How To Delete Photos On It With PC

Jun 16, 2012

I cannot delete photos Shot with the iPad. If I tap the synchronized Photo there is no button to delete, only for copy and send.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iOS 5.0.1

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Won't Delete Photos / Can't Find Option To Delete Copies Of Photos

Sep 18, 2010

There are supposed to be two ways to delete photos on the iPad, that is, not using iTunes sync. Tap a photo then tap the trash can in the upper right corner and then confirm the deletion. Or, tap the rectangle with the arrow in the upper right corner, tap each photo and then tap the red Delete button in the upper left side.

That works easily if photos are not duplicated in the saved photos album. If there are two or more copies of the same photo, I can only delete the first occurrence of the photo. If I tap the second copy the trash can does not appear, nor will the red Delete button work.

Has anyone else had this experience? Is there a reason why one must delete the first copy and not the second? Or is this just the way it is designed?

Curious about why deletion of multiple copies works this way.

iMac G5 17
Mac OS X (10.4.11)
iPad (3.2.2); PM 7600/132+G4/450 (Mac OS 9.1)

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Unable To Delete Photos / Can't Find Option To Choose For Delete

Aug 29, 2010

I am new to using mac in general. I just made my account, and accidentally imported all my photos from my computer (pc). I plug in my ipad, and I can not delete the photos I've already imported. Unlike my ipod, in which I can choose which ones I want and then import.
How do I do this? I'm sorry but I need it broken down crayola style... I'm a new user.

Windows 7

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Unable To Delete Photos / Delete Button Not Working

Apr 12, 2010

When I highlight "delte" button to appear in the upper left, but I can't delete anything when I press it.

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Unable To Delete Duplicate Photos / Pressing To Delete

Apr 10, 2010

I synced photos with iPhoto on my computer and it imported duplicates because I have a series of slideshows where I have used the same photos multiple times.

How do I delete the duplicates from the iPad? When I hit the delete button nothing happens.

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Macbook Pro 17" iPhone 3G-16GB iPhone-8GB iPod Photo-40GB iPod nano-4GB
Mac OS X (10.6.1)
Boot Camp to run WinXP

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Won't Delete Photos / Cand Find Delete All Option

Jul 26, 2010

My paranoia commands me to backup my photos in the field. I imported my RAW images with the camera connection kit. It worked real well. When I got home I uploaded the photos to my computer. Now I want to remove them from my iPad. How do I do this, without deleting each of the 180 photos one at a time? Is there a delete all option I am missing?

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Won't Delete Photos / Marked And Pressing To Delete

Apr 6, 2010

Has anyone had the same problem I have, deleting photos downloaded to my iPad? I mark them and then press the delete icon and nothing happens.....

Mac Mini
Mac OS X (10.6.3)

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Photos App - 2 Albums In Photos Named Camera Roll - Unable To Delete The Extra One

Oct 28, 2011

Since the iOs5 upgrade on my iPad2, I have 2 albums in photos named camera roll. I am unable to delete the extra one. How can I get rid of it?

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Added Photos In System - Using The Camera Connector Kit And Unable To Delete Photos ?

Aug 7, 2010

I added photos to my iPad using the camera connector kit and was unable to delete them on the iPad itself. And for some reason, the photos came in as squares with either JPG or THM on them. You see nothing of the picture itself. The iPad seems to have some flaws in the picture area. I have plenty of free space so I do not understand this. Has anyone else had weird downloads like this? I am afraid to delete my photos from the card! I will download them to my MacBook, but shouldn't have to do that. Then I will have to try to find a way to remove the ugly 'blank' squares from my iPad.

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How To Delete Photos - Not The Camera Roll But The Actual Photos That Have Been Downloadded Via Syncing

Mar 26, 2012

How can I delete albums transferred to my iPad? Not the camera roll but the actual photos that have been Downloadded via synching? As have now gone onto my pc and cleared out the ones I don't want and have been told I need to delete my albums before re-synching - is that right? Or if I just re-synch will they automatically clear the ones already on my iPad and replace?

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Syncing Photos Using ITunes - Unable To Delete Photos From IPad1

Jul 1, 2012

Unable to delete photos from iPad1. The delete button remaind dark.

iPad, iOS 5.1.1

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IPad :: Delete Photos From Photos Gallery But There Is No Trash?

Jun 5, 2014

I am trying to delete photos from my photos gallery on my iPad but there is no trash can. How do I delete them?

iPad, iOS 7.1

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Can't Delete Photos Directly From Photos Of The System ?

