Error 1013: Unable To Restore

Jan 15, 2011

Having an issue with my iPad (64 Gb WiFi/3G - AT&T). I was online today (WiFi) and noticed "Searching" where the nornal 3G indicator usually resides. I didn't think much of it and just kept surfing. After searching for what I was looking for, I put it on the charger and took a nap. After waking up, it was still "Searching" so I did a shutdown (Holding home button with Sleep/Wake button). After restarting I get the "Connect to iTunes" prompt. No big deal right? Wrong. I couldn't get my PC to recognize iPad so I found out how to get it in "Recovery Mode" and tried a system restore. All good right? Not so fast. Unable to restore iPad unexpexted error 1013. I Googled the error and came up with this:

1. Go to your �Applications� folder
2. Go to your �Utilities� folder
3. Launch �Terminal�
4. Type �sudo nano /etc/hosts� (without quotes) and hit return


All good right? Again; Fail! I don't have any entries in the host file that match the website. So here I am with my brick of an iPad. Anyone out there care to talk me out of a "This is a hardware issue" theory (For the record, YES. I did try to restore the iPad from recovery mode on a different laptop with a functional version of iTunes)?

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Unable To Work After Upgrade / Showing Error Code 1013

Dec 3, 2010

After upgrading my iPad from 3.2.x to iOS version 4.2.1 it showed error code 1013.
Display is only showing the USB lead and the iTunes logo.

I have tired many things.
No chance to restore the iPad so far...

Also resetting does not help and editing the /etc/hosts was not of need as it does not contain a line item showing
iOS 4
4.2.1 briked with error code 1013

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Error Code 1013 After Updating A Brand New 3G 16GB

Dec 2, 2010

I've got my new iPad today and over excited I've attached it to iTunes (v 10.1). It asked me to upgrade to the new OS and I did. After that it gave an error and told me that I had to recover. Now i'm trying to recover it all night and I still get the error message: The iPad couldn't be recovered. There has been an unknown error (1013).

Has anybody seen this error before? And if so, what's the solution. It's a brand new iPad and I haven't got a clue what's wrong.

iPad 3G 16gb
iOS 4
iTunes 10.1

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Unable To Restore/unknown Error?

Dec 4, 2010

i have reset my ipad by erasing all data and settings. while it was re-booting after it finished the restore it stays on the apple logo boot screen. i'm on version 3.2.0 and i didnt want to upgrade to 4.2.1 I didnt backup the Ipad as I got a nwe pc.
I tried to restore it but I keep getting an unknowen error

Dell Alien Wear
Windows 7

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Unable To Restore My Ipad 2 And Get Error 14

Jul 5, 2012

I am told I need to restore my iPad and when I try I get an error message 14 unknown error and the task won't complete.

Info:iPad 2

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Unable To Restore Due To Error 3194 - Process Stalls

Jun 17, 2012

I am unable to restore my ipad due to error 3194. The restore process stalls when it gets to the point where the firmware is being updated. Error message 3194 comes up.

iPad 2

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IPad 2 :: Unable To Restore - 4013 Error Code

Jun 28, 2014

I am trying to figure out why I cannot restore my Ipad2. I got a red screen of death that flashed scripts and defaulted the ipad to the restore mode. But when I connect to Itunes it wont let me restore and throws a 4013 error code. I have read the fault code description and changed everything that has to do with the USB connection. The computer is reading the Ipad so it leaves me to think things may be fine. How to fix this so I can update the ipad?

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IPad Mini :: Unable To Restore IOS 7.0.4 - 3004 And 3194 Error

Dec 1, 2013

I've been trying to restore my ipad to iOS 7.0.4 for 3 days (I really mean it) but I just get Error 3004 or 3194 continually. These are things I have tried :

1 - Check the windows host file ( put the , remove it , test with different IPs , blank it , even delete it and etc .. )
2 - Test with different itunes versions
3 - Test with different computers
4 - Test with different internet providers
5 - Test with Proxy , VPN etc.
6 - Check, change and test with different options in internet options.
7 - I'm sure about my internet connectivity.
8 - Test all the above tests in both normal and DFU mode.
9 - Uninstall any AV programs.
10 - Made sure the firewall is disabled.
11 - Connected via LAN and WLAN both even with cell phone's internet.

But I still get the same error again and again . I actually open in the browser with no problem and fast. The error appears when I choose the iOS ( with shift + click on the restore button ) and after extracting section.

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IPad 3 :: Stuck In Recovery Mode - Unable To Restore / Unknown Error -1

Jun 13, 2013

All of a sudden my ipad 3 started rebooting over and over and now, it's stuck in recovery mode. When I try and restore, it stops at about 90% and gives me "Unable to restore, unknown error -1". The Apple Store told me that it's likely a hardware issue and the only thing to do is buy another one just like it at a discounted rate of $299. There's got to be SOMETHING to do, right?

