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Connected To Wireless But Safari Not Loading?

I'm using mobile hotspot with my palm pre plus, and the wireless icon in the status bar has disappeared. In wifi settings, I'm connected to wireless, but safari won't load anything.

I've already tried resetting the ipad several times

View 1 Replies (Posted: May 5, 2010, 03:15 PM)

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Wifi Connected But No Pages Loading
I have had this problem since I got my iPad last week. I am connected to my wifi network and have the 3g turned off. It seems only to be connected for about 2-5 minutes and it then doesn't load anything, the iPad will say it is connected, but no pages will load, app store won't search. How I have been able to fix it is going into wifi settings then disable/enable, but this only works for once again My router's firmware is up to date and I have iOS 4.2. I have reset the network connection settings and still same problem.

Ipad 3g+wifi 64gb
iOS 4

Posted: Nov 30, 2010

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Wi Fi Shows Connected But Unable To Access Internet As Safari Displays Not Connected To Internet?
I am using iPad 3 and currently living in an area where there is a strong wi fi signal which is open also which means it doesn't need any password.My ipad shows connected to internet but when i try to access internet through safari browser it displays "Not connected to internet" .I checked every setting but everything was correct.I wonder what is creating problem?

Posted: 08-06-2012

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Accessories Keyboard : Wireless Vs Connected
You've got the iPad Dock keyboard and a normal iPad dock. I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy the normal iPad dock but I will also need a keyboard.The Apple site tells me you can also use bluetooth keyboards (which I don't have at home).Now I thought that it might be better to buy the bluetooth keyboard. Than I will just put the iPad on the normal iPad dock and I will use the bluetooth keyboard to type stuff.Now the bluetooth keyboard and the special iPad Dock Keyboard have the same price except there's one difference: the iPad Dock Keyboard isn't wireless but it's also a dock at the same time.Buy a wireless bluetooth keyboard or buy the connected iPad Dock Keyboard?

Posted: Mar 12, 2010, 10:59 AM

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Low Signal When Connected To Wireless Router?
I have two iPhones, many wireless devices. All work beautiful with my wireless + SMCD3GN wireless router. iPad is killing me. Wireless either has low signal, connects then low performance. Or just doesnt remember my wireless.
Really big problem for me.... Anyone experience this.

Posted: Jul 5, 2010, 01:20 AM

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Can Be Connected To The 5GHz Wireless Band?
I'm going to Best Buy tonight and I may pick up an iPad so I was curious.

Posted: Apr 7, 2010, 04:41 PM

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What Should I Do If IPad Is Not Getting Connected To The New Wireless Router?
My iPad is not getting connected to the new wireless network though I have entered the right log in credentials? What are the steps that need to be taken to get the issue resolved?

Posted: 19-06-2012

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Usb Wireless Connection Lost After It Connected To Pc
I am moving away and finally decided to connect the ipad to my pc. I just updated my pc with xp service pack 3. When i connect the ipad to the pc, im lucky if iTunes recognizes it (maybe 1/5 times) and it tells me that it requires an update.I agree to the update but within a few minutes my internet connection is lost. This pc is on a wireless connection. The wireless is still active as my iPad still has internet as well as the other hard wired pc in the house.

Even if i do not open iTunes and initiate the "download and install updates" option, my Internet connection is lost on this pc. The computer no longer recognizes my wireless usb key, and the only solution is to restart the computer, nothing else seems to work.Obviously the iPad update has not occurred since the internet is lost within 2-3 minutes of starting the update!

I am at my wits end with this iPad. I just want to update it, and then transfer some music and video to it- doesn't seem like too much to ask. I have previously been using it only for a few small apps and an ereader.

Posted: 05-26-2011

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3G Wireless Usage While Connected To WiFi?
I have a 250MB 3G wireless package. I have left my iPad in the house for the past 2 weeks. It is connected to the WiFi as indicated by the the WiFi icon and under settings it shows IP address/etc. Why suddenly am I over my 250MB plan? How does the iPad "ignore" the wireless connection when under WiFi.

Posted: 08-05-2011

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Connect To The Wireless And Stay Connected?
I have been having trouble with my iPad connoting to our work wireless network. It seems to connect fine, safari pops up and it asks me to insert the password I do and i can browse the web just fine. Then when I close the web browser and move to say the mail app, it can no longer connect.

Posted: Aug 30, 2011

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Only Get Mail When Connected To Local Wireless?
We have our server connected through the airport extreme and then the airport extreme to the modem. When I am at work I can send and receive emails just fine but if I try to go somewhere then I can no longer send and receive e-mail... Any ideas? I know there is not much info to go on but hopefully you guys have some ideas. We are running lion server on our mini Mac and I have the new iPad HD.

iPad Wi-Fi + 4G (Verizon), iOS 5.1

Posted: Apr 9, 2012

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Constantly Connected To Wireless And Using Download Limit
My iPad is the only wireless device I have running and even when its turned off its still connecting to my wireless broadband.Its used up 5gb in less than two days.The only thing I can do to stop it is to put the iPad into flight mode or disable the wireless connection.

