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2 ITunes Accounts/unable To Change What Is Used For Updates

Sorry - this might sound confusing, but I'll try to explain.

I have 2 iTunes account. My primary Canadian and a US account.

The US account is only for those situations where I have to redeem a free promo code, etc.

The problem I'm having is that for normal, every day use my standard account is what I use to download and update applications.

However now when I try to "Update" apps from the iPad directly, it tries to use my US store account and, since the applications were purchased from my default account, I cannot update them directly on the iPad.

Updating them on my PC through iTunes works just fine, however.

I don't know what I need to do to fix this.

I've signed out everywhere I can on my iPad and signed back into my default account.

I've done the same through iTunes, I make sure whenever I sync my iPad, I am signed in on my default account.

Any time I download on the iPad, I generally only use my primary account, and there are no issues with the initial download.


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I encounteredafter downloading IOS5 tomu gen 1 ipad. I can not get my email accounts .. nor can i get into the settings to add passwords or change email not have contactapp available either....really upsets me as I had become really found of the ease of all email accounts on the ipad.....have restored and tried everything....

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Can't Change Account For App Updates
And yes, I've read that I'm supposed to log into my account in iTunes and re-sync but that doesn't work Brand new iPad. Everything is working great except for this one thing. I've installed all my apps from iTunes. These include apps purchased/downloaded by both my husband and me. We share the same iTunes but each of us have our own account. I've successfully transferred my apps, plus purchased a few new ones to the iPad. I see I need to update several. When I request update all and I get the window to enter my password, I see my husband's iTunes account.I've tried the suggestion - logged into my iTunes account then re-sync the ipad but that doesn't work.

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Updates - ITunes Updates
I know that I need to wait for the next jailbreak to come out before I upgrade my iPad again,do I need to wait for different jailbreaks to come out before upgrading iTunes?I would be upgrading to iTunes version 10, but really want to know if it's a general rule that I'm good to go to update iTunes whenever the updates come out, but to wait on the iPad updates until the new jailbreaks come out?

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How To Change The Default Mail Account On IPad 3? How To Switch The Email Accounts?
I am using multiple e-mail accounts with my iPad 3 and I want to set up one of those account as default. How can I change default mail account on my iPad 3 and how to switch between accounts?

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Sync For Updates And ITunes?
I have an iMac 24" running Snow Leopard. At present I sync my iPhone to my iTunes account on this machine. All works great no issues. In the next week or so I have two iPads coming into my household via my children! They have their own Apple IDs but no computer to sync them to - they will only have iPads. Can/How will I be able to sync their iPads for updates, iTunes etc etc? Will they effect my iMac or iPhone? Will they each have their own iTunes libraries?

Posted: May 25, 2010

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ITunes Indicates Updates Available But None Listed?
iTunes indicates there are new updates available (currently lists 5) but when I click on the bottom right icon, I am then told there are no apps to download. Why does it indicate there are apps to download ? and how do I fix ?

I can successfully download updates when they are available (i.e. greater than the current 5 listed).

iOS 4

Posted: Nov 25, 2010

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Cannot Connect To Itunes Store While Trying To Do Updates Or To Purchase
I get an error message"cannot connect to iTunes store" when I try to do updates or to purchase anything from iBooks or iTunes

iPad 2

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Two Itunes Accounts ?
All ready have two ind iTunes acc one in my name for iPhone and one in partners name for iPod touch , have ipad2 sitting in box as our iTunes acc seem to have got confused and everytime one of us updates on comp it loads also all of partners downloads. By the way it happens even if the other account is logged out.

Posted: 06-03-2011

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Using Two ITunes Store Accounts?
I have an iTunes store account, my wife also has an iTunes store account. Both of these accounts use the same iTunes which is on my iMac. When I initialize my iPad, which I am having delivered from the US, if I intialize it using my iTunes account will that mean my wife cannot buy applications using her Finnish account and use them on the ipad or conversly if we initialize it, will I not be able to use apps on it which I purchase from my UK iTunes account. Or will all the apps from each of the stores just be on my Itunes on my Imac ready to sync when I plug in my Ipad..

