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A Workaround For No Saved Mail Folder

I don't sync emails but wanted a way to save emails on the iPad in a separate folder instead of the inbox. After reading the manual (is this allowed?) I saw that I could create a "drafts" folder by doing the following: 1) Forward the email to my address, but click cancel instead of send. 2) Answer yes to the save email question. 3) A folder called drafts will be created and the email saved. This also allows editing contents of the email. Unfortunately, you can not 'move' emails to the drafts folder even after the folder is created, so the only way to get an email into the drafts folder is to forward it and cancel before sending.

Dell, iPad 3G, iPhone.
Other OS

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Possible Solution/workaround For Mail Protection?
There's always a solution, and most of you won't like it: jailbreaking.

SBSettings (the #1 reason to jailbreak in the first place) gives you the option to hide icons from your home screen.

So if you plan on leaving your iPad out of your reach for a time and you want your mail hidden, you could always hide the application itself and restore it later.

Just my two cents, didn't see this suggested anywhere.

Only "downside" is jailbreaking, which is ridiculously easy to do (click of a button with Spirit) and relatively easy to get rid of without Apple knowing. Also, it's a bit of a pain (repetitive) to always hide and unhide the icon, but hey, what other choice do we have right now?

Hope Apple will rectify this somewhat in 4.0, or at least allow Mail to be a "restricted" app inside of Settings > General > Restrictions.

Posted: May 27, 2010, 10:20 AM

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Where Is The Saved Photos Folder?
I saved some photos from an app on my ipad last night, but I can't find where they've been saved on my ipad. (I'm using 4.02.)

Posted: Dec 5, 2010

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Sent Emails Not Getting Saved In Folder?
When I send emails they do not appear in the "Sent" folder in Mail. I know that they are actually sent OK because people respond to them. I would very much like to have a record of my emails as on other computers. Is it possible on Ipad?

Posted: 06-21-2012

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Anyway To Find Saved Photos Folder
iPad 3.2.2 / Windows 7 How do I find the iPad "Saved Photo's" folder on my PC. I'm trying out ImTOO iPad Mate to organize photographs, and the folder doesn't show up, and I can't find it on my PC IM. Information : PC Windows 7.

Posted: Nov 24, 2010

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Move Photos On - Saved Photo Folder
I have a folder for car pictures on my iPad. I have transfered them from my pc using iTunes. I also have saved some photos to my iPad in the saved photos folder.
Is there a way to put these photos that i have saved to my iPad to a folder that i have created from my pc through iTunes?

Posted: 07-07-2010, 08:37 AM

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How Can Combine The Alredy Saved Photos In The New Folder?
I use the apple camera connection kit and I might say it works very well. Anyway, when I do the transfer the photo are labeled last import and all imported and they are the same pictures. My question, is there anyway to delete the labeled all imported without deleting the last import photos or will that go away and replace once I import photos again how can I combine the already saved photos with the new ones in one folder?

Posted: 07-26-2010, 08:18 PM

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How Do I Save Images From The Saved Photos Folder ?
I have no idea how to save the images that i save while surfing the net or emails.

They are saved to a folder in my IMAGE build in app called "Saved Photos", but i don't know how to get them out of my iPad.

Does anyone know how do do this?

iPad 64GB WiFi + 3G
Windows XP Pro
Intel Core2

Posted: Jul 3, 2010

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Bulk Mail Folder Has Greyed Out On IPad 2 While Accessing Yahoo Mail
I found that the Bulk Mail folder is getting greyed out on my iPad 2 while I access Yahoo mail. Since then, I am not able to move spam to that folder. Is there any fix available for this issue?

Posted: 13-07-2012

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Mail Folder Apple Mail To Do Disappeared After Installing 4.2.1
That pretty much says it all. Right now on with tech support, but they seem stumped, trying to restore to yesterday's settings before update but 'Restore from back-up choices don't all ahve dates, nor does looking under settings, so we don't know which to restore. Really frustrating. Just got back from vacation and had put many important e-mails in that folder.

Posted: Nov 30, 2010

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Move Photos From "Saved" Folder?
How do I move photos from "Saved photos" folder to one of the other folders in photos? Is there any cheap apps that can do this? I know I can email etc, But I simply want to move them within the photos in the ipad.

Posted: 10-07-2011

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IPad 2 :: Delete Old Saved Mail?
How do I delete mail saved by oldest first from "saved" folder on I Pad 2?

Posted: 10-05-2011

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Mail Freezes Up When Working With Saved Draft
Mail freezes when I work with a saved draft?

