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Bluetooth Capability To Access Bluetooth Hard Drives?

I was wondering if you can use the bluetooth capability in the Ipad to access a bluetooth hard drive or flash drive for extra storage? If not do they have any plans to make this available in future updates. Just curious. I am going to be doing some camping and would like to be able to store extra movies and such on my Ipad.

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No Printing Capability Via Bluetooth
I have tried and tried to get my ipad to sync with my bluetooth printer and it will not. I go to the support and find out it will only find supported printers on my wifi network. What was the point of the update? I might as well just use the ipad as a door stop or a fishing weight. It does me no good. I was hoping to use this for work, I even bought a new bluetooth module for my printer in anticipation because I thought....the powers that be would most definitely give the ipad BLUETOOTH PRINTING CAPABILITIES. I was disappointed when I bought the ipad and found there was no printing capability, now I'm really dissatisfied. Why does Apple create such genius stuff and then leave out the important things. This will be the last time I buy anything Apple too many disappointments after spending lots of money.

iPad 1st gen
iOS 4

Posted: Nov 23, 2010

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Best Bluetooth Speaker For Ipad 2 With Charging Capability
I am looking for a bluetooth ipad 2 speaker that will also charge the ipad 2 when docked

Posted: Dec 26, 2011

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External Hard Drives On Different Networks
I have pre-ordered the 3G I-pad. I was very close to ordering a new macbook when news of the ipad hit so I sat on the sidelines and opted for the ipad. Wanted somethig to read news on the couch with the family and this seemed right up my alley.One question though...I have a bunch of files on a shared drive here at the house Will I be able to view these files and/or save to that folder from the ipad.
I'm thinking not but would love confirmation either way before the order is official.

Posted: Apr 6, 2010

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External Hard Drives - USB Connected Devices
Is there anyway to hook up an external hard drive to the iPad?are there any programs which allow working in layers on images?

Posted: Jul 31, 2010

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Back Up - Space And Location - Hard Drives
I tried to search and find, but what does the ipad actually back up. I assume it doesn't duplicate photos, videos etc -- docs that are already on the mac. What does it back up and how much space does it take up since i can't find the backup file. Information: macbook aluminum, 2.4, 4 gig, 320, imac dual core, 1.8 Mac OS X (10.5.6) sony HDC-HC3, appleTV, ipods, hard drives, WDMP

Posted: Aug 10, 2010

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Access Using My Phone? Bluetooth Connectivity
My question is how can I access my Ipad using my cell phone? I have a Dell Laptop and can access and transfer files using the bluetooth however when I tried this with the IPad it doesn't complete the process. The phone recognizes the IPad but the IPad won't accept?

Posted: Dec 1, 2010

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Disable/enable Bluetooth Each Time While Connecting Bluetooth Keyboard?
I already have a dock - I'm interested in the bluetooth keyboard, but won't be using it all the time. I'd like to use it sometimes and use the onscreen at other times (on the go or for quick text). To do this, do I need to disable/enable bluetooth each time? Does bluetooth enabled drain the battery faster (and if so, by how much)? If I disable bluetooth and then re-enable it, do I need to re-sync the keyboard or will it remember the settings?

Posted: Oct 29, 2010

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Can I Access Internet Through Pairing My Sprint Bluetooth ?
Can i access internet through by pairing my sprint bluetooth to my ipad bluetooth?

Posted: Dec 1, 2010

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Is It Right That IPad Bluetooth Could Be Connected Only Apple Bluetooth Devices
I am only second day Apple user.I wanted to connect my iPad3 to Bluetooth headset or android phone but failed .Is it right that iPad Bluetooth could be connected only Apple Bluetooth devices?

Posted: 03-24-2012

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Unable To Access/WiFi-version Of The IPad With Bluetooth Connection To An IPhone ?
Has anyone successfully used the WiFi-version of the iPad with bluetooth connection to an iPhone (tethered) in order to gain 3G wireless access?Without jailbreak, that is.

