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Trojan Detected Upon Backup To Win7?

I just plugged my iPad into my Win 7 PC for the first time in a long time and it started backing up. Twice during this backup process, my McAfee triggered a detection and subsequent deletion of PWS-Zbot.gen.vv in my backup files. My iPad is not jailbroken, but I download a lot of documents and pdfs straight to my iPad and I do not know if this is a false trigger or whether something I have downloaded is a potential danger to any Windows device to which I sync or backup my iPad. Is there any way to tell which file is causing the issue from the crazy alphanumeric path or to scan the iPad for potentially dangerous files? The other discussions of trojans in this forum have concluded that since non-jailbroken apps are safe that the iPad itself is safe and that these are false triggers, but they did not discuss files downloaded through Safari.

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Trojan Removal?
have managed to download trojans to my ipad from my pc. Have managed to purge my pc but do not know how to remove them from my ipad.

Windows Vista

Posted: Oct 6, 2010

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Find And Call Is An IOS Trojan ?
If you have the app "Find and Call" on your iDevice delete it now, it's a Trojan. It has probably already compromised your contact list.[URL]

iPad, iOS 5

Posted: Jul 5, 2012

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Got A Trojan Virus 'maljava' From Visiting A Webpage?
I use tapatalk when on my iPhome & iPad, but at work I use a pc. I just found out that I got a Trojan virus 'maljava' from visiting one of the forums I frequent on the PC. Can the same virus infect my iDevices if I go to that forum through tapatalk?

Posted: 11-17-2011

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Best / Fastest MKV To IPad 3 (Win7) ?
I recently purchased an ipad3 and am looking for a fast and effective way to convert my HD MKV collection to mp4 or any HD format supported by the iPad 3.Batch conversion would be ideal and I don't mind paying for the right software. (OS is Windows 7 BTW )

Posted: Jun 27, 2012

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Remote Desktop Viewing On Win7've used them on my ipod touch, like VNC, but they never worked too well. they never would render the screen fast enough but would the iPad have the juice to do this efficiently enough to say watch a movie? what about use flash apps?

Posted: Feb 2, 2010, 03:09 AM

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Does IPad Sync With Windows Live In Win7
I just bought a win 7 pc which has win live mail. Does iPad/phone sync with it? What to do with notes?

iPad 2

Posted: Apr 29, 2012

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Cannot Detected By Pc At All
My i pad started playing up a few weeks ago with not charging battery when connected to my laptop. Now it doesn't detect anything when I plug it into any of the USB's. I have tried all I can find on the web, hard reset, re install i tunes, make sure any drivers are working, ensure the apple mobile app is on, it is not showing on the pc full stop. It works fine as a pad but won't be able to sync it.

Posted: 06-03-2011

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Upgrading To Latest Version - Lost Connectivity To Win7
(sorry for the long descriptions but thought it might be also useful to others who run into some issues I have).Last night i struggled a lot with upgrading to the latest version. At first I couldn't complete the install and got error messages from iTunes that the system update failed and I should perform "system restore". After pressing the restore, got an error of unable to complete install (error 1016).
After many failed attempts involving all sorts of different boots (pressing home while connecting the cable and different USB ports) with no success I finally tried rebooting the PC and going through the process again and this time it sort of worked.

Posted: Jul 18, 2010

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Can Create New Photo Album With Itunes On Win7 Computer?
I just got my iPad.Can I create a new photo album with Itunes on a win7 computer to make my photos more manageable?

iOS 4

Posted: Jul 2, 2010

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Is There A Way To Have Snap To Functionality On The IPad 3 Apps Screen Like For MAC And Win7
Researching ipad3 and snap to functionality, similiar to that found on MACs and PCs using WIN7. Searched the web but I did not find anything specific to the ipad.

Posted: Jun 7, 2012

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Itunes V Won't Detected
my Itunes V and Ipad v 3.2, have not use Ipad with Itunes for a while, and my pc just being fixed yesterday, tried to sync some songs to Ipad, unfortunately itunes won't detected my ipad, anyone know how to fix this issue? thanks in advance

Posted: 10-07-2010, 09:56 PM

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Ipad Not Detected On Pc
Having ipad 4.2.1 jailbroken...its not getting detected on my win pc..but wen i connect it ipad does say "not charging"...but nothing on pc.