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Trying To Restore But Pictures Will Not Restore - Error Messge Shows

Jun 12, 2010

i just got a replacement iPad from the Apple store. When i go to restore to ( My iPad dated on 6/8 which was the last sync ) it will sync everything but when it gets to pictures it gives me a error -- cannot sync iPad "My iPad" the required file cannot be found It only does this if i check sync pics from iPhoto, If i UNCHECK sync pics from iPhoto everything syncs fine ( music, movies, settings, etc ) If i select the pictures folder to sync ( not iPhoto ) , it will sync those, but if i try to sync my iPhoto library it gives me that error.

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3.2.1 Restore Error - ITunes Verifies The Restore

Aug 20, 2010

I just bought my iPad and jailbreak it immediately once I opened it (luckily it is still in 3.2.1). Now I just want to restore it back to factory 3.2.1 with the fireware I downloaded (3.2.1) but when iTunes verifies the restore, it gives an error 1394. My iPad is still in 3.2.1 and it is still jailbroken, just that when I restore it to 3.2.1 it gives that error. I am going to save my SHSH now to allow me to roll back if I accidentally upgrade to 3.2.2 but at the mean time I wonder is there anything I can do to get over this error? It seems strange that I am still on 3.2.1 but iTunes doesn't allow me to store to the same version. Can it be the version of iTunes I am using? (

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Restore To 3.2 From 3.2.1 - Restore Procedures Provides An Error

Jul 16, 2010

Is it possible to revert back to 3.2? I have the 3.2 file but when I try to load it through the restore procedures it provides an error saying that it can't connect to the iPad

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Error When Trying To Restore?

Mar 14, 2012

im trying to restore my ios 4.33 to version 5.0 but everytime i try to do it i get error 3194. Ive tried everything, restore mode, dfu mode, the tiny umbrella method, hosts file... but nothing seems to work.

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Restore Software 3.2 Error

May 1, 2010

I am attempting to restore my wifi iPad. When it tries to download the Restore Software 3.2I get an error message asking me to check my network settings. My Network is fine, am connecting to the internet fine. This has been going on since yesterday afternoon. I don't want to call Apple on it because I'm sure they are swamped with iPad 3G calls.

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Fails To Restore With Error 28

Oct 3, 2010

I was charging my iPad overnight and the next morning, I see that it has been set in recovery mode. I tried restoring, but iTunes says it can't be done with error 28 (hardware). I bought the iPad in Singapore and I'm living in the Philippines. The Apple stores here do not service iPads. Is there a way to fix this problem on my own?

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Error 26 When I Try To Restore IPad 2

May 31, 2012

Whenever I try to restore my iPad 2, it says an unknown error (26) has occurred and it is not possible continue restoring process. What is this error and how I can correct the same?

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Ipad 1 Keeps Getting Restore Error

Mar 22, 2012

Have the first generation iPad. I gave it to my son when I upgraded to the new iPad. It worked perfectly. I reset it, and my son set it up in his iTunes account. Now he has an error that says it has to be restored, when we tried to do that, it keeps getting errors saying it can't be restored, and random error numbers. What can be done at this point?

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Error 14 When Trying To Restore To IOS 5 Beta 3

Jul 12, 2011

I've activated my UDID. Have iTunes 10.5 beta 3. I'm already running beta 1. It worked fine when i restored the first time to beta 1.

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Error -1 : Restore Ipad 2 To Os 5.1.1?

Jun 1, 2012

Today i tryed to update my ipad2 Cdma to 5.1.1 from 5.0.1, I plugged in and pinched on update. After it started updating, about on 75% of the update process itunes Gave me an error. Error 1 unknown error. Now my ipad is on restore mode, and i can't restore it, i have reinstalled itunes, restarted my pc, try on another pc. I tryed kicking it out of restore mode but it would just turn off and get in restore mode again. Always the same error. I have never jailbroken my ipad, i haven't messed with host file.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iOS 5.1.1

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Unknown Error 1601 - Restore OS 3.2.1

Jul 17, 2010

My all new iPad... Just started use it since yesterday. I only downloaded Stanza and GoodReader from appstore. And it just went black today!!! ALSO can't charge now. I try to restore OS 3.2.1 but it kept saying unknown error 1601... IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY NOW

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Firmware Error-cannot Access To Restore?

Aug 20, 2010

My son just spill water into the ipad. After drying i noticed that the turn on and off by itself sometimes.Friend ask me try restoring, but itune always say firmware error.Ipad also running on 3.2.Itune My shsh is save using cydia and umbrella.Steps for restoring.From umbrella enter ECID no. (found no using a software)device: ipad 3.2 (7b367)Request from cydiaPut ipad to recovery modeStart tss server.Hold shift key and click restore select file shsh3.2.1 error message will appear saying firware is different from itune Could it be the new itune version not allowing me to restore?Do i have to use the default PC to restore?

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