Nov 16, 2010

1. Why can't I delete photos directly from Photos in my iPad?2. Is there a way to reset iPad to get rid of photos only without loosing other info?3. Why does iPad have to be connected to the computer and photos ave to be deleted from iPhoto in order to delete them from the iPad when it is so simple to delete in iPhone, for example?

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Delete Photos From Photos Not Photostream On It?

Apr 4, 2012

How do I delete pics from Photos, not Photostream, on my new iPad?

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Is There A Way To Delete Photos?

Apr 4, 2010

Is there a way to delete photos on the iPad? If not, how do I just import certain photos on next sync?


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Can Not Delete Photos

May 12, 2012

When I click the Button to make the Delete Visible, I do see the Delete Button, but it is no longer Bright as before. The button stays light, to signal that the button is not active. I am capable of clicking on the photos to highlite the ones that I want to delete, but it will not let me delete it.

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How Do I Delete Photos

May 27, 2012

How do I delete photos from iPad?

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Cannot Delete Photos IOS 5

Jun 19, 2012

I can only delete photos from recent photo streamsb and camera roll, nothing from computer imported via I tunes or I cloud can be deleted. The red delete button is not available.

Info:iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1

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It Cannot Delete Photos?

Aug 3, 2011

when I got the Ipad2 last week... 110 or photos went on it.. I never put it there but I guess when I synced or something they all went there.ince then I have taken a few photos and ok they went there and I have them in albums. I never put in albums but they are there and also when I go to photos they are all there in little pictures... so I also have the albums and a downloaded photo I dont want at all

1. how do I delete some photos that are not only in albums but on the whole screen ..
2. how do I delete a downloaded photo and gee I dont know what else to say as i am prob.

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How To Delete Photos From It

May 15, 2012

I can't delete photos from my new iPad. The delete button is no lit up.

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How To Delete Photos In It

Apr 24, 2012

Hoe to delete. Photos in iPad?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1, where is the menu icon to do so?

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Photos Will Not Delete?

Apr 9, 2012

Red delete button is not highlighted when photos are selected. Photos show up in photo frame

iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1

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Some Photos Can Delete And Not Others

Apr 3, 2012

Some photos I can delete and not others.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1

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Delete Photos From Its App On It?

Jun 2, 2012

I want to delete all the photos in my Photo app but can't figure out how to do it.

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How To Delete Multiple Photos

Oct 7, 2010

I went on a trip recently, with my iPad as the sole computer for the trip, which worked surprisingly well. I ordered looong ahead of time, and received, the Camera Connection Kit for it, and used that to empty some SD cards during the trip. And now, wow, do I regret that. With 20GB of photos on there, they synced to Lightroom just fine, but deleting them off my iPad was a chore. Having to tap every single photo to select them for deletion was just absurd.

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How To Batch Delete Photos?

Oct 24, 2010

I took my iPad to a trip recently instead of my laptop, which proved to be a very good decision: it's light, convenient, and with the camera kit, importing and reviewing pic is a breeze. Now that I'm back, all the pic are exported to my home machine. But when I try to delete the pics, I realize I can't do batch delete in the iPad. I also try to do it in iTunes or iPhoto, but still no luck. I have 2000+ pic in my iPad. Do I need to delete them manually one by one?

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Delete Multiple Photos?

May 12, 2010

How do I delete a bunch of photos on my iPad?

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Unable To Delete Photos

Aug 2, 2010

I can't seem to delete any photos. I check mark the photo and then click on delete in the upper left hand side of the screen but nothing happens.

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Delete Photos From The Camera Kit

May 3, 2010

So I got the camera kit a few days ago. I belong to a group of photographers that meet up and shot. This weekend we did a model shot at a park and I ended up taking about 300 shots. We went to a bar for drinks and I imported the photos to my iPad (this is awesome by the way). When I got home, I imported all the files into Lightroom. No problems at all. Now, I have an event in the the photos app that shows the date the pictures were imported. How do I delete that event? I can not find an option to Unsync the in iTunes and the only way I can figure is to go in one by one and delete all the pictures one at a time. Can someone point me if the righ direction?~

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Delete Photos Procedure

Jul 21, 2010

To see photos on the ipad is great - if you are able to bring it there. I have spent 1 hour on the hotline to (not) solve two issues:

Loaded photos were all double and a try to delete did not work.

Any suggestion what to do?

PS: I am very disappointed how primitive the functions for photos are on the ipad. Much work to do for Apple.


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