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Cracking Sound From Speakers IPad 3?

Has anyone noticed any crackly noises on iPad 3 speaker? This is noticed while playing iTunes downloaded songs

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IPad 3 Plays Video - Sound Cracking With Low Pitch
So it's like just 3rd day when I got my new iPad. Its iPad 3, 16GB wifi only version. I copied some videos into to it using iTunes, it didn't allow me to copy .flv videos, I suppose that's okay. I copied .mp4 videos that I'd got from youtube. In the Video app, I could see names and darkened thumbnails of the video which I had copied. The Video looked alright but the audio sounded like a low-pitch, low quality sound.

And also it was really low. It exactly sounds like VLC media player when the volume is turned upto 200 or more. In short, the sound is cracking. I'm not sure why it's happening. I downloaded a video podcast from Store and it played really well. I suppose the coded was mp4 avc1. Those videos also do not work on my Nokia S60V5 phone, this is iPad, right?

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jul 3, 2012

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No Sound From Speakers
I've had my iPad for about 36 hours and for the last 24 the sound hasn't worked. When turning the iPad back on, the sound works for a second but then quits working. The volume buttons on the side do not do anything when pushed. I've adjusted the volume from settings and it is turned up but no sounds comes out. In the iPod app, it says "dock connected" even when it isn't plugged in. My headphones work great, there's just no sound from the speakers. I've restored the iPad and there is no change. Hardware failure or am I doing something wrong?

MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo 2
Mac OS X (10.6.3)
iPhone 3GS, iPad WiFi

Posted: Nov 6, 2010

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No Sound With Speakers, Only Earphones?
as the topic says, i got no sound with my speakers on my ipad,only when i plug in my earphones i got sound. when i also try to adjust the volum settings on the right side of the ipad, it says earphones even when my earphones is not pluged in.

It sounds like my ipad has locked the sound so it only works with earphones/headsets.

i have tried to reboot it, but its still the same problem. Is there anything in the settings i have to do to unlock this?

Posted: 04-28-2011

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Getting No Sound From Speakers With Alarms
I am getting no sound from speakers with alarms, new emails etc? I can hear songs through iPod app though. I checked all my settings and all have volume all the way up. Was working fine this morning (alarm), and now nothing. Even turned on key click sounds and no sounds?

Posted: Mar 22, 2011

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No Sound With Speakers Plugged In
Ive got an iPad 16g. The other day I was listening to music at work using plug in speakers I unplugged them to do something real quick and when I plugged them back in I had no sound from the speakers! I looked down inside the port on the iPad and noticed that one of the small brass tabs at the bottom of the port was almost flush with the wall of the port, and that I am getting sound to the speakers but it is very minimal, as in I can barely hear anything at all!

Posted: 09-08-2011

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IPads Speakers Sound Better?
I was playing around with GarageBand on my new iPad () and I instantly thought that it sounded a lot less tinny than my iPad 2 so I did a few comparisons.The new iPads speaker to me sounds quite a bit better than the iPad 2, a lot less tinny and clearer sound.Has anyone else found this? Or am I just imagining things

Posted: Mar 16, 2012

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No Sound From Built In Speakers Of IPad 2
I have no sound from the built-in speaker of iPad 2 and also from my headphone, this issue does exist with Mp3s, videos , games , apps , keyboard sound, alert sound,...everything.I tried every solution discussed in the Apple support but most of them are only related to novice people or for the one who do not fully aware with this device.

The following points represent some solutions which I got from searching all discussions,.... but no way !
1- General => Use Side Switch to" =>Select Mute. Then use the rocker switch on the side to turn up the sound. Result :No Sound !
2- Double-click the Home button =>Flick from left to right=> un-slash the mute button on the bottom left. Finding :The sound was not muted at all!
3- Try doing a system reset (Press the Home button and the sleep button for a while,....etc.). Result: No way ..No Sound!
4- Unplug/plug the headset =>No Sound !
5-Try doing a system restore =>No Sound !