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 30, 2012

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Saved Drafts Disappear - Sent Mail Doesn't Show
I'm having several iPad Mail problems, but they don't happen all the time...
I have finished emails that I want to save as a Draft, I hit Cancel, then Save, and the email appears for a moment in the Drafts folder, then disappears. I can't find it anywhere. And the messages were not in the Trash or Deleted Messages folders nor in any MobileMe folders just gone. Very frustrating, especially with one very long work-in-progress email.I have sent several emails from iPad Mail, hear the "swoosh" sound, and there is no trace of them in the Sent or Sent Messages folder and no BCC copy comes through, nor do they appear in MobileMe, but I have confirmed with intended recipients and they did receive the emails. This is not good.Even more frustrating is the fact these problems only occur sometimes, not all the time. And I can't find anything consistent or make the problems repeat by doing something specific.

Posted: Nov 8, 2010

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Photos In Saved Photos Folder Won't Go Away
How can I clear out the saved photos album in Photos? I was trying to save an image from my email to use a wallpaper but for some reason it did not properly download and i attempted again and i noticed there are 3 icons with a camera in them and when it ried to import with iphoto it told me they were errors and could not import them. do i really have to delete my entire iPad just to erase these corrupt image files? I just updated to 4.2 this morning with a clean install, not an update (So i resynced all my content).

Posted: Nov 23, 2010

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How To Create A New Folder In Mail?
Using the mail program that comes with my ipad, when I have a mail selected there is an option at the bottom to move that mail but I cannot figure out how to create another folder to move it to. Anyone know how to create a new folder?

Windows XP

Posted: Oct 6, 2010

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Can Not Add A Mail Folder On My IPad
I can not add a Mail Folder on my iPad. I am using gmx mail

Info:iPad 2, iOS 5.1

Posted: Jun 27, 2012

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Make A New Folder In Mail?
Cannot seem to make a new folder when Manuel says to hit mailboxes and then edit then new folder, no new folder is lister to tap on

iPad, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 26, 2012

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Stuck In Sent Mail Folder
I was checking to see if a message actually got sent (I had muted the sound and forgot about it), and now I can't navigate back to my Inbox.

Posted: 03-21-2011

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Sent Mail Folder Doesn't Appear Anywhere?
I have an IPad2 with Wi-Fi and 3G with multiple POP mailboxes; howver, I am unable to see the sent or deleted file for any of them.† I have read other posts which advise to go to Settings, open the Email account, open the Advanced Tab and these mail boxes should appear.† The only options I have when I open the Advanced Tab are when the set time frame for deleting messages, Incoming Settings and S/MIME settings.†

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 11, 2012

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Is There A Workaround Using Laptop As A Bridge?
At home the Ipad 16 works like a dream connected to the wireless router. Trying to connect to hotspots now while away from base has been impossible. Hotspots are found but cannot connect using Safari.Tried many of the hints on various forums. My laptop happily connects to a btfon hotspot. Is there a way that the ipad can pick up the internet from my laptop (Dell) with some clever hardware/software.

Windows Vista

Posted: Jun 8, 2010

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Disable Screen Cap/ Workaround?
Is there a way to either disable the screen cap function (Home and the top right button simultaneously) or remove screen caps performed between the times when an app is launched and when it is closed? I've been thinking about porting over a program, but I'm worried about piracy in the form of screen caps and it's ilk. I know the reasons Apple rejects apps are currently shrouded in secrecy, but if I were to find a way to disable the home button (as it is integral to the screen cap process) and replace it with an in-app proprietary home button so the functionality is not lost, would Apple still reject the app on the grounds of altering functionality? Alternatively, is there the possibility of programming the app to save screen caps in a specific folder? I worry that once I breach the subject of deleting folders and/or files (taken during the app's use) Apple will reject the app due to the semi-intrusive piracy prevention methods.

Posted: 11-16-2010

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To Make Additional Folder In The Mail App?
Am I the densest of all humans? I can't see any way to make additional a folders in the mail app. Is this doable?

iMac 24" Alum 2.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4G RAM, 640G
Mac OS X (10.6.2)
Fusion, Parallels, Bootcamp, Win 7

Posted: Apr 24, 2010

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Every Sent Mail Is Archived In The Gmail Folder
I recently bought my wife an iPad and she loves it. We have a problem with email however. She has just one email account with Sky, and downloads and sends her email via POP. The problem is that every single message that she has received or sent is archived in the Gmail 'All Mail' folder within the email application. She does not have a Gmail account and does not want all her messages archiving - particulary somewhere that she cannot access. There does not seem to be any means of removing these archived messages, or preventing new messages from going into this folder. Delete them and they come back. Drag them to the trash folder and they come back. I have gone through all the email settings and I cannot find any means of preventing this archiving. We cannot go into Gmail settings because she does not have a Gmail account!
Any advice on how to resolve this issue would be gratefully received!