Posted: Apr 27, 2010

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Sync Two ITunes Accounts?
I seem to have come across an annoying problem with iTunes and my 2 iPads. I'll try to keep this short, but here goes. I bought an iPad, set up a new iTunes account on my PC, and downloaded a bunch of apps/ibooks for it, and synced it to that PC/iTunes account. No problem there. My wife liked it so much, I bought her an iPad, and what I want to do is transfer most of the apps I have bought already for mine, onto her iPad, and then she wants to sync her iPad to her PC/iTunes account (transferring her music/videos etc onto hers), but keeping the apps on it that I have already bought.

Posted: Jun 4, 2010, 06:28 PM

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ITunes Accounts Being Hacked
Cnet Story Link

Posted: 07-04-2010, 08:09 PM

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Syncing With Several Itunes Accounts?
have pulled together all our different "family"-iTunes libraries into one big database. Trouble is, that there are 6 accounts involved.Now the iPad is moaning, that it only can sync with 5 accounts. But I can't get rid of them, because I also have some movies or apps bought with these accounts, which I want to sync.

Posted: 04-22-2010, 08:42 AM

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Use 2 Different Itunes Accounts On 1 Ipad?
I am sharing my ipad for the next few months and would like to avoid the 90 day lock out period. I intend to download tv shows on one account and my other half would like to do the same on her account on the same ipad.

Would doing this lock out the ipad? i read somewhere about automatic downloads, is there a way of disabling this so it does lock?

Posted: Jul 30, 2012

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Consolidate Two Itunes Accounts?
I have two itunes accounts how do i consolidate them.

Posted: May 24, 2012

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Merging Two ITunes Accounts?
Being the bright boy that I am, I managed to create two iTunes accounts and actually applied iTunes gift cards on each before realizing what I did. Do you have any suggestions on how to merge them into one account?

Posted: 07-16-2012

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Navigate Between Two Different Itunes Accounts?
How can I navigate between two different itunes accounts ?

Info:iPad, iOS 5.1

Posted: Apr 9, 2012

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Multiple Itunes Accounts On A Single
I am based in the uk and have a uk itunes account which i use to make purchases. For the ipad i have a us non - payment itunes account.I wanted to dl through my uk account via itunes on the mac a paid for app and then sync that to the ipad.However each time i try i get an message saying the remaining apps will be deleted... can any one help or guide as to how i can move apps from one itunes account to the other without deleting apps?

Posted: Apr 29, 2010, 05:15 PM

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Managing Multiple Itunes Accounts
I am using an iPad purchased through work and I may have to give it back at some point. I logged into my iTunes account to download apps to it.1. If I logout of my account through settings will, these apps still work on it?2. If I logout of my account and someone else logs in, will they be able to download new apps to it, in addition to the ones I already downloaded?

Posted: Jun 11, 2010

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Mail Accounts Time Via ITunes
Has anyone found a way to reorder mail accounts on the iPad without the iPhone workaround of syncing one account at a time via iTunes?

Posted: Apr 3, 2010, 06:32 PM

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2 Itunes Accounts Into 1 Unified Account?
I'm getting the iPad later this month

I have UK and US itunes accounts. Is it possible to sync the iPad so that it receives the apps off both accounts?

Posted: Jun 11, 2010, 09:28 AM

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IPad To 2 ITunes Accounts Re Music From Both?
An you link iPad to 2 iTunes accounts re music from both ? How?

Posted: 08-20-2011

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ITunes With IPad 2 And IPhone On Two Accounts?
I am upgrading to the 4S iPhone. I have and iPad 2. The ipad is synced to iTunes account. I have an iTunes account for my iPhone. In terms of content, etc., I have the most apps and songs on my iTunes. Does it make sense to just transfer the iPad to my iTunes?

Posted: Oct 12, 2011

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Can't Recover The Password To ITunes Accounts
I can't recover the password to my iTunes accounts.

Posted: 04-24-2011

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Transfer Music Between Itunes Accounts?
I have two apple-ids, one connected to an old iPod and one connected to my new iPad2. I really would like to transfer the stuff from my old account into the new account/library. Any one out there who can tell me how to access ALL the stuff I actually bought from iTunes on my new iPad?

