New Apps On It Not Syncing Back To ITunes?

Apr 5, 2011

I guess I just don't understand iTunes. I have downloaded several apps directly to my iPad over wireless. I connected the iPad to my PC and watched it perform (a) a backup, and (b) said it was syncing and then complete. The apps on my iPad are now not showing up in iTunes. I assume I want them to show up in case I need to do a restore or something.If I select Sync in iTunes it only seems like it is going to push the few in iTunes to the iPad. I want the ones from my iPad to go back to iTunes, right?

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Syncing Apps Back To Itunes?

May 19, 2012

Mostly I have used my ipad independently of itunes, however I have a mammoth amount of apps purchased now and want to weed some out.

It would appear itunes should make this easy as it shows each page of apps on your ipad.

So I plug the ipad in. It offers to transfer purchases which I do. I have also authorised the computer with my itunes login.

However if I tick the box to sync apps, it wants to wipe my ipad and install the standard set of apps. I really dont want to do this.

There must be a way to sync the two so the apps are on itunes, but nothing I am doing achieves this. I have told it to back up to the computer, then clicked apply, it thinks for a couple of second sthen returns to a finished state.

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Apps Not Syncing Back To Itunes - Apps Not Showing On Mac Also

Dec 10, 2010

I have jailbroken with redsn0w perfectly and now at iOS 4.2.1. But my apps installed on iPad with installous are not syncing back to iTunes even after clicking "transfer purchase". Apps downloaded on mac and shown on iTunes are not going to iPad either. I have checked appsync is installed and in installous sync app is on. Any clue?

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Apps Lost When Syncing Pictures - Way To Get Purchased Apps Back ?

Apr 26, 2010

When I synced mt iPad to my itunes account to upload pictures to the iPad it for some reason decided to delete all my Apps! Does anyone know why this happened? Will it happen again, as i don't want to keep paying for apps and then losing them. Is there a way to get my purchased apps back?

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ITunes And IPad 2 - Syncing All Stuff Back To Laptop

Sep 4, 2011

I had to have my laptop fixed and used another laptop for itunes but the problem is that I have already tried evertyhing and only the apps are there. I would like to syncronize the songs, podcasts, books and everything that is in the ipad. And after my laptop gets fixed I wanna transfer all the files in the other laptop again, how can I do that?

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When Use ITunes And Download Apps They Are Not Transferring - Says Syncing But Apps Don't Appear

May 11, 2011

When I use iTunes and download apps they are not transferring to my iPad, it says synching etc but apps don't appear on my iPad Why...

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How To Get Back Apps And Movies On Ipad 2 From Itunes

Oct 21, 2011

I am very new to Apple products all together. I saved apps, movies and books to itunes in order to update OS on IPad2. Now I can't figure out how to get them back on Ipad2. Syncing is not working. Can't seem to get it.

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IPad 2 :: How To Sync Back Apps Purchased On It To ITunes

Oct 12, 2011

how I can Sync all the Apps I downloaded directly to the iPad back to the iTunes library?I am using a second computer which has iTunes installed. Whilst signed in with my Apple ID, I download an app from the store to the PC as a test.When I click on my iPad under the "Devices" menu, followed by the "Apps" option, then "Sync Apps" I get a prompt that reads "...All existing apps and their data on the iPad "my iPad" will be replaced with apps from this iTunes library"On the left hand side column, there is of course no Apps other than the new one I just download.If I confirm the sync, will I lose all my apps on the ipad or will iTunes know to merge instead so everything is preserved?