Posted: Aug 5, 2010

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Which Network Is Used When Both Cellular Data And Wireless Are On And Connected
When both Cellular Data (3G in my case) and Wireless are enabled and connected with full bars and full wifi strength, which interface does the device use to send/receive data? Is there a way (App) to tell which is being used and/or does it depend on the type of data (streaming netflix vs sending an email for example)?

Edit:The routing table shows 2 default routes which is what got me wondering in the first place:


- destination: default
* gateway:
* netif: en0
* flags: UGSc


First is my home network, second is my Cell Data.

Posted: May 27, 2012

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Can't Connect To Internet But Connected To Wireless Network
can't connect to internet but connected to wireless network

iPad 2, iOS 4.3

Posted: Jun 3, 2012

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Viewing PDF In Safari :: Not Loading
I got an iPad for primarily reading scientific pdfs from the web. It does this very well....for the first page and a half. I can get it to load up full documents. It just cuts off the rest of the doc, ith no option to scroll down.

Posted: Apr 6, 2010

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Image Not Loading On Safari?
When images appear for a search in safari, you must continually scroll by finger to keep the images loading. Is this a bug?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1

Posted: Apr 13, 2012

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Loading Large Web Pages In Safari
For those of you who have an iPad, how do large web pages load? I know one of the things the iPhone choked on was loading a long page like in a forum. By choking I mean it either checkerboards a lot of freezes.How does this page load? I have no opinion on the content. I found this via a quick google search and my iPhone chokes on this. It takes forever to load and constantly checkerboards.

Posted: Apr 3, 2010, 09:22 PM

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Safari Images Not Loading Properly
Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a setting I've missed? It only happens from time to time.

Posted: May 6, 2010, 06:13 PM

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Frequent Safari Crash After Loading
Not sure if this is the correct forum to post my problem with my jailbroken iPad. Jailbroke using limera1n. Works great. But lately I notice when I'm using safari especially pages with lots of picture. It'll crash after it's done loading. Sometime it doesn't load all the image. As far as I know all the image are in jpeg. Like regular photos. So question is how do I fix this? Is this caused from jailbreaking?. I'm running 4.1

Posted: 10-30-2010, 11:52 PM

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Unable To Use Safari / Not Loading Webpage
I'm using a 64 gb IPad 3g, and I'm having some issues with Safari.

Specifically, it pretty consistently gets stuck when loading a webpage. The progress bar will get stuck about a third of the way across, and the only way to fix it is to select the address bar, then select the page itself, which brings up the refresh icon in the address bar, and then hit reload. Most of the time, this causes the page to load again within a second or two. Occasionally I have to do this twice.

If I decide to just wait for the page to load, I generally have to wait 10-15 seconds. It's very annoying. I've gotten to the point where it becomes a bit of a ritual. If a page doesn't load immediately I just hit reload a couple of times.

Macbook 2.2 GHz
Mac OS X (10.5)
1 gig RAM

Posted: May 23, 2010

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Safari Not Loading Mass Pictures?
First off, completely love the iPad. I haven't put mine down since i got it last week, and it's excellent. I'm a photographer, so I post a lot of images to my blog, and i check other blogs with a lot of images. I'm running into an issue with safari loading a lot of photos. I run into this with my blog it will load about 15 images, then the rest are just blank. I tried using a number of different loading techniques on the site, IE j-query loaders, preloading scripts, etc,but always the same thing. Anything i can do?

iPhone OS 3.1.3

Posted: Dec 6, 2010

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Safari - Scrolling Stops Loading
I have just noticed this since doing the update. Go to a website, I used engadget as it's a good heavy one to test, the very start of the web site comes up, then start scrolling the screen down the web site to the bottom, then up again to the top, then down again.

The loading of the site stops dead in it's tracks till you stop scrolling. I'm sure it did not do this before, yes, it slowed it down, but I'm sure it kept loading.

It almost seems like today's 4.3 update has changed something and now scrolling is taking 100% iPad power and no new data can be displayed till you stop. Is this just me, I can't go back to 4.2 now to double check.

Whilst 4.3 does indeed render the web site faster which is great. I'm sure I used to be able to scroll down and the data kept coming in/being displayed, unlike now where the blue downloading bar stops dead till you stop scrolling.

Posted: Mar 9, 2011

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Loading Attachments To Gmail Via Safari?
Anyone able to shed light as to whether it's possible to load attachments to gmail on the web from iPad2?EG I loaded pages in to create doc's gmail via the web does not seem to have a button for attaching files...I know it can be done via mail, and straight out of pages though the limited functionality struck me as a little stone age.

