Restoring Backup In Apple Configurator

Apr 13, 2012

I am trying to restore a backup to a new iPad from an iPad i've set up the way I want from Apple Configurator. When i click Prepare Apple Configurator starts configuring the iPad but stops at "Restoring backup". The iPad seems to have finished restoring when I browse through it but does not jump over to the next step, Supervise. I think something in the restore process went wrong.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1

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Use With Apple Configurator To A Backup System Yet And Tried Restoring?

May 13, 2012

Has anyone else tied the Apple desktop or laptop they configured to use with Apple Configurator to a backup system yet and tried restoring? I have read this Apple KB article, but wanted to know if there are any gotchas or anyone experienced anything else that was detrimental in their backups. It says just to the ~/Library/Application Support/ directory is important, but this is a departure from the iPhone Configuration Utility where Apple representatives warned us about ever removing that device, because the certificates for signing profiles could never be exported to another system (despite certificate export utilities). I do not know if I should be so worried, so I was curious if anyone else had experience.

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Apple Configurator: Backing Up And Restoring Data?

Jun 21, 2012

I have the smurf village and while it was loading my niece ran her fingers across the screen and it just stopped and went back to the main screen. I tried to load it up again and it just keeps going back to the main/home screen. Everything else works. Should I reset the game and loose all my progress? Or is there a way to save everything and use the back up off of the cloud. If so, how can I restore the Smurf Village app. off of iCloud? Before I delete it :( me and my niece will be devastated after all the time,money,and work put into this game. Please help !

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

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IPad :: Stuck On Apple Logo After Restoring Backup And Getting Cydia Again

Feb 6, 2013

I jailbroke my ipad after I backed it up. Cydia wasn't installing anything so I decided to try to restore my backup and get cydia again, but after a backup restore my ipad is stuck on the apple logo.

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Apple Configurator Not Accepting ITunes VPP Apple ID Or Password

Mar 13, 2012

Per the directions on the Apple Configurator online help site [URL], I attempted to set my Apple ID in Preferences and it was rejected as having an invalid username or password. When I visit the Apple VPP site, however, the username and password log me in just fine. See image...

iPad 2, iOS 5.1, Apple Configurator not accepting VP

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Unable To Set Apple ID In Apple Configurator Preferences

Jun 20, 2012

When I try to set my Apple ID and password in preferences under Apple Configurator of my iPad 2, it says invalid username and password. But, I am able to login to Apple VPP site with same ID and password. How can I set up ID and password in ‘Preferences?

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Apple Configurator 1.0 App Not Authorized

Mar 12, 2012

I have begun testing the new Apple Configurator for mass deploying iPads. We currently have another MDM solution in place but we want to try Apple's to see if it's better for us. So I setup a profile and imported a paid app we use on all our iPads. I then imported redemption codes I obtained as part of our VPP program and then authorized the apple ID I originally used to purchase the app in iTunes. I also set this same AppleID in preferences of the Apple Configurator. When i connect an iPad to my mac it starts to go thru the prepare phase but always fails with 'App not authorized' and I can't figure out why. Again I have followed the docs I found and bought the app with a different account than my VPP account uses and used this same account in iTunes and Apple Configurator.

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Not Able To Install Apps Through Apple Configurator 1.1

Jul 15, 2012

Each time I try to install apps through Apple Configurator 1.1 on my iPad 2, it gives an unknown error message and says “install prohibited”. How can I avoid that error message and correct this issue?

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Import EBooks Via Apple Configurator?

Apr 24, 2012

I've downloaded free apps in iTunes, and imported them into Configurator with no problem. I've added documents to my users in Configurator without problems.But I can't find a way to add the free eBook I've downloaded in iTunes.

iBooks is not a valid App to which to add documents. If I try to import the epub file as I would an ipa, I only get a spinning wheel and the word "importing" forever....

Info:Apple Configurator, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Restore IPad 2 With Apple Configurator?

Jun 4, 2012

I have been using Apple configurator to maintain a classroom set of 30 iPads. We just finished our first use in a class where we had to manually download courses and books onto each iPad (these are being loaned out to different classes).While I know configurator is unable to put on iBooks, restoring to a clean backup (with all iBooks and Courses deleted) doesn't get rid of the books and associated data (like highlights). Is there a way to completely wipe the iPad to factory settings? Or does the ibook/iTunes U course data need to be deleted on each device?

Info:iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

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Apple Configurator VPP - App Not Authorized Error

May 23, 2012

I'm new to using Apple Configurator and VPP licensing for setting up iPads for our business. In a nut shell I had several free apps and a couple VPP apps imported and deployed to several iPads with no problems. Everything seemed to be working great until I went to import some additional apps from my iTunes folder and accidentally re-imported the entire folder. Once the entire folder was import "overriding all the existing apps and VPP apps" I could no longer re-deploy any of the VPP apps to the iPads "I am getting an "app not authorized" error for only the VPP apps. I then tried to remove and re-import all the apps, re-import the VPP licenses, check-in and check-out the iPads, deleted and re-downloaded apps under iTunes, etc. (Just about every troubleshooting combination) with no luck.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1, Apple Configurator

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Restoring From Backup - Non 3G To 3G ?

