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Unable To Get IP Address From DHCP Server?

I have an enterprise WPA2 PEAP MSCHAPv2 wireless network. It allows access via 802.1x authentication using Radius (MS IAS Server) with certificates. I can join the network, enter credentials (that I can see work) and get the certificate. The problem is that I don't get an IP address. I get a 169. APIPA address. I tried to use a static IP address and that doesn't work either. I have connected various laptops, iPhones even a Dell Streak to this wireless network without issue. My iPad won't get an IP at all. There are plenty of addresses in the pool.The setup is a 3COM WX3008 wireless LAN controller and 9552 access points.Any ideas? I went through the articles on wireless settings and none of them help at all. I guess my next step is to wipe the iPad.Like I said... EVERYTHING else works, every other device we try is surfing just not the iPad.

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Wifi Connecting But Not Gettind DHCP Address With Security Turned On
Wifi works fine if there is no security turned gets a DHCP address and I can happily surf the web.Turn on Security, the iPad talks to the Router and the Router show that it's MAC address is connected, but I can't get a DHCP address and if I do a Static it still doesn't connect.Now I am using an older Router a Linksys BEFW11S4 which only supports B but it works fine with my iBook G4 with Airport Extreme card.I have tried the Reset (Holding the Home and Power buttons for ten seconds until the Apple Icon shows up) and I still get a 169.254.x.x APIPA address.

Posted: Apr 5, 2010

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Email Address Rejected By Server?
OK, I've got the dreaded 'one or more of the addresses was rejected by the server.' I've done everything in the support article, and have even deleted my email account on my iPad and re entered it.All was working fine when I got my iPad on the 28th, but yesterday all suddenly stops working... Has anyone any further suggestions?

Posted: Jul 23, 2010

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Unable To Send Mail Server Rejects Address?
Anyone know why I get this message half the time when I attempt to send an email, and usually in a day or so the mail will go ahead and send?.. I know the address is a valid email address.

Posted: Aug 23, 2010

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Cannot Send Email- Server Rejected Recipient's Address?
I just bought the iPad for work and have trying to set my work email all day. Everything is correct from the information that I entered and getting pretty frustrated. "cannot send email" is all that I get. I can receive,but cant send.

Posted: Sep 13, 2010

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Cannot Send Emails - Sender Address Rejected By Server
I have both iPhone and iPad that will not send emails when I am connected via wifi. Have tried three wifi networks. I get a message that says the sender address (my address) was rejected by the server.


Posted: Apr 30, 2012

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Cannot Send Mail, The Recipient (address) Was Rejected By The Server
I set up my email, and can receive, and read it on my ipad, but when I try to reply, I get the message "Cannot send mail, the recipient (address) was rejected by the server".When I try to reply using Webmail, I can't get the keyboard to show. Using Webmail (Earthlink) if I type in an address, it will go thru....

Posted: 07-27-2011

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Does Not Support Mac OSX Server Card DAV Address Book Contacts Account
Although support for Mac OS X Server's cardDAV accounts has recently been added to iPhone 4.01 it is still NOT supported on the iPad. When wil this be available or am I mistaken or missing an update? unbeboodyleivable that the Apple iPad supports Exchange 2007 better than OS X Server 2010!

iOS 4

Posted: Aug 3, 2010

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Can't Send Email Puts In Outbox With Message Server Does Not Recognise Senders Address
Can't send email puts in outbox with message server does not recognise senders address and it is correct how can it be resolved?  It happened recently using wifi on hols in USA but ok when I got home, but rejecting again, mail does inc photos.

iPad 2, Email problems

Posted: Jun 30, 2012

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Server Denies E-mail Address While Sending E-mail Through IPad 2
Whenever I try to send e-mail through my iPad 2, I get the message “server denies the address”. What is the reason behind this issue and how I can overcome it?

Posted: 18-07-2012

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Wi-Fi DHCP Bug Temp Fix
i have tried this and it does work,go into you wireless router's settings, check your manual for instructions on how to do this.look for the setting that is called "ip address reserve" or something similar. add the MAC address for your ipad to the list and assign a ip address, for example mine is "". what this will do is assign the ipad the same address every time it connects, this will prevent the DHCP bug from happening. I have yet to experience this issue after doing this.

