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Connect To TV Via WiFi Without Apple TV

Is there any way to connect the iPad (I have an iPad2) to TV via WiFi without Apple TV? I really do not like the Apple TV and rather use any other instrument (for instance, I have an Xtreamer media streamer, if it helps).

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Cannot Connect To Wifi With My Apple Extreme
I went to the "settings" icon and clicked on "wifi", and my Apple Extreme router was identified as a signal, but I received a message after choosing my Apple Extreme network that read "The Airport Extreme named "Apple Network ....." cannot be set up by this software.  Go to "". Below that message was the outline image of my Apple Extreme. I have been able to use the iPad so far on other wifi locations and don't understand what the problem is here.I am currently using my Powerbook G4 aluminum using OS 10.4.11 to connect and use this communication.

Info:iPad Wi-Fi + 4G (Verizon)

Posted: Mar 23, 2012

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Can't Connect To ITunes Also To Apple Store From My IPad 2 Wifi 16 Gb
I want to use my I pad to get music and videos cause I am a musician,and that s the main purpose I bough t the machine for.i bought it last week ,and I am very happy with it....I bought some applications and learned how to mail attachments and picture and some angrybirds games.whatsapp,Facebook,msn,and a 4 track recording application.the machine is amazing,I use it on stage with the guitar tabs and repertoire.i ordering now a stereo condenser mic with built in preamp and compressor to record the ambiance with music.But still can t download music and videos straight from my I pad,it says unable to connect to apple store nor to iTunes.

Posted: 12-15-2011

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WiFi An Apple - Ability To Change Things About The Router They Connect With
It seems clear many are having WiFi issues. While there are some suggestions involving changes to routers, these in general are at best temporary work arounds.
.Not everyone has any ability to change things about the router they connect with..The iPad is supposed to be state of the art gear. Given that, it should be able to work at least as well as a year old laptop in the same location. If it can't, then it had a problem Apple needs to address.

Posted: Apr 6, 2010

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Won't Connect To Wifi / Can't Find Settings To Connect With Wifi
Here's my issue, I just bought an ipad, and I got the wifi only model because I don't really need a 3G ipad and an iphone 4. I work in a public high school that does have wifi, but no one will tell me how to get on it. They act like it some huge secret, but with all the blocks and restriction on our networks its not like I can access things that are inappropriate if I was using the wifi. Anyway, my question is this... is there anything I can buy that can turn the current wired connection into a wifi hotspot for my classroom. Is there a product that can plug into an ethernet outlet and turn the internet connection that is already there into wireless. I brought my airport express from home with me once, but it did not work.

Any advice would be nice. I love my ipad, and will love it even if I cannot get online at school, but I am not going to give up.

Posted: Oct 8, 2010, 04:13 PM

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Unable To Connect Wifi Address To Connect To Home Router
i got the 64gb 3g ipad from the US however when trying to enter the wifi address on the ipad into my router, it doesnt accept it. is there anyway i can find a wifi address that will work as i havent got money to purchase a 3g card yet.

Posted: Dec 6, 2010

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Wifi Setting Vs. Wifi Iphone Settings: Unable To Connect To Internet
I have been trying to connect to the internet via wifi at work to no avail.
My Iphone on wifi works fine there. I entered the identical info from my wifi settings in the iphone to my wifi settings in the Ipad.. I show a strong signal but when the page starts to load I get
""Problem Communicating with web proxy server http." Can anyone offer me any help?

Posted: Jun 9, 2010

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Appication Store - 64gb + 3G + Wifi Couldn't Connect Or Low Connection With Wifi
My iPad 64gb + 3G + wifi couldn't connect or low connection with wifi

Posted: 03-04-2011

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Unable To Connect Wifi Connection/Looses Secure Wifi Network Credentials Periodically?
iPad 64 3G/Wifi Looses secure wifi network credentials periodically. I retype in the 26 character key and I get back on. This is very unnerving and sometimes leaves my family stranded without a connection. Is this going to be a permanent flaw of the iPad?