Posted: Apr 5, 2010, 10:48 AM

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Unable To Connect Bluetooth With Other Bluetooth
I'm planning to put a text-to-speech program (proloquo2go) on an iPad, as its used to communicate with it has a really good system for making sentences quick,if the iPad has Bluetooth inside and another PC has Bluetooth enabled is there a way for them to find each other so I could use my iPad to send full sentences into text box,of another computer?,if BB and iPad both have Bluetooth switched on, is there a way they could find each other so I can again compose messages on ipad and then send it to the BB to send as a text message.If not,what exactly are the Bluetooth features meant to do on these devices.

Posted: Feb 18, 2010, 09:43 AM

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App That Allows Bluetooth Between The Ipad 2 And Another Bluetooth Device?
Is there any app that allows Bluetooth between the ipad 2 and another Bluetooth device? All that I have found is for sharing between iPads, iPhones and iPod's.

Posted: 12-08-2011

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Bluetooth A2DP / Apt-X / Bluetooth 4.0 Headsets
I would like to buy a set of nice wireless stereo headphones for use with the new iPad 3. However I've been reading some technical articles about the shortcomings of Bluetooth A2DP (specifically lag more than anything). There is a great article from 2008 over here about it. [URL]

It seems the only choice we have currently for low lag, high quality Stereo headsets are to use Apt-X headsets (like Sennheiser PX 210 BT Apt-X) along with a dongle to give the iPad Apt-X compression ability.

It seems mad to me that the newest iPad and iPhone 4s don't support Apt-X natively yet, although they include Bluetooth 4.0 as standard which hardly anyone else uses yet.I'd love to be able to use Bluetooth 4.0 if that enables low lag stereo audio, but of course there aren't any BT4.0 headphones out there yet to test this.

The reason I need low lag is I want to use them when playing games, and obviously I don't want to be hearing sounds 0.5 seconds later than they occur in-game. Does anyone here have any real experience of the Apt-X solutions in relation to lag and sound quality? Also is the dongle a battery drain?

Posted: Mar 27, 2012

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Access Files On Network Drives From Wifi
drives on my home network that i keep files (pdf's, doc's, spreadsheets I would like to access them from my wifi ipad while it is on the network.

Posted: Jun 13, 2010

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Bluetooth Dock Keyboard Repeat After Attaching Regular Bluetooth Keyboard?
I've got a bluetooth keyboard dock combo; and a regular bluetooth keyboard for my ipad. Sometimes when its docked in the combo; but still connected via bluetooth to the other keyboard; I'll get a continuous key repeat when entering data into a password field. It'll just go on and on. I have to disconnect it from bluetooth keyboard; and all is fixed. A bug?

Aluminum iMac 20 inch
Mac OS X (10.5.3)
4 gigs RAM 2.66 Ghz

Posted: Oct 27, 2010

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Wifi Capability Only - Access The Internet ?
I have I-pad one with wifi capability only. I am travelling to Nigeria. Can I use it to access the internet like I do here in the US.

Posted: Mar 12, 2012

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Access The IPad 2 Keyboard While Using The Apple Bluetooth Keyboard?
Is there a way to access the iPad keyboard while using the apple blutooth keyboard without pressing a button on the Bluetooth keyboard? There are times when I am away from my keyboard, but still need to type on the iPad. The only way I can figure out how to do it is to turn off my blutooth.Is there a setting on the iPad 2 or command/swipe that will bring up the onscreen keyboard?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1, Apple blutooth keyboard and iPad 2

Posted: May 24, 2012

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Bluetooth/is There Bluetooth Feature?
I can't see anything on Apple's website about the iPad having bluetooth, but surely it does have it, I hope? It would be nice to listen to music without a wire running to the device, and who knows, perhaps Skype or Vonage could be ported to it, and it could become your phone...

Other OS

Posted: Apr 28, 2010

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Access A External Hard Drive
Might it be possible to access a external hard drive on my wifi to pull pictures, files, or music from and to the ipad.

Posted: Jun 2, 2010, 06:52 PM

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Hard Drive Access At Home?
Is there any way to access a hard drive at home from my iPad without the need for a pc/Mac and without having to shell out for an airport extreme?

