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Mail Not Deleting From Server?

Does anyone else have this problem? I have my mail accounts set so that they should delete emails from the server as soon as they are deleted from ipad. It doesn't seem to work though.. as I just came back home after a trip and all the dozens of email messages came flooding into my Mac inbox

Does anyone have any suggestions? Do I also need to delete the mail on the ipad's mail trash perhaps...

macbook and iMac
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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Mail Is Deleting From Server?
I have a POP account set up to run on my iMac, MacBook Pro and iPad. Under Mail:Preferences:Advanced we are set up on the first two to Remove copy from server after one week. Going fine with the iPad, too, until I downloaded the new iPad OS on Wednesday. Since then, the act of downloading email to the iPad clears the server.So, on the iPad, I go to Settings:Mail:Account:Advanced - and where others say I should see "Delete from Server - Never" - I find "IMAP Path Prefix."Something has changed and I'm - as usual - out of my depth! Any help would be gratefully received...

Posted: Nov 27, 2010

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How To Stop Mail From Deleting From Server?
iPad 64 / Custom mail When I delete a mail from my iPad inbox, it is also deleted from my server. How do I configure To stop this? In other words, I like previewing my incoming email on my iPod, and I want to be able to keep my iPad email in box tidy by deleting from my inbox without deleting from my server?

Posted: Aug 12, 2010

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Bewildered Why Mail Is Deleting Mails From Server
I set up a POP account on the iPad using exactly the same settings as on my ipod touch. Yet on the iPad when a mail is deleted, it is also deleted from the server. On the ipod touch, the mail stays on the server, and I can download it later on my computer.

Posted: Jul 28, 2010

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Can Send Mail But Can't Receive Mail - 'Cannot Get Mail. Server Error. Contact Your Server Administrator'
I can send mail but I can't receive mail. Every time I refresh the mail it comes up with an error message which reads: 'Cannot Get Mail. Server Error. Contact Your Server Administrator'.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 15, 2012

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Cannot Get Mail, Server Error, Contact Your Server Administrator
I used to be able to access my email from my iPad, but now it says"Cannot get mail, server error, Contact your server administrator".

Posted: Jun 20, 2012

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Deleting Gmail Emails From Only Not Server
I have gmail set up on push on my ipad. I have synced some folders on the ipad and I want to remove the mail so it doesn't show any more on the ipad, but i don't want to delete it from the gmail server.Is this possible or do I have to delete from the server too?

Posted: Sep 15, 2010, 09:18 AM

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IPad 2 :: Email Not Deleting Off Server From IOS
I searched the forums but did not find anything relating to my query. I have set up iOS to delete emails from the server when deleted from the inbox using iOS native email app.

A couple of minutes later, the whole inbox has downloaded again, this happens several times through out the day, until I log in via the web browser and manually delete them off the server.

This was on iOS 4 on my iPod Touch and the same on my iPad 2 with iOS 5. Excuse my language, but its starting to ........ me off!

Posted: 03-02-2012

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Deleting AOL Messages Offline Does Not Delete From AOL Server
I set up the resident Mail application to access her AOL. On a laptop, she used the AOL Webmail interface (not a separate mail program).When she opens a message and reads it on the iPad, and later checks AOL online, the message has moved from "New Mail" to "Old Mail", just as it should. But if she DELETES a message on the iPad, and later checks AOL online, the message has not been deleted. I've used AOL/IMAP on other (non-Apple) devices and systems, and it's operated fine. This is my first experience with this craziness. I'm sure there's a setting somewhere I'm overlooking, but not finding it. So, can anyone tell me, when she deletes AOL messages from the iPad Mail application, how can we set it up to delete from the server?

Posted: Sep 16, 2010

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Ipad 2 Suddenly Deleting Emails From Server?
I started out with an ipad 1, it gave me the option of not deleting email messages from the server when I delete the message from the ipad. When I upgraded to an iPad 2, my emails still did not get deleted from the server. Suddenly last night, when I delete a message from the ipad it is deleted from the server and gone forever. This is no good. I have been told I need to change the email account from IMAP to POP but I see only one place to make that change but it will not take.

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3

Posted: Mar 29, 2012

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Server Denies E-mail Address While Sending E-mail Through IPad 2
Whenever I try to send e-mail through my iPad 2, I get the message “server denies the address”. What is the reason behind this issue and how I can overcome it?

Posted: 18-07-2012

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First Time Mail Sync - Not Download The Mail Already On Server
I am trying to help a new IPad user. Syncing her mail to a roadrunner account. It will send and receive, but will not download the mail already on the server.