Posted: 07-31-2011

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Wireless Folding Travel Keyboard Unit With A Connected Cable
i was looking online about the diff wireless folding travel key boards that are out for the ipod touch and the smart phone units ..and that got me to thinking ..
can you use a wireless travel fold down keyboard for the ipad and would it work with a connected cable or have a stand unit with the keyboard unit

Posted: 04-06-2010, 06:55 PM

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Constant Safari Pages Not Loading Or Reloading
I'm on holiday and using my 3G iPad to stay in touch with the outside world!Ive only got GPRS but signal is full, and almost every time i come out of safari the pages reload?Or if a page is loading and i come out of safari when i comeback to it it wont have loaded and will just be a white screen.Its really starting to get on my nerves now due to the time it takes to even load a page.Is it due to the Poor data connection?

Posted: Aug 20, 2010, 09:38 AM

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Safari Picture Loading - Can Override Limitation ?
I am trying to see if anyone knows if there is anyway to get all pictures to load form a website. I have read that the limit is 6mb, then photos stop loading in safari and show the blue box with a question mark.So does anyone know if the is a different browser the iPad can run in order to load a complete web site with photos? Or maybe a program that can override this limitation?I do not mean to stir up any hate, because I know this has been asked a zillion times,

Posted: Oct 28, 2010

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Google Maps Is Not Loading In Safari In IPad 2
The Google maps appear to be not loading in Safari in my iPad2. How to load this application without error?

Posted: 29-09-2012

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Gmail Viewing In Safari - Gets Stuck In Loading
Anyone having problems getting gmail to load completely? My setting in gmail is on the new theme and set to view as if it was in desktop mode, but somehow, gmail gets stuck in loading. And scrolling down is not available...

Posted: 07-08-2011

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Stop Safari From Loading Recent Search
Does anyone know a way to stop safari from loading recent and the search bar on selecting a new tab? This is annoying the **** out of me when opening new tabs. It takes 2 unnecessary and annoying steps to getting to the address bar or the bookmarks bar.

Posted: Mar 16, 2011

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Viewing PDF In Safari :: Stop Loading At The Bottom
In Safari, PDFs stop loading at bottom of display. How do you get entire document to load?

Info: iPad, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: May 15, 2012

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IPad 2 Safari Slow In Loading Webpages?
issue with safari taking its slow sweet time in loading pages? And I get checkerboard when I scroll up and down pages. Don't believe it's home network problem. Also don't notice similar lag when using apps or even viewing YouTube vids. iPad 2 is two weeks old, and I haven't done anything unusual to it.

Posted: Apr 6, 2011

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Safari 5.0 Browser Showing Issues In Loading In IPad
The Safari 5.0 browser in my iPad is crashing unexpectedly. How this issue can be fixed?

Posted: 31-07-2012

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Safari Shows Shrinking Web Page While Loading For The First Time
Whenever I try to load a web page through Safari on my iPad 2, web page contents keep shrinking on the screen and get aligned to the upper right corner. The problem will disappear soon after reloading the same page through Safari. Is there any fix available for this problem?

Posted: 30-06-2012

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Safari Loading Long Web Pages - Schedule In Landscape Mode
I've noticed safari seems to have a limit as to how long a web page can be. If I try to load the schedule in landscape mode it only loads about half the page. In landscape it loads more, but not all of it. I've seen similar behavior with other sites as well.

Posted: Sep 4, 2010, 09:02 AM

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Safari Is Not Connected To Internet
I've tried ALL the suggestions on how to troubleshoot this problem in many forums BUT TO NO AVAIL. I notice that my ipad doesn't even show the wifi connection symbol at the top-most bar. How do I get the 3-curve symbol to appear which will mean that the wifi is REALLY connected?

Posted: 06-16-2012

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Safari Not Connected To Internet
My Ipad 1 has recently started a connection server problem. Whenever I put the website URL in, it just sits and sits and then says Safari is not connected to the internet, but there are three bars on the signal. Turning WiFi on works but then it goes right back. I am thinking of resetting everything.

iPad, iOS 5

Posted: Jun 22, 2012

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Connected To Network - Safari And YouTube Not Open?
My macbook and iPod touch are both connected to my wifi AP at home. I can see the network connectivity from both the iPad network settings and from the Linksys router. But when I try to launch Safari, youtube, itunes, etc. get "Safari not connected to the Internet"; youtube "not connected"; "cannot connect to iTunes Store" error messages.What other parameters can be tweaked? When I initialized the iPad it stated that I had the most up-to-date OS loaded.