Posted: 10-08-2010, 09:20 AM

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Access To External Hard Disk Attached To Router?
Got a external hard disk attached to router, any advice how to access the folders in there and view eg movies, pictures etc thru iPad?

iPad, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 20, 2012

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Access Bootable External Macbook Hard Drive On An Ipad 3?
I just purchased an Ipad-3 (will arrive in a week or two). I'm retiring my Macbook to home use and will be taking my Ipad with me traveling where there is no internet connection ( on a sailboat offshore ). I always make a bootable backup my Macbook on an external firewire hard drive using SuperDuper and keep it with me in case somethings happens to my computer.

I understand that you can access your computer remotely using a program like 'PocketCloud Remote Desktop'. The description says that I can access and use programs as if it was the Macbook only remotely.

can I take my bootable external hard drive, attach it to the Ipad-3 and run a program like 'Iweb' saving it back to the external drive, then disconnect the drive and keep it safe.

I was going to purchase a MacAir but decided on the Ipad-3 instead. Of course I will always have my Macbook or other Apple computer home to work with.

Posted: Apr 1, 2012

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Uses Of Bluetooth?
What exactly is the bluetooth good for on the mac?? I guess (only because I haven't really played around with it much) what all can you do with it?? Transfer to/from a phone or computer?? only pics? documents?? Anyway, just looking for some insight.

Posted: Oct 6, 2010

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Using The Bluetooth
Good morning, I am wondering if it is possible to link my itouch to my new iPad using the bluetooth.

Posted: Jul 24, 2010, 01:39 PM

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Bluetooth Mic- Useful Or Not ?
Has anyone tried using a stand along external Bluestooth Mic (see below LINK) to an iPad with Audio apps?
Would love to get rid of the cables for simple iPad audio recordings and various apps.

iOS 4
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology

Posted: Oct 23, 2010

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How To Set Bluetooth?
We just got an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and when my wife plugged it in the Mac computer saw it and paired with it. And when she tried to get it to pair with her iPad... it did... but then the Mac computer couldn't see it. (It told her she had to set it up first on iPad, then on the computer-- so she deleted it off the Mac computer list.)

How do we get it to see BOTH her computer and iPad?

I sure hope this is Apple simple because we are not computer wizards.

 iMac 2.66, Macbook, iPhone 3G White 16g, 2008 Macbook White
Mac OS X (10.6.3)
1.5 GB Ram

Posted: Apr 10, 2010

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How To Use A Bluetooth?
i would like to know if there is possibility to use a bluetooth for the iPad? For me as a student it is necessary to get the best way of writing simultaneous to educ.

Posted: Apr 26, 2010

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Bluetooth, When To Use And How To Use
WHat do you use your ipad2 bluetooth for? I have not used the Bluetooth,yet. I realize there is an on and off setting, but what can I do with it on?

Posted: 11-27-2011

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Set Bluetooth On It?
How to downloads ios my iPad does nt hav ios & not working Bluetooth how to set both on my iPad

iPad, Cannot set operating system

Posted: Apr 29, 2012

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Bluetooth Mic For It?
I want to record lectures using my iPad. In front row, iPad records the lecture good but I just want to improve the quality by using external Bluetooth or wireless microphone.

Posted: Nov 4, 2011

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Bluetooth Is Not Working Well
I have this blackberry visor mount Bluetooth car fm transmitter. Works fine with the iPhone and my Blackberry but when attempting to use the fm transmit the iPad does not seem to connect properly. Unsure why maybe os4 ?

Posted: Jul 27, 2010

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Bluetooth Is Not Working Without On And Off
I'm using an iPad 3G 64GB with my Apple bluetooth keyboard. Everything works great, but one thing annoys me. If I'm using the bluetooth keyboard and then walk away from my desk and lay in bed with my ipad, I cant bring up the software keyboard without turning bluetooth "off." But, if I take my ipad to work (without my keyboard), then bluetooth can be "on," and the software keyboard works fine (because I'm out of range of the Apple keyboard).I want to be able to leave bluetooth "on" all the time.

Posted: Sep 17, 2010

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Microphone Using Bluetooth
what headsets have successfully been utilized with a microphone using bluetooth so it can be utilized with SKYPE

Posted: Jun 24, 2010

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Bluetooth Printer?
Can I par any thing more then a headset or keyboard. I have a Canon portable printer that has blue tooth but my ipad can't find it.

