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How To Watch Movie Offline?

On the Netflix app, I know it will stream video (movies, TV shows, etc.), but what if you're off wifi (non-3G iPad)? Say, I'm in a train or car, is there any way to watch a Netflix movie on the iPad without wifi? Can you download the movie and watch it off-line? Or is it streaming over wifi only?
Information:iPad iPhone OS 3.1.3

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Possible To Download Film To Watch Offline?
I have a new ipad 3 and have downloaded netflix free trial, can I download a films to watch whilst I'm offline?

Posted: May 11, 2012

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Any App To Save PPT Presentation And Watch Offline?
I know I can read a powerpoint presentation on keynote or directly with safari, but is there any app I could use to save a ppt presentation on my ipad and watch it without internet connection (just like ibooks with pdf's)?

Posted: Apr 9, 2012

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How To Watch DownloadedMovies Offline On IPad 3
I downloaded 4 movies on my IPad 3 and brought with me to my ship. But unable to open any of them. It is just10 days since I downloaded the rental movies. How I can open and play the movies?

iPad (3rd gen) WiFi

Posted: Jul 3, 2012

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Possible To Download MP4 Movie For Offline Watching?
I am traveling overseas and brought 6 movies with me. Turns out that is going to be woefully short of what I actually need. I have a large collection of movies on my home computer, and I can remotely connect to it from here to convert movies and put them either on an FTP site that I own or HTTP. My question is, is it possible to import a couple of those movies from external sites into the iPad for offline watching (when I am on a plane?)

Posted: Dec 9, 2011

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First Movie Tv Show On System - Movie Up And Watch?
What is going to be your first Movie/TV show that you are going to watch on your new iPad? For me I am going to rent the movie Up and watch it.

Posted: Apr 1, 2010, 04:34 PM

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Downloaded Movie Can Be Watched Offline On IPad 3G?
If I buy and download a movie onto my ipad, is it necessary to be connect to the internet for watching this movie later on?

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jul 4, 2012

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Save Youtube Movie For Offline View?
save youtube movie for offline view?

Posted: 07-17-2011

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Watch 3D Movie On It?
is it possible to watch on 3D?

Posted: 05-15-2011

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Watch The Movie / Tv Via VGA Adapter
I was looking at the VGA adapter for the iPad, which seems to have a pretty poor user review list, but I can't see where it is actually spelled out as to whether it can do what I would like.

I have movies and TV episodes that I have downloaded, can I hook up the iPad via the VGA adapter to a TV and actually watch the movie/TV ?

Mac OS X (10.4.8)

Posted: Nov 14, 2010

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Can I Watch A Movie On An Airplane ?
can you watch a movie on an airplane?

Posted: Sep 30, 2010

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How To Watch Rental Movie On It
How do you watch a movie rental on the new iPad after you downloaded it?

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular

Posted: Jun 29, 2012

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Watch A Movie On It Through Apple Tv?
When I bought my iPad 2 the shop was showing content on the tv through Apple TV but I cant seem to be able to get this to work at home.

Posted: May 15, 2012

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Way To Watch Movie Online
Fiends I'm a new iPad do tell me which app I can use to watch movie online?

Posted: 09-04-2011

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Can I Rent A Movie From Itunes And Watch It?
I am about to take a bus trip today and want to watch a few movies so if I rent a movie from itunes will it be in iPad format? I have never done this and want to know if i can get a few movies before I go in a few hrs

Posted: Aug 11, 2010, 09:21 AM

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How To Watch A Movie On IPad 2 From SD Card?
I am trying to watch a movie on my iPad 2 from SD card. Is that possible? Explain in detail on how I can view the same.

Posted: 31-05-2012

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IPad 2 :: Watch A Movie Rental On It?
Can I watch a movie rental on my iPad if its been downloaded, but I have no WiFi connection when I want to watch it?

Posted: 04-20-2012

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Bought A Movie On IPad 2 But Can't Watch It
I bought a movie on my iPad. It said it was fully downloaded. When I went to watch it, the play button was replaced with a stop button (on the page that shows a picture and the director and description). Why can't I watch it?

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1

Posted: Jun 10, 2012

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Watch Movie On Airplane With Ipad 3?
What's the best way to watch a movie on my IPad while on an airplane....saw that you could not watch a movie when airplane mode is OFF?Then how do you view the movie you have loaded for a 24 hr rental??

Info:iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi

Posted: May 8, 2012

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Unable To Watch Purchased Movie On It
I Purchased a movie for the first time on my iPad through iTunes and I was never able to watch it.