Posted: Apr 27, 2010

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Wi-Fi DHCP Failure - OS IOS Version 3.2.2
My iPad's WiFi connection has just stopped working since a couple of days ago. It can connect to WiFi access point. However, it fails to correctly obtain its IP address and other related information such as mask, DNS, and others. So, it shows full bars on the top of screen, but cannot connect to Internet at all. I had used the Internet connection and hasn't changed any network related option at all. It just stopped working. I've even tried to connect to several different wireless access points, but its symptom is same. So, I do not think that it's a specific wireless router problem.I've reset its network setting; furthermore, I've done with "Restore". Even in the original factory setting, it shows me the same symptom. Is it a hardware problem?

iPad WiFi 16GB Other OS iOS version 3.2.2

Posted: Oct 28, 2010

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Switch From DHCP To Static IP?
Our church school has a small wireless network. I try to support it. For some reason, lately it has stopped giving IP addresses to some machines. Wireless, anyhow. Wired still seems to work OK. Most of the teachers have Windows machines and I install a program called NetSetMan which lets them easily switch from DHCP to a static address I have allocated to them. More a workaround than a solution, but it gets them onto the internet. But now some of them are showing up with iPads. I can go to the settings to give them a static IP, but that means it won't work when they go home (most likely). They kind of glaze over when I try to show them the changes to make. Is there an app which would do for them what NetSetMan does for the Windows machines?

Posted: 12-02-2011

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Create A Static IP When Network Uses DHCP
iPad/Touch connectivity was great until Charter upgraded our router to an SMCd3gn yesterday. We like what the router does for all our other Macs but the mobiles are not happy. I've read about the glories of giving them a static IP but I can't figure out how to do it when our network is DHCP. Do I use the IP address currently assigned on the DHCP screen? The other thing is that we have to use OpenDNS numbers on all the computers or the router is extremely slow, unlike the old one so it's definitely the router. Does this complicate things? If I can make the iPad static could someone tell me what goes where? Surprisingly, this is not yet on the web.

Posted: Sep 12, 2010

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DHCP Bug Causes Deny WiFi Access
Several universities have reported this. there's a bug in the DHCP client, causing it to keep using an old IP address if it expires while the tablet is asleep.Princeton University's explanation of the problemPrinceton's IT department automatically looks for this IP mistake, and after it happens several times, locks out the device.

Posted: Apr 19, 2010, 08:58 AM

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Wifi Problem Due To Poor DHCP Management

Mac OS X (10.6.3)

Posted: Apr 22, 2010

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Periodic Loss Of Connection - DHCP Client
Symptom: signal not weak, but iPad periodically becomes "not connected"

Workaround: go to settings, find the network, and connect to it.

Note: password is not being forgotten in this case.I think my iPad is having problems when it's DHCP lease expires. It does not appear to be renewing its lease gracefully. Instead it winds up disconnected. The DHCP lease expiration is a theory, but it seems to fit. I noticed that disconnections happen about once per day, which corresponds to the 24 hour client lease time as set on my router. Checking the router's lease table, I also saw that several devices were renewing at about the same time, which perhaps also contributes to the problem. Potentially, there could be a brief conflict when this happens When there is an IP conflict, most other devices will just request a new lease. But I figured I could prevent this by manually renewing the iPads lease so that it would have a new renew cycle.

Posted: Apr 28, 2010

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Wifi Network Setting - Values Listed In DHCP Section
First goto network settings click on your currently connected wifi network. Take the values listed in the DHCP section (ip address, subnet mask, router, dns) and insert them into the static section number by number. Turn wifi off reset ipad and test if problems with slow connection are gone. I cant guarantee it will work but it certainky is working for me. It wouldnt hurt to try. Please leave feedback on whether it works or not.

Posted: May 2, 2010

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Getting An Error "error Occurred While Trying To Resolve The Server Address"
I always receive this error when I try to use air Video Url resolver from outside my Home network.As far as I understand its meaning, it means that the server is turned off or have some problem.The same Application works fine when I use it in my home network. Do you have any idea, what is going on? What should I do to resolve this issue?

