Safari Slow And Freezing?

May 13, 2010

My iPad constantly freezes on sites like eBay - will not play cNet video etc. What's up? we have no flash, and the alternative doesn't work either????

Please don't tell me to disable javascript, eBAy is useless with out it, and OS X is meant to support it.

iPhone OS 3.1.3

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Severe Slow Downs And Freezing - Could It Be The Jailbreak Or Virtual Memory?

Sep 10, 2010

I'm both JB and have the virtual memory hack and am noticing worsening freezes and slowdowns, especially in the web browsers (both safari and atomic), and even sometimes the browser will just shut off on me, and thats with only 3 or 4 tabs open. I've also noted decreased accuracy on finger presses registering, don't know if that's related.I'm getting ready to completely wipe the entire ipad, but I'd rather not lose my JB stuff and am starting to suspect the virtual memory hack.

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Safari Freezing While Typing On IOS 4.2.1

Nov 22, 2010

When I try to type in a webaddress or a google search Safari freezing for about 5-10 seconds over and over again after a few letters.

Once again a great update...

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Safari Tool Bar Freezing Up?

Apr 17, 2011

The three icons (bookmarks, etc) to the left of the address bar freeze up and won't work at times. The only way to unfreeze them is to reboot the iPad. Anyone else ever have this happen.

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Safari Freezing On IPad 2?

Oct 9, 2011

I've had it happen to me a handful of times recently. One issue that has repeated is where when I touch the window button to view the other pages I have open it doesn't do anything, so i have to restart the iPad to get it to reset.

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IPad 2 :: Safari Is Constantly Freezing When Searching In Google?

Dec 30, 2011

IPad 2, no issues for six months. Now safari is constantly freezing when searching in Google.

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IPad Mini :: Freezing While On WiFi When Loading Safari Page Or YouTube Video

Apr 27, 2014

Had my retina mini wifi+cellular a couple days now currently still on 7.0.4. Background of iPad 3 and iPhones.

So a couple of times a day when loading safari page or YouTube video it freezes loading, I've tried closing the application but that doesn't work, only thing that works is a hard reset (sleep and home button for couple seconds)

It's started to get annoying, thought it was a one off the first time. iPad 3 and iPhone 5 on same wifi work fine.

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Slow Browsing Using Safari?

Nov 26, 2010

After getting my ipad and being very excited with it, I am now wondering just what I want to do with it. Browsing the internet is like sitting down at with a legacy device and trying to visit modern web pages. My windows Atom net-book can run circles around it, and it's over a year old . . .

This is very disappointing. I can only hope Apple takes notice and has a patch solution.

But if I have to hope every web site has to make and app version of their site (e.g., Facebook app), and then have to purchase and install -- no way!

I hope all that is needed is some cleaner iOS. That or apple just should consider putting a intel dual into this device . . .

I've tried looking at some of the other post, and there are some similar issues. Anyway, I'm looking for input and want to know if I got this right . . . that it is indeed slow and there is no fix at this moment?

Let me know and thanks for reading!

PS, this was NOT sent from my ipad . . .

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Safari Slow To Repsond ?

Apr 22, 2012

I just got my new iPad (3rd generation), and something that surprised me about it was that it was so slow to become responsive in Safari. I'm not sure if this is just my problem or this is something that everyone goes through. Whether I choose to touch the address bar or the search bar, Safari usually takes about 5 seconds to respond. That's an unexpectedly high time. I'm coming from using an iPhone 4 as my only iOS device so I assumed I'd see comparable or better speeds with iPad's Safari. Was the assumption wrong? Or is there something wrong with my iPad? No other app has shown unresponsiveness on that level. The iPad has, otherwise, been a model of speed and wonder for me. Which makes this Safari behavior stand out all the more.

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Slow Streaming/buffering In Safari?

May 10, 2010

Leaving Facebook... | Facebook

I'm having problems with slow streaming/buffering. Can someone click the above video on their iPad and tell me if it's slow or not? When I watch this on my laptop it runs great, but on iPad it's horribly slow and choppy (same network). I spent a good hour talking to apple support with no luck..

p.s No, I'm not an Info Wars nut. This is just an example of random videos not working on iPad.

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Safari Is Very Slow On IPad 2 Running IOS 5.1

Jun 26, 2012

I'm running ios 5.1.1 on my iPad 2. For the past few days, safari has been very slow. it can take 20 seconds for a web page to load. If I force quit, it gets better for a short time, but then the problem starts up again.

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Safari Really Slow To Respond At Times

Oct 28, 2011

Have found recently that Safari can be really slow to respond at times. Even when accessing bookmarks it can sometimes take what I consider to be too long to respond.

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Safari On IPad 2 Running Slow?

Jul 6, 2011

Doesn't matter what wifi or 3G I'm hooked up to it still runs slower than it used to and won't load up images from other forums or just takes a while?

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Safari Suddenly Really Slow On IPad 1

Nov 22, 2011

My iPad 1 still has iOS 4 on it and nothing has changed. So why is Safari suddenly running slow? I mean REALLY slow. It may take up to 60 seconds to download a full web page. It varies; sometimes it's better, then it gets bad again.

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Safari Is Slow To Open Web Pages?

May 28, 2012

Safari is slow to open web pages. Why?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1

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Safari Slow And Bookmarks Have Disappeared?

Nov 10, 2011

Problem #1: Just over the last few weeks, it's been running really slow, especially when using Safari to browse the web.Problem #2: Two days ago my Safari bookmarks suddenly disappeared from the iPad. They are still on the iMac and the iPhone, just not the iPad.I am a MobileMe customer and have not yet gone to iCloud (waiting for bugs to get resolved).

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Slow Internet/Safari Limitations/pdf Hangs

Jul 13, 2010

Ipad is supposed to be your internet gateway in the house and is a perfect format for that but I am getting very frustrated with Safari's limitations (iPad version). Many sites that work fine on my macbook are not working on the iPad, pages with scroll down windows / lists is one for example. Pdf's that open only on what's visible on the screen and getting stuck on that with nothing else coming and no access to even the bottom of the first page. Lastly i find the internet connection to be much slower on the iPad that on the other computers in the house.

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IPad 2 Safari Slow In Loading Webpages?

Apr 6, 2011

issue with safari taking its slow sweet time in loading pages? And I get checkerboard when I scroll up and down pages. Don't believe it's home network problem. Also don't notice similar lag when using apps or even viewing YouTube vids. iPad 2 is two weeks old, and I haven't done anything unusual to it.

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My Ipad 2 Is Really Slow / Won't Open App Store Or Safari

Jun 5, 2012

My ipad 2 is really slow and it wont open app store or safari but i dont understand why?

Info:iPad 2

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IPad :: Safari Is Slow Says Server Not Responding

Dec 8, 2014

My Safari won't open in my iPad and says server not responding. Wi Fi shows I am online.

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Won't Work With Safari / Slow And Server Stoped Responding

Apr 5, 2010

I am very unhappy with the iPad, specifically the performance (or lack there of) of Safari. Most pages that are not pure html load slowly or not at all. Usually they require that I stop the load and click the reload to get them to show. Pages that require a login like Facebook won't come up at all. I've confirmed my login on Facebook by logging out and back in on my Mac but with the iPad... nothing but a hang and eventually a note that the 'server stopped responding' (don't think so because I can log in on my Imac).

I cannot down load free apps from the app store and in fact can't get my account info to come up. Again, of the iMac, no problems. I guess the App Store serve could be very busy because of the demand for apps being downloaded for all the new iPads but that does not explain my web access issues.

I am less than happy about this thing.

I pay a game through Facebook but can also access

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