Posted: May 27, 2012

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How To Watch A Movie On Ipad 2 While On A Airplane
I downloaded a movie on itunes via computer. How can I watch this movie on my ipad while in a airplane

iPad 2

Posted: Jun 16, 2012

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Watch A Rented Movie From Itunes?
The movie finished downloading and then it disappeared! I open it from the movie list and the download button is off, like it's telling you hat you've downloaded it...

Posted: 01-30-2012

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Watch A Movie You Rented On ITunes?
I just downloaded a movie and it says I have no movies but I'm not sure I'm looking in the right place

iOS 5.1

Posted: Mar 14, 2012

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Can I Watch Full Movie Without Cutting On Netflix?
Just out of curiosity, how well does the Netflix App work for the Ipad? I've been hearing rumors that movies have been choppy, some have been cutting out and some of the on demand movies won't even stream? I am not a Netflix memember and I am wondering if it's worth getting it since I specifically want it for the Ipad! Any other Movie Apps you recommend besides the Itunes store? Information:HP Pavilion Dv6338se, HP Desktop Windows Vista

Posted: Jun 17, 2010

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Unable To Watch Movie Or Show With Netflix?
I've recently downloaded netflix for iPad and everything is fine except for one small glitch. I've yet to watch a movie or show in full without it pausing several times throughout. It either restarts on it's own or I move the player back a little or ahead a little to get it back going again. It's just annoying.

Any tips on getting consistent playback? I have high speed service btw with unlimited download.

G4 Mirror Doors Dual 867
Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Posted: Sep 28, 2010

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Video App Stuck After Trying To Watch Rented Movie
I rented & downloaded 3 movies last week before a trip. I watched two of them without fail, however the plane ride home the second I went to play my final movie (One Day) the screen went dark on the video app without a glimpse of the movie. I can get out of the app and back in but only to the black screen. Reboot same thing. I have connected the iPad back to iTunes on my PC and I can see the movie in the rented folder on the iPad however it will not let me transfer it back into iTunes. Any ideas or do I just need to do a restore to the iPad?

Posted: Jan 25, 2012

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Best Flash Alternative To Watch Movie Online
What's the best flash alternative for Ipads?

Posted: 05-20-2011

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How Distracting Is It To Watch A Movie With White Bezel
Few quick questions for the people that currently have the white iPad, I was looking into getting a white one, but these few things were holding me back.

1-How distracting is it to watch a movie with the white bezel? (I will be using the iPad for mostly movies and web)
2- Does it get dirty faster compared to your black bezel on the original iPad(if you had one)
3-Any complaints/ regrets??

Posted: Mar 17, 2011

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Watch A Previously Rented And Expired Movie?
How do I watch a previously rented and expired movie?

Posted: Jun 23, 2012

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Watch Downloaded Movie And It Froze In Middle?
I was watching a downloaded movie and it froze in the middle. It remains frozen and I can't watch other videos or get the app to do anything else.

Info:iPad 2

Posted: Jun 24, 2012

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Cannot Find Downloaded Movie To Watch On IPad 2?
I downloaded a movie from iTunes onto my iPad but cannot find where it is "filed" so I can play it.

iPad 2

Posted: Jun 17, 2012

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Downloaded Movie But Cannot Find To Watch On IPad 2
I just purchased my first movie from iTunes and downloaded it to my iPad2. At least I think I did. the movie took almost an hour to download. When it was done, I went to the movies tab and synced, so I assume it's somewhere on my iPad. How to watch it, did a search here and found a thread that lead me to believe I needed an app to play it, so I went back to iTunes and bought BUZZ Player and it's now on my iPad. Buzz Player doesn't show my movie anywhere that I can see.

Posted: 07-20-2011

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Watch A Movie On Plane Using Netflix For IPad 2?
I want to be able to watch movies via Netflix or HBO ToGo on my next flight.

Info:iPad 2, iOS 5.1

Posted: Jun 13, 2012

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Watch A Movie On A Plane / Abroad On My IPad 2?
How do I watch a movie on a plane/abroad on my iPad?

Info:iPad 2

Posted: Mar 23, 2012

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Watch A Purchased Movie On Other Apple Devices?
I purchased a movie the other night on my iPad. I can't seem to be able to wath it on my MacBook Pro or iPhone without purchasing it again. This can't be right?

Posted: Apr 24, 2012

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How To Rent A Movie From ITunes Store And Watch On IPad 2?
I want to rent a movie from iTunes Store and watch it on my iPad 2. What are the steps needed for that?

Posted: 19-07-2012

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Watch Movie, Listen Music Or Play Games?
what does your ipad do? watch movie, listen music or play games?

Posted: 01-15-2011

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IPad 3 :: Watch A Rented Movie That Was Downloaded On M Iphone?
I rented a movie on my iPhone, but I want to watch it on my iPad 3. How do I get access to view the rented movie by using my iPad?