Posted: 17-09-2012

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Cannot Get Mail, Server Error, Contact Your Server Administrator
I used to be able to access my email from my iPad, but now it says"Cannot get mail, server error, Contact your server administrator".

Posted: Jun 20, 2012

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Change The Email Address That IPad 1 Uses When Sending To A Contact Address Picked Up From A Webpage?
Hi, how do I change the email address that my iPad uses when sending to a contact address picked up from a webpage. I currently have three email address's active in my iPad.

Posted: 07-15-2012

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Unable To Enter Email Address- The Address Breaks In Two Words
I may have posted this question incorrectly in another section of this forum. If so, please forgive me.

My problem is my email is setup correctly and working. However, requires one to enter the email address. After I enter after the @, my ipad breaks my ISP windstream into two words, wind and stream. Amazon will not accept my address. Can anyone tell me why the ipad uses wind stream in lieu of windstream?

Posted: 11-14-2010, 02:57 PM

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When Start Typing In Web Address It Can Default For The Web Address Bar And Not The Google Search Bar?
Is there any way when I start typing in the web address it can default for the web address bar and not the Google search bar? I find it quite annoying especially when it displays my previous searches through the Google search bar.

Posted: Dec 4, 2011

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Any Reason Not To Use Icloud Email Address As A Main Address
I currently use googlemail. Anyone think of any restrictions to doing this also anyone point me in the dirction of the outlook settings if I do use it?

Posted: 11-04-2011

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Won't Work With Address Book / Showing Duplicate Address Book Entries
The Address Book on my iPad displays all my contacts twice in a row, as duplicates. It is synching with my iMac, and the address book the iMac is looking okay, but why the duplicates on the iPad?

Intel iMac (aluminum) 3.06 Ghz Core 2 Duo
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: May 16, 2010

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Ever Since Registered Email Address For IMessage - All Of My Texts From My Phone Come From My Email Address
Ever since I registered my email address on my iPad for iMessage, all of my texts from my phone come from my email address. How do I change it so they are coming from my phone number?

iPhone 4

Posted: Jun 22, 2012

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Can Send Mail But Can't Receive Mail - 'Cannot Get Mail. Server Error. Contact Your Server Administrator'
I can send mail but I can't receive mail. Every time I refresh the mail it comes up with an error message which reads: 'Cannot Get Mail. Server Error. Contact Your Server Administrator'.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 15, 2012

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Outgoing Server On Iphone - Cannot Find Outgoing Server
I have a problem with both my iphone 3gs and ipad's outgoing server. i have 4 email accounts on both.everyday when i try and send emails via either machine it states that it cannot not find the outgoing server. I have found this is due to the detail being unstable. I have to go into each account and re type in the username and password on the outgoing server section of the set up. has anyone had this problem? this only started since i down loaded software when i set up my ipad which included the latest software providing a unified inbox for iPhone. Information:hp Windows Vista

Posted: Aug 18, 2010

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WiFi Address - MAC Address
Recently I was at a hotel that used NetAccess for WiFi. This hotel in San Diego had free WiFi and gave me an access password to log on the their WiFi router. After connecting, iIt turns out that you need to scroll down in the terms and conditions window to accept them and to connect. Unfortunately, it appears the window is written in Flash, an iPad no-no. I called the NetAccess technical support number that appeared on the opening web site and they were able to enable my iPad based on the MAC address. For those less technical, the MAC address is located in Settings, About, WiFi Address.

Posted: Apr 25, 2010

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Server Is Not Responding
I connected my broadband cable to DLink wireless router and then want to access internet from iPad. iPad is able to detect the Wifi in the router but not able to connect to the internet. I used the same setup with my laptop with vista and when i try to open a website with IE browser, it used to open a broadband connection window itself and ask for the username and password, and after entering it I am able to access the internet from my laptop through Wifi.But when i try to open a website with Safari in iPad, it doesn't ask for any username and password of my broadband connection and a popup comes saying "Server is not responding".I am new to Safari and very little networking knowledge.