Posted: May 16, 2010

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Connection To Server Failed -  Cannot Get Mail - But I Get Mail And Internet
Get error message, connection to server failed.  But I get mail and Internet.

iPad, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: May 28, 2012

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Mail App- Deleting Emails Causes Older Mail To Pop In
So my wife just got a new iPad2. She loves it, but mail is behaving unexpectedly. She doesn't remember this happening before, but yesterday she told me that deleting mail wasn't working, that it kept coming back into the inbox.

So I did some testing, and the individual emails she was deleting weren't coming back. Rather, once she deleted an email, mail was then loading in an older email. I can only guess that mail wants to keep a certain number of emails in the inbox at all times. Is this correct? It seems weird to me because my iPhone doesn't behave this way.

So, first off, can someone confirm that this is normal behavior for mail on the iPad2? Second, if this is normal, is there a way to change a setting so that it doesn't load in older emails after deleting emails in the inbox?

Posted: Apr 11, 2011

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Deleting All Mail At Once?
The only way I have found to delete mail is one at time with the trashcan icon.

I added an little used email account that has 100s of unwanted mail items. Is there any way to delete a lot of emails at once?

Posted: 08-21-2010, 08:34 PM

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Sent Items / Deleting Mail?
I have two issues with iPad mail. The first is a design suggestion...make it possible to delete all your sent items in one go!

The problem is deleting emails...they keep coming back.

iOS 4

Posted: Dec 11, 2010

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Deleting Non Contacts From Mail?
I am trying to delete non contacts from the memory in my iPad. What is happening is when I begin to type an email, the address of all previous sent emails come up in memory. I only want to save my contacts.


Posted: Sep 29, 2010

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Losing Mail Off Server?
I am set up with Outlook Express on my computer. I have configured my Ipad mail to access my ISP server (Road Runner). When I wake up in the morning, I can read my mail on my computer. When I want to look at the same mail on my Ipad, I can't read it, although any new mail that comes in appears there. In other words, if I access my computer before accessing my Ipad, the mail won't show up on my Ipad if I look for it later.

Posted: Apr 20, 2010

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Will Not Connect To My Mail Server
I have just got an Ipad and tried to set up my mail server.I have a server that has SMTP on port 25 and IMAP configured on the default port 143, nothing special.In addition, I have port 144 for secure IMAP and 26 for secure SMTP. SSL is a self signed certificate for a custom root that is installed in all devices that allow it.I use SSL exclusively here and every laptop, desktop and other device works fine with it.I first tried to set the Ipad up with this, but when it did not work, I deleted the account and tried the non secure standard 25/143.The failure message - "Cannot Get Mail - The connection to the server "name" failed." happens straight after entering the mail application. After many failures,I turned on logging on my mail server and found whenever I attempted to retrieve emails, the following message happens:TCPConnection - SSL handshake with client failed. Error code:

Posted: Nov 11, 2010

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Mail Crashes When Deleting Mails
On regular, but seemingly random basis I am thrown out of the iPad mail program while deleting mail. When I reenter the deleted messages are still there sometimes I have to try numerous times before I can delete. I have set up mail on my iPad to empty trashes daily. I do not want to delete the. From the server. I have gone in and manually deleted messages in the trashes and sometimes that helps. I have tried restarting my iPad. My software is up to date. I probably get 50-100 messages per day.Information : Ipad.

Posted: Dec 9, 2010

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The Mail App Crashes When Deleting Mails?
I have a problem with mail on my iPad. I'm using my gmail account to check mail on my iPad, but every day i'm experiencing a problem: when I'm trying to delete a mail no matter if it is read or unread the mail app crashes to springboard. When I open the mail app again the app has jumped to the next mail in my maillist and now I can go back and delete the mail without any problems.

Posted: 01-31-2011

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Error In Deleting Mail Boxes?
When I go to 'Settings' and click on 'Mail, Contacts, Calender' it kicks back to screen on which 'Settings' icon sits. Thus i am unable to delete mail boxes.Nor can I edit Mail box settings (which have changed) as when I click 'Settings' in Mail it again kicks me back to screen which holds 'Settings' icon.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 6, 2012

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Option For Keeping Mail On Server
there is an option to keep mail on the server, but I can't find that option on the iPad. Am I missing something? I want mail to remain on the server so it can also be downloaded to my MacBook. How do I specify this

Posted: Apr 9, 2010

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Keeping Yahoo Mail On Server?
When i delete an email on my ipad it also deletes the email from the yahoo server and I want to keep it so I can view it when I get home. I can't find a setting to keep message on server when deleting it from the ipad like I can do on my blackberry

Posted: Apr 13, 2010

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Search On Server Not Showing In Mail?
Since I keep a limited number of mail on my iPad I rely on search on server for mail I require. However this is not functioning with neither my exchange, me nor gmail accounts. After I do search and it finds no or limited results I expect to see 'search on server' but this is not happening.

