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Play Email Attachement With Quicktime?

Is there a quicktime player for ipad? My ipad will not play e-mail attachments.

macbook pro
Mac OS X (10.4.8)

View 4 Replies (Posted: May 27, 2010)

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QuickTime No Play - Cross On Play Button
When trying to watch .mov movies requiring QuickTime 7+, the screen displays the play button with a cross through? When I go onto QuickTime downloads page, the download button is not highlighted to begin download? Operating ipad2.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G

Posted: May 30, 2012

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How To Play Quicktime Movies?
I am thinking of buying an ipad but was wondering is it possible to play quicktime movies that I've created on my imac, on the ipad?

Posted: May 9, 2010

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Play Quicktime Movies
I'm wondering if the ipad can play quicktime movies. I sometimes make screen recordings on my mini mac and it would be helpful to be able to take these into work on something more portable. I do not see a mention of Quicktime in the video specs for the ipad but I'm pretty much a layperson with some of the terms so wasn't sure

Posted: May 25, 2010

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How Can Quicktime Clips Play On It
Checked the search feature, can't find the answer. Can or how can quicktime clips play on the iPad?

Posted: Jan 6, 2011

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Play A Vrml In Quicktime On It?
I made a vrml file from Pano2VR in Quicktime format that I would like to show on an ipad but it is showing up black on the ipad and when dragged into itunes (on a PC) I cannot navigate in the file.


Posted: Apr 12, 2012

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Why Unable To Play QuickTime Movies?
QuickTime is Apple's own proprietary video standard. Why is it that I can play all QuickTime movies on a Mac but not on an iPad? Suppose I were to set up a Mac server to stream QuickTime using Apple's own QuickTime Streaming Server. Then I would lose the vast iPad/iPhone user base. (No supposition is necessary -- I have actually done this.)

Posted: Aug 2, 2010

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Unable To Play QuickTime Movies
Prior to quicktime we were designing these on flash and exporting as swf. Since the ipad didn't support flash we converted to quicktime and I now realize these don't play either... I don't understand why Apple is not supporting quicktime completely on their ipad/iphone when it's their own application. What other options do I have here? Am I going to have to convert everything to html5/css?

Posted: Sep 9, 2010

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Unable To Play .mov File Using Quicktime?
I have a .wmv file that i converted to .mov using quicktime.

I am trying to get it to play on my iPad, will it play?

I put into itunes on my mac and then tried to sync in on ipad but got error message that this type of file will not play on ipad????

MacBook Pro 17" 2.66mhz, 4 gig ram
Mac OS X (10.6.4)
iPhone, iPad

Posted: Sep 25, 2010

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Media Player To Play Videos Like Wmv And QuickTime?
Can someone pls recommend a media player to play video attachments like .wmv files and QuickTime

iPad g3
iPhone OS 3.1.3

Posted: May 31, 2010

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App To Open Email Quicktime On Ipad 2?
Is there an app to open email quicktime on the ipad2?

Posted: Apr 2, 2011

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VIDEOS QUICKTIME Attachment To View By Email?
When will be avialable VIDEOS QUICKTIME attachment to view by email for IPAD

Posted: Jun 16, 2010

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Unable To Open Attachement In Calender?
My partner has an iPad. I exported a copy of my iCal diary (iCal Version 4.0.3 (1388)) to him by email. I expected the contents to leap into his iPAD calendar when he opened the attachment - but they didn't. In fact, it said it didn't recognise the file format. I used to use this process to update my iCalendar, so why doesn't it work on the iPad...and is there a way to make it work?

Posted: Aug 9, 2010

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Wav File In Email Won't Play?
I got an email with a brief wav file ( telephone message) and they always play on iPhone, but wouldn't play on iPad. Why?

iPad 2, New iPad

Posted: May 7, 2012

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YouTube Links In Email Won't Play
My wife took her brand new iPad on a trip this week. While she was away I emailed her links to some YouTube videos of the kids I had uploaded. The videos play with no problem when we click the link in her email on a "regular" computer, but clicking the link through the iPad's Mail program results in a "YouTube Not Available" message.

Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Dec 8, 2010

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Can't Play Video Email Attachments
I can't play video email attachments. It shows as a QuickTime file, but will not play. It says It's loading and stays that way. The file is only 7mb.

Posted: 12-17-2011

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Get Sound Files And Video To Play In An Email On It?
I tried playing a wav file of one of my family members and a black screen with a picture of a speaker with a line through it and it won't play.