Oct 28, 2010

I've exchanged my WiFi only model to the 3G model. I'd like to keep my settings and apps from the previous iPad to the new one so I've made a backup.When I get my 3G iPad do I just do a full restore? A full restore won't overwrite any 3G only data that exists on that model iPad? I just want to make sure I do it the right way without buggering anything up.

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Use Apple Configurator To Delete WiFi Profiles?

May 30, 2012

I am a 17YO IT Support technician for the School I attend, and we have got abvout 250 iPad 2's in storage as we are unable to get them set up for the School Server, then get the iPad to delete the Server Credentials afterwards.

Is it possible to use the Apple Configurator Released on Mac OS X to 'push' profiles and settings, but delete the previous settings before it installs the new ones? Or does it Delete the settings as it is installing the new settings?

Info:iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1, Work Issued iPad

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Apple Configurator Will Not Restore WiFi Settings?

May 23, 2012

We have 120 iPads 1's running iOS 5.1.1, I created an backup from an iPad whos Wifi setting are pre-configured and working.

I then take a backup of that iPad and attempt to restore it to several others. The Wifi setting will not carry over to the other devices.

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Apple Configurator: Installing IOS And Sequential Numbering?

Apr 4, 2012

I'm in the middle of deploying 300 iPads in a K-12 environment. I'm trying to avoid an MDM solution for now until we know if this pilot program will move forward and scale up. I've got iTunes in 'Activation Only' mode and have been going through the iPads there first. Then I am quitting iTunes and starting Apple Configurator. This probably isn't the best process, but for now I am just 'Prepare'ing and 'Supervise'ing so that I can throw them into groups and export my MAC addresses for our inventory/NAC guy. I mention that, because I am not messing with 'Profiles' yet so those aren't causing these issues. It seems that it if you put the device into Supervision mode it must check the iOS version everytime it 'Prepare's and when it is 'Installing iOS' I can only do one iPad at a time. If I plug another iPad in to prepare it fails on the iOS for the first one.Anyone else find this to be true?It seems that when I set the 'Number sequentially starting at ...' on it works properly for the first 2-3 iPads and the 3rd-4th iPad then gets the previous ones name. I then have been renaming it in the 'Supervise' tab and starting my 'Prepare' again.Anyone else find this to be true? This part is clearly making this process take longer having to double check everytime the app names a device. I understand an MDM solution might make some of this easier, but I'm trying to remain fiscally responsible with this pilot program and not jump into a subscription based program until I know we will continue this. I'm waiting on my 16-port sync-n-charge from Datamation to come in, but I question how useful it will even be to me if I keep having to check device naming and can only 'Prepare' one at a time.

iPad 2, Apple Configurator

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Getting Logs From Apple Configurator / Can't Install In House App

Mar 13, 2012

how to get logs out of the Apple Configurator? I'm evaluating it for deployment of an in house app to 100 ipods. My tests are returning a simple message stating "Can't Install App" It would be nice to see a log of WHY it didn't install.

Configurator, iOS 5.1

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Restoring A 3g From A Wifi Backup

May 3, 2010

For those people who had Wifi models and then bought 3g models, did you have to do anything special to get the Wifi backup to load onto the 3g? Or was it just a simple "restore from backup" the first time you plug in the 3g?My first attempt at "restoring" the 3g from the Wifi backup just now ended with some kind of error and it copied over my Safari bookmarks and my music but none of my Apps.

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Restoring Backup To A Different IPad

Oct 25, 2011

I owned an iPad 1 until this spring, when I sold it for financial reasons. I'm about to get one again, however. It is also an iPad 1, 32gb, except this one will have 3G. Normally, I wouldn't want to restore a backup to a different device, just to avoid any potential issues and start fresh But I lost some files I'd created on my first iPad. Since I have the backup iTunes took of it, can I safely restore that backup to the new iPad - keeping in mind the backup was for a WiFi model, not the 3g? Any cautions to be aware of? Would love to get my files back!

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Restoring IPhone Backup To It?

May 18, 2011

I assume the common (both for iPhone and iPad) will copy over with its data, and non-iPad apps won't sync over?

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Silent Install Of MDM Enrollment Fails With Apple Configurator

Apr 27, 2012

We are hoping to use Apple Configurator to do and "Silent" install of our Jamf MDM enrollment profile. There is a great white paper on how to do this but it just is not working. What we are finiding is that the wifi settings profile will install just fine but when both the wifi and enrollment profiled are both installed it errors our. Also, if we manualy connect the wifi and then push the enrollment profile with AC then it installs and enrolls just fine. [code]

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IPad :: OS 7.1.2 - Change Option In Apple Configurator To Never Update

Dec 9, 2014

How do i change the option in apple configurator to set " update os" to "Never update". When restoring an ipad to a os image (7.1.2 in this case) without updating to 8.1.1. I am using OS Yosemite with lates apple configurator.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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