iPad 64gb 3G
Other OS
Version 3.2.2

Posted: Nov 15, 2010

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Unable To Connect Wifi And Blutooth / Wifi Greyed Out In Settings
I have a 10 day old iPad. I restored the iPad after experiencing problems after an interrupted download. After the restore I had no Wifi (Wifi greyed out in Settings). No fix possible, the iPad has to be replaced. As I am in Canada and there is no Apple store where I am this means Apple shipping me a box, me shipping the box to them and them shipping a new iPad to me.
iPhone OS 3.1.3

Posted: Jun 29, 2010

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Won't Connect With WiFi / Router Works Perfectly With Other Wifi Device
I've had my iPad for a couple of weeks now, and I've nothing but problems maintaining a connection to my wireless router (D-Link WBR-2310) - the router works perfectly with other Wi-Fi devices (non-Apple), but with the iPad 6 inches from the router, the connection fails. It's gotten progressively worse until now it won't connect at all. I've tried a system reset, tried all of the suggestions posted here and elsewhere on the Web - it simply doesn't work. The iPad is defective, plain and simple. This HAS to be resolved. Running iOS 3.2.2 (7B500)

iPad 32G
iPhone OS 3.1.3
Your dropdown doesnt include latest iPad iOS versions...

Posted: Dec 12, 2010

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Wifi Issue: Not Able To Connect To My University Wifi System
My university uses a Cisco's system that works like this: you try to connect to the wifi's network and a window opens asking for an user name and password (that's each student has). I have always been able to connect from my laptop, iPhone, and other devices, but when I try from my iPad the screens frozen and keeps that a way, and if it does nit frozen, nothing happens at all. Anyone with a similar problem or solution?

Posted: Aug 11, 2010

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Unable To Connect To Wifi / Settings Shows No Wifi
i have some problems with my ipad wifi, with the wifi on settings it shows: NO WI-FI, i tried to update from 3.2 to 3.2.1 now i updated to 3.2.2. nothing happend with the ipad wifi, i reset network, erase all content and settings, reset all settings...reset with home and powner buton, restore from back-up, charged to 100%.. still NO is the link to the screenshot i take..

ipad wi-fi 16g

Posted: Aug 16, 2010

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Wifi 3g Doesn't Connect To Home Wifi Network
Getting Connection failures! my new iPad Wi-Fi+3G will not connect to my home wi-fi network. can not set up cellular data account. anyone?

iPhone OS 3.1.3

Posted: May 3, 2010

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Won't Connect To Wifi / But Public Wifi Appears To Be Connected
I was sitting in the Atlanta airport today and enabled the wifi on my iPad. It recognized something called free public wifi. Touched the screen to enable that, got a check mark and the wifi icon, top left of screen, came on showing the full three bars. However, when I tried to access a web site I got a pop up indicating it could not connect. Regardless of the site, NY Times, Apple, MSNBC, the connection could not be made.
My question is why would the wifi icon come on and the iPad not be able to to make an internet connection?

Dell XPS
Windows Vista
IPhone IPad

Posted: Sep 14, 2010

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How Do I Disable Wifi Auto Connect For A Particular Wifi Network
I recently connected my iPad to a wifi network with weak signal strength. Now my emails get stuck in my outbox instead of being sent. I can turn off wifi and use 3g, but then I have to remember to turn it back on when I leave. How do I stop the iPad from auto-connecting to the faulty wifi?

Posted: Sep 15, 2011

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Unable To Connect WiFI / Not Even Get To Wifi Menu?
this morning my wifi connection on the ipad dropped out while i was surfing. I did a restart and now I cant even get into the WiFi menu in the Ipad settings anymore, the WIFI menu is grayed out, i cant switch the wifi on or of, next to the WiFi symbol it just says "No Wifi".

Posted: Dec 9, 2010

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Unable To Connect Wifi / No Wifi And Wont Get Fix
Apple acknowledged the WiFi problem, promised a fix, and STILL nothing.I have not been able to use my iPad a single time without WiFi problems.