Posted: 07-28-2011

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Can't Find IPad IPhone In Computer To Win7 After Installed ITunes
can't find my iPad iPhone in my computer to win7 after i installed itunes.before that i can't use my iPhone or iPad as a flash driver.

Posted: Jun 13, 2012

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Ipad 3 Not Detected In ITunes?
Just bought an Ipad3 and tried to sync to my MacBook but my iPad device can't be seen in itunes.

iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: May 14, 2012

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Ipad 2 Not Detected By Itunes
my ipad is not gettin detected by itunes...also has stopped rotating .....

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2

Posted: Jun 23, 2012

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Wrong Location Detected On Maps ?
iPad Maps detects my IP Address - that I'm in Russia. I am however in the Philippines for a long vacation. I hope this gets corrected as this is a will be a reliability issue for me.

Posted: Jul 13, 2010

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Ipad 2 Not Detected And Bonjour Isn't Seen As Running
Itunes detects an ipod nano but does not detect my iPad. Windows does detect it and dings and gives the popup options as a camera.

I have rebooted, updated bonjour, uninstalled itunes and downloaded the most recent version and installed it. Went into Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services and stopped Bonjour AND AMDS and started both of them and still no go. Went through the MSCONFIG that Apple lists here:

http:(url)and still no go. If I go into Preferences in iTunes and go to Sharing and it says "The Bonjour service has been disabled. Bonjour is required to share music with others.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, Windows XP

Posted: May 9, 2012

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No Camera Detected - Connect To Sync With Sysetm
After many sucessful iPad syncs, last night when I connected the ipad I got a, "No Camera Detected error" in itunes. I selected OK, the message went away and continue to sync normally. Message now shows up everytime I connect to sync iPad.

Posted: Apr 13, 2010, 10:32 AM

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IPad Is Not Getting Detected On The ITunes When Connected To The System?
What are the steps that I need to perform to resolve the issue that the iPad is not getting recognized? Should I do a hard reset of the phone in the beginning?

Posted: 23-06-2012

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Connect To A Windows PC To Sync Some Music - Not Being Detected At All
I've been trying to connect my sister's ipad to a Windows PC to sync some music however when I connect it to the pc the ipad is not being detected at all. Here are some of the details and things I've tried already.

First machine ever synced with (windows7) Current PC/ My PC ( windows7) Other ipads and apple products connect to my PC and are automatically detected and displayed in itunes.

Itunes is up to date. Restarted Ipad (holding sleep/wake button) Reset ipad (holding sleep/wake and home buttons) Reset all settings in General Settings. tried connecting the ipad to another pc (windows XP) which also automatically detects other apple products. Tried connecting the ipad using different cables incase of a short.

I've officially run out of things to try. Right now I'm thinking the one last thing I can try is Erasing the ipad using the option in General Settings. Ive also noticed that when the Ipad is plugged into the Wall Charger it sometimes says 'Not Charging' however it does eventually charge very slowly.

Ipad info:
Ipad 1
Capacity 29.0GB
Version 4.3(8F190)
Model MB293LL


Posted: Jun 2, 2012

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Rebuilt My Home PC But Kept My ITunes Library On A Seperate Drive From My OS - Backup Doesn't Backup?
Alright, so I had a problem where I rebuilt my home PC but kept my iTunes library on a seperate drive from my OS, so I still kept it. Then, when I'd finished rebuilding my machine, I installed iTunes and told it to use the same directory as it had previously for the library. Of course, it didn't do that, it created a whole new folder within that folder, and ignored all the previous library data. No big deal, I'll just wipe the old stuff and transfer the purchases from my iPad. Except that didn't work either, I got a message saying iTunes was waiting for something (can't remember the exact text off-hand) everytime I tried to transfer purchaes from my iPad.