Posted: Sep 19, 2010

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Leave Mail On Server With Gmail?
I configured my ipad to retrieve my mail from gmail but it is not leaving my mail on the server and therefore whatever I receive on the iPad I now don't receive on my computer. How do I fix this on the iPad, I can't seem to find the setting to leave messages on the server.

Posted: Jul 30, 2010

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Cannot Get Mail - The Connection To The Server Failed
I tried to configure email on the new iPad. I have connection to the internet via wifi and can reach web mail. But however I try to configure email every time I got message that "Cannot Get Mail - the connection to the server "xxx" failed. I'm 100% sure that all information such a server, user name and password are correct because I'm using this account also in my MacBook.
Can somebody help me? Why I cannot configure mail in my iPad successfuly? Does it work with servers which I got from provider or it is necessary put something special?

Posted: May 15, 2010

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Cannot Get Mail - The Connection To The Server Failed
This has been a pretty regular problem for me w/ my iPhone when I'm own my home WiFi: desktop and laptop connect to IMAP mail server(s) fine, but when iPhone tries to it gets theCannot Get MailThe connection to the server <mail server hostname> failed.Now I'm getting this without exception on my iPad. On the iPhone, I can get around it by switching to 3G, but not on this WiFi-only iPad.I've tried increasing the max connections per IP on the IMAP server in question, but that's had no effect. I've searched high and low on Google and other forums and there's TONS of threads on this/similar issues -- but no solutions.

Posted: Apr 4, 2010, 12:46 PM

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POP Mail Unable To Connect To The Server?
Tried to set up two of my email accounts on the iPad and after several minutes of the spinning cog, it was unable to connect to the server in each case. I used the proper username, email address and POP server ( and used the same SMTP server as my iPhone ( Unable to get email set up.Anyone else have this or similar problems?

MB Pro, Powerbook G4, iMac3, etc.
Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Posted: Aug 31, 2010

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Cannot Send Mail: Server Does Not Allow Relaying
I have an Ipad2.i have multiple emails. yahoo/gmail/company email.

the problem is this.. yahoo/gmail works fine both incoming and outgoing, but when I'm trying to send outgoing email from my company email it says an error  Cannot Send Mail

A copy has been placed in your Outbox. The recipient was rejected by the server because it foes bot allow relaying. 

I can receive emails but cant send out. tried switching IMAP and POP still no good. 

I checked every possible typo error on setting but it's all good and correct. name/email/incoming mail server (host)/ outgoing mail server (SMPT)

Posted: Jun 26, 2012

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Cannot Send Mail - Rejected By Server?
I am running into a problem sending emails from my mail account on my ipad. I can receive, but not send.The account settings are correct, or I should say they match what is on my iphone (and they work on the iphone). I've gone to "advanced" under mail settings and changed the port to 110 and 25 (per other help forums), but neither works. The current setting is 995.It's a pop account and the ISP is

Posted: 09-03-2011

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Cannot Get Mail - Connection To Server Failed
Mail from our exchange server to the iPad 2 is working fine. When one of our users changed his AD password on his PC then he got an error on the iPad about "cannot get mail - connection to server failed". If we then change the password on his exchange setup screen on the iPad then the E-Mail works again, Is it normal?

Posted: 06-22-2011

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Incoming Mail Server Not Responding?
I am getting a message that my incoming mail server is not reponding.  All parameters are correct?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1

Posted: May 3, 2012

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Mail Server Rejecting Recipients?
After many successful e- mails now I keep getting the same message when I go to send e-mails 'the recipient ...was rejected by the server. If I send one to my own address it gets through... technofool whose iPad will soon be the most expensive of frisbees

Posted: 06-28-2011

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Delete Mail From It But Not From Exchange Server?
i have an IPAD I with iOS 5.1.1. I have my Could Exchange account set up on it and it works fine. I would like to know if i can set up somehow when i delete an email from the IPAD NOT to delete it from the exchange server. Is this possible? 

iPad, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 14, 2012

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Delete Mail From It To Exchange Server?
I'm a first time poster to this forum and was wanting some help with my work email. Our email is through an exchange server. When we access our emails on the ipad and delete the emails, I would like the copy on the server to stay on there. I know there is an option for regular email to not delete from server. But there isnt an option for this for my exchange email address.

Posted: 05-21-2012

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Locate My Sent Mail On IPad 2 Using Rr As Server?
Ow do I locate my sent mail on the iPad 2 using rr as my mail server?