Posted: 05-20-2012

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Download A Rental Movie From ITunes On To It To Watch It On Plane?
If I download a rental movie from iTunes on to my IPad will i be able to watch it on a plane?

Posted: May 4, 2012

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Watch A Movie And Stream The Audio To An Airplay Device?
Is it possible to watch a movie on the iPad withouth using the built in speaker, but instead streaming only the audio to an airport express-wired sound system? I mean, using the iPad as a screen but having the audio played back elsewhere without having to use the 3.5 mm audio jack. Either with the native iOS movie player or any other third party applications.

Posted: Apr 14, 2012

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Video App Shows Only Black Screen When I Try To Watch Rented Movie?
Two days ago I rented and downloaded 3 movies.When I tried to watch two of those movies, there were no problem but while watching the third one, the screen turned black.I am able to get out of this app but when i start the app again then again this black window comes due to which i am not able to watch any movie.What is creating problem and how to solve this issue? Please help.

Posted: 05-06-2012

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Watch Movie Online ( Not On Youtube) But It Says There That Need To Download Adobe Flash Player
I want to watch movie online ( not on youtube) but it says there that i need to download adobe flash player... But adobe is not supported by apple.. Can anyone suggest me what shld i download so i can watch movie easily...

Posted: 02-05-2012

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Whenever I Click On A Movie To Watch Using Netflix, It Takes The Screen To A Website That Says Cannot Find Netfli : How To Make It Workable?
I click the netflix app and im. Able to select a movie to watch. When i click it the app takes me to a website that says cannot find It does this with every movie i try to watch.. This was a good app idk whats going on...

Posted: 05-29-2010, 02:33 PM

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Movie From Itunes - Watch It Online W.o Connectibg To Itunes
I read somewhere i need to connect to itunes first in order to start up the movie. Is tjis true? I wanted to rent a movie and then watch it for the first time a few days later.. But during this time id be w.o an internet connection.

Posted: 09-21-2010, 05:40 PM

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Ipad Movie Size - Actual Viewable Area Of A Movie (wide Screen)
I plan on buying an Ipad soon but need to know the actual viewable area of a movie (wide screen) when shown in the 4:3 format. In other words, how much real estate does the picture have after considering the black bars on top and bottom of screen? I know the Ipad is 9.7 or close to that diagonally. Obviously black bars take up a fair chunk of that when watching a 2:35 widescreen movie though. Could you show me pictures of a movie on the Ipad just to get an idea of what it will look like?

My second question is about the rumored Ipad Mini. Will this device be next to useless showing movies on. (too small) If the big Ipad has a lot of real estate stolen by black bars, wont that mean the mini will be close to the iphone in terms of viewing area or am i getting confused? Would the mini be 4:3 ratio or 3:2 similar to iphone?

Posted: May 1, 2012

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Unable To Delete Expired Rented Movie - Movie Cover Still Pesent
i rented an iTunes movie (the bountyhunter) and watched it. it's done/expired - only problem is the "movie cover" won't dissappear/self-destruct like the others. it just stays on my iPad and i can't get it off... quite annoying. does anyone know how to get rid of expired movie rentals on the iPad?

Posted: 09-15-2010, 06:34 PM

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Movie Artwork Not Matching To Right Movie While Loading It From Shared Library
I have recently purchased some movies through iTunes in my iPad 2. When I try to load them after selecting Shared library, I noticed that the Movie artwork does not matches to the corresponding movie. What should I do to match and play?

Posted: 29-07-2012

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Can Download A Movie - Itunes Wants To Charge Me Again For A Movie Have Already Bought
I have a movie that i have downloaded using Itunes on my IMac at home. But I forgot to sync the Ipad to the Mac. Now i would like to watch the movie BUT i am away for a period of time and need to down load it to my IPad direct. When i have tried to do this Itunes wants to charge me again for a movie I have already bought. IS there a way of downloading a movie to the IPad with out paying again. Icloud doesn't want to work on it either.


Posted: May 30, 2012

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ITunes Movie Rental Stopped Before End Of Movie
I have just bought an iPad and downloaded a movie rental. 20 minutes from the end of the movie it haws stopped playing!! Even though it has more chapters on the main screen it will not play the end chapters. Can anyone help?

Windows XP

Posted: Oct 3, 2010

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Best Offline Games App?
So I am loving my iPad and all the apps. I've noticed most of the games I play require online access and since I have a wifi version and not always on the internet I was hoping you guys could help me with a list of really good offline games?I have Let's Golf HD which I really like and got N.O.V.A. but haven't played it that much. Any others you think would be good? I'm not a big racing fan but am thinking about getting.

Posted: Apr 21, 2010, 10:33 PM

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