Other OS

Posted: Nov 5, 2010

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Create Mail Folder In IPad?
I want to work offline with some mail but have not figured out how to in iPad.

Info:iPad, iOS 5.0.1

Posted: Jun 13, 2012

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Remove A Mailbox / Folder From Mail?
How do you remove a mailbox/folder from mail

Posted: 01-29-2011

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Set Up Additional Mailbox Folder In Its Mail?
I'm interested in getting information about add mailboxes folder in my email iPad

Posted: 07-19-2011

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IPad 2 :: New Folder For Virgin Mail Account
How to make a new folder on my iPad for my emails from my Virgin email account. I know I cannot do it on my iPad but it seems I cannot do it via Virgin Media either. I want to organise all my emails that are on my Ipad. Does it make any difference that I have two email addresses on there, one from Virgin and one from Hotmail?

Posted: 05-16-2012

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Transfer Photos† From Mail To Photo Folder?
How do I transfer photos† from mail to photos

iPad, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: 08-16-2010

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IAnnotate PDF-wifi Transfer Issue Workaround
I bought this app because it provided useful tools like highlighting, notes, strikethrough, underlining, etc, of PDF docs. I was extremely frustrated that each time I tried to transfer a PDF to the iPad using the app's AJi Reader Service desktop app, it could cut out my wifi connection. I was close to pulling my hair out over it and demanding a refund.

Went to their site and there were several folks in the forum having the same issue. Aji tried to say its Apple and their wifi problems; users kept saying no it's not (me included), never had ANY wifi issues before using this app.

One very clever user figured it out ... if you have bluetooth enabled at the same time you are trying to transfer a PDF it will cut the wifi connection. Turn of BT and it works just fine.

Aji now knows the issue and will hopefully put out a fix. I think this is a very useful app, so I'm glad to hear someone found it. Granted, the app needs some new features like undo, but overall it's quite nice.

Mac OS X (10.6.3)
iPad 64GB - Macbook Pro 13" - iMac 27"

Posted: May 22, 2010

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Any Workaround To Make Siri Work On IPad 2?
I saw the Siri Voice Dictation Feature on iPhone 4S of my Friend and Now I want to use it on my iPad 2. Is there an easy way that I can have Siri to works on my iPad 2 without the need of iPhone 4s ?

Posted: 22-07-2012

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Create Separate Mail Folder To Organize Emails?
Is it possible to create separate mail folders, so as to organize my emails?

If not.....why did they make this colossal mistake in design?

Posted: 08-13-2010, 09:47 PM

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Unable To Display Junk Mail Folder In MSN And Hotmail
view my junk mail folders on my Ipad? I have set up 3 accounts, 2 and 1 and none of the display my junk mail folders.

iOS 4

Posted: Nov 22, 2010

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Ipad 2 : Create A New Folder In Mail To Save Certain Emails?
can create a new folder in mail to save certain emails, or is there just a way to save them?

Posted: 08-08-2011

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Mail App Settings - Show Inbox Folder Instead Of Message?
Is there a way from within the app to see my entire inbox when I open it? When I open the app, it is within a message. I can click inbox on the left and see all messages, but I wanna see all and choose what message opens?

Posted: Mar 12, 2011

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Saving Mail To Folder Leaves Page Blank With Message
Just sartre using 4.2.1. I have multiple messages in inbox. I've read one and save it to a folder on the server. Mail used to automatically go on to the next message in the inbox. Now it doesn't, but gives a blank page with the text "no message selected". Is this normal for 4.2, or is this a bug?

iOS 4

Posted: Dec 4, 2010

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Generate An Unread Folder On Ipad 2 Registered Mail Accounts?
Can I somehow generate an unread folder on my ipad2 registered mail accounts?

On my email exchange server I ve setup various directories and using a single unread mail folder , similarly to my Pc is something that I would definitely like to have on ipad2.

Other than that I also have some personal folders that Their content is saved on my Pc rather than the exchange server. Mails referring to those folders are not displayed from my iPad default mail client.

Posted: 05-16-2011

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Workaround For Implementing A 2 Page Spread In Pages For Creating A E- Magazine?
I want to do a E-Magazine through Magazine Cloud app and I will be using Apple Pages, I want to learn How to use it, I want to use a Single Image for a 2 Page Spread in Pages, I canít seem to be able to do it, or maybe it canít be done, Can you suggest a workaround for using single image for a 2 Page Spread in Pages.