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Apps Syncing With ITunes On It

Jun 25, 2012

I am syncing my iPad and suddenly have 14 GB of apps. Even when I set apps not to sync I have the same and it is clogging up my memory. Any idea what is going on?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi

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Stopped Syncing Apps From ITunes

Jun 28, 2010

Suddenly whenever I add new applications on iTunes (9.2) on my PC, they will not sync to my iPad. Everything has been working fine for months and this just appeared. I buy a new app in the app store, connect my iPad, layout where I want the app to go using the PC mockup of the iPad screen, then sync. Everything else syncs (photos, etc.), but no new apps are added to my iPad. I can buy the same app from the iPad using the App Store, but it will not sync from the PC. I also sync another iPhone and iPad to the same iTunes library, and they are still working fine. I have confirmed that the Apple ID in that is active in iTunes matches the one in SettingsGeneralStore on the iPad. Not sure what is going on. I'm trying a restore but if that doesn't work I'm stumped.

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Itunes Apps Don't Turn Up In After Syncing

Apr 28, 2010

I reformat my hard drive and reinstall Itunes. When syncing.. I allowed the option to Transfer Purchase from ipad to itunes. But afterwards, any new applications I downloaded from itunes no longer get transfered to ipad upon synching. Anyone got any idea why? I live outside US. I had downloaded dozens of applications before I reformatted my hard drive. I also noticed the region has my country in it. Don't know how it gets the right country (it was originally US). I switched it back to US. But apps are still not transfered to ipad upon syncing Windows Vista

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Apps Syncing - Sync Itunes

May 10, 2010

Is anyone else having this concern? functionally speaking the 3rd party apps do not sync between devices only the core calander contacts etc...example if I have a to do list app on my phone and I pad and I configure it on the phone then add to my list get milk. When I sync in I tunes that info doesn't go to my I pad. The same app on the I pad acts like a totally different app. The same happens when info entered into I pad no sync with I phone. This is counterproductive and frustrating.

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All Apps On ITunes Get Loaded Up While Syncing

Jun 18, 2010

Everytime I want to sync & back up my ipad.... All my ipad 300+ apps on itunes getting loaded on the ipad, then I have to uncheck these apps to remove them.... Then It repeats itself...... FYI the ipad is JB, but this problem is from day 1, before the JB....

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ITunes Keeps Syncing Deleted Apps

Jul 19, 2011

Why is it that if i plug my iPhone or iPad in it will behave for days or weeks and then iTunes suddenly decides to put a few apps back on that I have removed off my iPad of iPhone...

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Itunes Remove My Apps During Syncing?

Oct 11, 2011

How to restore apps what itunes remove ?

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Syncing Apps Into ITunes - Not Authorized?

Jan 31, 2011

I purchased several apps on my iPad, however I am having a difficult time syncing them into my iTunes. I've attempted the "Transfer Purchases" option, but get the "you are not authorized" error message. I've deauthorized, authorized, restarted computer, etc however it feels like I'm stuck in an endless loop. I'm not sure if being authorized on 4 computers would cause my apps not to sync.

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Syncing Apps Between IPhone ITunes Annoyance

Sep 9, 2010

I've got a number of iPhone apps that are useful - necessary even - on my 3GS, e.g. the app. After installing it the next time I sync with my MBP the app gets copied to iTunes but when I then sync my iPad, iTunes installs the app on the iPad, which I don't want it to do as the app is not needed because I use the normal Amazon website in Safari on the iPad.

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Removing Movies Or Apps Possible Without Syncing With ITunes?

Mar 22, 2011

Can I erase or remove movies or apps from ipad without synching with itunes?

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Apps Not Working After Syncing Music From ITunes?

Jun 5, 2012

None of the apps are worked once the music from iTunes was synced to the ipad

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular

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Apps Are Not Visible In The Syncing Part Of Itunes?

Jun 23, 2012

Have just had to re install itunes, now it can see my music but it cant see my apps, thay are still on my ipad but not visable in the syncing part of itunes window

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Syncing - Loaded Apps Onto ITunes Loading Them To IPhone

May 29, 2010

Problem: I'd like to move apps purchased on the iPad to iTunes, so that I can then load those (iPhone) apps onto the iPhone.Syncing the iPad to the iTunes computer doesn't seem to do it.ETA: iTunes is on a PC.

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