Info:iPad, iOS 5

Posted: Mar 24, 2012

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Photos Transfered Via Email Don't Play In Picture Frame
When I transfer photos to the ipad via email, those photos don't play in picture frame, regardless of what setting you use. Is Apple aware of this, and is there a work around. Only photos synced via itunes can play in picture frame.

ipad 32
iPhone OS 3.1.3
macbook air ss

Posted: Apr 17, 2010

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Get Rid Of Quicktime Watermark
Is there a way to get rid of the Quicktime "Q" watermark when you play videos through webview in an app on the ipad?

Posted: Oct 19, 2010

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Get Quicktime Files
Have searched until I am blind from looking for how to get Quicktime on my iPad (64Gb WiFi) we got yesterday. No videos will play on the Apple Website, very frustrated.

Posted: Jun 13, 2010

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How To Allow Flash And Quicktime?
I didn't realize when purchasing my iPad just how much you CAN'T do on one of these!

Posted: Aug 17, 2010, 07:28 PM

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How To Downolad QuickTime For It
Is there any version of QuickTime for iPad? If so where can I download it from and can I download direct to my iPad? I receive a lot of e-Mails with QuickTime files attached and my iPad can not currently open these files.

Posted: 06-14-2011

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Download QuickTime To It?
Is it possible to download QuickTime to the iPad?

Posted: Aug 21, 2011

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Get QuickTime On My Ipad 2?
I am trying to open a file that requires quicken and can't cause I don't have it. Been to quicken website and can not download.

Info:iPad 2

Posted: Jun 13, 2012

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PDF Files To Require Quicktime
I have some PDF files on my iPad which require QuickTime. What do I use on the iPad and where i zi find it?

Posted: Nov 25, 2010

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Veiw QuickTime Movies
How can I veiw QuickTime movies on the iPad?

Posted: Dec 2, 2010

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Open Quicktime Files
I can't seem to open quicktime files sent via email. Is there an app for that? I couldn't find one.

Posted: May 28, 2010

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Quicktime Video Conversion
There is a movie I want to convert through Quicktime X, and I have the option of iPhone and iPod and then have the option of Apple TV and Computer. Of course the latter is obviously a higher file size because of it's better quality but from past experience converting to this format will not let it sync onto the iPhone or iPod Touch, only Apple TV and Computers as it says. But which one do I choose for iPad viewing? I do not own one yet as I am waiting for an Aussie release but a heads up on which one to select for iPad viewing would be great.

Posted: Apr 9, 2010, 07:25 AM

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Quicktime To Be Removed From Sync'ing PC?
QuickTime was installed along with iTunes on the PC that I sync my iPad to. Can Quicktime be removed without hosing the iPad's ability to sync with iTunes?

Posted: Apr 12, 2010

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Quicktime Video Not Played On Web
I got an IPad, but I have a huge problem. I have a website, which contains some quictime stream video. but IPad cannot play them at all. Movies have a black screen, in the middle there is a paly button which is crossed out.

Posted: 04-08-2010, 08:43 AM

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Get DVDs With ITunes Or Quicktime?
how can i get my DVDs on my iPad? With iTunes or QuickTime?

iMac 27" i5 & Mac Book pro 13"
Mac OS X (10.6.3)

Posted: Oct 25, 2010

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QuickTime Compatable App For IPad ?
Is there QuickTime compatable app for iPad?

Posted: Jun 21, 2012

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Is There A QuickTime Movie Player
Is there a QuickTime movie player for the iPad?

Posted: Apr 14, 2012

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Quicktime Movies On IPad 2?
Is there a way to play Quiktime movies on the iPad or do they have to be converted?

Posted: 05-30-2011

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QuickTime Movie To It Without Sync?
How can we get a movie to an iPad without a Sync from iTunes? Presentation out of country and need to get the movie on an iPad with the Syncing computer now where near.

Posted: Mar 10, 2012

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Download Latest Quicktime Version
How can i download the latest Quicktime version for iPad?

Posted: Aug 14, 2010

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Unable To Find Version Of Quicktime?
I recently received the latest iPad and trying to develop a website for my client.

I have to play a video on Safari browser which comes with iPad.

I converted the video to MP4 which works fine in Windows IE/Firefox/Safari browser but does not works on iPad Ssafari.

It just display an icon in browser which I am not aware of what it says.