This problem might be considered as system crash/bug in the IOS core, so please fix it in the next IOS update!If that was related to a hardware crash, I wonder why everything is working in this device except the sound?

iPad 2

Posted: Apr 25, 2012

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Cannot Hear Any Sound From Speakers For TV Apps?
With the new IPad, using some TV Apps I can only hear the audio with the headphones, any sound from the speaker; is there any problem with the software or have I to modify anything in the setting area?

iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, iOS 5.1

Posted: Mar 25, 2012

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External Speakers Keep Playing And No Sound In The Buds
I've tried two pairs of my ear buds that I use in my iTouch and they do not work in my iPad. The external speakers keep playing and no sound in the buds. Anyone else having this problem? Does the iPad require new ear buds

Posted: Apr 4, 2010

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Best Speakers To Be Used With IPad 3 For Maximum Sound Experience?
I want to use my iPad to watch Movies and listening to hard music.The sound quality of iPad is not satisfactory. Hence External Speakers are needed to be used with iPad3 in order to get maximum sound experience. What are the best Speakers that can be used with iPad 3 for improving Sound Experience

Posted: 16-09-2012

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How To Record Sound From Speakers In Third Generation IPad?
I want to record those sound which comes out of my iPad's speaker.I have heard that it is possible but don't know how.Can you help me to do the same in my third generation iPad?

Posted: 29-08-2012

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Sound Working Only In Earphones Not In Speakers On IPad 3
I realized the sound was only working for alerts, but when tried to use apps, youtube or even my videos, there is no sound. Curiously, I plugged in my headphone and the sound works normally. I've already tried the mute/rotation button, changed its setting, and nothing happened - still only have sound through my headphones.

Posted: 05-06-2012

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Link To Bluetooth Speakers For Wireless Sound System
Can I link an iPad to bluetooth speakers to have a wireless sound system?

What bluetooth speakers are available?

Posted: May 12, 2010

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No Sound From Speakers After Placing Ipad 2 On A Docking Station
I have no sound from speakers after placing ipad 2 on a docking station. Sound is ok from headphones and the station just not the ipad speaker. Any fixes?

Posted: 07-21-2012

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Why The IPad 1 Internal Speakers Not Working With Some Applications And Key Sound
My iPad1 ' internal speakers not fully functioning. It is working with music and video, YouTube , but not working with applications such as games.Also with key pad sound .

iPad, iOS 5.0.1

Posted: Apr 21, 2012

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Only Sound Effects Audio Coming Out Of External Speakers On IPad 2
Only audio coming out of external speakers is sound effects. Headphones allow all audio. Have checked everything. Nothing is muted. Reset done with no effect.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 21, 2012

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Ipad 2 Has No Sound From Internal Speakers And Is Showing Headphone Symbol
Ipad 2 has no sound from internal speakers apart from ringer ALERTS from facetime and is showing headphones icon sybol, sound comes from external speakers.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1

Posted: Apr 3, 2012

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Screen Cracking While Using It
Has anyone had problems with screen cracking while using it? I was listening to a book from Audible when I heard a "pop". Then a crack appeared, and when I touched the screen 2 more cracks appeared. Now the screen is totally unresponsive.

Posted: Sep 23, 2010

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Computer Speakers Via Bluetooth Speakers For Movies And Music?
I've using he iPad for over a month and I've been thinking about getting a pair of Bluetooth speakers for movies and music. Then an idea came - is it possible to connect the iPad to the speakers on my desktop computer such that the iPad sees them as Bluetooth speakers? I'm guessing there's an app on the computer side for that.

Posted: Jul 28, 2010, 10:28 AM

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Is It Possible To Attach 5.1 Speakers In My IPad? Is There Any Hardware Available For IPad To Fix In All The Speakers Rear, Front And Woofer?
I recently bought a 5.1 speakers but the problem now is my PC broke and not working so I left only with my iPad, is there any that I can fix the 5.1 speakers to my iPad? Is there any gadget available for iPad which does that? How much will it cost?

Posted: 15-07-2012

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Soft Spot In Glass Is Cracking - Spot On The Screen Has A Bit Of Backlight Bleed
I got a new original iPad Thursday from my local Verizon store. I love it, but yesterday I was putting on a Yoobao slim case and noticed that if I press on the glass near the top right side, inside the black border, it flexes and squeaks. This spot on the screen has a bit of backlight bleed (not terrible, but still there) if that has anything to do with it.

The glass apparently touches the screen underneath as the "rainbow" type effect happens -the same effect seen when you touch an LCD. The pressure required to replicate this isn't extreme either, just a medium firm press. Should I be concerned? I'd hate for this to turn into an issue down the road.

