Apps To Convert / Organize Handwritten Notes Of Stylus To Text

May 20, 2010

I am thinking of buying an ipad even though I have some extremely negative feelings for Steve BUT! I am putting that aside in recognition of a very good product here. Now I am thinking of buying the 499 ipad for books mostly which it is very very good for. Now I am about to go into college and I'm pretty sure that the cost of books for 4 years will greatly exceed 500 so this is why I am considering it.
The only thing that is currently holding me back is.Notes.I've already found a pretty sweet stylus for capacitive touch screens online; now all I need is an app.I would like an app that can take my handwritten notes from my sweet stylus and convert it to text (kind of like the Micro Courier concept video) and have a decent UI for organizing them by dates or w.e

Windows 7

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Won't Find Apps For Taking Handwritten Notes

Apr 12, 2010

I'm swinging between buying an iPad or waiting till the HP Slate debuts. I'm not buying the iPad for music or movies or bookstore... my main function on the iPad will be reading PDF's and taking notes (I would enjoy the occasional movie on that but thats secondary).

I want to know, are there any apps for taking handwritten notes? I do not want it to recognize my writing and convert to letters. I just want it to record exactly what I draw on the screen.. and it would be great if I can arrange them by the date or by some topic.

Also. is there an easier way to copy PDF's from my PC to the iPad? Is there any way to natively read our own PDFs?

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Handwritten Note Taking With Stylus

May 12, 2010

Is there an app that will let me take handwritten notes with a stylus on iPad?

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Converting Handwritten Text To Digitized Text On IPad 2

Jun 4, 2012

I want to create handwritten notes on my iPad 2 and convert them into digitized text for sharing via e-mail and social networking sites. How can I do that?

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Apps To Take Notes With A Stylus?

Mar 21, 2012

What apps, if any, are good to take notes with a stylus. I want to be able to write freely without the keyboard as if it was my notebook. Does not matter if it is a free or paid app.

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Why Do People Prefer To Take Handwritten Notes On Ipad

May 30, 2011

Writing with pen and paper has following advantages It costs almost nothing to buy pen and paper. You can possibly get them free from your work or school.
Writing on paper with a pen is much faster than writing on touch screen devices either with a stylus or finger. They will last longer than digital notes. Traditional handwritten notes last well beyond 20 years if preserved with sufficient care. But you never know when new technology will make your ddigital note obsolete any day. Also with paper notes you don't need to think about having same hardware and software when you need to amend them! No one will steal your paper notes!If you really need to digitise your notes, you can always scan them and get them into computer.If you already have a tablet, then probably not makes sense to type the note in the first place.

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Good App For Taking Math And Chemistry Notes (Handwritten)?

May 13, 2011

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Does an app exist that does this preferably that supports evernote? I plan to type a lot but it's easier to handwrite certain notes. Also are iPad 2s available in apple stores yet I plan to get one tomorrow?

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Apps :: Take Pictures Of Pages From Books Or Newspaper Articles And Then Convert To Text?

May 9, 2011

I have iPad 2 (no iPhone) and I want to take pictures of pages from books or newspaper articles, and then convert them to text - like what scanner software can do. This requires an OCR app. Looking at iTunes Store there don't seem to be good OCR apps for iPad.

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Options To Organize Notes In IPad 2

Sep 29, 2012

What are the options to organize Notes in iPad2? Please give me the options and procedure.

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Best IPad 2 Stylus For Notes

Apr 28, 2011

I'm planning on using it or note taking next semester and am wondering what you guys recommend as the best stylus for it? Also, I'm currently using upad along with drop box to get PowerPoints from my computer onto the iPad. Any other app recommendations for notes?

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Stylus For Taking Notes?

Mar 22, 2012

I am looking for a stylus for my new iPad for note-taking in classes. Is this the only one which can write as small as a ball point pin? Also, anything else cheaper? Or is $20 the cheapest for a pen of this caliber? I am a college student, so I am not rolling in money, and want to make sure before I take a stab at it with this pen or another.

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Taking Notes With Stylus On IPad 2

Aug 5, 2011

On my iPad2 and the thought of using a stylus to take handwritten notes appeals to me...but I know nothing about it. How about a quick primer? Do I need an app to do this? What about styluses (styli?)

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IPad Mini :: Using Notes Plus With Stylus

Jan 22, 2013

Using iPad Mini with the Notes Plus application with a stylus? I've been having issues with the iPad mini recognize when I am writing with my stylus. It seems to be sporatic so I originally had thought it was my stylus but then I tested it on my iPad 2 and there were no issues.

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Writing Notes With A Stylus And Note Taking App?