Posted: 07-03-2011

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Surf Between Itunes Accounts On Ipad 2?
can I surf between itunes accounts on my ipad

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3

Posted: May 6, 2012

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Managing 3 Multiple ITunes Accounts At The Same Time ?
We purchased 1 1Pad for the household to play with. We have 3 different iTunes accounts. How can we sync each of 3 different accounts to the same iPad? Is that even possible? Do you download the iTunes app 3 times?

Posted: Apr 7, 2010

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Multiple Email Accounts - Not Synced In ITunes
I have multiple email accounts, 2 Personal, a business account aswell.It's more of a "personal preference"/"organizing" pref. i have but was curious if there is a way to re-order which accounts are in order in Mail.I wanted Second Personal in spot 2 and Business in spot 3.also they are not synced in iTunes, they are manually added and accessed accordingly.

Posted: Sep 15, 2010

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Have Separate ITunes Accounts - Way Can Share Apps?
Both myself and my wife have separate iTunes accounts is there any way we can share apps?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: May 21, 2012

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Viewing ITunes Accounts Purchases In Two Diffenrent Locations?
Situation is, I have a PC in France and a laptop in UK. Both have iTunes installed with same account.

I have purchased apps and music on the PC in France. Can these purchases be viewed on the iTunes account on the laptop in UK?

If so how?

Reason being that my new iPad is in UK and my son will be visiting the laptop to hopefully get everything loaded up prior to my wife bringing it back with her shortly.

Posted: 08-10-2010, 08:23 AM

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Authorization For Itunes Accounts To Share And Watch Movies
me and my friend have had each others itunes accounts authorized for a long time and we always give each other music and apps and it all works fine but we recently tried movies and i can not get them to work. Itunes says i must authorize it but his account is already authorized on my computer and i have already used all 5 authorizations and i already de-authorized all computers in april. So will itunes not allow movies to be transfered or is something just wrong. My account is authorized on his computer as well. So whats going on?

Posted: Jun 16, 2011

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Can Two Accounts Concise The Contents Of Both Accounts ?
i just recently bought an Ipad and due to the great content of the us store i figured if there is a way to boy certain things from your us account and transfer them to my ipad from germany,where i also have an account with bought things.So can you guys please tell me if there is a way if these two accounts can coecist plus the contents of both accounts?

Posted: Aug 2, 2010

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How To Change The Name In ITunes
When i connect ipad to PC, the iTunes gives it the name as " "My PC Account" 's ipad" automatically.For the reason of facility management, I need to change the ipad's name which appear at iTunes.Windows 7

Posted: Dec 2, 2010

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How Can I Change The Itunes
until yesterday i had a PC, Ipad, Ipod and was syncronising my Itunes with my PC. Now I have a Macbook, How can I change the Itunes so that the ipad and Ipod and future Iphone is syncronising with Macbook and not PC anymore.. ?

Posted: Mar 28, 2011

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How To Change ITunes ID On It
I went through a long process to change my Apple ID. You cannot use a .me email for ID. I now have the id working for email on my iPad but when I go to ITunes it still has my old id and will not accept the old or new passwords

iPad, iOS 5.1

Posted: Apr 18, 2012

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Syncing Devices To Multiple ITunes Accounts On Multiple Computers
Can my devices (a 2G iPod Touch and a WiFi only 64GB iPad) be synced up to multiple computers, with my main library placed on each of these computers. And if so, can these Libraries be continually updated with regards to one another through the internet (or at least through my home network). By this I mean, if I make a purchase on one of them, will the other Libraries be updated and get this purchase.

Posted: 10-21-2010, 06:26 PM

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How To Change ITunes Library?
I used ThinkPad as iTunes library to sync with iPad, but the HD space is small, so that I want to change iTunes library from ThinkPad to Mac mini.

What can I do? I don't want to erase all in iPad, but I want to Mac mini can sync with iPad.

Posted: Sep 10, 2010, 07:44 PM

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Can Change ITunes Email
I am wanting to delete that account ~ as it was my old work email. Can I do that?I guess I could go into iTunes and see all by my lonesome.But it is easier to come here!