The code I am using to embed the video is (ignore the Audio name in variables)

var gAudioFile=lAudioPAth;
document.write('<object classid="clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B" codebase="" width="864" height="500">')
document.write('<param name="src" value="'+gAudioFile+'">');
document.write('<param name="controller" value="true" />')
document.write('<param name="autoplay" value="true" />')
document.write('<param name="autostart" value="1" />')
document.write('<param name="pluginspage" value="" />')
document.write('<embed src="'+gAudioFile+'" width="864" height="500" autoplay="true" controller="true"></embed>')

Also I am trying to find the version of quicktime which comes with iPad but don't know how to find it.

Posted: Oct 30, 2010

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Video Player For Quicktime And Mpg Movies?
There's gotta be an app for that.

I'm looking to put my iPad to work showing some videos at a conference. I have some quicktime .mov and .mpg movies that I'd like to be able to show people as I'm talking to them.

Any suggestions? Am I going to have to convert the videos to some special format? I found an app called "StreamToMe", which might work, but I wish it was easier to get the video files onto the iPad.

I haven't bought keynote yet. Can video be inserted into keynote, as they can in powerpoint?

Posted: Apr 14, 2010, 10:25 PM

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Quicktime Movie Clips Not Sync?
I have movie clips generated by my camera that are in Quicktime format that are in iTunes and iPhoto (playing in both) but will not sync to the iPad because they are in an "unsupported format"

I have a few other QT clips that did sync to the iPad from iTunes, but not all of them will transfer.

What is the problem?

G4 1.8 Ghz dual Quicksilver
Mac OS X (10.5.8)
1.12 GB ram, 1.33 TB storage on 2 internal, 2 extenal firewire, iPad

Posted: Jul 15, 2010

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Capable Of Palying Quicktime Movies?
I am wondering if the ipad is capable of playing quicktime movies? I often make screen movies using quicktime for my job. It would be helpful to be able to hook up the ipad to a projector and play these movies.

mac mini
Mac OS X (10.5.6)
airport express

Posted: Jun 18, 2010

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Quicktime Movies Don't Work In Keynote?
We have many Keynote presentations that include Quicktime movies, i.e. files. We bought the iPad because it supports Keynote and would be easy to carry on international flights, but could not use our presentations because QT movies don't work on the iPad. Is there or will there be a work-around to this limitation?

Other OS

Posted: May 14, 2010

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QuickTime Movie From IMac To System ?
I have a 16G iPad and would like to import a 4G QuickTime movie I made on my iMac. I have copied it from my Finder into iTunes, but it won't copy to the iPad. I have 14G of unused space on the iPad. I see a little "movie" icon on the iPad.

Posted: Aug 18, 2010

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Cannot Open A Quicktime Attachment From Mail
I get a message saying mail cannot open this attachment

Posted: 09-07-2011

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Saving Quicktime Movie Trailers?
Is there any way to save a Quicktime movie trailer onto the iPad?

Posted: Apr 28, 2011

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View Webcasts That Require QuickTime?
If I want to view webcasts that require QuickTime, can this be done using my IPad?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi

Posted: May 20, 2012

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Watch A Quicktime Video On Ipad 2?
How can I watch a quicktime video on ipad 2?

Posted: Mar 29, 2012

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Choose Other Extension While Downloading Movies From Quicktime
Im guessing when you export a video using quicktime you can choose .mov or the best quality to transfer videos to the Ipad. As of now QuickTime does not have a "iPad export" like for the iPhone..

Posted: Apr 6, 2010, 08:00 PM

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Unable To Sync Quicktime File In ITunes?
So, I'm trying to get a quicktime which was an avi file that was re-formatted through Compressor video file onto the ipad. The file will play in Quicktime and it will play in iTunes. However, when I sync, I get an error message that says the file cannot be played in this iPad. Almost sounds personal. I can sync only .m4v files successfully; eventhough, the specs say that .mov's should work.

Mac OS X (10.6.4)
New iPad

Posted: Jul 16, 2010

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Convert An IMovie Project On IPad 2 Into A Quicktime File?
Is it possible to convert an iMovie project on a iPad2 into a Quicktime file?

And what is the resolution size capability of the software on a iPad2?

Just wondering if there is a way to create a video, and burn it on DVD for the grandparents.

Posted: Mar 10, 2011

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IPad 2 :: Cannot Save Quicktime Video File Attachment
Thought I was supposed to get a save option when I tap on the attachment. I only get the options to do a "Quicklook" or to open it in Dropbox.

Posted: 01-13-2012

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