2 ITunes Accounts/unable To Change What Is Used For Updates

Aug 12, 2010

Sorry - this might sound confusing, but I'll try to explain.

I have 2 iTunes account. My primary Canadian and a US account.

The US account is only for those situations where I have to redeem a free promo code, etc.

The problem I'm having is that for normal, every day use my standard account is what I use to download and update applications.

However now when I try to "Update" apps from the iPad directly, it tries to use my US store account and, since the applications were purchased from my default account, I cannot update them directly on the iPad.

Updating them on my PC through iTunes works just fine, however.

I don't know what I need to do to fix this.

I've signed out everywhere I can on my iPad and signed back into my default account.

I've done the same through iTunes, I make sure whenever I sync my iPad, I am signed in on my default account.

Any time I download on the iPad, I generally only use my primary account, and there are no issues with the initial download.


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IPad :: Change Email Address In ITunes To Install Updates?

Sep 3, 2014

I have changed my e-mail address on the apple ID website and have been able to change it for ICloud.  My e-mail address (ID) has not changed for I-tunes and therefore, I can't install updates. ??

iPad, iOS 7.1

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Cannot Get My Email Accounts - Nor Can I Get Into The Settings To Add Passwords Or Change Email Accounts

Oct 25, 2011

I encounteredafter downloading IOS5 tomu gen 1 ipad. I can not get my email accounts .. nor can i get into the settings to add passwords or change email accounts....do not have contactapp available either....really upsets me as I had become really found of the ease of all email accounts on the ipad.....have restored and tried everything....

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Can't Change Account For App Updates

Nov 27, 2010

And yes, I've read that I'm supposed to log into my account in iTunes and re-sync but that doesn't work Brand new iPad. Everything is working great except for this one thing. I've installed all my apps from iTunes. These include apps purchased/downloaded by both my husband and me. We share the same iTunes but each of us have our own account. I've successfully transferred my apps, plus purchased a few new ones to the iPad. I see I need to update several. When I request update all and I get the window to enter my password, I see my husband's iTunes account.I've tried the suggestion - logged into my iTunes account then re-sync the ipad but that doesn't work.

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Updates - ITunes Updates

Sep 9, 2010

I know that I need to wait for the next jailbreak to come out before I upgrade my iPad again,do I need to wait for different jailbreaks to come out before upgrading iTunes?I would be upgrading to iTunes version 10, but really want to know if it's a general rule that I'm good to go to update iTunes whenever the updates come out, but to wait on the iPad updates until the new jailbreaks come out?

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How To Change The Default Mail Account On IPad 3? How To Switch The Email Accounts?

Jun 4, 2012

I am using multiple e-mail accounts with my iPad 3 and I want to set up one of those account as default. How can I change default mail account on my iPad 3 and how to switch between accounts?

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Unable To Change Keyboard Keys/Is It Possible To Change The Dollars Key To Pounds?

Jun 13, 2010

I have a logitech US keyboard. I have selected Logitech International English in the Menu Flag but the dollars key still prints dollars. Is it possible to change this to pounds?

Powermac G5
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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Unable To Download Updates

Aug 7, 2010

Every time I have tried to download iTunes the file gets stuck after just a few MB and won't download any more after that.I finally just downloaded the iTunes update on another computer and then transferring it on a USB key.Now I keep getting time out errors when trying to download and install the latest iPad update. Why am I having so much trouble downloading these damn updates.

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Unable To Check For Updates

Oct 6, 2010

i just bought a used ipad from someone and its running 3.2.2. is that the latest software update? i tried to sync and it said it wont sync some apps cause i dont have the latest software but on itues when i "check for updates" nothing happens.

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Unable To Change Icon-any Jailbreak Software That Can Use To Change It?

Jun 6, 2010

I downloaded icab and I love the browser. It replaced safari in my dock but I have the ugly icon. Is there any jailbreak software I can use to change it?

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Unable To Get IPhone Updates In Afghanistan

Jul 21, 2010

I'm on a small military base in Afghanistan, and the internet here is real crap. The max download speed is 12.8 kbps, takes forever to get anything. iTunes is the real problem, for some reason it keeps disconnecting and/or is real slow. I can download something in uTorrent at 12.8 kbps, but in iTunes it downloads at about 3 or 4. Great, no? All this for $100 a month with ioGlobal.

To top it off, the internet here seems to "reset" every couple of hours, disconnecting everyone. In uTorrent this isn't a problem, as you don't lose anything, but in iTunes, it cancels the download and you lose everything.

Anyway, can someone please upload the latest iphone/ipad updates to Piratebay or some other torrent site for those of us in the backwoods?

Or is there some site I can go to that has them, which might be better than iTunes?

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Unable To Install Updates For Apps

May 18, 2012

While I'm having no problems opening iTunes or the iTunes store, I'm unable to update any of my apps on either my iPhone or iPad. I get a message prompt when I click "update" that says "can't connect to the iTunes store". I can purchase music and books in the iTunes store, but it won't let me update my apps.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1, Also iPhone 4S

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Sync For Updates And ITunes?

May 25, 2010

I have an iMac 24" running Snow Leopard. At present I sync my iPhone to my iTunes account on this machine. All works great no issues. In the next week or so I have two iPads coming into my household via my children! They have their own Apple IDs but no computer to sync them to - they will only have iPads. Can/How will I be able to sync their iPads for updates, iTunes etc etc? Will they effect my iMac or iPhone? Will they each have their own iTunes libraries?

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ITunes Indicates Updates Available But None Listed?

Nov 25, 2010

iTunes indicates there are new updates available (currently lists 5) but when I click on the bottom right icon, I am then told there are no apps to download. Why does it indicate there are apps to download ? and how do I fix ?