Looked through the communities and found out that a few things can cause that problem (apparently voice memos were at fault for some people, improperly authorized machine, and a couple other items), but none of the fixes did anything for me. So I looked around for the alternative to restore my iTunes library on my machine so I look at the Apple support page for backing up your iPad [URL] and it says the backup function will save your apps, which is all I cared about since I didn't store my media in my iTunes library. Since I'd also been having a problem with an Ubisoft game and they recommended wiping my iPad to fix it, I made a backup and wiped the iPad then restored from a backup. Except not a single freaking one of my apps backed up despite having done it just minutes before wiping the iPad. All the default Apps and settings information were saved, but every single purchased app is gone.

What did I do wrong, or is Apple support flat out wrong, or (and god I hope not or I'll blow a gasket) did Apple decides "apps" really means "Apple apps"?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1

Posted: Apr 23, 2012

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Ipad 2 - Photos Backup - Use An Online Backup Service Like Carbonite Or Sugarsynch
My problem is this: I am travelling throughout Asia with my ipad2 and using it to store photos. Recently my camera started playing up and the photos stored on the ipad are the only backup i have. I want to back them up. I have the camera kit so can connect USB and SD, however I was looking to use an online backup service like Carbonite or Sugarsynch. I've found out that they can only back up one photo at a time if at all.

How else can i back up the photos currently on my ipad? As additional information, i do have remote access through Teamviewer, to my laptop back in the US. I've tried to remote to thea laptop, thean remote back to the ipad in order to pull picture files off but couldn't seem to get it to work....thought it was a longshot anyway. So, how do youbackup photos without a computer to synch with?

Posted: 07-15-2011

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As A Backup Device Through Time Machine To Backup My Macbook?
Is it possible to use the iPad as a backup device through time machine to backup my macbook to?I would imagine that they both need to be on the same wifi network or through bluetooth

Posted: Nov 5, 2010, 12:15 PM

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'PHONEBOOK BACKUP' New Contacts Backup / Sends To Email
just bought from appstore this great app! it saves phonebook entries as vcard, which can be imported to gmail (and i think outlook, am i right?)... now i can easily store all my contacts.

Posted: 09-17-2011

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What Is "Find And Call" Trojan On IPad? How Could It Affect My IPad?
I have heard about "Find and Call" Trojan affecting iOS and Android Devices. What is this Trojan and Why should I be wary of it being an iPad User. Please brief me up on this.Thanks in advance

Posted: 22-07-2012

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"No Sim Card Detected" Message At Startup
Has anyone seen the "no sim card detected" message at startup? also says "no Sim" at top left.

Posted: 07-11-2012

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Itunes Cannot Backup Because Backup Could Not Be Saved On The Computer?
Have been trying to back up my ipad on my pc so that i can upgrade the ipad os, but the above message keeps appearing. Aside from the fact that it takes ages to back up, it has been frustrating as i have tried deleting the back up file, removing all sleep/hibernate function on my pc ('cos it took so long), synching only the photos, and synching only the apps.

I do use apps like zinio and dropbox, which store files on the ipad, could these be the issues?

i have tried searching through the forum regarding the above error message but could not find any solution as most of the posts refer to slow backing up process.

macbook, iphone, ipad
Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Posted: Oct 10, 2010

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Slow Backup/took Around 11 Minutes To Backup?
I posted on a previous thread about slow backups that my Ipad with around 48GB of apps, music, films etc, took around 11 minutes to backup.Then suddenly a couple of days ago after about 5 hours I cancelled the backup as it was only about half way through.i worked out what had changed and it seems a rather strange phenomena similar to the reported wifi problem that appears to respond to turning off the auto screen brightness.

I don't like to turn the volume up too high when listening to music through ear buds as I value my hearing.This means that the base is generally lacking, so I went into the iPod settings and set the equaliser for base boost. Suddenly, the backup was just too slow to bear.

Some time back I had a problem with slow backup with my iPhone and resolved the issue by deleting the backup in iTunes (go to preferences > devices > backup) and doing a brand new backup rather than incremental. I did this with the iPad backup and left the iPad connected to my Macbook Pro overnight. It took six hours to backup from scratch but tonight I've done a sync and backup and it's back to around ten minutes.

Posted: 08-05-2010, 03:39 PM

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Slow Backup-very Slow Backup With ITunes?
Are people on here having a very slow backup with iTunes? I mean tremendously slow. I decided to disabled backup everytime it sync. Don't know what exactly is causing it.