Posted: Jun 28, 2010

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Use The Server As My IPhone
I don't want to have to delete the same messages on iPad that I already deleted on my iPhone. I tried changing server to match iPhone server, didn't work, Information:Compaq Windows XP

Posted: Nov 15, 2010

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Air Video Server
Will the air video sever act as a sever? So other ppl with the air video app can view my movies.

Posted: Jun 14, 2010, 12:06 PM

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Active 3G Server For GPS
I currently own the WiFi model but am thinking of getting the 3G model for the GPS feature but what I want to know is do I need to have the 3G service activated in order to take advantage of the GPS or does the fact that it has the GPS chip in it enough to give me at least some sort of guidance?

Posted: May 26, 2010, 12:48 PM

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Cannot Connect To Server
I am getting a message on both device that says "Cannot Connect to Server"this is when I click on Safari, Weather App, or when I want to use the internet.I have At&t,both Wi-Fi and 3 G and both icons are showing at the top indicating I have service,I have four bars for my Wi-Fi. This problem started yesterday,I re-booted and it worked fine for about 5 mins then I started getting the same message again.

Posted: 09-09-2011

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Server Won't Allow Relaying
Any time I try to send an E mail from my iPad I get "server won't allow relaying and your message is saved to your outbox".

iPad 2 Wi-Fi

Posted: Jun 7, 2012

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Sent EMails Not On Server
I see that on SMTP and IMAP servers the emails I send from my iPad are only available on my iPad and are not copied/available on the server. In other words, if I send an email from my GMail account using my iPad, I can see the email in the SENT folder on my iPad. However, it is not available on GMail when I log-in through the web.

I checked a couple of GMail accounts and a Yahoo account. They all behave the same way. If it is of importance, I have an iPad2 with IOS 4.3.3.

Posted: Jul 8, 2011

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Server Cannot Be Found
I have set up a POP emial account on my iPad and whenever I try to send a message I either get an error message that the server cannot be found or the server does not allow relaying.  Is there a way to configure my iPad to allow me to send POP email?  I can send email from my mac book Pro and from my iphone.

iPad, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jul 2, 2012

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Cannot Connect To Its Server
When I try to update my Ipad,  I get an error telling me I am not connecting to the Ipad server.  I tried taking down my firewall, but I still get the same issue.

Posted: May 12, 2012

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Getting To See Folders On The Server?
Only recent messages are shown for imap on iPad. One neat thing with imap is all or many are on server, even if not downloaded, is there a way to see them. On outlook they all show up.

iPad, iOS 5.1

Posted: Mar 20, 2012

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Keeping Messages On The Server?
I only use mail on my iPad occasionally... right now it receives and sends mail fine, but I'd like to set it up so that the mail on the server is not affected by the iPad. That is if I download messages to the iPad, reply to them, trash them, whatever .... when I check email on my Laptop (via Apple Mail) all those messages still get sent to the laptop too. (for archiving purposes). As is is configured now I always seem to delete messages on the server ... is this to do with Push and Fetch ?

Posted: Nov 21, 2010

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POP Messages Deleted From The Server?
Mail on my iPad appears to be deleting received messages from the server once they have downloaded in my POP email account (so that, for example, they do not appear when I later run Mail in my desktop machine). This is is in spite of the fact that iPad Mail is specifically set not to do so. Is this: a) A glitch Or b) A problem with the ISP's server email settings (Virgin Media)?

Posted: Dec 5, 2010

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Delete Messages From Server?
I have a GMX e-mail account; when I manage my e-mail on a computer (any computer), I always use the web-based e-mail straight from the website. I have this e-mail address configured in Mail on my iPad as an IMAP account. When I check my mail via iPad, it shows me my current inbox, but if I delete messages from iPad, it moves the message to trash, but does not reflect this on the server. So when I go to login to my account from a regular computer, any e-mail(s) that I have deleted through my iPad are still in my inbox at the GMX website. On my iPad, I have turned Push to Off and I have Fetch set to manual, whenever I launch Mail. I have tried hitting the refresh on my iPad after I move a message to Trash, and my iPad's Mail settings are set to move deleted items to the "Trash" folder on the GMX server. Sending and receiving e-mails are no problem. What am I doing wrong here? I am tired of deleting messages on my iPad (such as spam) and then having to go onto a computer and login to GMX and delete them again. Btw, same exact issue on my iPhone with exact same e-mail settings.