Posted: Oct 4, 2010

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BlueTooth GPS Compatible?
I am after an Apple approved/compatible BT GPS. If an Apple rep could please advise.

Posted: Nov 29, 2010

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Which Bluetooth Headphone Is Best?
I'm a little confused about bluetooth headphones and Imacs/ipads. Is it right that the 27" imac doesn't support bluetooth audio but the Ipad does? If the Ipad/Ipod supports them does anyone know of some good ones that are reasonably priced? i.e $75 range.

Posted: Apr 1, 2010, 09:59 PM

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What Is Best Bluetooth Headphones?
I'm looking to purchase Bluetooth headphones for my iPad. Anyone have any good suggestions or ones to stay away from?

Posted: Nov 16, 2010

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Can Two Bluetooth Headphones Be Used At Once?
I want both of my kids to be able to watch a show on the ipad at the same time. Is pairing two sets of headphones possible?

Posted: Jun 1, 2010

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How To Use Bluetooth Headphones With It?
Has anyone read anything about whether or not the iPad will allow you to CHANGE THE TRACKS with your bluetooth headphones? That is a feature that is greatly missed on the iPhone.

Posted: Apr 2, 2010, 12:27 PM

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Which Is The Best Bluetooth Headphones .. ?
Looking for a stereo BT headphone for u ... May give up the iPhone here. Not sure on that as of yet.

Posted: May 12, 2010, 11:09 PM

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Which Is The Best Bluetooth Headphones?
I'm looking for recommendations for BT headphones that are guaranteed to work with both the iPad and Touch. I realize that I'll probably give up some fidelity but since I primarily use my Touch (and in the future, an iPad) for podcasts and videos, I'm fine with this. My primary goal is to lose the cord.

Posted: May 5, 2010

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How Can I Use Bluetooth Headphones?
Is it possible to pair two sets of headphones simultaneously to one iPad?

Posted: Jul 30, 2010

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Bluetooth Looking For Iphone
Try every ways. But just not work at all. Ipad looking for iphone OR iphone looking for ipad.

Posted: May 31, 2010

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Using Bluetooth Get To Pair?
I was thinking of pairing and transferring data.

Possibly to get OBEX???

Settings don't seem to have anything related to bluetooth

Youd have to ask - the list is too large

Posted: May 1, 2010

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Pairing A Non 3G With A Bluetooth GPS
Can a non-3G IPad be paired with a bluetooth GPS? I have loaded MotionX HD and would like to use the mapping functionality with a bluetooth GPS.

iPhone OS 3.1.3

Posted: May 13, 2010

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Using Bluetooth Keyboard
When I purchased my iPad, I was told that I would be able to use the Bluetooth keyboard that came with the iMac I purchased last fall. I just tried it for the first time and my iPad does not "discover" my keyboard.

Posted: Jul 19, 2010

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Which Bluetooth Keyboard Do Use?
Is anyone using a Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad? If so, which keyboard? How well does it work?I'm thinking of getting one, but the one with the best reviews on Amazon (iGo Stowaway) apparently doesn't work with Palm or Blackberry so I don't know if that one would work for iPad either.

Posted: Apr 14, 2010, 07:57 PM

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Bluetooth- Not Finding Each Other
Ok, I downloaded Camera-A and Camera-B apps and wanted to try them out. However, I cant get the bluetooth on my iphone 3gs or ipad to do anything. That is, after turning both devices bluetooth on they don not "see" any other bluetooth devices. A friend turned her phone on and it found my phone and ipad right away. Neither device could "see" her phone either. I tried turning off/on to the point my finger hurts.
ETA: Oh well, I still cannot get either device to show the other in the bluetooth screen, but once I start the camera apps, it works after a few minutes.

Posted: 10-13-2010, 05:27 PM

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No Bluetooth Mic Support?
Really, dang, I really wanted to use this with my bluetooth headset for conversations with my VOIP app. The iPad doesn't recognize the headset at all. This kind of sucks. Now I'm going to have to use a wired headset and mic.

Posted: May 31, 2010, 07:34 PM

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