Posted: Mar 30, 2011

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Sound Playing Faster - High Sound Pitch
All of a sudden whenever i play any sound whatsoever on me ipad, it comes out high pitched and faster, like its on helium.It must be a software issue, because both headphones and the built in sleaker emits sound faster. I played a song and it was like this. All apps are played 2x, and so are movies and push notifications. It was just after i used the beat making app where you have a grid of dots to fill in which it plays. I clicked on a song in an email, this app opebed, i closed the app, then went to music, and now its like this I know how to fix it i think because it was on another post, but i just thought id write this on here to let someone at apple know there is a bug in their system. Anyone know why or what is causing this?
(even when i slow podcasts down to half, it still sounds high pitched, so its not like ive flicked a switch or something)

Posted: Sep 7, 2010

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Weird Sound - Sound Is 2x Speed When Play An Function
I am having sound problems on my iPad. When I play a movie, podcast, or game that uses sound, the sound is played at 2x speed. So listening to a podcast sounds like the chipmunks recorded it.

Posted: Aug 2, 2010

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Only Headphones Sound-no Speaker Sound After 4.2.1 Upgrading
After I had finished upgrading 4.2.1 firmware for my iPad, the speaker's sound has gone.I can hear the sound from my iPad only when I connected to any headphones or bluetooth devices.I tried many methods to get the sound back, starting from:1. trying to plug in and out my headphone - nothing changed2. switch on and off from the mute button (former is lock button) but it only showed "Headphones" or "Mute" sign.3. shut down and turn on my iPad - nothing changed4. Hard Reset my iPad and Restore - Still no sound, but I had to re-install everything again5. Ask everyone and search every "no sound from iPad" topics but found none like mine.

Posted: Dec 10, 2010

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Set Alarm Sound When Email Is Arrived But No Sound
I set alarm sound when email is arrived but no sound.

Info:iPad 2

Posted: May 27, 2012

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Lock Sound And Keyboard Sound Is Not Working?
MY iPad lock sound and keyboard sound is not working

iPad 2, Windows 7

Posted: May 23, 2012

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IPad 2 :: No Sound - Checked The Sound Settings?
I have checked everything.Sound settings inside under the gear app. Volume is wide open I've toggled the side switch back and forth. Anyone know how to fix the?

Posted: 04-28-2012

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Email Notification Sound Despite Sound Is On Mute
Why does my Retina iPad give email notification sound despite sound is on mute? My 1st generation iPad does not produce any sound if it's on mute.

Posted: Mar 25, 2012

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Getting Sound Notification Every Hour Like An IMessage Sound?
I am getting an Sound notification every hour like an iMessage Sound and i dont know why. No other notification than the Sound..

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: May 13, 2012

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Speakers Vs 13 Mbp
how do the ipad speakers compare to the 13 mbp? ipad speaker seem good to me.

Posted: Aug 10, 2010, 09:07 PM

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Bulit In Speakers?
I have'nt read anywhere does this have a speaker built in ?

Posted: Mar 5, 2010, 09:45 AM

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How To Connect With Speakers
New here just got an ipad a week ago and i can't put it down. I do have a question i want to play my music through my speakers at work. But the plug is to small so i bough an adpator for it but no sound. Does anybody have any

Posted: Jun 14, 2010, 04:29 PM

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Looking For A Review For Speakers
I've been looking for a review that mentions the speakers, but haven't been successful. I'm guessing that they're significantly better than the iPhone's due to the iPad's larger size.

Posted: Jan 28, 2010, 04:48 PM

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IPad 3 :: Speakers
I have the iPad 1 still, selling it towards new iPad. Idk how the iPad 2 is compared to the first one is it the same and do you think the new iPad can give a good experience cause IPad one is to quiet.

Posted: 03-14-2012

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It's 1 Speakers Not Working.
Recently for some reason the speakers stopped working but the headphones still work. I have tried all of the possible solutions tried by others on the forum with the same problem i.e. playing around with the rotation lock and mute combinations, complete system restore (numerous times) and taking it in to the store.

They couldn't get it working and because it was bought in the USA and I live in the UK and it is 13 months old the only solution as far as they were concerned was to trade it in for a new one. Has anybody got any bright ideas before I trade it in?

Posted: 02-24-2012

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Speakers Are Not Working On It
My IPad first generation has began to stay always "dock connected" also if it's not, and with no sound from the speakers. I cannot turn up the volume, because it doesn't work. I have already done everything like soft reset, hard reset, reboot the system from iTunes, but the audio still doesn't work. The headphones works. It's not the mute button, but seems to be something about the soft.