Posted: 10-14-2010, 04:47 PM

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Could Apple Change The Name Of The ITunes
Now that Apple will be selling magazine and newspaper subscriptions alongside movies and television, changing the name to the Apple Store Online or something like that makes sense.Or maybe, and follow me with this, Apple creates a dedicated application, the iStore, beautiful and light-weight, that could manage your magazine and newspaper subscriptions along with movies, music and television. Purchasing would also be done through this store. I'm thinking of something like Bodega. could also finally be the iTunes Store for Mac applications some people have wanted.

Posted: Jan 26, 2010, 10:39 PM

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ITunes App Store Change?
Just noticed that they updated the store with a main iPhone/iPad button choice at the top... much better than all the individual buttons in each area...

Give them time... It's only going to get better!

Posted: Apr 6, 2010, 09:45 PM

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Change SIM Do I Need To Sync With ITunes Before Use?
Looking at a 64 GB + 3G but no-one at PCworld or Currys could answer my question.

So anyone who has one and has tried? Will I need to Sync to update carrier settings everytime I change SIM?

I want to ditch the Netbook but if I need to carry it round to Sync when i change SIM then whats the point? I might as well keep on using the netbook (with OSX of course ) and iPhone and save my money till Apple sorts this out.

Posted: Jun 2, 2010, 03:36 PM

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Change ITunes Cc Info?
I want to take my credit card info off of my iTunes account entirely and just use iTunes gift cards but it won't let me remove my cc info from my account.

Posted: 10-06-2011

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Change The Itunes Language?
purchased ipad3 in es.pain, changed language using 'international' tab to English, but itunes refuses to change?

iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, iOS 5.1

Posted: Apr 13, 2012

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Won't Work With Itunes / Can't Change Account
first, i buy my ipad in US and register in my antie's account there as to download itunes store..(no probs at all)

and then when i go back to phillipines the problem is when i download itunestore my antie account always pops-up even i change already the account in my ipad. also when my itunes sync to my pc XP and buy apps its still pops-up...

how to get raid of my antie's account and change with my own account.

is it posible to buy apps here in PH....what should i do?

Posted: 08-10-2010, 11:36 PM

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Change Itunes Language Into English?
I bought my first apple desk top in spain and therefore all language is in spanish! i really want it to be shown in english and its just not happening... i've changed the language in my apple id to english i've changed my language on the apples to english, do i have to create another apple id and get rid of my first info?


Posted: May 12, 2012

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Possible To Change Names Of Artists On Songs In ITunes?
In many of my older CD rips to iTunes my albums either come up with no names for the artists in compilation albums or the wrong ones - just as "Various artists", or some times just plain wrong: I've a whole album that lists Al Bowlby as the singer - he sings just one song! Sort of taking notes on each track in Free Notes, is there a way to do this directly in iTunes and have that show up in my iPad?

Posted: 05-31-2011

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Change View Options In ITunes On My IPad 3?
I want the view option on iTunes on my iPad to look like what I have on my Mac. I hate scrolling through album artwork.

Info:iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 7, 2012

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Need To Separate Two IDevices Into Separate ITunes Accounts
Currently we have an iPod and an iPad registered on the same iTunes account and sync'g on the same PC. My daughter uses the iPod while I use the ... well look at my username! it's come to the point where I don't want her music and apps, etc. sync'g on my iPad, and vice-versa.

I am thinking an easy way to manage this is if I use iTunes on a different PC.I probably need to open a new iTunes account, right? How do I tell my iPad to forget the current iTunes account it is linked to, and use a new account?

What about iTunes on PC 1? How do I tell it to forget about my iPad? Is there anything else I might need to be concerned about?

Posted: 07-31-2011

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Change ITunes Language If General Language Is English But ITunes Is Not?
The language is set to English, but when I go into itunes or the apple store, the language is Japanese. I don't seem to be able to change this. my Japanese is not perfect t but it is reasonably decent and I can't see anything in iTunes or apple store where you can change the language. Also, I have not even set up the iTunes account yet - would it be a good idea to set it up as if I was based in the UK to ensure that the language is English? I have a credit card connected to a UK billing address so that would not be a problem.

Posted: 08-29-2011

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ITunes - How To Change Sync Settings Without Connecting Device
I need to stop itunes from syncing my contacts. But to do this, I need to edit the sync settings before i plug the device in.But those settings arent available until after youve plugged the device egg.Any ideas on how to do this?

Posted: 08-15-2010, 01:11 AM

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