MBP 3.06 SSD, MBA 2.13, MB 2.66 iPad 64GB

Posted: May 25, 2010

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Unable To Connect To Wifi 3G To WiFi Network
My device detects the name of the wifi network ( my company name alias- TechNova) but is not picking up the network details ( linksys_ses_54600).

So when under general I go to choose networks i can see TechNova name but when tapped it doesnt open the password page but goes on to say dismiss.

iPad 3G WiFi
Windows XP

Posted: Jun 7, 2010

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Unable To Connect With Wifi / WiFi Greys Out
I have been searching for the solution but there has been little info about this.
My problem is

There is no wifi connection! and after a turning off(hold power button and slide)
the wifi greys out. So, I try a soft reset and the wifi came back again(but still not working)

What should I do?

Windows 7
wifi problem

Posted: Oct 19, 2010

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Won't Connect Wifi / Wifi Strength Weak
Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_0_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8A306 Safari/6531.22.7)

I live in a small apartment (2 BR) and recently noticed major signal dropoff of wifi on my iPad when using it there. When using my iPhone 4 in the same spot, there is no problem; in fact the iPhone 4 blazes! Have an airport extreme. On WPA because I have a TiVo that requires it. Do any of Apple's suggestions actually work.

Posted: Jul 30, 2010, 02:46 AM

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Iplayer And No Wifi - Need To Connect Over A Wifi Connection ?
Recently got an iPad 2 but my only source of Internet in the micro sim 3G Internet in the iPad. This is great fir everything bar trying to use my catch up tv apps like BBC iplayer and 4OD. When I try and watch anything via them it tells me I need to connect over a wifi connection, is there anyway round this that doesn't involve me paying out for a broadband router and contract?? I would really like to be able to use the iplayer apps.

Posted: 10-18-2011

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Unable To Connect Without Wifi/possible To Connect?
Is it possible to connect to the internet without a wi-fi connection, for example can you use an iPhone or connect a modem device in order to connect to the internet?

Mac OS X (10.5)

Posted: May 28, 2010

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Connect An Apple HDD Via USB 2.0?
I'm thinking of buying an iPad (aside from iPod, my first Apple device). forgive the ignorance here: can I connect an Apple HDD via USB 2.0 to the iPad? I travel extensively and am looking for more storage.

Other OS

Posted: May 31, 2010

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Connect To Apple Tv ?
Having problems connecting iPad to apple tv,got a couple of pics but no music etc

iPad, Apple tv

Posted: Jun 8, 2012

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Connect To More Than One Apple TV?
I want to send video to two or three Apple TV's at the same time, on the same network, but in different parts of the building.

iPad 2

Posted: Mar 19, 2012

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Connect It To My Apple Tv?
How do I connect my iPad to my apple tv?

Info:iPad, iOS 5.0.1

Posted: Apr 23, 2012

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IPad 2 :: Hiding Wifi Ssid, One Of Best Ways Of Securing Wifi Is To Hide The Ssid. But Can't Connect To The Network?
as I understand it one of best ways of securing wifi Is to hide the ssid.
but when I try this my devices obviously can't connect to the network. even though they have connected before so should remember the network.

anyone else tried/managed to do this or is it not worth it? have altered the default admin password on router

Posted: 07-02-2011

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Unable To Connect Wifi / No Wifi
Any news on the WiFi fix from Apple? Wasn't it supposed to be released this week?

Posted: May 21, 2010, 05:30 AM

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Connect To ITunes - RMA With Apple
I had posted about 4 days ago about the charging port on the bottom of my ipad breaking, and it could not ccor do anything. I was so pissed becuase I knew that once I did an RMA with Apple, it would come with 3.2.2 and I would not be able to jailbreak.WELL lo and behold, I did an advance replacement with Apple and I just got my new iPad, 2 days after making the call. Guess what! they shipped me an iPad with 3.2 installed, not 3.2.1 or 3.2.2! ---> Cydia installed in less than 2 minutes out of the box.

Posted: 09-30-2010, 01:55 PM

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Can I Connect To Either A TV Or Apple Monitor?
Anyone know if i can connect my ipad to either a TV or and Apple Monitor ? I want to have the iPad on my desk and connect it to a larger screen.

