi issues listed on this forum, it seems to be that Apple has some serious work to do on Wifi in general and maybe all these issues will be resolved in an update.

Mac Pro (2009), iPad Wifi
Mac OS X (10.6)

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3g And Wifi Connection To The Internet On Ipad 2?

Apr 8, 2012

I have a problem with 3g and wifi connection to The Internet.It does not connect to the internet if you torn off screen. But not always.And you need to turn on airplane mode or restart it to use internet. In connected to the internet but not working*Ipad 2 64GB wifi 3G ios 5.1 There is no the same problems with ios 4 on ipad 2. My friend have this problem too.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3), MacBook Pro 6.2

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