Projector Connectivity Using Bluetooth?

Jul 19, 2010

Has anyone done this or know that it is feasible? Using iPad's built-in bluetooth connect to a bluetooth-enabled projector. Idea here is to skip being tethered to a long VGA cord....

iPad 3G
Other OS

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Connectivity With Projector?

Jun 17, 2010

Does anyone have info on connecting my Ipad to a projector/large screen with the aim of mirroring the Ipad screen with the idea of promoting apps

Mac OS X (10.4.11)

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Bluetooth Connectivity With IPad 2

May 20, 2012

I would like to know whether iPad2 features Bluetooth connectivity. What kind of devices can I pair with iPad2?

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Access Using My Phone? Bluetooth Connectivity

Dec 1, 2010

My question is how can I access my Ipad using my cell phone? I have a Dell Laptop and can access and transfer files using the bluetooth however when I tried this with the IPad it doesn't complete the process. The phone recognizes the IPad but the IPad won't accept?

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Sudden Intermittent Bluetooth Connectivity?

Aug 1, 2010

I've used my iPad with Motorola S9 headphones numerous times. Today, though, they won't connect properly - I get this quick, rhythmic stuttering at about a 1.5 second cycle.

I've tried the headphones with another bluetooth device - they work fine. The iPod app on speakers works fine. I've also tried shutting both off and on - no improvement. Headphones are fully charged, iPad at 90%

This began about an hour ago, after I remove the iPad from the dock. It was working fine moments earlier. I did notice that the headphones suddenly don't pair automatically - I suddenly have to choose them.

I even tried taking the ipad and headphones outside in case RF interference was causing problems, but no joy.


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Getting A Blurred Image Or A Pinkish Image On The Projector Screen When Connecting IPad To The Projector?

Jun 21, 2012

What are the steps to resolve the issue of image getting blurred while connecting the iPad to the projector? Is it an issue with the VGA camera cable?

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Projector Wirelessly - Displaying On My Laptop Screen Since The Laptop Is Already Connected To The Projector

Apr 26, 2012

I'm a teacher that would love to use my new iPad in my classroom but if I can't project what's on the iPad wirelessly, I lose a great deal of the functionality of the apps I'm intending to use.

I have a 3rd generation iPad, a Dell laptop, and a Sanyo projector in my classroom. I've heard that an Apple TV box can accomplish this but I was wondering if there was a cheaper way. Ideally, having whatever is on my iPad displaying on my laptop screen since the laptop is already connected to the projector. I've been told there are simple solutions to accomplish that if I have an Apple laptop but that isn't an option for me.

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Inconsistant WFI Connectivity

May 18, 2010

First 2 IPADs WIFI connectivity failed daily... Yesterday, my second IPAD, couldn't pickup Safari in the Apple store at the Genius Bar, hence I was given my 3rd IPAD... With the latest one, you still have to go through many contortions to get reasonable WIFI connection sitting 10 feet away from my new apple router (yes firmware is up to date)... Here is a typical problem that persists... Last night I was on my IPAD at 11:00 & the connection speed from Speed Test X was 8.34mbps, which is terrific for me... I wake up in the morning, start up my IPAD in the same precise location from the previous evening and I can not connect to hardly anything... The Speed Test X was 227 kbps (not mbps!!!!) I have now moved to 10 feet in front of my apple router and my speed is 1.7 mbps!!!My $250 netbook connects and works far better than this so far...

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Turbale With Connectivity

Nov 25, 2010

Seems like all IPADs are having problems with connectivity issues. Does anyone actually have a unit that is working correctly?

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WiFi Connectivity - WEP Vs WAP

Jul 10, 2010

First off, the only WiFi I have is Verizon FIOS. I have it at home, at work, and at my boss's house. I haven't tried hotspots, so I'm not sure how that reacts.
The problem is the iPad won't remember the password for the WiFi. Worse, now it won't even connect. Originally, the router was set up for WEP; Apple Support said they were having problems with Verizon, change the router to WAP, which was done. But now it's worse than it was with WEP. The only GOOD thing is that the WAP password is easier to remember than the WEP

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3G - WiFi Connectivity

Jun 6, 2010

My 3G + WiFi model only connects via the 3G? I check settings and it shows my WiFi id, but on the top left corner of the unit it reads AT&T. Does this mean I am on 3G? How can I check whether I am on Wifi or 3G? I was told it would automatically use WiFi.