Mac Pro
Mac OS X (10.5.7)
2 x 2.26 HGz Quad-Core Intel Xeon - 16GB 1066 MHz DDR3

Posted: Apr 16, 2010

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Cannot Connect To Apple Store From It
I try to update the apps on my Ipad but I get "Cannot connect to apple store". How can I solve this problem? I can still purchase but I cannot update.

Posted: Jun 17, 2012

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Can't Connect My Apple Bluetooth Keyboard
I have an older apple Bluetooth keyboard(the big bulky one with clear plastic body) and I can't seem to get it working with my iPad. I use this keyboard with my imac and it works just fine. When I'm trying to add a bluetooth device my ipad pics up the keyboard but does not connect it. When I click on the keyboard to pair the two it keeps saying paring for some time, and then it says searching for new devices. Also another weird thing is when my wifi is on and I'm trying to pair my keyboard my wifi icon disappears, but if I go into settings it tells me I'm connected to my network.

Posted: Apr 3, 2010, 12:57 PM

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Unable To Connect IPad 3 To Apple TV?
I can connect to apple tv via iPad but the connection will fade in an out, sometimes it will on its own volition revert to the iPad without touching the iPad. It
Will even stop streaming altogether. I don't know what is happening so please provide solution for this?

Posted: 05-05-2012

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Apple ID Won't Let Me Connect To IMessage Or FaceTime
I can use my apple ID to connect to Istore but I cannot connect to iMessage or FaceTime. I get an error message asking to check my network connection but I can browse Internet and send receive email. Also unable to connect iphone4 toFaceTim.

Posted: May 14, 2012

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Connect Non Apple Product To It Via Bluetooth?
Connect non apple product to the ipad via bluetooth

Posted: 04-08-2011

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Connect The Apple Wireless Keyboad ?
I tried to connect the Apple wireless keyboad that came with my iMac to my iPad andor iPod. The keyboard does not connect to either device. Should the keyboard connect to the iPad? I'm suprised that it doesn't make connection.

Posted: Dec 29, 2011

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IPad 2 Cannot Connect To Apple Store
I get onto the apple Store site and can see everything, but when I try to get a new app or update an existing app, I can't get a download, and get an error message instead. I keep getting a message that my ipad2 cannot connect to the apple store.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1

Posted: Apr 26, 2012

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Can't Connect To ITunes Or Apple TV / Have No Sound
I can connect to my iTunes with my iPad 3 using the Remote app, but there is no sound.

Info:iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1

Posted: Mar 22, 2012

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AirPlay Dropped When Trying To Connect To Apple TV
Every time I press the airplay button on 'The New iPad' to connect to my 2nd Gen ATV it makes the button for ATV disappear, only to re-appear instantly without connecting. I have AirPlay speakers which when ticked connect with my iPad with no issues. I'm trying to mirror content on my iPad. Is this a known issue with iPad / ATV. No Apps are open when I try to connect.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Posted: Mar 30, 2012

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Wont Connect Apple Bluetooth Keyboard
Like a lot of international travellers I adopted the iPAD as the perfect travel companion for flights. However on my first outing with the ipad and a bluetooth keyboard I discovered a major bug/flaw. If the keyboard is placed in a briefcase/rucksack with the iPad and the key is depressed (obviously very likely) then it will continually enter an incorrect passcode into the ipad and eventually lock you out. so what ? Well here's where it goes horribly wrong. The iPad then gets disabled and states you must connect the iPad to your iTunes account before it will re-enable .... NOT TRUE. While oversea's I did exactly this and when I borrowed a friends laptop with iTunes on it and connected the iPad nothing happened. I then logged into my account. Nothing. I then googled the problem and it appears this problem is starting to be experienced by a number of travellers. The only way to unlock the iPAD is too re-connect it to your original PC you first connected and updated the ipad on.

So for 2 weeks while overseas on business I was locked out. Not only is this a major problem and will start to become more common with travellers BUT what is Apple going to do with those iPAD's that were configured on an instotre copy of iTunes ???