Oct 27, 2010

There are some posts in the forum for using a stylus and note taking app for the iPad. Seems like everyone is using something different? I'd like to use them for writing notes as you would with a pen and paper. I don't want a stylus that you have to press really hard to use it. Has anyone had good success for writing notes with a stylus and note taking app? Which ones?

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Take Lecture/meeting Notes On The Screen With A Stylus?

Apr 24, 2012

I am contemplating purchasing a tablet, either a new iPad or the soon to be released Asus Transformer 700. The decision will mostly be driven by the best application to suit my intent. I want to get away from piles of paper with notes and scribles and be able to sort and save in a nice easily accessible system.I want to be able to take lecture/meeting notes on the screen with a stylus of sorts while at the same time recording the audio of the lecture/ meeting. I have tried to find the best suitable app for this and have come up with Notability or possibly Soundnote for the iPad or Supernote for the Transformer but reviews are of course not always the best tool for making a $600 decision. Another important aspect will be the ease with which to export the information to a PC. Seems that is not really insurmountable on either tablet.Other important considerations are that I am a lefty and write in that funny lefthanded way with my hand curved over the top of my pen so I need to be able to not have my hand/wrist interfere when they rest on the surface. Character recognition would be nice but I have yet to find the software that can recognize my writing, so probably almost impossible. Exporting to MSWord and PDFs would also be very nice.

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Use A Stylus Using Preinstalled Notes The Screen Moves

Mar 23, 2011

When i try and use a stylus using preinstalled notes the screen moves. Can't write anything using a stylus.

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Taking Notes With Stylus And Decent Word Processor?

May 11, 2010

I'm wondering maybe you guys can give me some advice. I bought my iPad primarily to replace my MacBook in school but I am disappointed so far.My first issue is the lack of a decent word processor.I bought pages only to be dissappointed (it's problems have been discussed in other threads). My second issue is taking notes with a stylus is not what I expected! I tried many apps already except for that new "HD something" but I have a feeling it won't impress me.

I just hope that i can get a refund on my Apple case! I know i'll lose the 30 bucks for the power support ag film.


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IPad 2 :: Open A Notetaking App And Use A Stylus To Handwrite Notes While Recording Audio

Jan 4, 2012

I'm a journalist that just received a brand new iPad 2 for christmas from my wonderful girlfriend. I did a search and didn't see a thread already dedicated to people in the profession that make use of this awesome device. How do you use it? What apps have been the most useful? Which ones would you stay away from?

Currently, I've got all the newspapers and magazines I read downloaded which makes it awesome for keeping up with stuff and not having to carry them all around with me. Can't wait till my subscriptions are up for renewal and I can change to "digital only" to start cutting down on my paper use. I also love all the tablet only publications like The Atavist and The Daily. I'm taking a class next semester call "Long Form Digital" with an editor from the Atavist, and really excited I now have an iPad.

Anyway, I want to start incorporating this more into my daily usage as a journalist. Ideally, I want to take this thing with me on reporting assignments. My dream would be to have some sort of notebook that safely holds my iPad on one side and papers on the other that. Anyone know of anything like this? There are so many products out there for protecting your iPad, its a bit overwhelming. What do you guys think are the most effective? What about bags? I'm thinking of getting one of those Timbuk2 ones that has a sleeve designed to hold a tablet.

When I need to interview someone, I could pull it out, open a notetaking app, and use a stylus to handwrite notes while recording audio. I picked up the Targus "executive" stylus+pen but I will be returning it. The design is uncomfortable to hold and its much too heavy. Any recommendations on the best stylus until that awesome looking iPen on kickstarter comes out? I also got noteability and it seems to be working pretty well. My only complaint is with the palm-gaurd. Any other recommendations for apps with notetaking + audio recording?

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Apps :: Calendar App With Typed / Handwritten Note Taking And Picture Import Ability?

Feb 17, 2013

It's a long shot but I'm trying to find a Calendar/Diary/Planner App that allows you to add either Typed or Handwritten notes plus insert pictures or photos on select dates.

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App To Convert Written Notes On An IPad To A Word Document Format

Apr 29, 2012

Is there an App that will convert written text on an iPad with a stylus into a word document?

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Recovering Deleted Text From Notes App?

Jul 17, 2011

I had an existing note that I was editing yesterday and somehow I hit a key combination that deleted all the text in the Note (quite a lot). I have since found the undo key on the keyboard but this would not restore the text that was deleted. I have tried everything to recover it but no luck.

I have not turned off the iPad since this happened nor have I synced. Are Notes synced in iTunes? If so, where do I find them?

how to recover my Note?

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