Posted: Aug 29, 2011

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Zephyr 550 Speakers ?
Im dying for these speakers does anyone have it? what are your thoughts?


Posted: Mar 20, 2012

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Adjust More Speakers To Get Louder
I use my iPad all the time for movies and music, but I'm not happy with headphones. The iPad's internal speakers are OK, but the experience would be much more "impressive" if there were a pair of forward-facing speakers with the ability to play a little louder and deeper. I had always hoped someone would build a case for the iPhone that provided enhanced sound so that the device could be used like a miniature boom-box, but there were obvious space and power constraints. It seems to me that the iPad provides an opportunity for something similar. I realize that I could pair the iPad with a pair of Bluetooth speakers or run a cord from the headphone jack or the dock connector to an external sound system, but there's a certain elegance in an all-in-one, transportable solution.

Posted: May 7, 2010, 04:56 PM

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Why Not Use The Same Speakers In Iphone/ipod
Has anyone heard how the speakers will sound? I am hoping they are at least the quality speakers from the iPhone if not better. I was really disappointed with the speakers in the iPod Touch. I used to have an iPhone and iPhone 3G then I switched to Verizon so I got a 32GB iPod Touch and wow is there a difference in audio through the speakers. Why wouldn't they just use the same speakers in the iPhone and iPod Touch?

Posted: Mar 13, 2010, 12:42 PM

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Prefer Best WiFi Speakers
Just putting together Christmas wish list...Can anybody give some guidance on the best wifi speakers so I can get the best out of the Airplay on my iPad, iPhone and Mac ?

iMac 24/Mac Book Pro
Mac OS X (10.6.4)
Iphone 3GS, iPad 16GB

Posted: Dec 4, 2010

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Manufacturers Currently Making Speakers
It seems like being able to listen to your itunes through speakers while holding the Ipad working on something else might be cool? Are there any manufacturers currently making speakers like this?

Posted: 03-15-2010, 07:21 PM

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Compatible Bluetooth Speakers
My first post here, I am picking my Ipad up tomorrow and wanted to know if there is a recommended Speaker that people thinks is good for the Ipad?I am also wanting to buy a good case and other accesories.

Posted: 06-16-2010, 07:30 AM

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External Speakers Not Working
There may be a setting I'm missing, but the volume when I plug in headphones works fine...I just can't turn on or adjust the volume of my iPad's external speakers. When I play songs in iPod mode I see no volume control bar either.

Mac OS X (10.4.3)

Posted: Jun 5, 2010

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Logitech IPod Speakers
Rechargeable Speaker S715i

Anyone hear these yet? I wonder if the iPad with a cable would work with these? All else fails it has a aux Jack

Posted: 08-19-2010, 10:29 PM

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Speakers Using Apple's Remote App ?
Can the Remote app play music to my iPad? I know it can control my Mac, but that's downstairs. I would like to listen to what I have upstairs. Can this be done? I don't know if it's just a setting change, but I don't see one.

Posted: Oct 4, 2010, 03:04 PM

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Case With Built-In Amp/Speakers?
The iPad is a fantastic audio and video machine. But the speakers leave something to be desired -- they don't face the same way as the screen, they're very directional, and I think the speaker output is mono like on the iPhone. Don't get me wrong; the built-in speaker is pretty impressive given the constraints imposed by the iPad's industrial design. I'm not a big fan of headphone listening, though, and I much prefer speakers. Does anybody make a case with a small amplifier and a pair of speakers built in? Something with its own battery that'll play louder than the iPad's native audio? That would make for a very cool all-in-one media machine that would be perfect for couch-surfing or viewing/listening while working out on a treadmill or stationary bike!

Posted: 05-06-2010, 12:00 AM

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Why Won't My External Speakers Play?
I use some Creature speakers with my iMac and decided to have a go with them connected to the iPad. I unplugged them from the iMac and plugged them into the iPad. The iPad's volume control read out 'headphones' when I adjust the volume but no sound emanates from the creatures.

Posted: Oct 7, 2010

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IHome ID8 Speakers Not Working With IOS 5.1.1
iHome ID8 speakers do not seem sync with my iPad 2 after updating it to IOS 5.1.1. I always get the message, "Charging is not supported with this accessory" while I connect it to my iPad. How can I fix it?

Posted: 14-05-2012

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Speakers With The Latest IPad 3?
Can anyone tell me the total number of speakers that are present in the latest iPad3?

Posted: 27-05-2012

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