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New 3G - No Wireless Connectivity

Dec 3, 2010

I just purchased an iPad 3G, and I can connect to my wireless router, but cannot connect to the internet. My wireless is working fine as I'm typing this on my MBP. I'm also not getting any icon on top indicating the wireless signal. I've tried resetting my network settings, turning Airplane Mode on and off, renewing leases, etc. and I still cannot get connected. Any ideas here?

iOS 4

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Wifi Connectivity With 3rd-gen?

Mar 16, 2012

When setting up the new iPad, I'm invited to connect to a wifi network. I try the one my computer and iPhone are connected to. The iPad just spins... FWIW, I've recently updated my TimeCapsule and am using WPA2 personal security. The "pie" slice in the upper-left corner does light up, but the iPad never goes beyond the "Wifi" setup page. When I try to force it to move on, it asks "Do you want to continue without Wifi?" No! I also tried this on our corporate network. One of the SSIDs there did work - which is open without security. Our other SSID, that also uses WPA, had the same result. Why won't my new iPad work over wifi? 

iPad 3rd generation
No cellular radio

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Using With A Projector?

May 3, 2010

I want to use the iPad with a projector. First, can I do that? Second what kind of connection/adaptor do I need?

Mac Pro4,1, MacBook Pro5,2/iMac7,1
Mac OS X (10.5.6)

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How Is The Connectivity Of WiFi UK's Version?

May 28, 2010

United Kingdom lurch of the iPad today. How is the wifi connectivity on your new iPad on the G3 and wifi only version of the iPad?

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Connectivity With Carrier Settings?

Oct 13, 2010

I have a problem with my iPad 3G. After restore (3.2.2) it doesn't connect to the mobile Internet. Actually, it connects to cellurar network, but EDGE and 3G badges do not appear. Internet connection doesn't work. I suppose that there can be a problem in carrier settings update through iTunes 10. Each time I connect my iPad, it asks me whether to check or new carrier settings. But when i press "check", nothing happens. I have tried to type settings manually (in APN settings), but there were no effect.

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Asking For Connectivity Every Time When Power-on

Aug 18, 2010

Is there a way to not have to plug this into the host computer every time you power it on? This isn't critical but it would be convenient.

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Wifi Connectivity Failure

Aug 19, 2010

I've had my Wifi iPad 32Gb since launch and have had Wifi connection problems since that launch day. I've had no problems initially connecting to my wireless network, the problem is that the connection seems to drop-out, i.e. it just stops working. It says it's connected, but it doesn't work It goes something like this: I will be merrily browsing in Safari and suddenly no web pages - on any websites I try - will load. I quit, and try Mail. It can't check my email either. Now, if I wait long enough (several minutes), the Wifi signal strength icon will flash off and then on again, and it will work again. Alternatively I can go into Settings and switch Wifi off and on again, and it will work fine.

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Power Chrager Connectivity

Sep 25, 2010

I want to purchase an Ipad here in Aus. Will I beable to use the 3g service if I get a mini sim card for it. Are all ipads unlocked.Also does anyone know whether there is any issues with the power charger. US is 110v and Aus 240v. I assume I just need to get an aus to us plug adapter so it fits into the us power points.

My hotel has wifi so suspect its a matter of logging on to their system when in hotel, but when Im on the road we would like to use it as well.Any tips would be great. Im leaving in 5 weeks so want to get an ipad for my son to keep him entertained but also do the email web surfing etc.

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Wifi Connectivity With Version 4

Jul 8, 2010

I have a problems with my iPad wifi connection. Some routers allow the connection (internal network) but does not allow browsing. Other routers work correctly. This problem, previously not present in my iPhone, appeared when updating to version 4. You know why? Which are the solutions? Thanks

iPad and iPhone
iOS 4

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Poor WiFi Connectivity

May 31, 2010

Hello, i bought the I Pad 16GB WiFi on lauch day and have had trouble connection to my home network, i'm using a Netgear WGR614v6. the i pad says connected and sometimes works for a minute or 2 but most of the time i can't use the app store, you tube or safari even though it still says connected,

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Wifi Has Limited Connectivity

Sep 8, 2010

I have posted issues several times now without ever getting any answers. So here is the third attempt.WEP security, while not reliable at all due to the use of PSK, is required for bridging multiple AP's into a the central router. The passkey is passed into the PSK encryption routine and to create a minor level of protection, the encryption populates one of 4 keys. In windows when I connect to a WEP network the login screen provides the passkey and a field for identifying which key is being used. ISSUE: iPad login asks only for the passkey and NOT the key number. This is a bug and it seems the only way to get around this is to configure the router for key 1. Regardless this is a bug as the process should request which key to use.

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Connectivity To External Devices

Apr 7, 2010

I can see how iPad would be a great business tool! Is there any way that it can connect with a computer projector for use in presentations? I am really sad to see that it does not multitask. I did not get one yet, but if I see that they can get it to multitask and connect to other devices, it will be well worth it.