Posted: 01-05-2012

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Cannot Get Mail - The Connection To The Server Failed
I am trying to search my Gmail account from the iPad original email application.When I type the searh item into the earchbox and hit Enter, it shows the relevant downloaded/synced items and a link to "Continue to Search on Server". When i hit the "Contunue.." link I get notice "Cannot Get Mail. The connection to the server failed". In the meantime the search works fine from the G-Whizz! application...

Posted: 04-04-2011

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Deleting Mail Gets Synchronized With Main Account
If someone could confirm for me that when I'm using the iPad mail feature it not only downloads new email into my iPad but if I delete a downloaded message, iPad will synchronize my deleted message back to my main email account. I was thinking that any deleting of emails in my iPad affected only the content in my iPad and did not affect my email account.

Posted: Aug 1, 2010

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Sign Out Of Yahoo Mail Without Deleting The Account?
I couldn't sign out of yahoo mail without deleting the account.  I've been searching the internet for a better way, but it sure seems clunky, why can't we just see the top where the sign out prompt is?

Posted: Jun 24, 2012

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Mail Messages Reappear After Deleting/trashing?
I have my iPad2 mail set to use the Entourage email account that I use on my iMac.  For some reason now I cannot seem to delete iPad2 emails from the iPad2 mail app.  I can individually delete them, and they show up in the trash folder.  I now have to delete those emails from the trash folder, but the effect is that they again show up in the In Box of my iPad2 mail.  It is a vicious cycle without ever ridding the iPad of those emails I've already read, acted upon, and deleted.

iPad 2, iOS 5

Posted: Jul 2, 2012

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Mail Server Unable To Work In Office?
I have a Comcast email account at home that works just fine with my WiFi at home and MiFi elsewhere, but it doesn't work at my office, and gives me the message "the connection to the server failed." Is there a way around this or do I have something set up incorrectly?

Posted: Nov 5, 2010

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Delete Mail From Server When Removed From Inbox
I have a POP e-mail account set up. Under the mail account advanced settings there is an option to delete mail from the server when I delete it from the iPad inbox. I assume this is a valid option for the account since it is shown, and it is what I would like to do. However it doesn't appear to be working. Is this truly an available option?

Posted: Apr 20, 2010

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Server Connect With Windows Live Mail
I'm about 2/3 of the way through my trial period with MobileMe. I have two PCs (a Toshiba Satellite laptop and a Dell Studio i7), an iPhone 3GS and a Wi-Fi/3G iPad. I use the most current Microsoft email platform - Windows Live Mail - for email, contacts and calendaring on both my PCs. When setting up the iPad for sync, iTunes seems to indicate that the iPad will only sync calendars with Outlook, however. When I use Windows Live's servers to deliver my mail the iPad is unable to connect to the server consisitently. Apple support says Microsoft is responsible for this problem but Windows Live has been consistently reliable and works well with the iPhone. I haven't been able to get MobileMe to work. I have heard in other forums that the pop3 non-connect is a known problem

Posted: Jul 29, 2010

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Lost Connection To Server/ISP And Mail Provider
My email has been working fine on both devices until last night.Now both say "Cannot get email. connection to server failed. " Weird that it's on both. I've tried shut down and restart to no avail.I'm now thinking this has something to do with my ISP and mail provider and not the devices.

Iphone 3GS, iPad
Windows XP Pro

Posted: Jun 2, 2010

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How To Change Outgoing Mail Server For Notebook App
The notebook app defaults to my .me email address as the sender. How do I change it to one of my other email accounts?

Posted: Jul 5, 2012

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Cannot Send Mail - Recipient Was Rejected By Server
I am getting the message "Cannot Send Mail. A copy has been placed in your outbox. The recipient was rejected by the server because it does not allow relaying."

iPad 2, just bought it from apple

Posted: May 29, 2012

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Ipad 2 Deletes Mail From Yahoo Server
While using the native mail app, when I receive mail it seems to delete mail from the server so I can't get it with home pc. How can I have it keep a copy on yahoo server? I have the OE program on pc set to keep on server for 5 days after download but don't see how to do on iPad.

Posted: 08-20-2011

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Ipad 2 Ties Up Mail Server For Other Computers?
I use Charter email. When I access my email with my iPad, I cannot use my laptop or other computer to access my charter email. It says the server is locked. This is true even when I put the iPad in hibernation. I have to shut off my iPad completely in order to access my Charter email from one of my other computers.I also have a yahoo and other email account, but no problem there.

Posted: May 4, 2012

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Cannot Send Mail (Mobile Broadband 3 And Server BT)
I can receive mail, but I cannot send mail, my mobile broadband is 3 and my server is BT. I have been to the Apple Store today. They did not resove my problem.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: May 13, 2012

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