I can successfully download updates when they are available (i.e. greater than the current 5 listed).

iOS 4

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Unable To Download Updates / Error Code

Dec 5, 2010

I have tried updating to OS4.2 on my iPad and on a new Iphone4. After connecting to my computer (MacBook Pro) using an updated iTunes (10.1), the software goes through the downloading process and after the whole 55.4MB have been downloaded, the file starts to be processed but before this is complete, I get a message saying the internet connection has timed out and an error code of 3259.

I have tried updating this software now many times with both an iPad and iPhone but each time has produced the same result.

MacBook Pro

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Cannot Connect To Itunes Store While Trying To Do Updates Or To Purchase

Mar 18, 2012

I get an error message"cannot connect to iTunes store" when I try to do updates or to purchase anything from iBooks or iTunes

iPad 2

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Apps :: No Updates - Cannot Connect To ITunes Store

Apr 5, 2013

My apps have stopped updating and a message comes up "cannot connect to iTunes Store". Any reason for this happening?

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IPad 3 :: How To Upgrade To IOS 6 - Connect To ITunes No Updates Available

Aug 19, 2014

I have an ipad3 with IOS 5.1.1. How to upgrade to IOS 6.x.x. when i connect to itunes it says no updates available.

Model #MC497LL

iPad, iOS 5.1.1

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Change Region In ITunes / Unable To Select The Region

Aug 12, 2010

I created an Apple ID with region Luanda, Angola. When I try to download anything with my iPAD, I am asked to review the account and the region that appears is United states and I am not allowed to change it.
How can I change the region in iTunes ?

Lenovo X61
Windows 7

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Unable To Attach 3 Accounts

May 24, 2010

I created 3 accounts on my iPad, one aol account for me, one aol account for my wife, and one gmail account for me. How do I get to read the email from these 3 addresses? I receive mine okay, but not to the two other email addresses. In my inbox all I see is my aol account. Is there a way to receive email to my wife's aol and my gmail in the inbox? When I write an email to my gmail I don't see a way to read it, although it shows up in the mail icon indicating that I have an email. Still trying to learn the ins and outs of this iPad.

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Unable To See All Emails Accounts

Apr 19, 2010

Anyone know of a way to see all my emails from my different accounts in one screen. I don't want to have to back out to switch accounts.

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Unable To Add Accounts On Mail App

Nov 28, 2010

for anyone who's reading. I am having trouble adding any accounts whether it maybe gmail yahoo. I have already enabled imap settings for my gmail but when I add my email it tells me to check network settings and the imap.gmail settings. I believe my problem is that where I live which is in Myanmar, Yangon. If I wish to go to any email I HAVE to use https or else it's blocked by my ISP. Is there a way around this problem. Manual configuration? Thank you for helping if you are going to

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Two Itunes Accounts ?

Jun 3, 2011

All ready have two ind iTunes acc one in my name for iPhone and one in partners name for iPod touch , have ipad2 sitting in box as our iTunes acc seem to have got confused and everytime one of us updates on comp it loads also all of partners downloads. By the way it happens even if the other account is logged out.

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IPad :: Screen Is White After Running App Updates - Restore On ITunes

Jun 25, 2014

The ipad screen is white. Holding buttons didn't work so I restored it on iTunes. When I press home and on switch, the screen is white,  goes black then back to white with no logo at all. Can't get past the white screen. This happened after running app updates. Is there any fix besides going to Apple store? In iTunes on computer can see what is on there. 16GB OS 7.1.1

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Unable To Synchronize Email Accounts

Jul 17, 2010

I have several email accounts that could never set up or sync.Just realize that iPad and iPhone won't allow underscore "_" When it comes to entering the email address in account setup, the keyboard hide the "_"

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Using Two ITunes Store Accounts?

Apr 27, 2010

I have an iTunes store account, my wife also has an iTunes store account. Both of these accounts use the same iTunes which is on my iMac. When I initialize my iPad, which I am having delivered from the US, if I intialize it using my iTunes account will that mean my wife cannot buy applications using her Finnish account and use them on the ipad or conversly if we initialize it, will I not be able to use apps on it which I purchase from my UK iTunes account. Or will all the apps from each of the stores just be on my Itunes on my Imac ready to sync when I plug in my Ipad..

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Sync Two ITunes Accounts?

Jun 4, 2010

I seem to have come across an annoying problem with iTunes and my 2 iPads. I'll try to keep this short, but here goes. I bought an iPad, set up a new iTunes account on my PC, and downloaded a bunch of apps/ibooks for it, and synced it to that PC/iTunes account. No problem there. My wife liked it so much, I bought her an iPad, and what I want to do is transfer most of the apps I have bought already for mine, onto her iPad, and then she wants to sync her iPad to her PC/iTunes account (transferring her music/videos etc onto hers), but keeping the apps on it that I have already bought.

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ITunes Accounts Being Hacked

Jul 4, 2010

Cnet Story Link

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Syncing With Several Itunes Accounts?

Apr 22, 2010

have pulled together all our different "family"-iTunes libraries into one big database. Trouble is, that there are 6 accounts involved.Now the iPad is moaning, that it only can sync with 5 accounts. But I can't get rid of them, because I also have some movies or apps bought with these accounts, which I want to sync.

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Use 2 Different Itunes Accounts On 1 Ipad?

Jul 30, 2012

I am sharing my ipad for the next few months and would like to avoid the 90 day lock out period. I intend to download tv shows on one account and my other half would like to do the same on her account on the same ipad.

Would doing this lock out the ipad? i read somewhere about automatic downloads, is there a way of disabling this so it does lock?

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