When I Open Itunes On It Asks Me To Agree To Terms And Conditions

Apr 2, 2012

When I open Itunes on my Ipad i am asked to agree to terms and conditions - I cannot find where I click agree?

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Agree Button Not Responding While Accepting Terms And Conditions On IPad 2

Jul 24, 2012

My iPad 2 prompted me to accept Terms and Conditions for setting up my iPad 2 after resetting. But nothing happens on tapping the ‘Agree button available on the screen. What should I do to accept the Terms and Conditions in such a situation?

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Cannot Find The Accept Box For Itunes Terms And Conditions

May 15, 2012

It asks me to accept the iTunes terms and conditions. I am expecting to see an accept indicator to activate or check. But nothing.

iPad 2

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How To Accept Terms And Conditions For Downloaded Poscasts

Jun 4, 2012

I have an IPAD 2 and I downloaded some podcasts and when I try to watch then I see that I have to accept the terms and conditions and takes me to a link where I can't find where to accept or to click "I agree" so I can watch what I downloaded.

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Where In The Legal Terms Is The Field For "agree"

May 18, 2012

Where in the legal terms is the field for "agree"? Downloaded a tv she terms and conditions popped up but cannot find "agree"


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ITunes Asks For New IPad 2 Authorization?

May 16, 2011

My wife got an iPad2 today from Apple and I am wondering if it is normal that iTunes asks for authorization? I am creating iTunes account for my wife, she did use iTunes before for her iPod, but she never bought anything. It is also possible that I used once my itunes account on her Mac Mini to download a free game for her from Mac App store (so not even iTunes). That's it. However iTunes behaviour looks to me like it would be already tied to someone else account / computer by this authorization prompt?

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Sync The ITunes Asks To Restore Software

Jun 8, 2010

I bought IPad 3 weeks ago, it was working normally, but two days ago it stopped working. When I sync it the ITunes asks to restore its software, but when it gets to the end of restoring an error massage appears with numbers 6, 1604, 1601.

Other OS

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Asks For ITunes Password Even When I Am Not In Itunes?

Jun 29, 2010

Every time I turn on my iPad it now presents a pop up box that asks for my iTunes password even when I am not in Itunes....very annoying.

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Reading A Book Popup Window Asks For ITunes Passport?

Aug 9, 2010

Everytime I start reading a book, a little popup window asks for my iTunes passport.It's annoying.It didn't do that in the beginning.

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ITunes Asks To Update Carrier Settings With IPad 2 While Plugging

Jul 12, 2012

When I plug in my iPad 2 with MacBook Pro for syncing files, iTunes prompts me to update the carrier settings with the iPad. Why is this so and can we prevent this prompting?

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IPad 2 :: Hangs At Agree When Try To Update

Dec 10, 2014

IPad 2 hangs at agree when i try to update

iPad 2, iOS 8.1.1, IPad 2 hangs at agree when i try to

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IPad :: Stuck On Agree Screen - Can't Download IOS 8.1.2

Dec 10, 2014

i enter my passcode, hit the agree button for terms, I confirm my agreement to the terms in the popup, the popup goes away and I'm stuck at the first "agree" screen. The download never starts!

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IPad 2 :: Can't Press Agree Button - Just Restored And Stuck There

Jun 5, 2014

I can't press the agree button on my ipad 2. i just restored and i am stuck there.

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What Does 5G Mean In Terms Of Usage

Jun 15, 2012

I'm not very computer literate when it come to terms like 5G. I just purchased the ipad. AT&T has a plan with 5G. If I plan only to check e-mails at work, take some photos and play games. How long will the 5G last per month? Or is this a question with too many variables/

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Operate Conditions For It?

Aug 22, 2011

The operating conditions state that the iPad shouldn't be used over 3,000m. If he has it in his pack, but doesn't use it at that altitude, will it damage the iPad, or would it be ok so long as he doesn't turn it on up there?

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Conditions Hotspot Wifi Available

Jan 30, 2010

Currently, iPhone users with at&t can use their hotspot Wifi for free on the iPhone, if we also get the iPad will we be able to access at&t hotspot Wifi for free too?Or perhaps free hotspot Wifi will be available for all iPad owners?

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How To Setup All 5 IOS Devices In Terms Of The App Store

Jul 28, 2011

Like many people I have more than 1 apple computer.

1 old iMac (main computer with iTunes)
1 mac mini (we use this for our tv as a streaming device only)
1 MacBook air (spare laptop used by my eldest son .... Old office computer)

Now the more important issue We all really like to use our iOS devices.Myself and my wife both have iPhones and iPads .... And my son has an original old iPhone he likes to use for games etc.Here is my question, I am not sure how I am supposed to setup all 5 iOS devices in terms of the app store. Obviously my wife has different app needs to myself and my son is too young to be able to have his own account. And since I generally pay for the family, can I set up all 5 iOS devices to the same app store account? Or will this cause a conflict?

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How To Know Traffic Conditions Using Maps In IPad 3?

Sep 29, 2012

Is there any way to find out traffic conditions using Maps in iPad3? Please let me know adequate details on it.

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Using IPad 2 In Extreme Weather Conditions?

Sep 3, 2011

I am sponsoring someone on an arctic expedition and he mentioned that on his last expedition his laptop wouldn't work so he was going to take something called a "ruggedized" laptop. I suggested buying him an Ipad 2 instead. Anyone know if it will work in -30++ temperatures? Additionally any software he could use on it to post video updates of his adventure?

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Hacking :: Possible To Get IPad 3 To 6.1.2 Jailbroken Under Any Conditions

Oct 12, 2013

if I have a jailbroken iPad 3 on 5.1.1, is it possible to get it to 6.1.2. jailbroken under any conditions? Or is it impossible?

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Comparison Between IPad 3 And Asus Transformer In Terms Of Productivity?

May 6, 2012

Compare the Asus Transformer and iPad 3 in terms of productivity.I have iPad 3 but i want to know about Asus Transformer? please reply soon

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