Posted: Oct 16, 2010

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Losing Mail Off Server?
I am set up with Outlook Express on my computer. I have configured my Ipad mail to access my ISP server (Road Runner). When I wake up in the morning, I can read my mail on my computer. When I want to look at the same mail on my Ipad, I can't read it, although any new mail that comes in appears there. In other words, if I access my computer before accessing my Ipad, the mail won't show up on my Ipad if I look for it later.

Posted: Apr 20, 2010

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Will Not Connect To My Mail Server
I have just got an Ipad and tried to set up my mail server.I have a server that has SMTP on port 25 and IMAP configured on the default port 143, nothing special.In addition, I have port 144 for secure IMAP and 26 for secure SMTP. SSL is a self signed certificate for a custom root that is installed in all devices that allow it.I use SSL exclusively here and every laptop, desktop and other device works fine with it.I first tried to set the Ipad up with this, but when it did not work, I deleted the account and tried the non secure standard 25/143.The failure message - "Cannot Get Mail - The connection to the server "name" failed." happens straight after entering the mail application. After many failures,I turned on logging on my mail server and found whenever I attempted to retrieve emails, the following message happens:TCPConnection - SSL handshake with client failed. Error code:

Posted: Nov 11, 2010

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Mail Is Deleting From Server?
I have a POP account set up to run on my iMac, MacBook Pro and iPad. Under Mail:Preferences:Advanced we are set up on the first two to Remove copy from server after one week. Going fine with the iPad, too, until I downloaded the new iPad OS on Wednesday. Since then, the act of downloading email to the iPad clears the server.So, on the iPad, I go to Settings:Mail:Account:Advanced - and where others say I should see "Delete from Server - Never" - I find "IMAP Path Prefix."Something has changed and I'm - as usual - out of my depth! Any help would be gratefully received...

Posted: Nov 27, 2010

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Unable To Configure To Server?
Hey guys i updated my new ipad from 3.2 to 3.2.1 and it worked perfectly. After that i jailbreak it using jailbreakme on my ipad safari browser and it worked too. After jailbreaking it had cydia installed in it. It was working fine until i tried to sync it with my itunes. I downloaded the app and was trying to sync it with my ipad. But could not do it as it was showing error shown in the image below.

Posted: Aug 9, 2010, 12:55 PM

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Storing Emails On Server
I'm having an issue with my iPad using up too much of my diskspace as all the e-mails seem to be getting stored there rather than being deleted from the server when the iPad received them as happens when you open Outlook on a PC. I've set it up using POP3 and also tried IMAP but it hasn't solved the problem.

Posted: Jul 27, 2010

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Can't Search In Gmail - Server
A lot of the time when I want to use Mail (which is set up for my gmail account), and I am searching email, I get no results. I enter a word in the search box, click on "All", and even though I know the word is in at least one email, none show up. I do click on "search messages on server", but it still doesn't show up. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn't.

Posted: Nov 7, 2010

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Connection To Server - Cannot Connect
Both my iPad and my ipod touch have suddenly stopped being able to access the internet. Both were working fine a few hours ago. My PC is connected to the internet fine via my wireless connection.I can connect to my wifi router from both the ipad and ipod and the signal is strong.For a moment when I found my new toy the iPad wansn't connecting I thought 'oh no it might have a fault' so then went to check my ipod and got the same thing -so at least that should rule out a singular fault with the ipad.

Posted: May 2, 2010

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Email Server Connection
Every couple of days my outgoing email gets corrupted (for lack of a better term) and i get a message telling me the outgoing server rejected my attempt. All the settings are right, but i just can't seem to send an email without deleting the account and setting it up all over again.

Posted: 08-27-2010, 02:56 PM

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