Using Windows 7 x64.

Posted: 06-08-2010, 02:08 AM

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Nothing Shows Up Under "Restore From Backup" Where It Says "Chose A Backup To Restore"
After doing a backup on either my ipod or ipad & then going to try to do a restore nothing shows up under "Restore from Backup" Where it says "Chose a backup to restore" on the drop down list the only backup showing is one I did in Dec of 2009. It goes through the motions of a backup - Step 1, Backing up, then finishes but no backup shows up. Just did backup's on both my ipod & ipad & neither backup is there, just says "last synced today 10:15pm"

Posted: Jun 22, 2011

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How To Backup
How do I back up iPad?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jul 1, 2012

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How To Use SHSH Backup?
I was storing all my SHSH files using TinyUmbrella for my iPhone and iPad when this happened.My iPad is currently running a spirit'd 3.2. Right when I jailbroke my iPad, I told Cydia to make my life easier by storing the SHSH files. I trusted Cydia that it would backup the SHSH for firmware 3.2. A couple weeks passed in which in opened Cydia every now and then just to see that the files weren't backed up yet, until today. Turns out, Cydia stored the files for 3.2.1 while I'm not even running it? I would like to be safe by having the 3.2 SHSH files as well, in case I happen to destroy my jailbroke.Fun extra: my parents' iPad bought and jailbroken around the same time as mine do have the files for 3.2 backed up.

Posted: Jul 24, 2010, 06:10 AM

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How To Sync Without Doing A Backup?
So far I've got about 4 gig of data on my iPad. The backup takes more than 2 hours to do. I hate doing it, because it takes too long. I understand, it takes that long to transfer 4 gigs to my hard drive.BUT-- Isn't it possible to do a Sync without doing a Backup?Do I have to do the backup every time?I've looked and looked. I see now way to avoid this.Maybe you've found the answer? Information:Windows, iPod, iPad Windows XP

Posted: Jul 27, 2010

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Restore From The Backup
Receive the following message when I connect my iPad to my MAC: An iPad has previously synced with this computer. This message is followed by two options:1. set up as new iPAD2. Restore from the backup of: iPod touchI have not synced this device and based on the date/time of last sync it is referring to my iTouch. So to be on the safe side (and not lose the information on my itouch or in my itunes library) which option should I choose?

Posted: Apr 5, 2010

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3.X - 4.2.1 No Restore From Backup
Has anyone else encountered this?I set the update going, it did all it needs to do - then when the iPad restarted, a progress bar appeared, but itunes then started to sync!The progress bar stopped, and a warning came on screen saying it couldnt sync because there was something else syncing?So i tried again, same deal.I tried restoring from scratch, then restoring from backup - same problem, it just wont do it from backup - it just hangs.

Posted: Nov 23, 2010, 04:53 AM

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Restoring From Backup - Non 3G To 3G ?
I've exchanged my WiFi only model to the 3G model. I'd like to keep my settings and apps from the previous iPad to the new one so I've made a backup.When I get my 3G iPad do I just do a full restore? A full restore won't overwrite any 3G only data that exists on that model iPad? I just want to make sure I do it the right way without buggering anything up.

Posted: Oct 28, 2010

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Non-sync Backup
Hi, ok maybe a stupid question, but here goes. I never use my computer anymore. I do fine with my iPad and my iTouch. Not only that but I don't even want to use my computer! It's slow, etc. Anyway I bought a subscription to Mobile Me thinking I could use that as a backup alternate to syncing on my computer but now I find that Mobile Me doesn' really act like a backup, won't store some things like Pages documents unless I email them to myself, etc.

So my question is , what alternative, if any, is there to my old, clunky computer with iTunes on it can I use as a type of cloud or other backup location for my iPad, or any hardware available? I hate using my computer anymore. Thanks

Posted: 06-05-2010, 01:58 PM

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Backup Fails Under 10.1?
Since bringing down 10.1 - my Ipad backup fails. Seems to try 3 times, a couple of hours each time - then I get a message saying, back up failed, and it goes on to a regular sync. Have reinstalled I Tunes 2 times.

