Take So Long To Load A Webpage On My IPad 2

Jul 4, 2012

Why does it take so long to load a web page on my new ipad wifi

Info:iPad 2

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IPad Air :: 3G Works But Not LTE - Cannot Load Webpage In Safari

Apr 15, 2014

Have a 1 month old iPad Air signed up with Telus. Despite getting 3-4 bars of LTE I often have trouble loading a web page in safari. Only when I disable LTE in settings and use 3G do the pages load up.

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Webpage Will Not Load

Mar 25, 2011

I have accessed this page, cuteoverload.com, many times. Now all I get is a white screen when I try to open the page. I have cleared my cache, cookies, and history and shut down. Did not work.

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Error Display To Load Webpage

Jul 6, 2010

My network works on my iPhone 3GS and MacBook Pro but all of a sudden today the wifi network connects on my iPad but when trying to load a webpage it gives me an error. I reset the network settings to no avail ;/

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Webpage Images / Unable To Load

Oct 12, 2010

I am having trouble on loading images on both my Ipad, Iphone and Ipod. Sometimes the images that are supposed to be on the page are visable but other times not.
when the page loads the images are usually visable but when the page is done loading the images will dissappear.
As i said the images will sometimes be viewable but that is approximetly 1 out of 10 times.
does anybody experience similar problems or have a soloution for this problem?

Iphone Ipad Ipod
iOS 4

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IPad 3 :: Exchange Email Attachment When Forwarding Takes Long Time To Load

Jan 31, 2013

I have an iPad III with Exchange configured. User is able to receive and send messages, but when he wants to forward an attachment the device sort of hoses on Loading and after a minute or two it finally loads so he can send the message.

He has a 32MB/4G device - when I tested I was on a wireless connection, not 4G.
He has almost the entire amount free.
I upgraded the device to iOS 6.1 without any improvements.

I checked and he only had mail and contacts opened on the device.

This was happening on his iPadII but he was due for an upgrade so we moved him to an iPad III and for a long time he hasn't had any issues until recently.

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YouTube Useless - Takes Long Time To Load

Apr 27, 2010

Anyone else finding YouTube useless? It takes forever to load and I have a good high speed connection. Is it a wifi issue? Or is it the YouTube app itself? Regardless, I find that I can't use it and if I want to see a video, I call it up on my MB.

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YouTube Stops And Takes A Long Time To Load

Jul 27, 2010

YouTube stops and takes a long time to load videos. It works good on my MacBook and pc, no stoping at all. I think it has something to do with the video quality being to high for my Internet speed, I have 1.5 dsl. I just play the lowest quality on my computers but I can't change it on the iPad.

iPhone OS 3.1.3

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Unable To Browse With Speed - Sites Take Very Long To Load

Sep 22, 2010

Within the past week or two, just browsing the web on my 16GB iPad has become unbearably slow. Sites take forever to load (for an example, just bringing up the "new thread" page took over 15 seconds. It's not my wireless or Internet connection because other computers are fine.

Loading slickdeals is taking almost a minute. No matter what site I go to the blue loading bar creeps along at a snails pace. I've reset and cleared history, but that seemed to make it worse. I haven't updated to the new firmware because I'm boycotting it until Apple comes to their senses and restores the orientation lock switch. Any suggestions as to what might be slowing it down?

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Safari Taking Long To Load Pages With Timeline Format (Facebook)?

Apr 14, 2012

I have 2 and 3 full bars for wifi all the time but I think my pages load slightly slower with my new iPad? Is there a diagnostic test for this? It's mostly facebook on safari that makes it crash. Other sites seem to be fine. I feel like safari always takes a while to load people's pages with the timeline format.

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Load The App DOCUMENTS TO GO - Long Pause With App Logo On The Screen And Then Home Screen

Jul 16, 2011

Every time I try to load the app DOCUMENTS TO GO ... long pause with app logo on the screen and then home screen appears without successfully loading the app/program. Perhaps I get in after half dozen tries.

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Why Is The Charging Time On The New So Long - It Is 3 Times As Long As IPad 2

Mar 21, 2012

Why is the charging time on the new iPad so long? It is 3 times as long as iPad 2.

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Slow Ipad - Pages Load Up 25% And Then It Takes Awhile Before They Continue To Load

Apr 4, 2011

I had this ipad for about 5months, the ipad ran very smooth with web pages opening very fast and you tube videos loading up with no lag and no stopping.

since last week, it started acting up last week not opening web pages and not loading you tubes videos all the way.

1.My safari browser and other browsers have problems loading pages most of the time. the pages load up 25% and then it takes awhile before they continue to load. Very slow. i did clear the history/ cache and cookies. didnt help.

2.My you tube videos now load up to 15secs and then stops. then it takes awhile for them to continue to half way and stops again.i never had this problem before. Before videos would never stop and would load smoothly while playing the video.

Also i did play with the dns server number. but cant figure with one is the best. my dns now is, My ipad is the 64gb one and has 30gbs free. Also my ipad is J/b so i dont want to reset it so i dont lose my apps and info

I also have 2 year old ipod touch 8gb with only 1gb left on it and everything runs smoothly one it. web pages and youtube is always smooth and fast.no lag.

My co-worker got the Motorola Xoom and we were compare it in the office and everybody laugh at my ipad because of its speed. they sad the ipad is not worth the money. made me feel like i have a POS ipad.

What is this ipads problem? i am so mad at this that iam about to slam it against the floor and throw it in the recycle bin. its acting like a POS.

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IPad 2 :: Save A Webpage Like An App?

Mar 29, 2012

I Know I can use bookmarks, but I have an app box 4 weather and would like 2stick the NOAA website in that box.

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IPad 2 :: Edit A Webpage

Dec 15, 2011

I just got my webpage, And I'm looking how edit a webpage, in order to see the source?

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Ipad 2 Print A Webpage?

Jun 4, 2011

If I want to print a webpage but I'm not really want to print it on the paper, could I turn the page into PDF file and save it into my ipad2? Which APP program should I purchase?

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Bookmark A Webpage On Ipad 3?

Apr 15, 2012

Hi, how do I bookmark a web page on I pad3

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Webpage Won't Let Me Copy More Than One Word When Using My IPad

Feb 8, 2011

For some reason, there is a certain web page that will not let me copy more than one word when using my iPad. Could that be because maybe the website is copy protected or something?

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IPad 2 :: View Entire Webpage?

Feb 7, 2012

I have a website that I need to use for school and I cannot see the whole page. Is there a way that I can? I've tried full screen on terra and atomic but those don't work.

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IPad Air :: Safari Keeps Redirecting Webpage On BBC

Dec 6, 2014

I check sports and stuff on the BBC.COM page, since I have been in the US, it keeps redirecting me to an advert, sometimes it's an app advert. It doesnt happen using Chrome

iPad Air, iOS 8.1.1

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IPad :: Where To Paste Copied Webpage

Jun 26, 2014

I Copy a webpage , where can I past it in ?

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