Posted: 22-07-2012

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On The Home Page Of My Ipad 2 - Few Centimetres Above The Email Folder And The Photos Folder There Are 3 Tiny Icons
On the home page of my ipad2' a few centimetres above the email folder and the Photos folder, there are 3 tiny icons, one is a magnifying glass (like a search icon) and the others are 2 small circles. I never see the magnifying glass highlighted but the small circles are sometimes highlighted, but not all at once. This is driving me mad trying to find out what they are - does anyone know?

Posted: 11-13-2011

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Cannot Find Sent Folder Or Trash Folder In Email Anymore / How To Restore
After the last iPad upgrade I have now lost my sent folder and trash folder. How can I recover these?

Posted: 05-14-2011

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Pictures Folder Take Place Existing Picture Folder?
Twice I have taken two hours to sync 3000 pictures to my ipad. I seem to be only able to do this 1 folder at a time. When I go to sync the next folder, Photos automatically deletes the previous folder I just synced. I cant figure out why this is happening. Any ideas?

IMac G5
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Aug 24, 2010

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Can't Add New Photo Folder Without Erasing Existing Folder
I am trying to download photos from my PC to IPad. I tunes wants to erase existing photos on the IPad. How do I add new photos folders to existing folders on the IPad?

Posted: 01-12-2011

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Notes Not Saved Sometimes?
My wife has been using the 'Notes' application on her iPad daily. Occasionally, she will make a new note and not be able to find it when she goes back to look for it. Most notes seem to be saved automatically and synched to Mail. Is there something she needs to do to make sure all notes are saved?

Other OS
OS 3.2

Posted: Jun 16, 2010

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How To Keep A Game Saved
I've got a friend who bought an iPad 2 and got it all set up, made a few purchases and at the same time was letting his kid use it. His kid made a few purchases (kid games & what not) now since the kid uses it more he decided to give the iPad 2 to her. Since he's using iCloud for his iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 was on the same account (along with many purchases) he keeps getting all kinds of new games and purchases on his iPhone 4S and doesn't want that. What do you guys recommend for them to do as far as his kid keeping some of the paid purchases and game saves. Especially his kid has been playing the "Smurf's" game and has actually bought a bunch of in-game purchases along with how much of the game she has built up. I mean this kid has a entire Smurf community growing corn and berries, building houses and what not she DOES NOT want to lose. They have no problem with re-downloading any free games and transferring it over. But how to you keep a game save like the above without losing any of the progress?

Posted: Feb 8, 2012

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Edit The Saved Passwords
Is there a way to edit the saved passwords? Or at least allow myself to enter passwords again on certain websites without clearing everything?

Posted: Apr 10, 2010, 12:26 PM

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Prevent Others From Using Saved Passwords
I decided to have my iPad use all of my saved passwords when browsing the internet. Makes access to gmail etc a breeze. How can I prevent others from logging into my websites if someone was borrowing my ipad?

Posted: Jun 17, 2010, 05:21 PM

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PDFs Can't Be Forwarded, Saved
I'm having a problem on the iPad where some PDFs that get emailed to me are hard to deal with. Rather than being shown as a PDF (with the ability to be opened with Goodreader), they are just shown as images at the bottom of the email. And I can't even see the file type in It gives me the option of saving the image or copying it. When I copy it and try to paste it into an email it doesn't work, when I try to forward the attachment it doesn't work, and when I try to email the image it just shows as a question mark. Has anybody else been having this problem. It is not all PDFs, just some, and they just show as images.

Posted: May 31, 2010, 03:14 PM

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Unable To Locate Where Its Saved
I need to find where it the file save in which directory ? So that I can delete those podcast which I don't want.

Posted: 09-04-2010, 05:44 AM

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Orientation Of Saved Photos
It seems that every time I try for a saved photo it winds up in portrait, regardless of the screen at the time. All too often this means that the rot lock has to be used to view that photo later on.The only saved photo we have in that album in landscape is one that my wife did, absolutely accidentally, not aware she was doing it, just in the middle of looking at emailed pics.

Posted: Aug 12, 2010

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3.2.2 Preinstalled - Downgrading It To 3.2.1 Without The SSH Saved ?
I just received my iPad probably approx. 2-3 days ago and found out that it had 3.2.2 preinstalled. I looked and looked around and there doesent seem to be a way of either downgrading it to 3.2.1 without the SSH saved or being able to jailbreak it.. so my question is does anybody know when about will there be an update as i'm really desperate to get it jailbroken.. ? Thanks

Posted: Sep 26, 2010, 12:17 PM

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