I suspect (but don't know) that it is tied to a particular app, and I know that a number of troubleshooting steps have been detailed in a number of different postings, I am hoping for any new suggestions or solutions that someone may have before I spend the weekend troubleshooting the hard way.

I really want to get this fixed up and backed up before the 4.2 circus begins.


Posted: Nov 20, 2010

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Backup On A Different Computers?
I use a specific computer to backup and sync my iPad, can you tell me if I can 'just' Backup my iPad on another PC?

if its the same apple id , can i sync as well?

iOS 4

Posted: Nov 24, 2010

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Restore From BackUp?
Okay, I've got a 32GB version that I want to back-up with iTunes, that's all fine and dandy. Now, will I be able to use that back-up on a 16GB version? (obviously not if all the info is greater than the capacity of a 16GB ver.) Just wondering if i restore the 16 from 32 back-up will it work?

Posted: 05-26-2010, 02:40 PM

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Going To IOS 5 - Cannot Do A Backup To The Cloud?
I have an Iphone 4. Upgraded to iOS 5 on Tuesday, now I cannot download anything from the app store - not updates, not new things - they all just go to 'waiting' status and sit there. Left it going all night last night, not a thing happened. (EDITED TO ADD - just flattened and restored the iphone, now I can download apps. Of course, I just lost all my contacts...) Cannot do a backup to the cloud, says it failed, try again later, but no indication as to why it failed.I have an Ipad 2, just bought a few weeks ago. Upgraded to iOS 5 on Tuesday, took two tries since it hung up on the setup screens and would not let me past the iCloud screen. Got it to work, but again, it will not backup to the cloud. Same message, failed, try again later. It *will* let me download from the app store however.

Thought part of this was that the devices would update each other - what you buy on one would automatically go to the other, if you have that turned on in the settings. I do, and it doesn't. Might have something to do with the fact that the iphone refuses to take anything from the app store, but I don't know since again, there are no messages.Also, despite the fact that I have never backed up to the cloud, I only have 2.1M left of my 5M allotment. I assume as part of the upgrade it automatically put something out there? Seems like an awful lot. And how do you find out what's out there?Last - I do not have windows 7 yet - is the computer desktop piece of this essential to making everything work?

Posted: 10-20-2011

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Can't Restore IOS 5.1.1 From Backup
I recently wanted to restore my iOS 5.1.1, So I backed up on itunes and then restored to fresh 5.1.1 and afterwards went to "Restore from backup" and it did its thing taking roughly 10 minutes, but when it came back to the main screen I found that my ipad had nothing on it different from the fresh restore of 5.1.1. No pictures, videos, calendar stuff.. NOTHING.

Posted: Jun 16, 2012

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Battery Backup On IOS 5.1.1?
have any one updated their ipad1 to 5.1.1? I just want to know about the battery backup on 5.1.1?

Posted: Jun 10, 2012

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How To Backup Stuff On It
How do you back up stuff on an iPad?

Posted: 08-26-2011

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Can't Update Due To Backup
Want to update my iPad to 4.3 but when it starts it gives me the message unable to backup to this computer. I have 33g on the iPad and 63g free space on my laptop. My iPad will sync with the current 4.2 but does not backup.

Posted: 03-18-2011

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Cannot Backup It On Itune
I just want to perform update to my iPad, however, when the backup in progress, my MacBook stop working and ask me to long press the power bottom to reset. After that, I cannot backup my iPad again and of course, cannot update as well?

Posted: 07-28-2011

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Restore Backup To It?
How do I restore my movies from itunes to a new ipad after my HP laptop died?

Info:iPhone 4

Posted: May 20, 2012

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Restore Without A Backup?
I had to delete a lot of apps from my iPad, some of which had data saved on them (such as note taking apps). I always synced my iPad to my MBP, is there any way to restore the iPad to the last sync? I tried hitting the restore button under 'summary' and it asked if I wanted to make a back up, and I had never made a back up before, just syncing. I hit cancel on the restore, and haven't synced it since deleting the information I'm trying to get back.

Posted: Sep 13, 2011

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Using The Wifi To Backup It?
can I use wifi to backup my ipad?

Posted: Apr 12, 2012

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