This needs sorting ASAP You should be able to unlock the IPAD with YOUR account logged into iTUNES on any PC/APPLE. Having to wait till you return home from your travels is a major issue. As I said ... I can see this causing more and more problems as and when the iPAD is adopted as a travelling tool.

Other OS

Posted: Aug 18, 2010

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Unable To Connect With Apple Bluetooth Headset?
I've been trying to connect my Apple bluetooth headset with my iPad... no luck at all.

I followed the pairing procedure without any success...

Decided to call Apple...

After checking, and asking me how I planned on using the headsets (my answer: Skype and other things) the person confirmed to me that bluetooth headsets were NOT supported on iPads !

I love Apple, but what a shame... This is ridiculous !

Plus the user guide says bluetooth headsets ARE supported...

Looks to me like a last minute feature removed in order to accommodate the network operators... in an attempt to block VOIP use on 3G networks.

Posted: Apr 5, 2010, 04:02 PM

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Apple Applied A New Dock That Allows To Connect A Device
The big news was about the iPhone 4 and the issues being distorted. It sounds like the typical media frenzy like the wifi issues when the iPad first came out. Quite interesting that for something so vilified in the media, 3 million have been sold and they can't make them fast enough. And the buyer's remorse rate is lower than that of the 3GS model.

But there were other things that did not make a big media impact. iPad sales are still going strong and look like they could reach almost 10 million by the end of the year. Facetime is getting a big push from Apple and while they will likely have a camera on the iPad next generation, and upcoming iPod Touch, they may also have a way to add it to the current models.

Also, Apple has applied for a patent on a new dock that allows a device like an iPad to be held both vertically and horizontal. It did not have connector that is standard in most docks, but I could not tell if there was a way to plug the device in, or if it used RF charging like those pads they have out.

Posted: 07-16-2010, 11:00 PM

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Connect Apple Ids To Cretae A Family Pack ?
Is there a way to connect different apple-id:s to create a family bundle. Instead of buying 4 full price apps i can buy it on two devices and install them on the other two. I want also to be able to use find friends (family) etc.

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.1

Posted: Jun 25, 2012

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Connect Apple Magic Mouse To IPad 2?
Is there anyway to connect my Apple Magic Mouse to my iPad 2.(iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1)

Posted: Jun 28, 2012

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Cannot Connect To IMessages / Apple Store Or ITunes
I cannot connect to Imessages, Apple Store or iTunes. Every time I attempt to sign in it says that I am not connected to the Internet check my Wi-Fi settings. but I know I am connected to the Internet I can check my email, surf the web and complain on this discussion Board.

iPad, iOS 5.1

Posted: May 5, 2012

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Desktop Connect And Apple Wireless Bluetooth Mouse
This question is for Desktop Connect users out there. Will the Apple Wireless Mouse work with Desktop Connect while connected to a server?The Desktop Connect when connected to a server shows a mouse icon at the top of the screen. I'm wondering if this is an option that I can use with a mouse.

Posted: 06-09-2010, 06:58 PM

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IPad 2 :: Can't Connect To IMessage Or FaceTime With Apple Login
I recently got an iPad 2 and can't connect to iMessage or FaceTime with my apple login. It keeps coming up with errors to check network connection, I've tried searching online apple forums and changing DNS setting but it hasn't worked.

Posted: 12-27-2011

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Won't Connect To Wifi / But Can Connect To 3g
When I awake my iPad, it connects to the 3G network rather than the
wireless network.

The problem does not occur when I turn Cellular Data OFF.

Is this a sign I should return this unit to the store?

MacMini, 4GB,10.6.3, iPhone 3GS
iPhone OS 3.1.3
PBG412, 1.5GHz, iPad-3G

Posted: Jun 9, 2010

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Not Able To Connect Apple Composite Audio Video (AV) Cable With IPad 2
When I connect AV cable to my iPad 2, it gives the message, “accessory not supported”. How to resolve this connectivity error?

Posted: 20-06-2012

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