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Laptop & Wireless Connectivity

Oct 7, 2010

Side by side my MacBook gets full wireless signal in the house while my iPad is only showing a single bar. It's not the end of the world but certainly annoying because I usually use the iPad around the house for casual surfing and it's notably slower than it should be. Has anyone else had similar problems? Does this seem odd to anyone else?


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Restore Without Connectivity To Computer?

Jun 30, 2010

I'm in a real bind here. I have an Ipad that has some sort of defective connection and will not connect to any computer. Applecare will cover it, however, the unit is jailbroken. I've heard some horror stories about applecare being voided with hacked devices. I am also aware that I can boot into DFU mode, but to do so, I'm under the impression that it has to be connected to a computer. Any idea how I can restore this thing without connecting to any computer?

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IPad 2 Wifi Connectivity?

Mar 14, 2011

I got my iPad 2 on Friday and have been loving it so far but for iPad 2 owners, have any of you had an issue with your iPad where it says it has wifi connectivity and doesn't load web pages? I have an iPhone too and my phone constantly has connectivity but my iPad will intermittently stop connecting to the Internet. The only way I've found to fix the problem is to reset the iPad.

Anyway, long story short, has anyone else had problems with their iPad 2 losing connectivity nut still showing it's connected to the Internet.

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IPad 2 :: Wifi Connectivity With It

Nov 1, 2011

I bought an brand new wifi+3G ipad 2 a couple of days back.For a few days,I did not have a 3G connection so was using it exclusively on my home wifi connection,everything was fine.Then I got my 3G connection and have been using it alternatively with my home wifi.

Now i have observed that on switching from 3G to Wi-fi,i am facing a problem downloading or even connecting to the itunes store.If I try to download an app using my wifi it gives me an error sayin "Cannot connect to iTunes" on the other hand the same app is downloaded without a problem using my 3G connection.

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3g And Wifi Connectivity With Ipad 2 On ATT

Mar 17, 2011

I have a Ipad 2 64gb 3g version on att running 4.3. Att service is activated. This is the issue when i have wifi connection and it uses the wifi connection on the top it shows that its connected to 3g. when i know i am on a wifi connection. Sometimes it shows the wifi signal then switches to 3g. this happens alot. and when i take off wifi and use 3g and try to connect to a site or something with 3g it takes forever and doesnt load web pages. is this a 4.3 issue.

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Wifi...but No Internet Connectivity?

Jan 6, 2011

I am having MAJOR problems with my Ipad, more specifically its connectivity. The apple support line has been of no use whatsoever so I'm counting on you guys to help me out if anyone has had similar problems?

If I can explain the issues maybe you guys can help....

I currently use my 32gb wifi only Ipad by connecting to an ad-hoc network set up on my laptop. I dont have a router as such, just a 3g dongle (which plugs into my usb port) and a wireless card inside my pc. I select 'setup a new ad-hoc network' in the network and sharing centre and then when I turn on Wifi on my Ipad it finds the network and connects with full strength. However when I open safari or anything requiring online content it tells me it is not connected to the internet.

I had this issue when I first got the Ipad, now the support staff at apple told me that 'it wasnt possible' in any case... However I tried a couple more times then it did connect to my wireless network and suddenly would connect to the internet.... I didnt do anything different, it just suddenly worked.

Today for an unexplained reason it has just stopped working. When I access the settings associated with the 'connected' network, the IP address begins 169, which I understand means something is wrong... however I feel a bit stuck because most people connect via a fixed home broadband hub or such and most things i can find refer to those with proper broadband, whereas my wireless signal is coming from the laptop itself (I asssure you it has worked for the past week though).

This is really stressing me out now as it did work, and I dont know what I did. I'm not especially computer/network literate could anyone who has any ideas talk me through it step by step? Just to summarise, Im running windows Vista, creating an ad-hoc network, and connecting via that. The signal is full but the IP starts 169. and subsequently doesnt work. It began to work last week, but I didnt change anything.

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IPad 2 Connectivity Thru Blackberry Possible?

Sep 28, 2011

Just got an iPad2 32G wifi for my bday. I didn't want to get the 3G model because I dont want to pay the monthly data fee. I have a blackberry bold 9650 from work that has tethering capabilities thru Verizon. I can tether it to my work laptop. Can I do the same with my iPad? Do I have to tether it with a cable or can I do it with bluetooth? I paired my iPad and BB with bluetooth but my iPad says it can't connect to the BB. They both paired but now won't connect. Is it possible if my Verizon BB can act as a hotspot?

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