Posted: Jul 24, 2010

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Wi-fi Connected Safari Unable To Open The Page
Error message: Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding.What I have tried. Restart, reset ip (valid on our domain), clearing cache, etc, brightness, auto brightness off.School network with Netgear AP's. AP's are WPA secured. I am able to connect to the AP. My iPhone 4 connects to same AP fine, as does touches.I have 30 iPads, none will connect. Information :iPad Other OS.

Posted: Sep 8, 2010

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Connected To Free Wi-Fi / Safari Is Unable To Open
I have access to a "Free Wi-Fi" network where I work.I seem to connect with the antenna indicator showing enough strength, but when I try to use Safari I get a "Cannot Open Page. Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the Internet." How do I connect? Under "Settings" I've tried resetting Network Settings, but still the same. This also happens with my iPod Touch.

Mac Mini
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Oct 4, 2010

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Safari Cannot Open Page Because It Is Not Connected To Internet
I've just gotten myself an iPad 64GB Wifi. I can connect to my wifi connection at home and at work but I still get this message: "Cannot Open Page: Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the Internet".My iPhone 3G and computer can connect to these networks just fine. I've tried all the fixes that Apple suggests including changing to a B or G network only, changing the encryption, changing the SSID, updating to the latest router firmware, resetting the network settings on the iPad.

Posted: 04-16-2010

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Safari Cannot Open Page Not Connected To Internet
I'vebeen having alot of trouble lately with my ipad and receiving the following error message from Safari "Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet." The is quite bothersome and would like to know how to resolve this problem. It only started during the lst coulple of dayfs. Prior to this, my ipad was functiontioning beautifully and i didn't experience any problems.

iPhone 4, iOS 5

Posted: Jul 1, 2012

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Safari Cannot Open The Page - It's Not Connected To The Internet?
does any have the problem where they have full bars on wifi but it still says saffari cannot open the page because it's not connected to the Internet yet it is and my iPhone never has this happen

Posted: 11-09-2011

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WiFi Network Settings - Safari Says Not Connected
I am connected to a network. Do I need to change IP address from DHCP to BootP or Static and also HTTP Proxy from off to manual or auto? Safari says I'm not connected to internet but Wi-Fi says yes.

iPad, iOS 4.3.3

Posted: Mar 28, 2012

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Safari Cannot Open Page - Not Connected To Internet?
When I tap on the Internet icon, I am presented with a page that I was looking at on my desktop computer, but when I type in a new address, I am presented with a message saying "Cannot Open Page. Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the Internet."

Posted: 01-29-2011

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IPad 2 :: Displays Not Connected To Internet For Updates Or Safari Etc
I have two ipads both workrd fine till few days back now 1 of them displays not connected to internet for updates or safari etc. So far tried..turn off, reset network on ipad settings, tested on second network which works for other ipad but not the faulty one. Faulty one does find both networks has strong wireless signal for both but keeps error msg that says cant connect.

Posted: 05-26-2012

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IOS: Troubleshooting Applications Purchased From The App Store - Says Loading But Never Finishes Loading
When trying to load new app,it comes on screen and says loading, but never finishes the loading.


Posted: Jun 2, 2012

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IPad 2 Says It's Connected To Wi-Fi But Get An Error Message When Opening Safari And Mail
This is the second time it's done this and this iPad is only a few months old. My Wi-Fi says it's connected by I get a message each time I open Safari or Mail saying it's not connected to the server. I've turned the Wi-Fi on and off, I've reset my network settings, I've done the restart for my iPad (holding the home button and on/off button until it turns off), and I've entered my Wi-Fi password again. What else is there to do? My Wi-Fi is working on my MacBook and my iPhone. Very frustrating.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 5, 2012

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Wireless Internet - Connecting My Ipad 2 - Says 'not Connected To Internet'
I have wireless internet at my house and am having trouble connecting my ipad. i have entered the password and all signs say it is connected, there is a small tick next to the name and the little bars are showing. but when i try and use the internet it says, 'not connected to internet'. my modem is a thompson TG585 v8.

iPad 2

Posted: Mar 31, 2012

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Wireless Printer Not Found On Safari For Printing?
I have a IOS 5.1 iPad. I am connected to same wireless to a HP printer. I am not to be find the printer on the Safari for printing? (However I am able to print on the same printer from iPad using HP eprint app.. )

iPad, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: May 25, 2012

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Safari Keyboard Wont Work While Using Verizon Wireless
I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem with this site (verizon wireless) or any other websites while using safari on iPad. I often use the verizon wireless site to send texts to friends with verizon phones, a feature that would be very useful on the iPad but when I try to enter the body of the text the keyboard appears for just a second and the disappears. I am able to enter the phone number to send it to but all of the other parts of the form do the same thing. I select the box on the form and it highlights but the keyboard only appears for a second before it disappears again. I even tried to keep my finger on the box while I enter the text but that doesn't work either.If you have a second, could you check and see if this happens on your iPad as well ?

Posted: May 2, 2010

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